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DISCLAIMER: This story has been inspired by Mirai Nikki (Future Diary), a Japanese manga/anime. This is my own take on the idea, therefore the lore will no be the same. If you wish to know more about the story, check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_Diary

Date: ???? ???? Time: ?? : ??

Time and Space are infinite to the dimensions that are formed within the swirling wormhole known as existence. Man can not comprehend the vast and continuous knowledge that presents itself because they have yet to complete their path of evolution. The path that man has formed is twisted and intriguing. We, as observers, must participate in the events that take place and to make sure that this plane where life exists does not have its flame extinguished. Since the beginning of time, humans would claim to be prophets for Gods. They would form religions and pledge everything they love and hold dear to that very thing. Gods are only a manifestation of the human mind because they can not explain the unexplained.

What is the unexplained? Only I, the observer, the future, the past, and the universe know the truth. But this knowledge can not be held to just one being. Like the living, we only have certain time until we must pass on. We fade away to allow existence to continue forward. But before we fade away, we must have a heir. We must select a human that is capable of handling the unexplained. A human that can survive, a human that is aware. In order to establish the perfect candidate, we must put humans on trail. The trials over time vary, but the results are precise. I have hidden myself within the society that humans have built. I have blended in and acted as one of them in order to find the ones that are suitable. Twelve humans shall participate to become the next stage of evolution. They shall participate to become a God.

I have placed myself under the alias of Robert, a common name found in the structure of human name giving. Throughout my years of seeking heirs, I decided to resort to the next phenomenon that humans have design as a social institution on its own. The Internet. With this at my disposal, I was able to create a place to gather information by using a popular subject to draw them in. I called this place ERBoH.com. After a while of using this method, I was finally able to pick the twelve that will be put into a challenge that will change both their state of mind and moral. But these humans are living in different environments, in different locations. In order for my plans to be put to use, I have created a simulated recreation. There minds shall be rewired to believe that they have been living in this new location for their entire lives. Their personality, physical and emotional memories shall not be tampered in order for the results to remain pure. Twelve days is the extend to my existence. Twelve days, twelve humans. Only one shall become the God they've dreamed of.


Date: June 26th Time: 00:00

I never imagined that this is what death would feel like. Cold, lonely, and weak. I can feel my very essence crumbling, turning into dust as the faint breeze carries it away. Twelve days ago, I was fresh and full of life and excitement. It was only a matter of time until this moment would come...

"I always knew that you would do this. From the very moment I laid eyes on you, I knew my end would be your beginning," Rob said weakly, as he slowly turned his head towards the being that stood in front of him, "So tell me. Do you feel any remorse in the slightest for what you've done? For what you're about to do?"

The man laughed manically as his fingers danced along the blade he held in his hands, "Oh Robert, if that's what you truly believe your name is, you know so much yet you ask for so little. In the time you've spent your godly days, you've accomplished nothing. You sat on the sidelines while the universe progressed around you. War, poverty, disaster. They all appeared at the doorstep of humanity and you did nothing to prevent it. You're a God who wasted away everything."

Rob grinned as the man mocked him, "You seek a dawn of perfect age. You do not realize that humanity can not progress unless it learns from its mistake. They will forever be stuck in a state of perfectionism. Such a boring and stale life to live."

"You're wrong, Robert. You may have been human yourself once but you never tried to make anything better because you believe the results would be null," The man said slyly as he calmly walked towards the aged man. He slowly wrapped his arm around Rob's neck and pressed the tip of the knife deep into the skin, "I'm going to prove you and to everything that lives that I was right."

"Says the man who is nothing but a shadow-"

Rob was cut short as the knife sliced through the tissue of his throat. A flow of crimson blood poured out of the open flesh and down his trachea. The man then pushed him down onto the ground as a gust of ominous wind came and blew away the ashes of the former god. He smiled and reveled in his moment of glory. A loud sinister laugh echoed throughout the dimensions that surrounded the being. The man pulled off the Deadpool hood that covered his face and stared down at the empty spot where a God once stood, "It's time for a new way of life to be born."

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Cool story, bro.


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Also, I wasn't expecting you to be a bad guy :0

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Also, I wasn't expecting you to be a bad guy :0


Just as planned.

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Needs more Gotye.

Otherwise epic.

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Cool stroy bro.