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11-24-2014, 09:30 PM
Tonight, in the chat:

[9:00:05 PM] PolarBore: featuring wumbo because gross
[9:00:11 PM] Wumbo: hey
[9:00:13 PM] Wumbo: polar
[9:00:15 PM] Wumbo: guess what
[9:00:16 PM] PolarBore: hey
[9:00:19 PM] PolarBore: what?
[9:00:22 PM] *** Wumbo removed PolarBore from this conversation. ***
[9:00:26 PM] Wumbo: that's what.
[9:00:32 PM] Sambama: Why you gotta be so rude?
[9:00:33 PM] *** Spartica added PolarBore ***
[9:00:51 PM] *** Hana removed Wumbo from this conversation. ***
[9:00:58 PM] PolarBore: yeah from em

To Me:
[9:01:52 PM] MaNCHA: D:
[9:05:28 PM] MaNCHA: should we sue someone
[9:06:18 PM] Wumbo: yes
[9:06:20 PM] Wumbo: everyone
[9:07:58 PM] Wumbo: i want all their memes

As Wumbo Returns to the Chat:

[9:07:12 PM] MaNCHA: Wumbo and I are suing you all
[9:07:16 PM] Sambama: more like you're the breast around
[9:07:17 PM] MaNCHA: time to write up the lawyering papers
[9:13:19 PM] MaNCHA: alright the lawyering papers have been drafted
[9:14:00 PM] Hana: O:
[9:14:13 PM] Wumbo: you gon get sued
[9:14:24 PM] Hana: wai
[9:14:36 PM] Wumbo: well, everybody is getting sued


[9:14:40 PM] Hana: dont sue me
[9:14:51 PM] MaNCHA: Everyone online needs a copy of this
[9:14:56 PM] Wumbo: (droppin the case against hana btw)
[9:15:03 PM] MaNCHA: it is too late
[9:15:07 PM] MaNCHA: the papers have been drafted
[9:15:09 PM] Wumbo: meh okay

[9:16:29 PM] Sambama: do you smoke big weed
[9:16:42 PM] MaNCHA: the only weed you'll be smoking is in jail son
[9:17:18 PM] Sambama: i cant go to jail
[9:17:21 PM] Sambama: im the president
[9:17:30 PM] Hana: mancha, i thought you were my lawyer, why are you not defending me? D: <
[9:17:39 PM] Wumbo: he's both our lawyer
[9:17:41 PM] Wumbo: duh
[9:17:45 PM] Sambama: and my approval ratings are higher than wumbo on big weed
[9:17:52 PM] Hana: id like to issue a counter suit, then

to be continued???????

11-24-2014, 09:36 PM

11-24-2014, 09:50 PM
[9:30:45 PM] Hana: thanks for burying my topic, sus
[9:31:12 PM] MaNCHA: maybe i won't let you counter sue >:c
[9:31:13 PM] Wumbo: whoa hey manchie is not sus
[9:31:18 PM] Wumbo: he is my brother
[9:31:24 PM] Wumbo: from another universe
[9:31:26 PM] Lohuydahutt: wait I'm getting sued?
[9:31:35 PM] Hana: wumbo i want a divorce
[9:31:38 PM] Wumbo: WHAT
[9:31:39 PM] Lohuydahutt: but my memes are all I have left D=
[9:31:44 PM] MaNCHA: yes poler
[9:31:45 PM] Lohuydahutt: They're everything to me
[9:31:47 PM] MaNCHA: thenk
[9:32:01 PM] Hana: you're suing me, so i want a divorce. u_u
[9:32:09 PM] Lohuydahutt: when my girlfriend left me, my memes were there to support me ;-;
[9:32:13 PM] Wumbo: i wanted to drop the case against you
[9:32:18 PM] Lohuydahutt: and you're just gonna RIP IT AWAY
[9:32:21 PM] Wumbo: we can settle out of court
[9:32:27 PM] Wumbo: maybe with dinner and a movie
[9:32:33 PM] MaNCHA: wumbo you can write an addendum to unsue her
[9:32:41 PM] MaNCHA: but we can't tamper with existing legal documents
[9:33:04 PM] Wumbo: okay
[9:33:08 PM] Wumbo: i need lawyerin papers


[9:36:48 PM] Hana: for now?
[9:36:50 PM] Hana: okay. divorce.

[9:37:10 PM] Hana: manch
[9:37:15 PM] MaNCHA: hano
[9:38:40 PM] Hana: i want to divorce wumbo, he didnt sign a prenup. i want every meme he owns, past present and future
[9:38:42 PM] Hana: u_u
[9:39:20 PM] MaNCHA: i shall draw up the document post haste
[9:39:23 PM] Hana: ty



[9:41:10 PM] MaNCHA: that document is forged
[9:41:23 PM] Wumbo: it is not
[9:41:26 PM] Wumbo: you said i could
[9:41:35 PM] MaNCHA: you are not a lawyer
[9:41:40 PM] MaNCHA: I made the addendum


[9:41:47 PM] Hana: wow wumbo, thats a crime
[9:41:52 PM] Wumbo:

<<< wumbo you can write an addendum to unsue her

[9:41:58 PM] Wumbo: >you
[9:42:00 PM] Wumbo: as in me
[9:42:02 PM] MaNCHA: that means you can ask me to do it
[9:42:08 PM] MaNCHA: learn your lawyering
[9:42:18 PM] Wumbo: ok fine i'll go with yours WHATEVERRRRRR
[9:42:24 PM] Hana: wumbo you're a criminal
[9:42:32 PM] Wumbo: so are you
[9:42:59 PM] Wumbo: you said so on my mixtape


[9:43:21 PM] Hana: "Felony forgery charges will result in heavy fines, possible imprisonment in a federal facility, and loss or suspension of various civil privileges. Misdemeanor charges will result in fines and jail time of less than one year. "

[9:55:27 PM] Hana: he's scaring me with his yelling, i want a restraining order as well
[9:55:40 PM] MaNCHA: alright
[9:55:48 PM] Hana: ty ;n;


[10:02:06 PM] Hana: and my kids ;n;


[9:50:59 PM] Wumbo: i'm just saying
[9:51:08 PM] Wumbo: i was willing to forge a document to save my marriage
[9:51:09 PM] Wumbo: ;n;
[9:51:19 PM] Hana: well, it didnt work u_u
[9:51:24 PM] Wumbo: </3
[9:51:28 PM] Hana: i dont want to be married to a criminal anyways D: <
[9:51:37 PM] Wumbo: you're a criminal
[9:51:39 PM] Wumbo: because
[9:51:45 PM] Wumbo: you stole my heart
[9:51:49 PM] Hana: what will the children think when they hear their father is going to be arrested?
[9:52:25 PM] Wumbo: hopefully they realize their father tried to do the right thing
[9:52:29 PM] Sambama: who are the kids
[9:52:38 PM] Hana: by forging legal documents and suing their mother?! D: <
[9:52:48 PM] Wumbo: I DIDN'T MEAN TO SUE YOU
[9:52:59 PM] Hana: "oops, i accidentally sued you"
[9:53:02 PM] Hana: likely story, sus D: <
[9:53:05 PM] Hana: TELL IT TO THE JUDGE
[9:53:08 PM] Wumbo: manch wrote the document
[9:53:10 PM] Wumbo: not me
[9:53:27 PM] Hana: now you're blaming your lawyer? how low can you get D: <
[9:54:40 PM] Hana: mancha is the best meme lawyer this side of the mississippi
[9:55:01 PM] Wumbo: he is my brother and he is TEARIN ME APART HANA
[9:55:15 PM] Hana: i dont feel comfortable with this shouting ;n;
[9:55:20 PM] Wumbo: i apologize
[9:55:24 PM] Wumbo: i stubbed my toe
[9:56:00 PM] Hana: its okay, itll all be taken care of soon u_u
[9:56:24 PM] Wumbo: please don't leave me
[9:56:29 PM] Wumbo: you and the kids are all i have
[9:56:46 PM] Hana: well, you have the estate and memes, but you'll be losing those too u_u
[9:56:54 PM] Wumbo: the estate and memes
[9:56:56 PM] Wumbo: mean nothing to me
[9:57:07 PM] Sambama: ooh shit
[9:57:09 PM] Hana: well, soon they'll be nothing to you as well
[9:58:13 PM] Wumbo: i'd be willing to lose everything
[9:58:19 PM] Wumbo: everything but the family
[9:58:24 PM] Wumbo: ;n;
[9:58:30 PM] Hana: u_u


11-24-2014, 10:26 PM
I like how a legal document has spelling and grammatical error lines on it.