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Dr. Ninja
10-02-2013, 05:59 PM
I will soon be making my own Total Drama Show written by me.

A new island set in an abandoned military base

Season: Right after TDROTI (TDAS never happened)



I will begin writing as soon as possible

10-02-2013, 06:00 PM
No Alejandro?


10-02-2013, 06:01 PM
What, how could you NOT include Alejandro!? u crazy niqqa.

Dr. Ninja
10-02-2013, 06:06 PM
I replace Alejandro with 1 of the boys...... (WHO?)

I want to out either Tyler/Cameron/Owen

10-02-2013, 06:07 PM
Take out Cameron.

EDIT: The poll doesn't allow multiple voting, so I'll just say the boy and girl I vote for here: Izzy and Scott (or Harold)

Dr. Ninja
10-02-2013, 06:11 PM
Forgot to add multiple votes. (I can't edit it), so I'll just replace Cam with Al.

I'll probably write the first couple episodes first but Episode. 1: Part 1 will come out by Friday, but I'll write as much as possible just in case I get behind I can release some I've written early. Part 1 will be the opener of the season including the introduction of the contestants.

Dr. Ninja
10-03-2013, 06:12 PM
This is my first Fan Fic so don't be harsh.

Episode 1 Part 1: Recruit Camp

Chris - “Last season on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Lightning and Cameron battled it out for 1 Million Dollars. We learned intelligence is not what what gets you to victory. This season we’re bringing back the original contestants as well as some of last season’s. Fan-favorites are coming back, and by fan-favorites I mean my choice. First, let’s meet the original crew.”

Chris - “First up is adorable yet big guy Owen.

Owen - “It’s really nice to be back, although the island changed quite a lot”

Chris - “Maybe it’s because it’s a whole new island!!! Better! Because we found a lot of ‘ancient’ stuff here that can be fun.....for me (chuckle)

Chris - “Next up is everyone’s favorite friend (sarcastically), Noah

Noah - “I would loooove to come and play, but I have some important stuff to take care of”

Chris - “Guess you didn’t read the contract”

(Noah rolls eyes and walks towards Owen, who smiles)

Chris - “Next up, everyone’s favorite cheater (cough cough), I mean goth girl Gwen”

Gwen - “I’m not a cheater, I began my relationship with Duncan after....

Chris - “Not enough time. Next up, Cody, the geek boy ”

Cody - “Actually you can call me a.....”

“Hey Chris, me and Cody are gonna have such a good time this season.”

Chris - “And Sierra....Cody’s stalkalicious, annoying girlfriends”

“She’s just my friend”

“You don’t need to hide it anymore, everyone knows.”

Chris - “Everyone’s favorite 2 people Courtney and Duncan”

Courtney - “Do you really have to bring us together.?”

[Duncan walks towards the other contestants whistling and goes to Gwen and makes out with her]

Courtney - “I’ve already filed 26 lawsuits against you Chris and I’ll be getting more money than the other winning contestants put together.”

Chris - “Good luck with that (Showing her the contract)”

Chris - “Where were we? Oh yeah. Bring on Tyler”

[Camera pans to Tyler who is on the ground after tripping off screen”]

Chris - Next 4 people are Mike, Chester. Vito, and Svetlana

Mike - “Just Mike....for now at least”

Chris - “Next we got Zoey, Leshawna, Jo, Bridgette, Heather, Trent, DJ, and Lightning, and back finally fully recovered from his ‘accidental’ injury, Alejandro”

Lightning - “Why doesn’t Lightning get his own individual introduction?

Chris - “Sorry, but not really”

Chris “Now, the teams. On the first team is:


Chris - “You will be called the Gruesome Gorillas”

Courtney - “Shouldn't it be the Guerrillas? as in G-U-E-R-R-I-L-L-A-S???

Chris - “I know...”

Chris - “Next team is

Mike .

Chris - Your team name will be called the Cheerful Cadets”

Noah - “Yeah, because we’re so cheerful....”

Chris - “So what will the contestants’ first challenge be? And which team will be team loser and have to send someone home? Find out when we come back.”

(There will be 2/3 parts in each episode and before the voting you will decide who you think should get elimanited (it will just be for fun, and won't effect the actual outcome)

(I'm not good at episode names)

(Every episode will have someone get eliminated)

New part every 1/2 days.

10-03-2013, 06:38 PM
Whos Zwellina?

Dr. Ninja
10-03-2013, 06:58 PM
Whos Zwellina?
Dammit, I forgot the ballerina name, so I used that as a place holder and forgot to change it.

Fixed it.

next one should be up tommorow.

Dr. Ninja
10-04-2013, 12:37 AM
Episode 1 Part 2: Recruit Camp

Chris - Welcome back to Total Drama Showdown. A little side note to the contestants, any confessionals will take place in the outhouse outside your cabins.

Chris - “But more importantly, here is the first challenge of the season. There are two large crates hidden somewhere in the forest. However,one of those crates is lighter than the other. The first team to find a crate, gets it. Bring the crate back to this spot to avoid elimination.”

Alejandro - “This challenge looks kind of too easy Chris. Way too easy for someone as horrible as you to think of.”

Chris - Fiiiiiine. There are booby traps EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Make sure you have people testing to make sure your path back is safe because if you break your crate, automatically lose. And a little tip to both teams, the lighter crate might be a little more fragile....

Jo - “Cody, Noah: You be the team leaders. We will follow you.”


Jo - ” Ha! Those two bugs, leaders? I just need them to trigger any booby traps before us.”

Cody - I’ actually getting respected. And by Jo.


Noah - I say we follow this trail.

Jo - What are you waiting for bud, you have to lead us there.

[Cody and Noah start following a path]

Sierra - If Cody leads, then I lead with him.

Jo - Sure thing.

[Sierra carries Cody and walks with Noah]

Sierra - So Noah, did you love Cody’s kiss?

Noah - What? No, don’t remind me about it!

Sierra - That was my favorite part in Season 1. I would always watch it over and over again, pretending I was you.


Noah - Woah, I think I finally found someone crazier than Izzy.


Alejandro - The path the other team is following might just be a trap. I bet if we start running together through the trees, we’ll have a better chance finding a crate than them.

Heather - That’s a stupid idea. I say we follow the path they took and forcefully take it from them

Chris - There will be no attacking other’ teams crate. Love the idea anyways. Hehe.

Heather: Okay, we’ll go with yours.

Alejandro - You kind of owe me after what you did.

Heather - You deserved it after the way you treating everyone....I mean me, just me, how you treated me”


Alejandro - It seems Heather does have sympathy towards others somewhere inside her. Just another oppurtunity to play my game (maniacal laugh)....(Embarrased look). 1 year in a robot suit, can really drive someone insane.


Lightning - Lightning has an idea. Lightning gets to be a leader. You just follow me, and maybe you can learn from me on how to be good.

Courtney - You only won because you went against Cameron.

Alejandro - Lightning, I think you’ll be a great leader. You did win last season.


Lightning - If Lightning formed an alliance, Al would be my first choice. But Lightning doesn’t do alliances with ANYONE!!!!


Cody - Can you put me down Sierra?

Sierra - Then you can’t survive alone by yourswelf

Cody - It’s okay you can trust me

Sierra - Okay. I’ll do anything for you Cody Wody.

[Sierra let’s go and Cody begins walking but is thrown in the air soon after by a mine and lands somewhere in the middle of the forest.]

Sierra - CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Sierra starts running towards Cody screaming]

Sierra - Please tell me you’re okay.

Cody - Just a couple damaged bones. [Cody’s arms are severely damaged but not broken]

Sierra - It’s okay, I’ll be here until you’re better.....and then foreverrrrrr.

Chris - One rule I forgot to mention, in order to win, EVERY team member must come back.


Cody - Sierra might be crazy, but atleast she cares about me.


(The Gruesome Gorillas have been running through the trees and eventually find a crate, noticeably light.]

Lightning - Lightning calls dibs

Courtney - The crate is way too heavy for...

Lightning - (Carrying the crate and running back; Everyone else is running with him as they say the next few lines.) - Well I guess you’re wrong. Ain’t no girl gonna tell me what I can or cannot do.

Tyler - Girls can so be just as tough as men like me and you.

Lightning - You’re way too weak to be a man. Chris can we trade Tyler?

Chris - No gives backsies

Tyler - If I wasn’t so exhaused from running, I can totally kick your butt.

Lightning - (Lightning suddenly stops, followed by everyone else too) That is totally unfair. If I chose the team, then this team would have been a lot of better. I say kick Courtney and Tyler out of this island for non- sportsmanship

Courtney - Do you even know what sportsmanship is??

Lightning -Yes, It is something you don’t have.

Next post (Too much characters)

Dr. Ninja
10-04-2013, 12:39 AM
read Top post first
Courtney - (Kicks Lightning in the balls, causing him to drop the crate which breaks apart when it hits the floor.)

Lightning - Lightning is feeling really bad today....... (Like a girl) Owwwwwwww!

Chris - And the Gruesome Gorillas are out.

(Everyone makes looks at both Courtney and Lightning)

Courtney - What? We all were annoyed by him. He thinks just because he won last season, he can brag it to all the others.

Duncan - (Laughs)

Courtney - Now you decide to make a sound!!!!!

Duncan - Walks away back to the starting area.

Lightning - (Recovering from pain) If Courtney didn’t hurt me, then I would’ve won it. Nice to know that you actually care about the team.

Courtney - Errrr!


(The Gruesome Gorillas run back)

Chris - It’s voting time. We couldn’t think of any idea of a special way to vote so we’re back to just saying your vote to the camera. Make your way to the new outhouse to cast your vote.....

Chris - Oh yeah, I almost forgot where are the other players???? Maybe they were 'playing too much with my toys'

Dr. Ninja
10-04-2013, 06:35 PM
Episode 1 Part 3: The Elimination

Chris - So, where is the other team???

(The Cheerful Camels are running back)

Noah - Thanks your booby traps we all fell into a magically appearing ditch. Luckily Jo had a plan to help us by using her.....
Chris - Actually, I don’t care.....

Chris - This season, we’re giving out grenades as invincibility tokens, in honor of this war themed season

Courtney - And how was that challenge war themed?

Chris - Ohhh, we’re just gonna started, wait til we get ahead. By the way, these are fake grenades, so don’t think of hurting others, Courtney.

Courtney - Nobody likes Lightning anyways.

Lightning - Everyone likes Lightning, you liar.

Chris - The following people are safe

DuncanLeshawnaHeatherTrentAlejandroDJBridgetteI got only one grenade in my hand, and it either goes to Courtney or Lightning. The final person to receive it is......Courtney

Lightning - Lightning demands a recount

Chris - You may now enter the Cannon of Shame

Lightning - What do you mean cannon?

Chris - Chef?

(Chef comes and carries Lightning and puts him inside a cannon which shoots him far away.)

Chris - One down, 17 more to go.....By the way Chef, you did test that?

Chef - Test what......Oh yeah, or more like oh No!

Chris - Who will get eliminated next, and who will Courtney kick in the balls next find out next time on Total Drama Showdown!!!!!

Dr. Ninja
10-05-2013, 03:33 PM
Episode 2 Part 1: Down the Ground and Through Ocean

Chris - Last time on Total Drama Showdown, the 2 new teams raced to bring their special crates to finish. One team (The Cheerful Camels) didnít find their crate at all. The other got their crates but Lightningís ďball incidentĒ caused the crate to break and Lightningís dreams of winning. So, who will win this time, find out al here on TOTAL. DRAMA. SHOWDOWN!!!!!

(It is morning and the Gruesome Gorillas have just woken up)

Courtney - This cabin is even worse than the one in Wawanakwa

Heather - And it smells like sewer water.

Alejandro - (Uses sink to pour water into a glass cup, dirty water comes out) - I can drink anything.

Heather - Just make sure you arenít sick when we do the challenge

Alejandro - Ahhh you care about me.

Heather - NO! If you arenít healthy enough to do the challenge then you will fail, and if you fail, YOU are going home.

Alejandro - Even if I do get sick, that wouldnít stop me from winning for the team. Once I had a really bad cold, headache AND stomachache and I was able to fight my way through...

Heather - Nobody cares about what you did...

Duncan - Will you guys seriously just stop arguing and make out already

Heather - (Punches Duncan causing him to fall)

Alejandro - I am really impressed with your skill

(Duncan who is on the ground notices someoneís feet and he looks up to see Trent slouching with a depressed look on his face. LeShawna is near him patting his back)

Alejandro - What is wrong amigo?

Trent - Nothing... Iím just sad to e in this horrible place.


Trent - I thought I was over Gwen, but now that Iím in the same game as her again, my feelings are coming back. I almost lose my mind whenever I see her and Duncan making out...

(Trent has a flashback and remembers walking into a confessional only to see Gwen and Duncan making out in it. he then ran away crying being unnoticed by the couple)

Alejandro - It seems I have just received another toy as a reward for my handsome looks. I form an alliance with Trent until the merge, and Iíll find what to do with him from there.(Starts maniacally laughing again) Ugh! Why do I keep doing that???

(Back to the cabin)

Duncan - (gets up) You know, if you want me to stay away from Gwen more, I can.

Trent - No, itís okay dude..

(Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, Trent, Duncan, and LeShawna hear some noises, and they see Sierra trying to grab something under the drawers)

Courtney - (To Sierra) And what are YOU doing here.

Sierra (When she removes her arm from the under the drawer, she has a pair of smelly, dirty underwear in her)

Sierra - I just wanted to get another Cody souvenir.

Heather - Well if that is actually Codyís underwear, Iím pretty sure heís never washed it since season 1. Iím pretty sure ďCody smellĒ was already destroyed by the smell.

Sierra - It might have some ĎCodyí in hear.

Courtney - Why are you even attracted to that kid

Sierra - One: Cody is a man. Two: That is none of your business and THREE: SHUT UPPP!!!

(Sierra walks off away from the cabin)


Luckily that girl isnít on OUR team.

Sierra - (still holding the underwear, clutched with both hands) I think this smell is just spoiled ĎCody fragranceí (Sniffs the underwear and immediately throws up but grins right after)

(Cheerful Camelís Cabin)

Cody - I actually slept without waking up on Sierra.... Where is Sierra?

Jo - Who needs her anyways? Iím the only helpful woman on this team.

(Door opens, and Sierra enters)

Sierra - oh my gosh cody guess what I found.

Zoey - Is that your underwear?

Sierra - Does it look like something as plain as you would be wearing? Itís Codyís!!!!

Jo - I knew this girl was obsessed with Cody but I never knew she was insane

Sierra - I think me and Cody are the most loved couple in Total Drama. Obviously next to the Alejandro and Heather couple.


Jo - Because Iím leader, I say no matter what challenge that idiot throws at us, we fight hard, and whoever doesnít gets the boot.

Noah - And since when are you the leader.

Jo - Iím the toughest player on this team, and the only person to volunteer. And donít you dare say something..... (Owen farts)

Owen - Sorry. Sierra, I think your underwear may even win my farts in a smelling contest. Please tell me your secret

Sierra - Ohhhh, Cody is the secret.

Cody - (Groans)


Cody - Sierra is a good friend of mine but I really just want to stand up to her to make it really clear to stop stalking me. But I donít want to look like a jerk or anything.

Dr. Ninja
10-05-2013, 03:33 PM
Read top post first (Not enuf characters)

(Views of both cabins are shown)

Chris - Attention teams. Please send two and I mean ONLY TWO members from your team to play a special part in the challenge. Everyone meet at the dock right NOW!!!!!!!

(They walk to dock to meet Chris and Chef in a badly made General costume)

Sierra - I volunteer me and Cody!!!!!!

Chris - Okay, and there aren’t any changie mindsey’s

Courtney - Is that even a real word?

Duncan - Chef, I don’t think that is an actual General uniform.

Chef - (On a bullhorn) GIVE ME 20 pushups OR I will MAKE you do 20 pushups Frence Fry!!!

Duncan (Gets down and easily does pushups)

Chris (To Courtney) - You and Duncan’s bad attitude make you automatically ‘volunteeered’

Duncan - None of us even volunteered!!!!


Duncan - If Chris really wants to treat me like this I will beat that squirt up even if it means being kicked out!!!

Courtney - If it means winning for the team, I guess I have to work with Duncan. I won’t like it but unlike Lightning I’m not a jerk.

(Back to dock)

Chris - Here is the challenge - The 2 pairs of volunteers will be taken by boat to an deserted island. You will be taken to there by motor boat and left there until you are able to find a special coconut. They will each have your team animal on it. That will be the one you will find. And we made sure there cameras watching each coconut so don’t touch the other teams’ coconut unlss you want to stay in the island forever. Then using resources found in the island, you must build a boat back here. AND DO IT FAST!

While you 4 do that, the other team members will be tracked in some underground fort, with lots of dangerous creatures!!!!!

Once the 2 members representing your team return you will be able to get out of the fort and start searching for one special golden coconut, and if your team finds that, you win. The losers will send someone packing.

Any questions?

Bridgette - Can you repeat that????

Chris - Well the first part of the challenge is to PAY ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING I’M SAYING BECAUSE I’M NOT REPEATING!!!!!!

DJ - And what kind of dangerous creatures are you talking about?

Chris- I don’t know yet. We had our intern to investigate, but he never came back.... It is a really large fort though.

Chris - It’s time for you four to go and to send everyone else below.

How good so far???

10-05-2013, 04:09 PM
not bad

Dr. Ninja
10-05-2013, 05:47 PM
The most dramatic part ever!!!!!!!!!! so far.....

Episode 2 Part 2:

(Sierra, Cody, Duncan, and Courtney are taken by a new intern to the deserted island.)

Mike - May I ask why Chef is in that costume?

Chris - Okay, he he, you just did.

Chef - Oh you’ll find out why.

(Mike and Tyler get scared looks on their face)

Chris - Okay, time to take you to the fort.

(Chris leads the team to some place in the forest and gets a remote and a giant trapdoor is revealed and everyone falls in it to a large underground cave with tunnel systems.0

Gwen - I really don’t think it is a cave.

Chris - Guess it isn’t....anymore at least. I guess it wasn’t really a good fort. Thank God I’m not in there with you.

(Chris walks away to a beach chair and lays there tanning)

Jo - So what are we supposed to do now?

Owen - I say we look for food. Come with me Noah.

(Owen and Noah start walking through the tunnels)

(Meanwhile on the other island)

Courtney - Maybe this place will be better than what the other people have to stay at.

Sierra (To Cody) - Cody, you and me will look for our coconut.

(Sierra forcefully holds Cody’s hand and begins walking through a large forest of tree)

Courtney (To Duncan)- I say I work on the boat and you look for our coconut. We can finish twice as fast as those stupid camels.

(Duncan is distracted and is seen looking off into the distance at the ocean.

Courtney - Are you even listening?

Duncan - (Instantly starts heading into the forest but in another area than Sierra and Cody)

(Courtney starts building a boat using logs and sticks)

(Back in the tunnels)
Owen - I don’t think there is any food here.

Noah - Maybe we should start going back (Noah heres a familiar noise above him)

(Owen and Noah look up and Ezekiel is on the ceiling growling)

Owen - Ahhhhhhhh ! (Runs away)

Noah (To Ezekiel), Uh.....Hi

(Ezekiel attacks Noah, and the scene changes to others who never bothered to left the areas they fell in. Owen returns to the group)

Zoey - What’s wrong, Owen?

Owen (Breating hard) - Nee to....catch....breath....Ezekiel.

Alejandro - I will go get him.

Heather- He’s not even on our team!!!

Alejandro - I must not let anyone get injured.


Heather - I hate that guy!!!!!


Alejandro (After walking the same path Noah and Owen took, Alejandro sees Ezekiel on top of Noah, choking him)

Alejandro - (Goes to Ezekiel and bitch slaps him).

(Ezekiel screams and runs towards the path to the other members)

Alejandro - (Picks up Noah) - We must return to the others. (Takes Noah back)

Noah - (Feels dizzy) - What happened.... Ezekiel.....Eels...

Alejandro - (Returns to others and drops Noah on the ground)

(Ezekiel is doing the same thing to Heather as he did to Noah)

Alejandro - NOOOOOOO!!!! (He grabs Ezekiel and chokes him with one hand and repeatedly punches him repeatedly, and then Ezekiel passes out and Alejandro drops him)

Heater - Thanks. You didn’t have to beat him up though...


Alejandro - I only beat that green guy up to prove my strength, not protect anybody)

Continued on next post

Dr. Ninja
10-05-2013, 05:49 PM
Read top first

(Meanwhile, in the deserted island)

(Cody and Sierra are seen finding their coconut, and Cody runs and pulls Cody towards the edge of the island where they have to build the boat)

Cody (To Courtney) - How do you have your boat built already?

Courtney - None of your business!!!!! Now where is Duncan

Chris (From a hidden speaker) - Sierra, please give your coconut to Courtney.

Sierra - What?? (Looks at Coconut and realizes she took the other team’s coconut. She then listens to Chris and gives it to Courtney)

Courtney - Yes!!!!!!! (Duncan comes back tired)

Duncan - I can’t find the coconut......Oh it seems you managed to build an awesome boat AND find the coconut.....Nice Job!!!

Courtney - Oh, thanks. Now let’s go. (They leave with the boat)

Sierra - If we are gonna lose then we might as well stay here together and love eachother... (She hugs Cody tight and starts making out with him)

(Cody pushes her off causing her to fall backwards)

Sierra - Cody (Frowns), why would you hurt me???

Cody - I didn’t mean to. I am just..... tired of you always stalking me and not letting me...

Sierra (Cries loud interrupting Cody) - Waaaaah!!!!!!

Cody - I’m sorry, we can still be friends.

Sierra - We can’t be friends!!!! (Cries even louder)

Cody - (Panics) Uhh, I’ll make this work. (Runs off to search for his team’s coconut.

Come on, come on!!!!! Where is it....... Ah ha!!!!!!!!!

(Cody runs back only to see Sierra already built a boat like Courtney’s but with his face painted on it with giant ‘X’ through it. Sierra is on it crying still holding a paddle. As soon as Cody got on it Sierra, started paddling super fast crying)

Cody - I’m sorry, if I let you be my girlfriend...

Sierra - Hmph....

(As soon as they return): Chris - Cody and Sierra, you better hurry, I already released the Gorillas, so you better hurry. (Chris uses a remote to release the Cheerful Camels from underground by revealing stairs that lead to the ground, which was also how the Cheerful Camels were released.)

(Owen is now holding Noah)

Jo - What took you guys so long and why is Sierra crying?

(Sierra is too busy crying to answer)

Cody - No time for that, we must find the...

Alejandro (Followed by Gruesome Gorrilas) - We found the golden coconut. You really need to get better at hiding.

Chris - And this time, the Gorillas win!!!!!!!!

Jo - I guess we know the two people up to elimination this episode!!!!!!!

Chris - Before you vote, I have to show you something.......

10-05-2013, 05:52 PM
TIP: Stop using black text. Some people use the darker skins and it makes it hard to read.

Dr. Ninja
10-05-2013, 06:16 PM
Is red good enough?

10-05-2013, 06:20 PM
Yep, red works. Also great job on the series so far dude!

(and sorry about the Heather thing in chat yesterday, I was just joking so you know, Heather isn't the real leak.)

Dr. Ninja
10-05-2013, 07:47 PM
Episode 2 Part 3: Elimination of.....

Chris - So for all you guys wondering what Sierra and Cody did during their stay, watch here.

(Chef comes holding a television which shows scenes from where Sierra brought the wrong coconut, to where Cody made Sierra cry)

Chris - So, time to vote.

Gwen - That isn’t cool.


Gwen - Sorry Cody but that isn’t cool.

Sierra - If he really want me to leave then I will, I vote for Sierra)

Jo - Who cares about that girl’s felelngs? We lost becauseshe got the wrong coconut. I vote for Sierra.

(Elimination Ceremony)

And the results are in. The following people are safe:

GwenZoeyOwenBridgetteNoahMikeJo Cody, and Sierra, there are two of you and only one grenade left to give out.Winning by only one vote less than other is........duh duh duh...duh duh duh.......Sierraaaa!!!!!

Cody - (groans) - I guess I deserve it.....Bye Sierra.....

Sierra - (Looks Away)

(Cody walks into the cannon himself and is launched away)

Chris - This game just got more fun!!!!!!!! Who will be the loser next episode and will Sierra stop crying? Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! SHOWDOWN!!!!!!

10-05-2013, 08:29 PM

Dr. Ninja
10-08-2013, 10:02 PM
3 parts (A full episode) in 1 day

Episode 3 Part 1: Deep See Dying
Chris - Last time on Total Drama Showdown, Cody and Sierra decided to search for a coconut in a very deserted island Cody hit Sierra, Sierra cried, Cody’s gone, blah blah blah, the end. Who will be eliminated next and what drama will occur. Find out on this super special episde of Total Drama Showdown.

Sierra (waking up) Good morning, bad terrible world.

Bridgette - Are you feeling better?

Sierra - Maybe depressed, but better than since the *cough.. incident

Owen - Guess who’s got chocolate??? (Owen pulls out chocolate bars from his pockets)

Mike - Where did you get that?

(Owen eats all of the chocolate bars at once)

Owen - What? Did you guys want some??? I can still..

Mike - No, nevermind we’re good.


Mike - You don’t want to know the LAST time I ate so much chocolate. When I eat too much food, well, things happen....

(Gruesome Gorilla’s Cabin)

(Alejandro wakes up; realizes everyone else is asleep.)

(Alejandro goes to Trent and pokes him with a stick waking him up)

Trent - Alejandro, what do you?

Alejandro - Come, follow me outside. I need to tell you something

(Trent follows Alejandro outside)

Trent - I know you’re evil. Don’t think I will fall for whatever trick you’re doing.

Alejandro - Don’t worry, being stuck in a robot suit can really suck the evil out of someone. I brung you here to form an alliance with me. I’ll let you be the

Trent - Uh...I don’t know. I guess.

Alejandro - Thanks, and I promise you won’t regret it.
Now let’s get back in before the rest of the team gets suspicious.

(They walk back in the cabin)

Alejandro - We must sleep my ally. if we lose too much sleep we won’t be able to help each other ensure we win again.

Trent - Alright (Yawns) (Falls back to sleep)

Alejandro (After Trent is fully asleep, Alejandro is seen putting something that appears to be a chip, inside Trent’s hair)


Alejandro - Trent will go down faster than a squirrel jumping off a cliff into a fire. I know that is a weird comparison, but that’s not the point. I am back Total Drama !!!!!!!!!!...... Good, no evil laugh that time.

(Alejandro goes back to sleep and it eventually turns to day. View of both cabins are shown)

Chris (On bullhorn) - Everybody wake up and run up the large cliff immediately. LAST LOSER THERE WILL NOT BE HAPPY!!!!!

(Everybody gets outside)

LeShawna (Sees a cliff similar to the one from other seasons) Well that’s a big cliff!!!!

Tyler - That cliff is like 7,000 times taller than the cliff from Camp Wawanakwa

(Everyone looks at Tyler due to his very hyperbolic statement)

Tyler- What???

Noah - More like 180% larger.

Courtney - Yeah, whatever. let’s run there now.

(Both teams run but realize Alejandro and Trent already started running towards the cliff before them)

(They are running as they say this)

Alejandro - Remember, never get distracted from challenges.

Trent - Thanks bro.


Trent - Alejandro doesn’t seem like the evil guy he used to be.

Alejandro - That thing I put on Trent’s head will help me make sure he doesn’t do good in the challenge causing his elimination, and I DO KNOW what the

challenge will be (Alejandro pulls a couple stacked papers which shows Chris’s details on the next few episode’s challenges)

Alejandro - Even Chris can’t beat me..... Do you think he’s watching me?


LeShawna (After running fast enough to catch up to Trent and Alejandro) - You better not do anything evil, cuz I got got my eyes on you!!!

Alejandro - Trust me, do I look untrustful to you?


LeShawna - He may be evil, but he is sure cute!!!!

(Alejandro and Trent get to the finish line on the top of the cliff with LeShawna right on their tail.)
(Eventually almost all the others get there too, except Tyler who comes a while after everyone, panting)

Dr. Ninja
10-08-2013, 10:06 PM
Episode 3 Part 2

Tyler - Anyone have some water?

(Chris, arrives on a helicopter to the top of the cliff, with Scott next to him))

Chris - Yeah, maybe if you jump down .the cliff, you’ll get plenty of water

(Tyler takes Chris too seriously and actually jumps off the cliff.

Zoey - And why is Scott here?

Scott - Chris said I can return. And I’m here to beat all of you

Courtney (To Chris) - That’s unfair, why does he get to return?

Chris - Don’t worry, he’s just my intern for today. Everyday, there will be a new intern to make sure the ‘losers’ still get to have some fun.

Scott - I didn’t agree to this!!!!

Chris - I was going to use him to test to see how dangerous the water is, but it seemed Tyler did the job for him.

Tyler - HELP!!!! (He is getting attacked by piranhas)

Scott - So does this mean I get to leave now?

Chris - Sure. (Chris punches Scott of the helicopter with a punch)

Chris - Your mission is that each team member takes turns diving into the water, and search for one of 2 treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest is a key. Make your way back to shore and look for which of the 150 chests on the land it belongs to . First team to open it gets invincibility.

Courtney - Remember how you said we will be having war themed challenges?

Chris - Ehh, let’s just say you are marines.

Chris - Each team member has 1 minute to search for it,, and you may have to move some stuff around. After that minute is up, you must swim back to shore. And Chef will make sure you don’t get to shore until the minute is up.

(Chef is grinning evilly on the shore to guard anybody trying to get back to shore early)

Scott (Who is near Tyler who is the only one of the 2 getting attacked.) - Shouldn’t I guard them? I am the intern.

Chris - Well, you’re fired. And Tyler, your time is up.

(Tyler can’t swim back due being attacked still)

Chris - i forgot each swimmer must wear a blindfold.

(He hands everyone a blindfold, Each put it on their head)

Owen - I call first, (He jumps off into the water making a big enough splash that Tyler is flown into the air back to shore but severely injured.)

Owen - (he swims down but is chased by a shark until he farts causing it to swim far away.

(1 minuted later)

Chris - Times up!!!! Now who’s next?

Jo - Me!!!!!

Courtney - Shouldn’t you let us take a turn?

Chris - Tyler already did. be lucky I’m not disqualifying your team because he never wore his blindfold.

(Jo jumps)

Jo (keeps going until she feels some objects. She starts moving them around and choosing an object she found in the middle of them. She then carries it back to shore.)

Jo - Uhh it’s just just an empty box.

Alejandro (To Trent) - I say you go next, my friend.

Trent - Sure thing. (He jumps but as soon as he jumps in he gets out of the water and doesn’t dive back in.)

Trent - So you guys want to party?

heather - What are you doing guitar boy, get back in the water and search for the chest.

Trent - What if i don’t want to huh?

Dr. Ninja
10-08-2013, 10:08 PM
Episode 3 Part 3

Alejandro - That chip I put on Trent’s head is not meant to be in water or it’s harmful effects will be faster and more severe.


Alejandro (LeShawna) - If he’s too stubborn to do the challenge, then you should. I heard you’re a great swimmer.

LeShawna - What makes you say that. I don’t trust you one bit. I bet you had something to with this? Explain it.

Alejandro - I don’t need to, just come here and (Starts to hug LeShawna)

LeShawna - (Kicks Alejandro off the cliff). Don’t ever mess with me.

Heather - Oh thanks, team player!!!!

LeShawna - Your boy was flirting with me.

Heather - You think I care. Now thanks to you we might not complete the...

Alejandro - Hey Guys!!!! Guess who found the chest?

Heather - You’re lucky this time.

(Alejandro carries the chest back to shore)

Now we must find the right chest.


Alejandro - Remember how I took some of the papers with the lists of challenges? I also have the paper that shows where the correct key is.


Alejandro - Now we must do some searching. Chris probably put the correct chest farthes from shore. (Alejandro leads the team to the chests at the ends and starts quickly testing each chest to see if the key works, but fails a lot.)


Bridgette - Sooo.....Who’s jumping next????

Noah - Me.

(Noah jumps, and dives underwater and as soon as he goes a little deeper he feels an object and carries it up revealing his team the chest.)

Noah - That was sooo hard.

( He swims back)

(Other team follows jumps down and swims with Noah back to shore)

(Noah sees a chest with Chris’s head on it)

Noah - Let’s try this one.

(Noah puts the key in it and it opens.)

Chris - Congratulations, the Camels won the challenge

Chris - Gorillas, one of you is going home today.

Trent - Where am I????

Alejandro - Don’t worry you’re here with us but my private section hurts. And whenever that happens, I usually hurt for days.

Trent- So we lost? What happened to your ‘you know what’

Alejandro - Don’t worry, you won’t be sent home, and about my pain (he whispers something in his ear.)


Alejandro - My plan for today may have changed but I either leShawna or Trent will be leaving. I can’t wait to see this team fall apart.

Noah - I am getting really suspicious, and it smells of eel.

(Elimination Ceremony)

You all know how this works.

The people who aren’t leaving are

Tyler - Wait, you forgot me!!!!

(Chef is carrying Tyler who is in casts and drops him in front of the Gorillas.)

Chris - I really hope you remember him, especially when deciding who to vote off.

Courtney - maybe you should’ve brought him back earlier.

Chris - Sorry, now then, Tyler, take your grenade because nobody voted for you.

Tyler - yeah!!!!

The other safe people ar

DuncanHeatherCourtneyDJAlejandroTrent, leshawna, One of you is the biggest loser in this team....And the final grenade goes too........Trent!!!!

LeShawna - Wait, I’m out?

Chris - No duh, now go into the cannon.

(Chef starts carrying LeShawna to the cannon)

Alejandro - Bye....I’m sorry about your departure

LeShawna - You little... (The cannon shoots her before she finishes.)

Chris - Well that was a fun episode. So, what will happen next, in the next painful episode of Total! Drama! SHOWDOWN!!!!!

10-08-2013, 10:49 PM
This is really good. I'm enjoying it.

Dr. Ninja
10-08-2013, 11:33 PM
This is really good. I'm enjoying it.
Thx :)

Dr. Ninja
10-14-2013, 09:04 PM
Episode 4 Part 1: Pop Karts

Chris - Last time on Total Drama Showdown, the teams went on a mini underwater blind treasure hunt, then an overground treasure hunt. Alejandro almost eon it only for Noah to find the chest before he did. LeShawna due to her violence towards someone just trying to be nice to her got the best of her. Today, there will be a lot more hatred......hopefully. Weíll find out on Total Drama Showdown!!!!!
(Gorillas Cabin)

Heather - We need to make sure we donít lose again. At least LeShawna canít come and try to make us lose again.

Alejandro - LeShawna did no harm. If it wasnít for her I wouldíve never got into the water to get the chest. Why must you hate her so much?

Heather- How could you like her?

Alejandro - I admit she is very beautiful, and has a very cute personality.

Heather - I have the best personality out all the contestants here.

Courtney - What do you mean? You never looked any better when you were bald.

Alejandro - Ladies, donít fight. We can all be friends.

Heather - Yeah, weíre just friends...... I mean, I hate you.

Courtney - Donít worry Al, I love you.

(Alejandro smiles)


Alejandro - Nobody calls me Al!!!!

Heather - Courtney is so getting eliminated for flirting with Alejandro.....I mean, if she flirts, sheíll make us lose the next challenge.

(Camelsí Cabin)

(Noah is seen sitting on his bed with a thinking voice)

Owen - Whatís wrong buddy? we won last time.

Noah - I think Alejandro knows a little more than us. he let us win, but why????

Jo - Who cares, thatís good for us right?

ĎNoah - If we donít get the other teams to get him out before the merge, he could possibly defeat all of us.

Jo - Donít worry squirt, once we merge, I promise to help you get rid of him right away. That is, if you make it to the merge.

Chris - Please exit your cabins immediately.

(Both teams walk out their door to realize they are all in the middle of the forest.)

Jo - Let me guess, we have to find our way back this forest. Weíve been to this forest, our first day here, in fact I think I remember the way back just from this spot.

(Chris who is flying in his helicopter)

Chris - WRONG!!!! If you look a liiiittle to the left of you, youíll see 8 shopping carts. 4 are blue and 4 are red. The red ones are for the Gorillas and the blue ones are for the camels.

Gwen - Why do you always call us camels.

Chris - Because this is MYYYY SHOW!!!!!

Chris - 4 members of your team must ride the shopping carts and the other 4 must push. The goal is to that large tree on the backside of this island.

(A super large tree is seen in the background from far away,)

Once there, youíll have to complete an obstacle course. that must be completed by each pair of partners without the rider getting off. For each person who completes the obstacle course, gets their team one point. The first team to get their whole team to the beginning of the obstacle course gets 1 extra point. And be careful, there are still traps scattered around the forest, so be careful because Iím not giving new carts.

And Gorillas, because you are 1 member short, 1 team member will be pushing Cameron, our intern of the day. Speaking of interns, what did we do to Scott????...... Eh, weíll find him eventually.

Now the partners for the Gorillas are

Duncan and Tyler

Alejandro and Courtney

trent and Heather

and DJ and Cameron.

For the Camels

Noah and Owen

Sierra and Gwen

Mike and Zoey

and Jo and Bridgette

You choose your job but donít waste too much time, because you may want that extra point, it may come in handy in case of a tie breaker.

Dr. Ninja
10-14-2013, 09:07 PM
Episode 4 Part 2

Tyler - Well we know I know I’m the rider (DJ rolls his wheelchair to a cart and carries him in it.)

Tyler - Ow that hurt!!!

DJ - Sorry dude.

(Duncan comes to Tyler, laughing)

Owen - (Jumps in a cart) - I call dibs.

Noah - Wouldn’t it be easier if I rode in it?

Owen - I think it’s too late, I’m stuck.

Jo - Hey Bridgette, why don’t you be the cart rider?

Bridgette - Yeah, okay.

Courtney - You’re the man, so you push. (Jumps in cart)

Alejandro - Sure thing, princess.

Courtney (blushes) aww, tha.... I mean, PUSH!!!

Cameron - I guess Chris said I have to be the cart rider.

DJ - I don’t mind pushing.

Gwen - Sooooo, you can be the cart rider

Sierra - Yeah, I don’t have enough power mentally or physically to push anyways.

Heather (Sees Alejandro flirting with Courtney, as she gets in the cart)

Heather - Trent, follow Courtney and Alejandro, so I can make sure they are doing their job.

Trent - Uh, okay

Mike - It’s okay, Zoey, I’ll let you be the rider.

Zoey - Oooo thanks.


Mike - I’ve finally been able to control my personalities better. (Puts on a hat) - See, if I put on a hat, I can stop myself from changing personalities. However, Vito still need a little more control.


(Everyone starts moving but Alejandro and Courtney, and Heather and Trent are ahead of the others)

Courtney - Nice pushing Al. We definitely are better than the other teammates, especially Heather.

Alejandro - I say we form an alliance of me, you, and Heather.

Courtney - WHAT? I’m not forming an alliance with her!

Alejandro - For me??????

Courtney - Okay..

Heather - I can hear you!!!! And I’m not forming an alliance with you.

Alejandro (To Courtney) - I guess it’s only me and you then -

Heather - Hey, you should probably slow down, you might hit a booby trap!!!

Alejandro (Suddenly stops instantly but lets go of the cart causing it to send Courtney flying upwards (Due to inertia)into the air and she slams on the side of a tree.

Courtney - Owwww.

Alejandro - I am sorry, princess. Here, come back to the cart (he brings her back to the cart)

Heather - Great Alejandro, now we have 2 injured teammates.

Alejandro (To Courtney) - We all know it was an accident. I only stopped to avoid any booby traps in front of us.

Courtney (dizzily) - Yeah....I know you were just trying to save me...

(Jo and Bridgette get ahead of them)

Jo - Nice job, Courtney

Bridgette - Bye....

(Jo and Bridgette hit a mine causing them to be thrown in air really high forward)

Heather - Who’s the losers now?

(Jo and Bridgette get up after a painful fall but land somewhere in the edge of the ocean so they aren’t injured)

Jo - Hey, I think this is the finish line.

Bridgette (Notices the giant tree and obstacle course) - And we’re supposed to go through it with a shopping cart?

Chris (Out of Nowhere in a helicopter) - Yeah!!!

(The obstacle course is a set of stairs, leading to the top of a high ramp and in front of the ramp is a large pool of sharks.)

Chris - You must push the cart with a person in it up the set of stairs, then push the cart down the ramp with enough power to jump over the pool.

Bridgette - This looks difficult, and dangerous.

Jo - Don’t worry, I’m pushing, so you don’t need to worry about that.

(Alejandro and a hurt Courtney make it to the finish before the obstacle)

Alejandro - Nice....

(Heather and Trent then make it)

(Chris explains to them what they have to do)

Heather - Hey Trent, can we trade sides?

Chris - Aww too bad, maybe you should’ve volunteered to push before.

Trent - I promise I won’t hurt you.

Heather - Good!!!!

Dr. Ninja
10-14-2013, 09:10 PM
Episode 4 part 3/4

(Both Courtney and Alejandro, and Heather and Trent start going up the stairs at around the same time.)

(Meanwhile at the top)

Jo - Shouldnít there be a trampoline?

Chris - There is a pool of mud thatís deep enough to cover your fall.

Bridgette - Good.....wait MUD!!!

(Bridgette is pushed down the ramp and succesfully passes the shark pool and lands in the mud but is really dirty.

Chris - Thatís one point for the Camels, and 0 so far for the Gorillas.

Jo - Yes!

(Courtney and Alejandro make it to the top)

Courtney - Yes, weíre at the top.

(Heather and Trent then make it)

Trent - I really donít want to kill someone.

Heather - You arenít because you are going to push me right, understood Guitar boy????

Courtney - You canít even trust anyone, atleast I can trust someo..... (Notices how high she is on the ramp)

Courtney - AHHHH! Iím not jumping.

(Everyone else arrives at almost the same time except Noah and Owen)

Chris - Good, now all of the Gorillas are here. Thatís 1 point for them and now thereís a tie. Now......Will one of you just push someone.

Courtney - Iím not doing this Chris!

Heather - Just push her Alejandro

Courtney - Please donít push me Alejandro. (To Heather) You arenít going either, so why are you complaining?

Heather - Fine, Trent push me

(Trent pushes Heather and she rides down the ramp really fast and misses the shark pool and the mud pool only to land in a large pile of animal poop)

Heather - Noooo. Nice pushing you piece of...

Chris - Thatís 1 more point for the Gorillas making it 2-1

Courtney - Oh, she thinks she is better than me. Push me Al!

(Alejandro pushes her and she goes down but lands in the shark pool)

(The sharks attack her, but she gets out quickly, with only with small bruises and torn clothing.)

Courtney - Thanks for distracting him Heather!!!!!

Heather - Itís his fault, because I didnít even talk to him.

Courtney - Donít blame him, we all know he wouldnít hurt me in purpose.

Mike (On the ramp with Zoey, Yelling) - You guys should probably get out of the way!

(Mike pushes Zoey and she goes down the ramp and into the mud pool)

(She gets out with a thumbs up)

Chris - Thatís 2 points Camels , 2 points Gorillas.

(Duncan is on the top with Tyler)

Tyler - Wooh, Iím ready!!!!!!

(Duncan pushes him and he lands in the mud but canít get out due to his injuries)

( Bridgette helps him up)

Tyler - Thanks!

Chris - 3-2

(Sierra and Gwen are on the top)

Gwen - Are you ready.

Sierra - Do I look non-ready? Just push!

Gwen - Okay.... (She pushes and Sierra lands safely into the mud)

(DJ and Cameron approach the top)

Chris - Itís a tie!!! Again!!!!!

DJ - I donít want to push.

Cameron - Itís okay, if I get attacked by the sharks, I wonít get mad at you.(Cameron gets a fearful expression on his face)

DJ - No!!! I donít want to hurt any other living thing every again. Sorry, Chris, but I forfeit.

Chris - Okay, but you must push him back down.

(Chris carries him Cameron down)

Cameron - Thatís okay buddy.

Dr. Ninja
10-14-2013, 09:13 PM
Click top spoiler first. Coloring spoilers really jack th post up, by adding extra spoilers I don't need.

Episode 4 Part 4/4

(Noah and Owen arrive)

Noah - Sooo much work.

(Chris explains to him the instructions)

Noah - I can’t push him up there.

Chris - How about this? Because he is just too heavy to do the challenge, I’ll make you ride the cart yourself, but you must do it alone.

Noah - And what is the score?

Chris - It’s a tie and if you make it, your team gets invincibility, if you fail, then the other team does because they got the 3 points first.

Noah - Fine.

(Cameron gets off his cart and gives it to Noah)

(Noah carries the cart down up the stairs)

Noah - Bye world...

(He runs forward and gets in the cart and the cart falls down and it does jump over the shark pool and into the mud pool.

(The Camels cheer)

Chris - And the Camels win

Chris - The Gorillas lose....again

DJ - Sorry guys. It was my fault.

(Everyone meets up in front of the elimination ceremony area.)

Courtney - Thanks DJ!!!!! You cost us the whole challenge!!!!! I got hurt for nothing!!!!!

(Confessional for voting)

Trent - Heather... She really isn’t that nice..

Courtney - I was thinking of voting for Heather but DJ didn’t even do the challenge!!!!

Heather - Bye bye Courtney!!!!

Alejandro - (Evil laugh) I love this game. When I get my million, I’m gonna do so much stuff with it......

DJ - I know I’m getting eliminated but I guess I might vote....

(Elimination Ceremony)

Chris - Gorillas, you guys are going to send someone else home.

The following people are safe

DuncanTylerTrentAlejandro Heather, Courtney, and DJ, all the votes when towards you guys, but one of you got the most votes. The loser who is going home is.............Courtney
Courtney - What? Why me?

Chris - Chef?

(Chef puts duck tape over Courtney’s mouth and begins carrying her away)

Chris - Might as well get Cameron too.

(Both Cameron and Courtney are put in the cannon and are shot away)

Chris - I’m not really gonna miss her, or Courtney as well (chuckles). Will the Gorillas lose again? Find out next time on Total Drama Showdown!!!![/spoiler]

Dr. Ninja
12-16-2013, 01:13 AM
Sorry for the necrobump but I guess you knew it and I'm not continuing this.

I'm thinking of making a new one with a whole new set of my own characters (14) in a new location (Temple/Jungle/Island Place).

But since I'm done I might as well say what would've happened.

Next episode would've revealed that when Mike eats too much his eprsonalities get out of control and switches between them a lot and a mix of both at times (In a bad way)
Tyler would be disqualified after getting another injury. Sierra would get voted off.

DJ would win, and Jo be the runner up

But I KNOW I'm not continuin this series sorry, but I will probably try to make sure I finish the next one. Instead of writing and putting the episode out write away, I would write slowly each episode one by one and when I'm half way done, start releasing them weekly so if I don't have time to write for a while I cans till release episodes.