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How to add in characters...PM me this
Superhero Name: (Will be given if not filled)
Gender: (if technically neither, additionally put what gender they are referred to as)
Homeland: (can be fake or real)
Costume Design:
Allegiance: (Good, Neutral. or Evil)

List of characters:
Volume 1
The E.R.B.O.H.:
Name: Keith Lavigne
Superhero Name: Unis
Gender: Male
Powers: Can control space and create objects out of thin air
Homeland: New Unigic

Name: Albus Dumbledore (Solar)
Gender: male
Powers: Control light and what people see
Homeland: Godric's Hollow
Creator: @Dumbledore

Name: Trevor Wilcox
Superhero Name: Chaotic
Gender: Male
Powers: Can produce fire, static or current electricity, cold bursts and concussive force via hands (Basically the four elements, think Last Airbender without that arrowheaded kid or dirt, because dirt telekinesis is not cool.)
Homeland: Gotham (That's New Yawk irl btw)
Creator: Gunnut

Name: Theo Oyvo
Superhero Name: Shade
Gender: Male
Powers: Can control darkness to be anything
Homeland: La Vigne, France

Name: Klm HngWyrd
Superhero Name: The Cookie Clicker
Gender: I think that using the gender term is very offensive
jk it's a dude
Powers: Turning everything into a cookie
Homeland: The cookie planet, ruled by the feared Orteil
Creator: Clemi

Name: Dioska
Superhero Name: Techno
Gender: Male
Powers: Intellect, technokinesis, shapeshifting
Homeland: Quebec, Canada

Name: Clair Gaunt
Supervillain Name: Xeno
Gender: Female
Powers: Controls time and can summon villains from other dimensions
Homeland: New Nuneroku, USA

Name: John N. Sano
Supervillain Name: Dr. Insano
Gender: Male
Powers: Electrokinesis, Advanced Intellect, Roboticize things
Homeland: ???, USA

Name: Hector Givens
Supervillain Name: The Crimson Ludwig
Gender: Male
Powers: Uses super loud sounds to fight people.
Homeland: Bonn, Germany
Creator: Ludwig

Volume 2
Name: Keith Lavigne
Superhero Name: Brine
Gender: Male
Powers: Can create crystals into weaponry.
Homeland: New Unigic

Name: Albus Dumbledore (Solar)
Gender: male
Powers: Control light and what people see
Homeland: Godric's Hollow
Creator: @Dumbledore

Name: Trevor Wilcox
Superhero Name: Chaotic
Gender: Male
Powers: Can produce fire, static or current electricity, cold bursts and concussive force via hands (Basically the four elements, think Last Airbender without that arrowheaded kid or dirt, because dirt telekinesis is not cool.)
Homeland: Gotham (That's New Yawk irl btw)
Creator: Gunnut

Name: Theo Oyvo
Superhero Name: Shade
Gender: Male
Powers: Can control darkness to be anything
Homeland: La Vigne, France

Name: Klm HngWyrd
Superhero Name: The Cookie Clicker
Gender: I think that using the gender term is very offensive
jk it's a dude
Powers: Turning everything into a cookie
Homeland: The cookie planet, ruled by the feared Orteil
Creator: Clemi

Name: Dioska a.k.a. Dion
Superhero Name: Techno
Gender: Male
Powers: Intellect, technokinesis, shapeshifting
Homeland: Quebec, Canada

Seeds of Evil
Name: Hector Givens/Keith Lavigne
Supervillain Name: The Crimson Ludwig/Unis the Conquerer
Gender: Male
Powers: Uses super loud sounds to fight people./Telekinesis, matter manipulation
Homeland: Bonn, Germany/United States of America
Creator: Ludwig

Name: Jack Royal
Supervillain Name: Snake
Gender: Male
Powers: Permanently slick body, a long tongue, acid spit, and a mouth that opens to about 1ft from top to bottom
Homeland: United States of America

Name: Monica Darby
Supervillain Name: Princess
Gender: Female
Powers: Mind control, eternal youth, master of disguise
Homeland: Ireland

Name: ???
Supervillain Name: Collector
Gender: Female
Powers: Flight, Power Absorption
Homeland: ???

Name: ???
Supervillain Name: Mangle
Gender: ???
Powers: Shapeshifing
Homeland: Europe

Volume 1: A Team Assembled
Chapter 1 (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-The-Items-of-Power&p=390748&viewfull=1#post390748)
Chapter 2 (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-The-Items-of-Power&p=390815&viewfull=1#post390815)
Chapter 3 (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-The-Items-of-Power&p=393096&viewfull=1#post393096)
Chapter 4 (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-The-Items-of-Power&p=395789&viewfull=1#post395789)
Chapter 5 (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-The-Items-of-Power&p=400236&viewfull=1#post400236)
Chapter 6 (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-The-Items-of-Power&p=408822&viewfull=1#post408822)
Chapter 7 (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-The-Items-of-Power&p=408876&viewfull=1#post408876)
Chapter 8 (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-The-Items-of-Power&p=412956&viewfull=1#post412956)
Chapter 9 (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-Extreme-Rapid-Battalion-of-Heroes&p=413622&viewfull=1#post413622)

#1 - Xeno (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-Extreme-Rapid-Battalion-of-Heroes&p=413709&viewfull=1#post413709)
#2 - Unis (http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?12352-Extreme-Rapid-Battalion-of-Heroes&p=443299&viewfull=1#post443299)
#3 - Solar - Coming Soon
#4 - Chaotic - Coming Soon
#5 - Shade - Coming Soon
#6 - Techno - Coming Soon

Ludwig: Crimson Warrior - Coming soon

Volume 2: Seeds of Evil - COMING SOON!

Volume 3 - Coming Soon

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Supervillain Name: The Crimson Ludwig

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I'm gonna try and post episode 1 this weekend. Yes, I'm finally working on this...

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Chapter 1: Unis

Unis' POV:

I looked through the security footage for the hundredth time, "How, tell me just how the HELL she got past the security!" I said to them.

Backstory: Unis:
My name is Keith Lavigne, otherwise known as Unis, the new ruler of New Unigic, a land that was formed by recycled objects in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I grew up around the residents so that I wasn't snobbish. I started being Unis when I discovered my powers at 10, while being ganged up on one day. After that, I started using my powers mostly for good. I say mostly because one day I used my power to rob a bank, even though I later used to money to help out the homeless. My powers are control over space, including creating objects out of thin air.

My head of security told me, "I don't know. I'm honestly surprised we even got footage of her. We know she didn't have super-speed, as she would've been seen on multiple cameras, but she didn't have teleportation either. We're considering time manipulation, which would fit, but the only person who had that was...you know."

Backstory: Solar:
Albus Dumbledore has been my best friend since, well, ever. I became friends with him when we worked together once to stop a gang of thieves who tried to blow up the world. He was able to distract them while I took them out. He's helped me out more times than anybody else. By this point, we have complete trust of each other. I even told him about some of the deepest darkest points of my life. He's able to create illusions, and not just bunny out of a hat ones either, more like making people not be able to see him, or make a city look like it's underwater.

Backstory: Why are these people having powers?
Superpowers started appearing in Salem, Massachusetts. Yes, it turned out that the witches were actually just superpowered humans, but none had the power to stay alive. However, their dead bodies somehow transported the powers into some vegetables, which then got eaten, transporting the powers to the people who ate them. In fact, it turns out some of our greatest leaders/movie stars (Roosevelt, Washington, Lincoln, and even Michael Bay) and some of our worst enemies (Dracula, Hitler, and Stalin) had these powers. These powers have been passed on and modified for generations. While not every person has superpowers, most do and there are even programs to get everybody at least a power.

"Yeah, I remember...I wish I didn't have to though." I said, "But still, why would she steal the Chronos Crystal? It wouldn't be able to boost her powers, in fact, it's honestly the most useless item she could've grabbed."

"I'm not sure either." Albus said before handing me some documents, "But on another matter, we found some new people that might be able to help us-"

Suddenly a loud blast came from downstairs, shaking the entire building. "What the hell was that?" I said.

"I think it was Ludwig again." Albus said before transforming into Solar, "I got this, you just look over the papers, okay?" he asked me before leaving to battle Ludwig.

I started looking through the papers, and noticed that Albus wanted to form a superhero team, 'Oh joy, originality.' I thought to myself sarcastically before seeing who he wanted to recruit.

The papers:
Name: Trevor Wilcox
Gender: Male
Powers: Can produce fire, static or current electricity, cold bursts and concussive force via hands
Homeland: Gotham City, a.k.a. New York City

Name: Theo Oyvo
Gender: Male
Powers: Can control light and darkness to be anything
Homeland: La Vigne (The Vine), France

Name: ???
Gender: Male
Powers: Intellect, technokinesis, shapeshifting
Homeland: ???, Canada

The Doctor
Name: John Sano
Gender: Male
Powers: Electrokinesis, Advanced Intellect, Roboticize things
Homeland: ???, MURICA

The papers also contained Albus and myself. I figured Albus would someday want us to form a team, so I already made a name: Extreme Rapid Battalion of Heroics, or E.R.B.O.H.


NOTE: This is mostly a backstory-based chapter, most of them will not be like this.

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Chapter 2: Solar and Ludwig

Solar's POV:

After I left Keith to look over the files for the team, I noticed Ludwig was trying to destroy some shit again. I made myself visible to him, before making him see multiple copies of myself.

Backstory: Crimson Ludwig:
Ludwig, a.k.a. Hector Givens, has been a pain in our side for awhile now, for about 5 years actually. His power is emitting sound waves from his hands and his mouth. They can be anywhere from 10 Hz to 1 million Hz. He's been pestering us with anything from simply pranking us, to almost destroying the world once. (He tried to use his power to erupt a supervolcano, but we knocked him out by reflecting his sound back at him) He also uses a spiked shield in close range combat, but that doesn't usually help him much.

"Oh please! I know your abilities are all just smoke and mirrors!" Ludwig said before blasting wave after wave at me, trying to wear me down, but I made sure to make it look like I got hit, when it was just an illusion. As he went over to deal the final blow, I punched him the back, knocking the air out of him. He turned around and blasted me, knocking me back into a wall.

"What are you even doing here, Ludwig?" I asked him.

He replied with "Y'know, the usual, rob banks, cause destruction, try to kill you. Yada yada yada."

"Why even use your powers for evil? You could easily use your pow-" I asked before being cut off by a punch.

"NO! SHADDUP! I HAVE TO BE EVIL BECAUSE THE STORY SAID SO!" Ludwig said before blasting me again. I could tell he was in a rage by my asking, so I instead punched back, before using pressure points to make him unable to move before putting a piece of duct tape over his mouth. I used another pressure point to knock him out before removing the duct tape from his mouth. I transported him back to his cell and went back to see what Keith's decision was.

Grunt's POV:

I was bored so I checked the communications:

XENO: Ludwig, did you get in?
Crimson_Ludwig: Yes
XENO: Did you place the device?
Crimson_Ludwig: Not yet, I just woke up :(
XENO: Why were you asleep?
Crimson_Ludwig: I got knocked out...again
XENO: ...I'm not even gonna ask.
Crimson_Ludwig: Either way, I put it in place and even got something to boost the portal.
XENO: What is it?
Crimson_Ludwig: I'll send you a picture
XENO: Got it, the thing looks like it will help. Did you make sure to replace my file with his?
Crimson_Ludwig: Yea, I still don't know why you wanted him in there.
XENO: Because he's not as known as you are.
Crimson_Ludwig has logged off
0100010001110010 has logged on
01000100011100...: It's ready...
XENO: Good, it's time to begin...
01000100011100...: I'll start powering it up.
XENO: You couldn't have started powering it up earlier? You know it takes awhile to warm up...
01000100011100...: I couldn't have because of Ludwig's task taking a toll on the power.
XENO: Well get it ready, we'll need it.
Wait, it says one of our grunts is on.

That was all I saw before I heard a gunshot.


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Chapter 3: Xeno

Backstory: XenoXeno was a friend of mine from when I was 5. She got her powers at a very young age and showed them to me. We were friends until around 7th grade, when she disappeared halfway through the school day. The search went on for years, and it seemed like we would never find her, until one day she sent me a note. She had wanted to meet me at an alley. I went, and she showed me that she could open up portals to alternate dimensions. While I was amazed at that fact, I started asking her where she went. She explained that she was transported to a mirror dimension to train with Al Capone, the leader of a superhero team in that dimension, how to use her powers to their fullest extent, before Al and his gang got destroyed by a giant cookie. As we were talking though, she disappeared again, only to be seen just recently by our security cameras.

Xeno's POV:

After making sure the guard was taken care of, I needed to make sure our spy was ready.

"So, Cookie, y-"
"That's Cookie Clicker to you."

Backstory: Cookie ClickerThe Cookie Clicker has been a recent sighting, and a very odd one at that. We believe he is an honorable mercenary that does do his own thing if he feels it's worth it. I also believe he is the one who originally killed the mirror world Al Capone and his gang, as his power seems to be turning anything into cookies. And not just chocolate chip types either. I mean like giant fourtune cookies, biscuits (because England), and even cookies with razor blades in them. He also seems to keep a notebook around so he never starves.

"Sor-ry! Anyways, just make sure you're set for your mission." I said
"Fine, but you still owe me $5000: he said
"For what?"
"I needed to get the parts for the portal, which cost me $45, and all the work adds up to $5000."
"Fine," I said as I gave him enough money, "Now go,"
"Au revoir!" he said before leaving on a flying cookie.
I turned back to the security cameras.

Security Footage:MESS HALL:
A few grunts are playing poker.

A still image of Foxy is shown.

The Doctor is working hard on it.

Xeno is shown chained up to a wall.

I'm gonna kill you when I get my hands on you you fucking cu-
*audio fades out, then back in*
Why even come here? You had all you wanted on the other side! Why try and take my place? You know that Keith will come after me! He knows I'm not a thief!

"Because unlike you, I had no challenge. No reason to try. But here, I feel like a true villain. Like how I'm meant to be."

I then sent a message to Ludwig:

Once you get out of there, I want you to head to John's house. Cookie Clicker will join you. Just make sure you put the tracers on them.


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(y) (y)

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Chapter 4 - Chaotic

Ludwig's POV:

"Now, I just need to twist this and-"
"I can finally take my revenge."

Unis POV:
Solar came in after the elevator ride back to the building from the jail.
"Albus," I said, "I agree, we need to make a team. If Xeno's become evil, we'll need to make sure that we can stop her."

"Well, I'm glad you agree. I've already figured out how we can easily form the team. We will need to split up and find one of the new members each, convince them to join us, then take down Xeno." he said before giving me the address of one of the members, Chaotic.


I headed out to New York City, before seeing some people robbing a bank before they got caught by a hand made of air. I turned to see Chaotic right beside me, not even noticing me. He easily held them before making a circle of fire around them, keeping them in place until the cops arrived. He then turned to me, "So, what is the leader of New Unigic doing here? Trying to arrest me? Or recruit me?"

"Recruit, but not for an army. I'm building a superhero team to stop an evil mastermind and her henchmen."

"I'm gonna stop you right there. I'm not joining."


"But nothing. I protect my city. I can't go away for some team, otherwise crime will run amok. Now leave, or face the consequences."

"You realize I have diplomatic immunity."

"Don't care. Leave. Now."

"Do you realize how grave this situation is? If we don't stop her, she will take over the world!"

"I've warned you enough. You won't leave? I'll make you." he said, before shooting ice spikes at me. I stopped them before they hit.

"I'm not gonna hurt you." I said before creating a box around him, "Look, you create bigger problems when you defeat people." I said, showing him that his ring of fire set a nearby building on fire. "You also realize that the city you protect is hunting you down, mainly because you've caused more damage than the criminals."

"Leave now, while I let you." Chaotic said before destroying the box and flying off. A giant cookie followed him, and I followed the cookie. I saw Chaotic and Cookie Clicker battling.
"Why is everybody chasing me?" Chaotic asked.

"Because you are quite powerful. Hon hon hon. Now come with me, and you can become great."

"I told the other guy already, I'm not joining you!" Chaotic said before lobbing fireballs at Cookie Clicker, which were deflected by vanilla wafers. Cookie then tossed razor blade cookies and fourtune cookie-rangs, which hit Chaotic in the back of the head, knocking him out.

"Hon hon hon, I'm liking this French accent. And now, I leave." he said before taking off on a giant cookie. I followed him and started bending the cookie until it snapped in 2.

"Cookie Clicker. We meet again."

"Why do you guys always start a fight with that line? It's stupeed."

" Better than being the French stereotype." That pissed him off.

"Oh hon hon, you shall feel the WRATH OF FRANCE!" As he said that, he fired several small cookies from his palms, striking me at once. I was easily knocked down by them, and then he pointed a fourtune cookie at my face. "You're lucky I let you live," he said, before knocking me out.


"Wha-what happened?" I asked as I got up.

"The cookie guy knocked us both out, then placed us back on the tower for some reason." Chaotic looked down, noticing the mob of Police cars and SWAT vans aiming nukes at him. "I do see your point though. Yea, it would probably be best for me to leave."

"Well, then lets go." I said, before explaining to Chaotic about the group, the other members, and about Xeno.

"Change Heroics to Heroes and I'll join." Chaotic said.
And so I did.

Doctor's POV:

"Did you put zee trackers on them?"

"Oui, monseiur."

"Good. Mind-control device is ready."

"Now we wait."


NOTE: This was quickly made during a school event, so sorry if it feels rushed

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Chapter 5 - Shade

Solar's POV

I searched around the countryside on a rainbow bridge I made, seeing nothing but grapes, before noticing a blast of shadow energy in the distance. As I grew closer to it, it kept shrinking, until it was shown that it belonged to a child, about 14 I'd say, and struggling for some reason.

Shade's POV:

Augh, the power, why does the power control me so? Why can't I fight it? "AUGH!" A burst of darkness comes from my mouth, but why? Is this why Mother and Father abandoned me? Is this why they kept bringing me to an exorcist? Oh no, not, again.

Solar's POV:

As the boy kept writhing, I tried to help him out, wondering what I could do. All of a sudden, his body turned black, so I shielded myself with a light barrier. As I lowered it, I noticed it had decimated almost all of the grass around us, and the grapes beyond that, but dissipated after awhile. I reached out to the boy, trying to help him up.

Shade's POV:

I looked up, trying to regain my balance, feeling a bit stronger now, only to see a bright light, before a man in yellow gave me his hand. "Lord, is that you? Am I...Am I dead?"
He gave me a confused look as I notced the red on his costume. He said, "No, you're not dead, but I came to help you up, Theo."
I instantly knew who this was now, the red colors, the fact that he knew my name, and the fact that he protected only himself. "I will not give my hand to the hand of a devil!" I bellowed before blasting him with dark rays, and even starting to feel better, I thre a Dark Fist at him. "God has given me this power, and I shall smite thee from the Earth!" I then sped up to him, before throwing many punches at him, ending with an uppercut, and two blasts of darkness. I noticed I was started to be covered in a layer of Dark Armor, before noticing the demon deflect my attacks as he fired a cage of light around me. I simply just used my own shadow to warp right out of the cage. The demon then expanded the cage, pushing me towards a wall, but instead, I used the shadows to construct two drills attached to my body that broke the cage. The demon appeared in front of me, before trapping my entire body in a cast of light.
"Listen to me. I'm not God nor am I Satan, I'm a superhero just like you and want to recruit you to be part of a team. We're stopping an evil force that threatens the world." As my vision cleared, I noticed an image of a sun on his chest, and I remembered him from the news. Before I could say a word, a dart hit Solar, knocking him out, as well as dispersing the cast I was in. I turned to see who fired the dart, blocking my face just in time to see a crimson figure with a blowdart tube. I used his own shadow to envelope him and bring him closer to me. "You're not going anywhere." I said, before he pelted me with sonic waves, knocking me out cold.


"Wh-what's going on..." I mumbled before realizing that Solar and I were strapped to a bomb. Solar was out cold, and the crimson man had his back to us, so I slipped out of the bomb, and knocked him out with a punch to the face. I then got Solar out of the trap and blasted the bomb into space.
"Aw c'mon!" he screamed, "That was my favorite bomb!" He then started blasting at us with sound waves. I kept dodging them and sending them back at him, making sure they didn't hit Solar, which the crimson man dodged as well. I then struck him from behind with a shadow punch, and then another and another and so on, before uppercutting him, sending him flying. I woke Solar up, "What happened?"
"A crimson man came and tried to kill us."
"Ludwig." Solar then explained to me who Ludwig and the others were, before asking me if I wanted to join the team. I accepted, but then found a note on the ground.

Tech is in Quebec

"Well, that narrows things down a bit." Solar said before we went to the others via his rainbow bridge.


Location: ???

"Ssssssoooo. The bridge isssss almosssst complete, yessss?"
"Shut it, Snake."
"Well excussssse me, princesssss."
"Quiet you two! We need to stabilize the portal!"


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Chapter 6: A Pair of Misfits

John N. Sano's Residence: Cookie Clicker's POV

Stepping into the house, I could tell Ludwig was already here, since Foxy was sweeping glass from the floor.
"Foxy, how have you been?" I said to her, noticing she had started to rust again.


"So, where is Ludwig?"


"Thank you, madame." I headed up to the bedroom, wondering why this Xeno person never let me in on her plans. I stopped when I heard a voice other than Ludwig's.

"-once you're done with that, kill Cookie Clicker. We can't have him telling the heroes about our plan."

"Got it." said Ludwig, before turning off his comm watch.

I decided to be safe and make a few ear plugs out of chocolate chips, before I snuck up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. "So, what's the plan? Xeno sent us here for a reason, right?"

He laughed, "She sent me here for a mission, however, you, she sent here to DIE!" Ludwig then started blasting me with huge pulses of sonic waves. Thankfully though, the ear plugs worked just enough where he stopped, not noticing the chocolate dripping from my ears.

"I should've known something was up! Now that I've done my part, you're to kill me, I'm guessing, right? Well, I've dealt with much worse than you." I said before throwing some sugar cookies pumped full of helium, acting as smoke bombs for me to escape. It wasn't until I stepped outside that I realized I was in deep shit.

The kid in front of me was maybe 10 years old and spoke with a thick Russian accent "So, Ludwig was right after all! You were going to join with those 'superheroes'? Well, I'm telling you right now that WE are the real heroes here!" As he said that, parts of Foxy started flying through the air. "I am known to my friends as Dioska, but the world as TECHNO!" The parts of Foxy then started forming to his body. "What was this android called, uh, Foxy? Well, his Foxy shall now be known as my Fox Armor Mark 1!" He then fired a laser at me, thankfully missing, before rushing me with claw strikes. As he kept slashing at me, I could feel myself losing consciousness, feeling, like, liquid...

...wait, but, I, I'm not dead?

My vision is starting to return to me, wait, what, what is this place?

"Cookie Clicker, we have two options for you." I turned to see Unis right next to me. "Atone for your crimes, or or be put in jail."

I weakly smiled.


- The main reason I was having trouble with this chapter was due to the fact that I couldn't figure out a good way to tell the original story without there being massive plot holes. The original story was to have the team go to Techno's residence to recruit him, but getting there, they would realize that he was convinced by Ludwig and Cookie Clicker into baiting them into a trap. Techno's place was going to be a garage with lots of machinery, and he would've had a bigger, Crimson Dynamo styled suit. Ii would also be the chapter where Cookie Clicker joins the team, but I couldn't find a decent reason that worked well enough for me.
- The other idea I had for this chapter was that it would be a bit more of a comedic chapter focusing on Ludwig and Cookie Clicker just trying to find some parts for the portal (more like Cookie Clicker looking for the parts while Ludwig slacks off)
- Dioska was originally going to just be Dion, and instead of having a Russian accent, he would have a stereotypical Canadian one (complete with "eh" at the end of every sentence, eh) but I decided it would be better (and funnier later on) to have the character be Russian (besides, Dioska is uber powerful)
- Foxy was originally not going to be anything other than a one-off joke, but I decided to make Foxy a part of the series for the hell of it

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Chapter 7: Tech and Regret

"Ludwig, you imbecile! You were supposed to get the parts before killing Cookie Clicker!"
"Xeno, I got it under control, besides, we couldn't risk the parts getting broken now, could we?"
"WE? What the hell-"
"Relax, relax! While Clicker and I stopped to rest one night, I was able to get Techno on our side."
"...you did what now?"
"The kid's not bad, if anything I'm amazed at how masterful he is with his pow-"
"Never mind that, at least we have Techno on our..."
"Xeno, what's wrong?"
"You said you killed Cookie Clicker, right?"
"Actually that was more Techno than me, but still-"
"He's alive dammit!"
"W-what? How?"
"...did you try to just dump him in the woods?"
"Ludwig, you should be glad that we still need you right now. That is all."


Cookie Clicker's POV

"I can help you out, but Xeno didn't tell me much." I said to the team, feeling the pressure of all of the people staring me down, "All I know, is that she's building a portal of some sort, Ludwig was able to get a kid named Techno to join their team, as well as some scientist, only known as the Doctor, and that she had me and Ludwig place some sort of tracers on all of you. I have no idea of what they do, or if it's even safe to remove them."
Unis was in a state of thought, "Thank you for giving us this information, and I'm thankful you all decided to join our team. Cookie Clicker, how long do you think it will take for them to get the portal working?"
"About a week, but only because," I said, pulling out a detonator, "I may have put some 'glitches' in there disguised as parts." I then pushed the button.


"Doctor, what was that large rumble just now?"

"*cough* *cough* it...was an explosion...damaged the portal, send Ludwig out for more parts."


Unis POV:

"Alright then, we need to start training together as a team." I said to the group, before showing them their new, specially made suits that can enhance their powers, and the training rooms. "Now, who wants to go first?"


It's been a few days since we started the training, and the team is working surprisingly well. Solar and Shade have been able to work together easily, with Shade even finding out he can use someone's shadow to sneak up on them. I've been able to get Chaotic to control his powers so there's less damage done, and even Cookie Clicker (who wanted to be called CC from now on) is trying his best to fix the mistakes of his past, and he's also been able to train with the team. There's still some questions I have, mainly about Xeno, and why she turned to evil.


"Save, and close." As the computer shut down and I started to leave, I thought I saw what looked to be a pop-up ad. I turned fast enough to see Techno in a fox suit.
"Stage 1 complete. Ludwig, activate the device."


Chaotic's POV:

'Huh? I just want five more minutes to sleep, wait, why is the power out? Wait. How can the power be out?' I thought before checking outside, noticing that only this building had the power out. I started to wake up the others, before seeing a figure dash past the rooms, wearing what looked to be a...fox suit? "Guys, where's-" Suddenly we all heard a crash. We rushed out to see Shade and the guy in the fox suit battling.
"You honestly thought that you would be able to barge in and not alert me?" Shade said before he quickly trapped Techno in a cocoon of shadow.
"Ludwig, Phase 2, NOW!" Techno screamed. We all then started to feel some sort of pull towards the ground, except for CC. Shade's cocoon feel apart, just as Ludwig got there. "Did you get the energy?"
"Yes, but I think it would be best if we finish these so-called 'heroes' before they can intrude anymo-" Ludwig was then cut off as what appeared to be a fortune cookie hit his head."
"I bet you didn't expect to see me, did you?" CC said as Techno and Ludwig turned to face him.
"Techno, you make sure nobody escapes, I'll handle Cookie." Ludwig then blasted some sonic waves at CC, who was able to dodge them and counter with cement-filled cookie dough, which didn't trap Ludwig for long. Ludwig then shot some sonic waves at CC, who was able to dodge them again, but was unable to dodge the shield thrown at him. "I knew that shield would be useful someday." He said before blasting CC with lots of sonic waves, making him melt.
"What are you doing?" Techno said before pulling Ludwig away from CC, "You, you killed him! Why would you do such a thing? You told me that I was joining a group of people trying to make the world a better place!"
"Yea, well," Ludwig said before aiming at Techno, "I lied. And now, you are of no use to me, or Xeno.
Techno then grabbed Ludwig by the hand, "Had you made another lie, I would've possibly believed it, but either way, I don't take kindly to assholes like you. Tell Xeno that she can bite me." Techno then threw Ludwig out a window and into the next town.
"I wouldn't be surprised if he lived." CC said, causing Techno to look in awe as CC was back to normal.
"How did you-? I mean, I thought you were dead!" Techno babbled, stumbling over his own words.
"Well, when you had attacked me in the forest, Ludwig must've tried to leave me in a forest, but somehow Unis and the others found me as a pile of cookie dough, and as it turns out, my cookie dough form can heal me if my human form takes enough damage, and, surprisingly enough, having my bones be melted doesn't need much healing." CC said
"I-I'm sorry about what happened up in Canada, Ludwig-"
"It's OK Dioska, I know how you feel, but there is a way you can help."


07-26-2015, 04:12 AM
More Trivia (because suspense reasons):

- The original idea for the series was to be a team of heroes and a team of villains would try to get items of ultimate power, however I changed the idea because it seemed too bland
- Ludwig is actually a lot tamer, as the original idea I had was for him to be more of a Deadpool-style character that breaks the 4th wall a lot. In the end he's just Deadpool-like with a bit of sanity.
- A lot of things got changed in several episodes, specifically with Cookie Clicker. He was going to be a much bigger French stereotype, and was going to join the team in the finale, instead of in chapters 6/7.
- Techno was actually changed a lot as well, the original idea to have him be a child genius who specialized in robotics and had complete control of his technokinetic abilities. He would've lived in a garage, and would've had a much larger mech. The team would've confronted him to recruit him, and then get ambushed, only to be saved by Cookie Clicker. How he was in Chapter 7 however, was very similar to the original idea, except that he would've had the Doctor with him
- The Doctor was actually going to be a lot more active in the fights, but I never could find a good reason for him to leave his post.

- Every character actually started out as a stereotype, except for Xeno
- Unis would've been the leader who is unsure of himself
- Solar would've been a drill sergeant-like co-leader
- Chaotic would've been the punk
- Shade would've been deep into Christianity
- Techno would've been either a HUGE Canadian or Russian stereotype
- The Doctor was just going to be a mad scientist
- Ludwig was going to be Deadpool
- and of course, Cookie Clicker would've been a French stereotype

09-12-2015, 11:35 PM

Ugh, what the hell, how come Techno had that much strength...and why'd I have to land on a dusty mountain?
*takes out Senzu Bean and eats it*
Dammit, it doesn't work!
Wait, who's that?

"Ah, you shall do nicely! I need a new sacrifice for them, after all." a man said, enveloped in his purple cloak


"My masters, The Seeds of Evil." the cloaked figure said, before taking my body


09-17-2015, 09:33 AM
Chapter 8 - Revelation


As I woke up, I knew today would be the day. Everybody has been training for today, and while our newest recruit was a bit of a prankster, we all were able to work together. I've even made suits for us all to wear, to help us and make our powers better. I even was able to bring Foxy's AI back, and she's been a great teammate to Techno, now that she has an improved AI. Techno was also able to take the tracers out of us safely.



"Doctor, is the portal up?"

"Yes Xeno, but the other one isn't, they must be still working on it as we speak."

"I hope they get it up and running soon."



We've gotten to their base, located somewhere in Canada, and are about to enter.

"Alright, everyone remember the plan?"

"Yes." They said in unison

"Then let's go." I say to them as we enter the building. Shade and Solar go first, scouting out the place before giving the all clear. We then enter, to see Xeno as the only person in the room.

"Where are they?"

"They're out of sight, out of mind right now." Xeno said mockingly. "You and your team are so predictable, yet are the only things the same in both worlds, except the others are dead."

"What 'others'?"

"Oh? Your girlfriend didn't tell you? In that alternate world she went to, I ruled supreme and based on a prophecy I had heard, I killed every one of you in my dimension." She said with a chuckle

"What did you do to her?" I asked, now about ready to lose it

"She's been trapped here. I've made sure to give as much food and water as needed. I may be evil but I'm not a psychopath."

"Either way, we won't give up this world without a fight!" I say to her before freezing her in place. "Everyone, I need you to-" I say before getting cut off by getting hit with a shield.

"I'M BACK, BITCHES!" Ludwig screams, starting to fight the others, before a wall separates Xeno and I from the other fight.



"Ugh, what happened to me, last I remember I was strapped down, with that guy standing over me..."

"Don't worry, I'm taking good care of your body, and I've actually been doing much better than you have at fighting them."

"Wha-? Give me back my body!" I said to him, realizing I couldn't move.

"Oh please, Hector, you and I both know you'll get your body back soon enough."


"You know," Xeno says, walking towards me, "we could rule this planet as king and queen, and I could easily have you forget about her and just remember me, all you'd have to do is just submit to me, and this will all be over."

I start to get up, "Not in any goddamn way, will I ever submit to evil, for as long as there is evil, good will always rise, and you shall be stopped!" as I yell, I blast Xeno back. "Now, I have two options for you, either leave here now, or I will kill you, plain and simple."

"How about option 3?" A voice says behind me. I turn around to see a man about my height with brown unkempt hair, a lab coat, and a pair of glasses on, "you and your team leave now and disperse, or you all die."
I attempt to punch him but he grabs my hand, "Oh please, your move is so predictable." he says before electrocuting me, "but I assure I've made a shocking example of myself." He then shows my team in a cell, knocked out cold. "Don't worry, I wasn't going to kill them either way, but you on the other hand, are a bigger threat. Oh, and Xeno, the portal will be ready in 10 minutes."

"You do realize I'm still conscious, right?" I say to him before knocking him out. I then realize Xeno had left.

The wall then opened, "Now, to finish you off." Ludwig said, before charging at me.



What the-? Last I saw was Xeno in the middle of the room, before she...
Wait, Xeno's still in the room with us, but she's... cowering?

"Please, stay back! I'm not the one that attacked you!" she says, still cowering in fear

"What's going on? Which Xeno are you?"

"I'm not Xeno." She said, all of a sudden a bit angry, "That bitch stole my idea of a superhero name and tainted it. Now, if I do get out of here, I'm going to just be known as Clair"

"Right now, I'm just glad everybody's safe." I said to her, noticing that the rest of the group lay unconscious, but alive. I then take a look at the cell itself, noticing what looked to be a slight wavering of our view outside.

As I went to touch it, Clair grabbed my hand, "It's a power destabilizer, our powers won't work in here, and if you touch it, it'll knock you out for days."

I decide to try and form a blade of light, and while I was able to bring light together, I couldn't get it to form anything.

Foxy then walked up to us, "Maybe I could be of assistance?" She asked before easily shutting down the field and unlocking the cage. "They're still using the outdated operating system, so sad." She said as Techno woke up.

"Thank you, Foxy." Techno said groggily, before waking up the others.


"Unis, Unis, Unis, you're a fool to think that your team can defeat Xeno." Ludwig said before striking pressure points to knock me down. "You know, after my defeat last time, I thought I was a goner, but then a Seed found me, and gave me new life. And now, I shall defeat you." Ludwig said, before taking out my arms using pressure points.

"Heh, you haven't changed a bit, Ludwig. You always underestimate us," I said before regaining control of my legs, jumping up and kicking Ludwig in the face, causing him to flinch and stagger back a bit.

"Well, I won't make that mistake again." Ludwig said, dodging my next kick and countering with some more pressure points, dropping me to the ground with his feet on each of my hand, and his mouth near my neck. "I could easily kill you right now, but I see no reason to." Ludwig then got up and walked off, "It's too late for this world anyways."


09-19-2015, 10:55 AM

10-01-2015, 07:49 PM
Before the finale...


"Wha-what's going on? Where am I?"

"Ahh, Ludwig, you're just the person I'm looking for. You see, I need a new body to host and most human bodies are not durable enough for me. They break too easily."

I struggle against the chains and scream for help.

He laughs, "We're miles underground, you really think even your sonic waves will work? I know from experience that won't work"

I then felt a surging pain in my head as I was knocked unconscious


The figure stepped out of the shadows, with a blue suit, and a helmet to boost his telepathy. "Finally, I've found a way to get back to her," the figure says, before hooking Ludwig up to the machine. "Now, Unis the Conqueror shall become whole."


The finale will be out by this weekend.

10-05-2015, 11:22 PM
So, it's a bit late, but here it is

Chapter 9 - Finale

Ah, the portal room, such, a messy place, "Xeno, I need to talk with you about something."

"Make it quick, Ludwig," Xeno said, clearly angry the portal wasn't up yet

I grabbed a spike from my shield and stabbed her in the chest, "Die." She crumpled to the ground as I tossed another towards the Doctor, knocking him out cold. "Now to reroute the portal to it's true destination." As I finished the portal coordinates, it started to change colors, signifying it would open soon. I then turned back to see that Xeno had vanished, leaving a trail of blood behind


As my team and I caught up on what's going on, Xeno came over to us, bleeding to death. "Please," she weakly asked, "if you're the people I know you are, please, help me." She then crumpled to the ground, barely alive.

"Should we help her? She tried to kill us." Shade asked.

"I'm not sure if it's for the best, but I won't let anybody die, not even enemies." I said, before making her wounds clot. As she started to wake up, I noticed something I hadn't before. A small charm I had given to her when we were young. She loved it so much, she never took it off.

"Keith, I finally found you." she said to me, hugging me right afterwards.

"What's going on?" Solar asked, noticing that "Clair" had turned out to be some sort of robot with a hologram.

"There's no time to explain," Xeno said, "We need to stop Ludwig."

As she said that, the whole building begin to shake. We all went into the portal room to see the Doctor was unconscious and that Ludwig was in front of a green portal, standing with his arms wide open. "You're too late! The portal has opened! AND NOW! THE SEEDS OF EVIL SHALL RULE THE WORLD!" Xeno then grabbed out a remote, pointing and firing a blue energy ball at the portal. "Ah, Xeno, you think I didn't plan for this already? You're just stalling the inevitable! You may have banished me to this world, but now with my new vessel, I shall rule!" He then pointed a laser at Xeno, before firing at me. The last words I heard were, "Now watch as the one you love dies!"


As I saw Unis fall, I then noticed Xeno was surrounded in a red aura, warping around Ludwig, punching and kicking him so much it looked like there were three of her attacking him. I then noticed Unis had not actually died, but had salt growing from him. I tried to cut the salt away, but to no avail. It was almost as if he had actually gained a new power of some sort. "Guys, right now we need to help Xeno stop the portal from opening!" I said to the rest of the team, who nodded and started to try and break the portal, except for Techno who was trying to get past the encryption to stop the programming. I quickly noticed that Ludwig had started to block some of Xeno attacks. I then noticed the Doctor had vanished, before seeing him electrocute Xeno. I rushed up and punched the Doctor right in the face, breaking his glasses and revealing his chrome eyes.

"You shouldn't have done that," he droned, before breaking my arm with a single punch, causing me to crumple in pain, "Next time, you lose your lungs," he said before melting and evaporating away.

The ground shook once more as I saw the portal start to open. I quickly grabbed Ludwig's shield from him and threw it through the hole, breaking something on the other side, causing the portal to close and lose power. Ludwig was nowhere to be seen as the building started to collapse. I quickly grabbed Xeno while Techno grabbed Unis and we ran out just as the building fell.


Later that night...

At last, I finally found it in all this rubble! The portal's still intact! Now, I need to just flip this switch, and now-

"Ah, Unis! I see you've taken on a new vessel!"
"Princess, it's nice to see you again. I take it you all kept my old body intact?"
"That'ssss right Unissss. Now, oncccce you're back in your old body, maybe we can ssseeeee what thisss world hasss in ssstore for usss?"



10-06-2015, 09:31 PM
I loved this!

You should totally have a volume on Nov. 13th which is my (and in turn Crimson Ludwig's) birthday :)

10-06-2015, 10:06 PM
I loved this!

You should totally have a volume on Nov. 13th which is my (and in turn Crimson Ludwig's) birthday :)

It wouldn't be a full volume (which is between 8-15 chapters), but I may do a miniseries (3-5 chapters) on Ludwig at some point. In fact, I might do a mini series in December to expand on each character.

Ludwig actually becomes a huge, competent, threat at some point in Volume 2

10-09-2015, 10:50 PM
Origins #1: Xeno

We got back to the tower; I was handcuffed the whole way. It was at the tower that Keith woke up. It turned out he had been changed by the laser, and instead of killing him, it had changed his powers. While the others were trying to figure out what Keith's new powers were, Solar led me into a sealed room and told me to tell him my story.


My name is Clair Gauntt. My first superpower, to freeze time. It was when I was only 5 that I discovered it with help from my only friend at the time, Keith. Since then I had used it mainly to do work in a quicker amount of time. Keith and I had also fallen in love with each other during this time, and sometimes we were inseparable. It wasn't until 7th grade when I was abducted into another world. In this world, I met Al Capone, the leader of a group of heroes who fought against the dictatorship of a man known as Unis the Conqueror. He had taken over most of Europe and Asia, and the Americas were his next target. Unis always sent out his team of mercenaries, the Seeds of Evil, to try and take over the United States. He believed it to be the most powerful country.

The Seeds of Evil consisted of: Princess, master of disguise and mind control, who stopped aging at 10, now she's 60 and nothing has changed other than her intellect; Snake, an infamous poker player who got his snake-like abilities from a curse that backfired; Collector, a con artist that could also steal powers from others; Mangle, a shapeshifter who was never caught during any of his murderous sprees; and finally, Cookie, known in this world as Cookie Clicker.

We always fought them, excluding myself, our team consisted of Al Capone, able to see the future before it happens; Aquis, able to control water in all it's forms; X, while not having any powers, is a master marksman and strategist; and Gaia, able to earthbend. However, our fight came at the biggest cost, as while we were able to defeat Unis, banishing his soul to another dimension, Cookie was able to take out our entire team, with Al Capone telling me in his final words, that not only was Unis still alive, but that he was working on a way to get back to this world. As Cookie tried to kill me, I suddenly, out of fear, discovered my second power. The power to teleport through dimensions.

It took me weeks to find Keith, I needed to be back with him, needed to tell him what I saw. When I finally did, I was only able to get partly through telling him what had happened before I teleported to a different dimension. It was in this dimension that I decided to actually start work on learning how to control my new power. Through different dimensions, I saw different ways of humanity. Through one I saw a world where humans were replaced by ponies, while through another I saw what looked to be a world of animals that had humans as pets. Most worlds however, had an evil Unis, always hiding behind a mask, whether physical or not.

It wasn't until I got back to this world where I found a Unis that was actually good. I needed to make sure that this Keith wasn't evil, so I pretended to turn evil, hiring Ludwig and Cookie Clicker. John, however, was a bit of a special case. He actually volunteered to help me, saying he would help me with my plan. My plan was to build a portal, that I would set to go to the Amish universe, to see if Keith was actually a hero in this world. If so, I knew he was the one I fell in love with. When I realized the plan had worked, I was going to turn the portal off soon after you guys showed up. I however did not plan for one thing: Unis the Conqueror. I realize now that Unis the Conqueror somehow got to this world, took over Ludwig, and was able to use him to get the Seeds of Evil here. It's why the portal had changed colors, and why it opened, when I never meant for it to.


"But now that I finally found the right universe, I can help put a stop to Unis the Conqueror once and for all." As I said that, Techno opened the door, mentioning that Keith had awoken. We went into the room he was in, and the first thing I did was hug him, glad that I finally found him.

08-30-2016, 03:18 AM
Origins #2: Unis

A week after the battle against the Doctor and Ludwig, Keith had been recovering surprisingly well, but something was off about him. Mainly the fact that he wasn't able to use his powers anymore. Although it seemed that he wasn't majorly hurt, his body seemed to have changed. His skin seemed to become grainy, and his blood had an immense increase in sodium, yet he never felt any different. I'm not really sure what to think about his new condition, and neither has the rest of the team. At this point, the only thing I could think of was to look through his files to see if maybe this was just something natural, or if something was truly wrong with him. Nothing seemed to show any signs on exactly how he discovered his powers, until I found a blank Betamax tape. At this point, I had no other options, so I decided to see what, if anything, was on it.


A grainy image appears on screen, as it focuses, a disheveled man is checking if the camera is fully working.

"To anyone who sees this, my name is Unis. I am 13 years old as of this recording, and I can control matter. I got my powers one day when my friend almost died at the hands of a drug addict. I was barely able to save him, but he had to have cybernetic implants on so he could move. After that, he always was cautious around me, as though he was scared of me. It wasn't until later I found out it was because the implants could detect my powers, and for some reason, it was like there was a magnetic repulsion any time he tried to even talk with me. Soon, it almost seemed he became jealous of me, as by that point I was able to use my powers to their greatest ability. I had my fears confirmed when he attacked me in an alleyway. I was confused and scared, wondering why he was doing this? It turned out, the drug addict worked with my father, and so h-his father blamed my family, convincing my friend that I was the reason why he almost died. Since then, I haven't seen him since."

The video abruptly stopped, before another one started.

"Journal Log 2. Date of recording: May 15th. It's been about a month since my last entry, and things have gotten worse. My girlfriend has recently disappeared, and it seems like who or whatever took her either killed her, or has taken her into space. Not only that, but I've been getting messages from someone calling themselves Dynamo, mainly just harmless stuff at first, but now it's gotten a bit creepy. This is just a quick entry, as I'm gonna go back out and continue searching."

The camera is then shut off, before a third video appeared, a sulking Unis in front. He just holds up signs throughout the entire thing.

"It's been years since I last did this."

"I've figured out who Dynamo is."

"He was the friend I mentioned in the first entry."

"Now he wants to kill me."

"I think he may have killed my girlfriend."

"Also, to anyone who's watching this. Now you know how my life's been."


I took out the tape, surprised Keith never told me any of this. Before I could do anything, he contacted me, "Albus, I need to show you something."