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OK, I decided to make a new review thread, and yes my ERB/FMERB reviews shall continue. I decided to make this a separate thread both because the format will be different and because I'll simply be covering different things. I had the idea to do a review a certain anime after watching it, and so I was going to make this an anime review thread... but then I realized that I could review all sorts of things like video games or movies or whatever else as well. If I experience anything like an anime or a video game that I enjoyed/disliked enough to talk about it, I would share it with you guys. This thread is simply for me to share my experiences with certain shows, games, even music if I want to etc. in review form. This thread is going to be different because I'm NOT TAKING REQUESTS! You could do a suggestion like, "Oh you should watch x if you liked x" and I might watch that and do a review on it... But for now, HERE'S MY REVIEW OF THE FIRST SEASON OF PSYCHO-PASS =D

Also if you haven't watched this show, you might want to be 100% unspoiled and skip this review until you watch it but all of the actual spoilers will be put in *GASP* spoiler tags so it should be safe xP



OK, so basically we're in dystopian future land, a land so unique that the fucking characters discuss what books their society is similar to.

People read people's brains to see if they're likely to commit crimes or whatever, they send crazy people after the other crazy people because I guess crazy people know how crazy people think best or whatever. And then Inspectors sit back and make sure the crazy people chasing after other crazy people don't do stupid shit. Woo. This is one of those things where it's a LOT easier to have it explained by watching the show than just sort of reading it. Either way, I'd say the concept isn't really THAT unique, but it puts enough of a unique spin on it so I can't complain too much. It gets more interesting as it goes on.


Akane Tsunemori
She's the protagonist, her main purpose in life is being the most normal person on the show. She's the person who asks the questions you were wondering and all of that kind of shit. She starts out sort of boring, just being the typical rookie that gets thrown into a hell of a lot of shit on the first day of the job. She's not exactly the most interesting protagonist on the face of the planet but for someone who's just meant to be normal, she does end up becoming a pretty good character, and probably the most well-developed one.

Shinya Kogami

Oh hey, a brooding bad ass. Better yet, HE FIGHTS FOR HIS FRIENDS! He's not the most unique character ever or anything but he gets a fair amount of development and I guess I like him.

Nobuchika Ginoza

He's basically just a tight-ass. He gets more interesting towards the end though, and I haven't finished season 2 of Psycho-Pass but I think I like him more in season 2 already. Not much to say about him really xP

Shushei Kagari

This guy... this poor guy... he used to be one of the twins from Ouran Highschool (http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/040/6/6/you_choose_hikaru_x_reader_x_kaoru_by_natalie_will o-d75qzka.jpg) but then his brother died and then he went into a downward spiral... he was deemed psychologically unstable afterwards and now he's an Enforcer :c

OK but really, we don't really get to learn all that much about this guy, but at the very least he has a rather likable personality
AND THEN THEY FUCKING KILL HIM OFF FIRST GOD FUCKING DAMNIT! Actually, it wouldn't really bother me that much but come season two the only one of the four enforcers that is still on the team is by far the most boring one =.=

Masoaka Tomomi

Basically just the wise experienced one, and that's about it. Still sort of like him.
I probably should've seen the fact that he's Ginoza's father a mile away if I paid more attention but eh, it was still pretty nice... I just find it weird how they'd put the two in the same group but whatever.

Kunizuka Yayoi

Not really sure what to say about her, she's serious... and she's probably the most boring main character on the show as far as I'm concerned.

Shion Karanomori

Sort of like Penelope from Criminal Minds except like, sexual or whatever. Eh, I prefer Shion from Higurashi
(http://static.fjcdn.com/comments/If+we+re+talking+hinamizawa+syndrome+shion+in+a+1v 1+cage+match+_c2ff85abce7b97a7ce5a787a2c2fd3fa.jpg )


He's pretty much the main antagonist of the first season (which isn't really all that much of a spoiler considering he gets shown literally in the first minute of the fucking show.) He's a pretty likable villain all things considered, sure he's a horrible person but he TALKS ABOUT BOOKS FOR NO REASON =D

Overall, I'd say the characters probably could've afforded to get a bit more development. Many of the characters backstories are only explained with a few sentences and the ones that do get more still don't really feel like they've really gotten enough, sans Akane. The characters are still enjoyable for the most part, but if you're looking for a show that dwells deep into the characters past and get a really good understanding of how they got to the place they are today and their motives and all of that... this show probably isn't for you.

Comments on the plot

This is one of those shows that starts at the end and then shows us how and why it got to that point. well, it doesn't start at the "end" more like it starts at episode 16, which is an odd choice but WHATEVER At the beginning, it feels like it's just going to be one of those "monster a week" type shows where they just tackle some unique threat every episode. But it eventually goes past that, and we start seeing an underlying purpose to it all. I like the show in the way it makes us question what's truly good and what's truly evil. Raising typical questions like "do the ends justify the means?" and all of that stuff. At parts the show does sort of feel like it's just another story about a dystopian society but at the very least it actually does feel like it brings new stuff to the table. And I don't think I've ever seen a dystopian society sort of thing from the point of view of the people who enforce the rules before (OK, Fahrenheit 451 sort of did.) Either way, though admittedly crime fighting in the future isn't really all that new of a concept it brings just enough new stuff to the table to say it feels like its own thing.


Overall, I'd say this isn't really the most amazing show ever or anything but it never really felt boring to me. The action is limited for the most part, which is a good thing because the action scenes would end up being beyond repetitive or beyond stupid otherwise. It's basically what happens if you had CSI in the future except there's an important overall plot, especially in the second half. Characters probably could've been a bit better but they're still enjoyable for the most part. Though there is some fanservice I'd say it's a below average amount, so anybody who's tired of that sort of shit shouldn't have too much of a problem. It has a serious tone and I'm actually able to take it seriously for the most part, so that's a plus. Just as a warning the show can get pretty gorey and fucked up, and there really isn't all that much to lighten the mood, which could be a problem for some folks. What else is there to comment on... Well, I like the visual style of the show for the most part. The music is... well nothing too amazing but it gets the job done. The topic of romance is mentioned and sort of hinted at a few times (well, enough to give shippers a foothold, but eh, they'd find one some way, some how anyway) but nothing much really happens on that front. Except for the whole lesbian thing Yayoi and Shion seem to have. Which is fine by me, but it doesn't seem to have that much of a point... it's just kind of... there. Overall, I enjoyed it. There are certainly things that possibly could've been better but it doesn't really have any GLARING flaws I can think of so...
Oh wait
They killed R2D2 ;-;

0/10 the characters aren't likable and it doesn't make me want to dance
but really

For Psycho-Pass (not counting the second season)
I'll rate it as an

Tune in next time I feel like doing a review xP IDK what the fuck I'll review so it'll be a pleasant surprise. I might cop out and just review Psycho-Pass 2 xP but until that time when I review something, fair well.

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Well, this thread won't be exclusively anime reviews but that's what I've been watching lately so LET'S DO THIS SHIT! I'll be reviewing Clannad (anime version, counting after-story, also mentioning the extras and OVAs and shit.)



OK, so we have a guy, who starts out as a cynical asshole like me, and he goes to a school where all of the girl's skirts are short enough to give HOTD a run for its money except it never once shows a panty shot. And then he meets some random girl, and then he meets/already met some other random girls. And suddenly you have a harem anime, except when you start exploring the characters it brings the feels. Oh those pesky feels... So it starts out just sort of feeling like a harem anime but those aspects sort of disappear a bit by the second season. Also there's some weird second story about a girl and her robot sex toy or whatever. Oh well, LET'S DO THIS SHIT!


Tomoya Okazaki


An infamous notorious delinquent, there's no gorier thing than, living in some random-ass city/town in Japan (If we were talking about something like Another or Higurashi that'd be true :3) I'm not really sure what to say about him, I like him. For the way his character is set up it's really kind of odd how often the guy cries but WHATEVER. I like him, a character like this seems like the best choice for the sort of show/VN (as it was originally) they were going for.
And on the subject of his dad, I can sort of see where Tomoya was coming from when he basically hated him for almost all of the story... but I always felt bad for his father more than anything. So it was nice when they kind of made-up in After Story. Definitely one of the better parts of that season.

Nagisa Furukawa


What to say about her... well, she's cute, she's innocent as fuck, and she seems to have no self-confidence whatsoever. I certainly like her as a character. and so, what a shock, she ends up being the main girl and the one Tomoya actually gets with in the story. I honestly didn't really like how Tomoya and Nagisa sort of took a complete backseat with their own development when they went through all of the other character's own arcs... they felt like a nice couple and the build-up to them actually being one was pretty nice for the most part. But... I'm not really sure if I really liked the two as much as a couple once they actually did become one. I'll comment more on that when I get to actually commenting on the plot... so yeah, she's pretty good, but I started to like her less during the second season.

Kyou Fujibayashi


Well, she gets angry easily, she's way too protective of her sister, and she's probably the most funny girl on the show. I didn't have much of an attachment to her at first but for whatever reason she eventually became my favorite. She's one of the characters I sort of wanted to see expanded on more... but she doesn't really seem to get much of an arc to herself, unlike the other characters. She basically just gets delegated as a supporting character for pretty much all of the show, in both senses of the term.
I might as well comment on her OVA here... well, frankly I like her more than Nagisa, so having an OVA to give her some time to shine is nice. Obviously, since it was only one 24 minute episode, the pacing was sort of rushed... and some of the plot points felt kind of stupid. Like, OK, kissing practice? Apparently that's in the VN too, *sigh* it wasn't perfect, and neither was the other OVA, but I still enjoyed it. It's nice to have an OVA that actually feels like it actually... you know, offers something. Because quite frankly, most other OVAs I ever watched did little more than just throw my inner-perv a bone. So having an OVA that actually had a point to it is nice. KYOUxTOMOYA OTP, IN CLANNAD AFTER-STORY HER TITLE CARD APPEARS WHEN THE LINE "Who I loved" COMES UP, CLEARLY THAT'S EVIDENCE ENOUGH! *shot*

Tomoyo Sakagami


Well, if there's one thing to learn from her, seeing Sunohara get beaten up never gets old. I definitely like her a lot from what we've seen of her, but she does seem to get shafted a bit, ESPECIALLY in After Story (CLEARLY why her slide in the After Story theme song occurred during the line "and you become a distant figure.") But hey, at the very least she gets a spin-off VN all to herself xP
Also I might as well comment on the OVA... so ummm... actually I think I have the exact same sort of thing to say about this OVA as I did about Kyou. It was nice because I like Tomoyo more than Nagisa, but the pacing was sort of off. And that random jack-ass saying "it's your fault" didn't really seem necessary. But other than that I feel like it was probably objectively better than Kyou's OVA, but since I like Kyou more it's pretty close. It was good for an OVA at the very least.

Kotomi Ichinose


Well, like almost every other character on the show, I certainly like her. She seems to be quite similar to Hanako in many ways (KS version, not forum xP) as far as running gags go, the violin doesn't top my list but it's still sort of funny. As for her arc... well, in general I'm not that huge of a fan of how the arcs are handled in the show (more on that later) but I think hers ended up being the most moving out of any one in the show.

Fuko Ibuki


Ah... good ole' Fuko. To be honest, out of every girl that gets her own special little title card in the theme song, I have no qualms in saying she's my least favorite. I enjoy her as a comic relief character, though the starfish thing did get a bit old. But frankly, her arc was confusing as fuck. The main twist demanded to be explained more to me but they decided to just go like, "well, this is happening. Deal with it. Doesn't make sense you say? Well here's your explanation: confusing paranormal bullshit." Confusing paranormal bullshit is important for later, so remember it. It was probably done better in the VN, but I'm judging this by the show's own merits so you knowwwwww
also, it was sort of hard to have the feels with her arc's ending, it still just made 0 sense to me. And then she randomly comes back as a comic relief character, which sort of erased some of the feels that her ending had... remember that as well, that comes up later in this review

Youhei Sunohara


Oh hey, a character that like Fuko, seems to spend almost all of his time being comic relief. But unlike Fuko, when he does have his more serious/feels-y moments they're actually somewhat good. This guy is probably one of my favorite punching bag characters ever.

The Plot

I really like the cast of this show, so when I have anything bad to say about the show, most of it goes down to the weaknesses in the plot. This show really does make you think more about certain aspects of life, and is quite good at bringing emotions out, so in short, it's a very feels-y show. But some of the feels are sort of harder to feel as much just due to issues with the plot. The main focus of the plot is around two characters, who are virtually always present throughout the story. But when the story takes a detour to have an arc revolving entirely around one specific character or another, I don't really like how it basically puts the main story completely on hold. The main two just sort of become a supporting cast temporarily, and they don't really advance themselves much or at all during that time which bothers me. not to mention some of the arcs are just sort of odd, Fuko's arc I've already talked about, but the kitty love arc with Misae was sort of weird for similar "holy fuck this barely makes sense" reasons. I actually liked Misae's arc more than Fuko's though for some reason. And when after the first ten or so episodes of After Story it starts entirely focusing on the main two, it doesn't really end up being as good as I was hoping. So... can I just comment on the ending a bit? Nagisa dying after birth was a very well-handled scene, it was probably one of the best moments in the show... but holy fuck, that ending... almost feels like it ruins that scene. You know, in a way, it was a nice ending. The part where it just showed scenes of every character just going on with their post-school life was touching... but when you think about it... no, just no. Don't fucking kill off a character if you're just going to bring her back. It makes the fucking deaths in the show just feel cheap, making us feel emotional for the sake of being an emotional scene. I've seen lame endings, like Soul Eater for instance? Yeah that was kind of stupid. But this is even worse than that... Soul Eater made the ending feel underwhelming, but this kind of ending... brings the rest of After Story down with it. An ending that brings down the quality of the previous episodes is probably the worst kind of ending you could imagine. If the show just ended when Tomoya made up with his daughter and said, "I've found someone who only I can protect." That moment right there would've been a better ending. If Tomoya realized Nagisa would've wanted him to live happily so he decided to move on and hooked up with Kyou or something, that would've been a better ending (yeah maybe I'm biased with mentioning her specifically but I think it'd actually make sense if they started getting close again due to the whole kindergarten thing.) If Tomoya discovers he was secretly a god damn starfish the whole entire time, and he was sent on a quest by Fuko to discover the meaning of fucking Christmas, THAT would be a better ending. OK... maybe not the last one, actually maybe it would- eh probably not. But my point is, if they made Nagisa die, she should've stayed dead. This isn't because I hate Nagisa or anything, this is because it just feels cheap to bring her back just for the sake of a happy ending. Not to mention that it made barely any sense... Other than that... ummm... well, the side-story about the girl and the junk robot was nice, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the way it was resolved and tied in to the other story. If the story just took some of the paranormal bullshit out of the equation, and just focused on the "finding your way through life" aspect, I think I would've liked the story better.


This show has really good funny moments, this show has really good feelsy moments. I really like the characters as well. Also for something that basically starts out as a harem anime, the fan-servicey aspects are very limited, in spite of those mind-blowingly short skirts. The soundtrack's nice, the opening themes do seem to capture the feeling of the show well (though I will say, this show is better than Angel Beats! in almost every way... but that show had better music, the theme song was especially good.) It's not like I've never really seen a piece of life show before, but I don't think I've ever really seen something where it shows both the transition to adulthood and the actual becoming an adult nearly as in-depth before. So that was a fresh experience to me, and it handles those aspects very well for the most part, so it was interesting in that respect. In spite of my grievances with the plot and the paranormal bullshit ESPECIALLY in the ending, I think it overall was a very enjoyable show.

For Clannad and Clannad After Story
In spite of leaving a sour taste in my mouth at the end, I'll rate it a

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very in depth, i love it, could you watch Gin no saji and review it :o

01-22-2015, 07:24 PM
Andddd yes, I'm still reviewing fucking anime. Because I haven't really done anything else lately. I watched Selma but... I don't really have much to say about it, overall I enjoyed it though. Might start reviewing songs soon... but for now... here's some MORE FUCKING ANIME =D

So how about that Gin no Saji?


Plot Synopsis: Lohuydahutt Edition

OK, so basically this one guy decides to go to an agricultural boarding school, not because he gives a shit about agriculture but because he wants to distance himself from his parents. He meets a whole bunch of different people and has some awkward moments because he knows jack shit about farming to start out with

Hijinks ensue.


I'm going to stray away from my old format and just talk about the characters in a blanket statement, because I really don't have much to say about any of the characters except like, 3. OK so we have our protagonist Hachiken, who like Tomoya, is different from the rest of his school and has no real dreams. But unlike Tomoya, he's the smart one. As a protagonist, he seems like an almost perfect fit for the context of the show. This is one of those shows where the protagonist actually is my favorite character. As far as the love interest goes, Aki starts out kind of uninteresting. She seems to smile a lot and she likes horses, that was it. But she got her much needed development, and as such became a well fleshed out character in the end. Other than that... Komaba was alright, if I liked his character more I probably would've felt more affected by what happened to him in season 2. The vet guy didn't really get enough screen time imo, and other than that ummmm... Well, I'm a vegetarian btw, which does make some parts of the show sort of on the awkward side to watch... Tamako basically represents all of the stuff I hate the most about modern farming. But really, even without that in mind there really isn't all that much to like about her other than some funny moments. The rest of the characters have their moments too, but I don't really have much to say about them... that gym teacher is way too similar to Armstrong from FMA for comfort, good thing he was barely even a character. So yeah, the cast of characters is really the main aspect where I feel like this show could've been better. Almost every character has their entertaining moments but I don't really care about most of them beyond that.

The Plot

Well, there's not that much to say about the plot... it gets a lot more juicy in the second season, that's for sure. And it truly did have some good moments. Actually, the reason I don't have much to say here is because there isn't that much to flaw with it. The plot had no paranormal bullshit, so that's a plus. The thing that happened to Komaba was handled pretty well I think, the only thing that would've made it stronger was if I cared more about the guy before it happened. Other than that... ummm... yeah, the show really does make you think a bit. Clannad was more emotionally affecting to me, but Gin no Saji was a little bit more thought-provoking. Sure the show wasn't really as tragic, but it was still interesting. If I ended up liking the characters more this show would probably be the most fucking amazing thing I've watched in a while. As for the ending... it's alright. I'm not a huge fan of open-ended stuff like that, but it works. Nothing special really, but the way he stood up against his father was nice.


So yeah, I liked the show. It's surprising how much a show about a fucking farming high school can be relatable to a vegetarian that doesn't really go outside all that much. Even as a vegetarian I didn't really mind how it addressed the issue of killing the animals they raised much. I'm not really all that satisfied with how they ended Pork Bowl's arc, but I think they addressed the issue in a good way. I think they addressed most of the issues they brought up in a good way really, it was quite thought-provoking when it wanted to be. Also the comedy was pretty good too... So yeah, it's a good show. It wasn't really as investing as Clannad was but it didn't really have any noticeable flaws to it either. Those theme songs were tacky as fuck tho. So yeah, good stuff.

For Gin no Saji I'll rate it a...
9/10 (Same score as Clannad, would've been a 9.5 if I liked the characters more. As it is, it wasn't as investing as Clannad, but it made up for it in its general lack of flaws.)

Coming up next... ANOTHER FUCKING ANIME! Yeah, sorry I'll try reviewing something other than anime soon... I just haven't come across anything else that I really felt like reviewing lately. So yeah, expect the next review within the next few days... but until then, fair well.

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Here's Danganronpa: The Animation


Plot Synopsis: Lohuydahutt Edition

OK, so these 15 kids enter this Private School BUT IT'S A TRAP :OOOOOOOOO they're forced to live there 5ever unless: they kill somebody and don't get caught after doing it. And the other kids have to figure out who killed him OR ELSE THEY'LL ALL DIEEEEEEEEE :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEATH DESPAIR MORE DEATH

also there's a bear


The Characters

Makoto Naegi


He's a... decent protagonist. For someone who's tried to be portrayed as your average talentless guy, the way he seems to get painted as Phoenix fucking Wright in every fucking trial sort of puts a damper on that. Whether it be the WRONG stuff that got hilarious after a while or those fucking HOPE BULLETS, seriously, what the actual fuck? That has got to be one of the absolute stupidest pieces of symbolism I have ever laid my eyes on. There's really not much to say about him other than that.



Well this guy is a little shit, that's literally all I can say about him. It's fine to have a quirky villain, but where someone like say, Joker wins, this guy... just kind of makes everything harder to take seriously. and as for that villain twist... well, I don't have a knack for figuring out mystery stuff. Whenever something questionable happens I'm always more like, "yeah that's kind of odd" instead of "that's a little too peculiar for it not to mean something... but... the explanation still made barely any sense to me.

Kyoko Kirigiri


she is one of like, 4 or so characters that actually do anything in any of the trials, so that's a plus. I feel like she was BECOMING a more fleshed out character towards the end of the series but her development felt too rushed. It feels like almost every god damn piece of character development this show has is only brought up because it's an important detail for a case. More on that later, but yeah, she's alright. She's one of my favorite characters on the show but that's mostly because she doesn't really have all that much to compete with.

Byakuya Togami


Well, they painted him as a douche and he wasn't really given all that many redeeming factors or anything that made him all that interesting so he's kind of just that, a douche.

I... don't really feel like giving every character their own slide. This show is like Another in the way that it constantly kills characters, not really allowing you to get all that attached to them. Another has its fair share of flaws, but SPOILER: I think it's overall a better series. Danganronpa had a very... colorful cast of characters. Every character basically represented a different trope and very few of them brought anything new to the table that actually made them interesting. Another on the other hand for the most part didn't really expand on most of the characters all that much either, but they felt a lot more like a group of actual high schoolers instead of a whole bunch of exaggerations. I still have no god damn clue why they even bothered with that stupid MPD thing. Ignoring how grossly over-simplified it made MPD, there's literally no point to it. It wasn't particularly funny, it didn't really play much of an important role in any of the cases, and it basically just made her character a lot harder to take even remotely seriously This is the kind of concept that needed better character development to really feel the emotional weight of it all. Unfortunately, the show did not deliver in that aspect.

The Plot

One thing I will say about this show is that it truly made sure that nothing that happened was pointless, but that was also one of its greatest weaknesses. There really wasn't all that much to the plot when you think about it. Most of the show was just: random stuff happens, someone dies, find clues, trial, the mystery is solved, rinse and repeat. But I will say that it did enough to make it not feel too repetitive. Also to the show's credit, it wasn't exactly "predictable" for the most part. I was definitely not expecting the person they killed off first to die first Really, she felt like the kind of person who was either going to die almost immediately or last a long time in hindsight. But I think it might've been a better idea to make her live longer, and watch her become unstable enough to try what she did... because as it is, it felt a bit too rushed to really feel the emotional weight of it., nor did I expect the perpetrator of that first case to be the person it turned out being. Same goes for the second case. I will admit it started getting a bit more predictable after those first few cases though. But I will say this, some of the stuff just made no god damn sense. The motive in the second case was just... wat. And the same could be said for some of the other stuff that happened. The ending itself sort of made sense but sort of didn't, and it ended in one of those open ended ways that kind of annoys me. There were definitely worse ways to end it (like say, revealing that absolutely none of the people they killed off actually died *cough* *cough*) but I'm still not a huge fan.


Of all the animes I've reviewed on this thread so far, this was easily the worst one. Quite simply put, it just doesn't really work all that well. This show has a pretty unique feeling art style to it, and I sort of like the style, and I sort of don't. It's a very over-the-top style where something more down to earth might've been more effective. How the fuck am I supposed to feel the emotional depth and psychological aspect of seeing someone being murdered when the blood is BRIGHT FUCKING PURPLE? And I still don't really know if the over the top-ness of the "punishments" are a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, the art style just makes things harder to take seriously. Yes it's based off a game, and it definitely seems like it would be a fun game (of course I've never played it) but where I should feel like, "oh my god, they're playing a game with people's lives. That's just awful," I feel more like, "Oh it really does just kind of feel like a game that happens to be with people's lives." It simply does not make me care enough about the characters to feel bad when they died. Even with some of the later deaths where the characters would have a lot more time to get developed as characters, they still have the same problem because they only get a small amount of development like, right before they die. And the only details we really learn about pretty much every character are the ones that are relevant to the plot in some ways. Which in theory doesn't sound that bad, but in practice... eh... not really. Some of the mysteries in the show are interesting, but the themes and symbolism are generally way too obvious Again, FUCKING HOPE BULLETS and it doesn't really feel like it brings anything new to the table. Almost everything's too rushed and over the top to feel emotional weight, and this show is the kind of concept that SHOULD have depth to it. It's sort of excusable if you're watching something something like say, One Piece because emotional depth and character studies is not something you expected from the show in the first place. But when the central theme is Hope vs Despair, it MIGHT have been a good idea to make me feel a bit more... you know, despair. Something that could have been a very interesting show with good mystery, emotional depth, and a very unique art style simply fell flat because it was too rushed to be effective. One thing I will say though, it was never boring.

So for Danganronpa: The Animation I'll give it a...
7/10 (If I wanted a 13 episode show where a group of high schoolers died one by one while they slowly started unraveling the big mystery, I'd pick Another. That show isn't perfect either but it pulled it certainly pulled it off better.)

Tune in next time where I review... something *shrugs*

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Time to switch things up a bit :dancecat: here's this thread's first song review...



First I guess I'll talk about the beat... Holy shit that's one of the most repetitive fucking things I've ever listened to. There's barely any variation so it's literally just the same beat on loop for a little less than three minutes. Even if it was the most amazing notes of all time that'd wear thin after a while. And those weren't the most amazing notes of all time.

Lyrical Content

So he hates music. So he makes a song about it. WOOH IRONY! "The gift of song is a gift I curse" is the best line ever. But a close second is "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Also, the New Kids on the Block line was amazing. Other than that I don't have much to say about it

The Singing

This isn't so much rapping as it's basically just shouting. Not much going for it in the flow section either... but eh whatever


It's sort of funny, but it's not the kind of joke that rewards repeated listens. As an actual song it's mediocre, but maybe that's because they hated music too much to put effort into it. But yeah, hurray for irony.

For I Hate Music I'll give it a...

01-25-2015, 07:20 PM
omg yes thank you

01-26-2015, 06:02 PM
After a whopping one review that wasn't anime, guess what? IT'S TIME FOR MORE FUCKING ANIME =D

This time we'll be reviewing... Dusk Maiden of Amnesia


Plot Synopsis: Lohuydahutt Edition

Brought to you by one of the most bizarre mix of genres I have ever seen, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is a horror/romance/comedy/mystery/ecchi/whatever the fuck else show about a ghost that also happens to have amnesia. This random guy randomly stumbles upon her and is able to see her for some reason when the vast majority of people can't, and she's apparently the type of ghost you can touch so YOU KNOW HOW THIS GOES. Can a ghost fall in love? Are ghost boobs as good as real boobs? If you have sex with a ghost and she gets pregnant, what the fuck would the baby be? Is the fact that ghosts never physically grow older a good thing or a bad thing? Find out this and more- actually some of those questions I just asked never even came up. But eh whatever.

The Characters

Teiichi Niiya


This is our main protagonist, APPARENTLY only 12 but still getting his hands on jugs more often than this guy
Alas, even though he's 12, Yuuko's 15 or so and the other two chicks are supposedly 14, they could've made everybody 3 years old in this show and it would barely make a difference. Everyone's drawn to look older, and this guy ESPECIALLY acts more mature than the age would imply (well, at least acting kind of clueless when things got more sexual actually makes sense in this context.) OK, moving on from that, this guy's alright. He's the kind of protagonist that doesn't really have all that much of a personality. This doesn't get in the way much, because his interactions with other characters and stuff like that are still interesting and all... but yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the whole "give the protagonist a less distinctive personality to make it easier to fit yourself into his shoes" thing which can be seen in a lot of shows... but he gets the job done. His lack of a particularly distinctive personality doesn't really get in the way much though.

Yuuko Kanoe


Welcome to a world where ghost chicks are hotter than real ones. She's 15, but like the rest of the cast she looks older than that. She's a ghost, a ghost that re-entered the realm of the living because she wants the D. OK, that's not really what her story is. Actually I quite like her as a character. Of all the female leads of ANY of these shows I've reviewed so far she's honestly my favorite (the ranking would be Yuuko>Akane>Nagisa>Aki>Kirigiri atm.) She's a fun character at the very start of the series, but she does get legitimately good development and such as the show goes on. Comments on that would be a little more relevant to the Plot section however. But yeah, I like her. The show's entire story basically revolves around her so if I DIDN'T like her... well, this show would be pretty bad to say the least. Fortunately, she is a likable character, perhaps more likable than a lime, YEAH I SAID IT!

Kirie Kanoe


Well, it's not like the tomboyish character has never been done before, but she does do enough to make her feel like more than just a cut and paste of a trope. She's actually a pretty good character and gets a decent amount of development. There's really only one guy character on the show that's even remotely notable enough to talk about, so she does find herself being in the kind of role the best friend would play in most other shows. Still, she does feel like she's her own character, and a pretty good one at that, so yeah.

Momoe Okonogi


Well, this girl seems to serve almost exclusively as comic relief. She's ditzy as fuck and she can't see or sense Yuuko which leads to plenty of comedic situations. She's not as funny as Sunohara (that doesn't mean she isn't funny) and her more serious moments aren't really as touching as Sunohara's either. So as a blonde comic relief character she's kinda outclassed (well, she has tits, which does give her an advantage over Sunohara but that's it xP) but overall I guess she's alright. Not an amazing character or anything, probably could have been more fleshed out beyond the comic relief stuff than she ended up being. But she's still alright.

The Plot

You know, unless I'm forgetting something, this probably has the best plot of any ecchi anime I've ever seen And I do acknowledge that's probably not saying much, but this plot does actually get interesting. The first half of the show has less of an emphasis on the plot than the second half certainly. There are certainly some legitimately good moments, but most of it is just setting the stage so to speak... and it's also where the bulk of the fanservice-y and comedic stuff is. The comedic moments and fan service-y moments don't completely go away in the latter half of the show but they definitely become less frequent. Which is certainly a good thing. Once the show actually gets right down into the plot, it's actually pretty interesting. There might be a few cliches here and there and a couple of sort of convoluted plot points, but it actually does turn out better than you'd expect. Also I might as well comment on the ending Well, I probably should be complaining about it considering how much I complained about Clannad After Story's ending... Yuuko leaving at the end is legitimately touching, and yes it does end up feeling a bit cheap that she kind of comes back for the sake of a happy ending. But unlike Clannad's ending, they don't make the mistake of having like, 10 or so episodes of Teiichi's life after Yuuko's leaving before making her come back again. Also, the reason she was able to come back didn't make all that much sense, but at least it made more sense than Clannad's. So yeah, not a great ending or anything, it's mediocre for the same reason Clannad's was bad, but it didn't really bother me as much. I will admit it certainly would have bothered me if it just ended with Teiichi forgetting about her and moving on like she wanted him to. Well, the forgetting her part any way.


This show is certainly a weird combination of genres. I mean, Horror and Romance in the same show? Doable I guess. Horror, Romance, Comedy (mostly in the first half), a touch of Ecchi, and Mystery? Ummm... you get this I suppose. I'm one of those people that doesn't mind fan service-y stuff all that much, but I do acknowledge it's a hell of a lot harder to take a scene seriously when the girl's boobs are bouncing all over the place and they're doing panty shots whenever they can. This show is not nearly as bad as say, Highschool of the Dead in that regard. There aren't any panty shots or extremely exaggerated jiggle movement but yeah, the fanservice is certainly there to be found. I mean, this


and this


are not the kind of thing you should generally have in the same show. But weirdly enough, it kind of works. Because it doesn't try to do both at the same time (OK that's sort of a lie but it's not THAT bad during those times.) The show had a great atmosphere when it wanted to and the art was really good at parts. Yes it probably would have been a better show if it toned down some of the fan service but it isn't enough to flat out ruin the show. It's a weird combination of elements that should have fallen completely on its face, but in my opinion it some how didn't. It actually has some very powerful scenes, and I'd say the love story aspect of it was actually pretty good. So yes it has flaws, but I can't help but say I enjoyed it. I liked it a lot more than I should have really. But only one question remains, and it's about the theme song... what the actual fuck is a choir jail?

For Dusk Maiden of Amnesia I'll rate it an...
8/10 (It's certainly flawed, and it's borderline guilty pleasure territory for me, but I can't help but say I liked it. I almost want to give it a higher score but I just know that I can't justify giving it higher than an 8. Realistically it's probably more in the 7-7.5 range but eh, whatever.)

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Now for my second song review... this song is just... a wonder. I want to share this wonder with all of you.

So here's Bewitched by Blood on the Dancefloor


The Instrumental

OK, this is... mediocre. I have no idea what I'm listening to. It doesn't sound mystical, it doesn't sound like being bewitched or whatever the fuck. I have no idea what the fuck it is but it doesn't sound anything like that. It's just a whole bunch of generic synthy nothing-ness. Whatever the fuck this is. I'm not a huge fan of electronic stuff, it can be good some times but I'll take real instruments over it any day of the week... and this is just... a meaningless glob of nothing. There is ONE thing I'll give it credit for though. That build up in intensity actually wasn't bad. I can't lie I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. A really nice build up and a really nice pay-off- wait what the fuck did that build up to? Nothing, literally fucking nothing. It built up to... the chorus... except it's SLIGHTLY faster, and there's a generic drum beat now! =D seriously fuck this shit. If this was the ONLY problem with the song then it'd be... sort of bad but still passable. But... yeah... no... it gets worse... way worse...

Lyrical Content

Hoo boy. OH BOY LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE! OK so what's this song about? Ummm... some hot "witch" played with his heart and then dumped him. So he wrote a song about it. I mean, that subject matter could make a decent song in the right hands, but it's quite obvious these guys are NOT the right hands. How does it open up? "You're attractive little witch, you're beautiful." ... I got nothing. Who the fuck even uses the word attractive to describe them when they're talking directly to them anyway? Attractive is the word people use to describe anime chicks on wikis when they're trying to sound formal, not this shit. But hey, one two punch of shit coming right up. "Your wickedness, little witch, it broke my heart." So she broke her heart with her... wickedness... Burn? Two lines in and you already sound like a whiny bitch, and I'm not even talking about your voice. The next two lines are definitely not as bad. Not particularly good or anything, but passable. So with that AMAZING first verse, what's the chorus? "You got me bewitched, because I'm under your spell." ...


... Isn't that kind of what being bewitched means? It's like saying "hey girl, you're hot. Why? Because you're heated." Or "Hey girl, you're attractive. Why? Because I'm attracted to you." Really now. What the actual fuck. It's not like the next line is any better, "You must be a witch, because I am living in hell." ... Flawless logic man. Maybe you guys are living in hell because... I don't know, you two are completely worthless human beings and we don't have any place better to put you. Or maybe he lives in Hell, Michigan (yes, that's a place) in which case, fuck you guy from Blood on the Dancefloor that's not her fucking fault. You moved to that shithole on your own free will. Like the first verse, the next two lines aren't AS bad. "Now is the time, now is the hour, I am the magic, I am the power." ... I have no god damn clue what the fuck that's supposed to mean. Is he just asking her to have sex with him again or some shit like that? "All you need is one star in the sky, wish for you every night." ... Maybe he actually is trying to ask her for sex? Yeah... I'm not sure that'll work out for you buddy.

You know, some times you'll have a pretty nice song like Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye (who still needs to be in ERB.) You get to hear from the female's perspective, which actually adds quite a bit to the song, you know, "there's always 2 sides to every story" and all of that- WELL TOO BAD! Because when BOTDF has the girl do a verse, she simply says exactly what these guys THINK she would say. Holy shit I thought this couldn't get worse. "I tricked you to fall in love, little boy." ummm... OK. "I played with you 'till I was done, like a toy." What a genius analogy. OOOOOH you thieves, always taking things that don't belong to you! >.> but wait, there's more! "Heart in love as I destroy the end of you (the end of me)" ... wouldn't destroying the end of him mean she's NOT destroying him. Destroying the END of him would basically just be saving him. These guys are lyrical GENIUSES! Secretly she's SAVING HIM!!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS SO DEEP-ARU *EXPLODES* yeah fuck this song. And then there's that build up... "I see right through you, now burn in hell." Yeah, you're SOOOOO superior to her, you just see RIGHTTTTTT through her. Except you spent the entire song proving just how whiny and butthurt they are. The lyrics are stupid, that's the moral of the story here.

The Singing

By the way, can I just say that the singing is fucking awful. These guys are passable singers some times, but not fucking here. Dahvie (the long haired fucker) sounds nasally and whiny as fuck. And the way Jay Vonn (the other guy) delivers the line "'cause I am living in hell" is just... good job man, singer of the year right here. Those "Ohs" are just hilarious as well... and Lady Nogrady or whatever- who the fuck calls themselves that? Either way she's literally the only singer who doesn't sound just... ugh. So at least that's worth mentioning.

The Music Video

What the actual fuck is that? OK, so this chick made a cute little heart in 2nd grade pottery class and that somehow gave her magical witch powers, sure whatever- HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY WEARING? WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY? I have... no idea how I'm supposed to feel about "Lady Nogrady"'s dancing. Just... wat. Why did that chick randomly walk up to a trailer and have sex with that guy? Geez that guy is trigger happy- HOLY SHIT! THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO EVER! Seeing Dahvie get shot is... well, I thought it would be more enjoyable than it was. But he's so talentless he can't even die correctly. And now HE'S a sexy witch seducter or whatever- yeah right. Good luck with that man. If the music video was just :dancecat: :dancecat: :dancecat: :dancecat: :dancecat: for the whole god damn video... it would be a far superior music video.


So in conclusion, this song sucks. It's not even that catchy. Friday isn't as bad as this folks, this song is about as bad as they come. Probably one of the worst songs I've ever heard tbh. But it truly is glorious in its own special little way. It's the kind of thing I can't bring myself to truly hate, just like that one kitten that wrecks the furniture, always scratches me when I try to pet it, and pisses on my bed. It's just cute.

So for "Bewitched" by Blood on the Dance Floor I'll rate it a...


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More fucking anime time I guess, this time I'll be reviewing Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru/My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Because wynaut.


Plot Synopsis: Lohuy Edition

Well, like most high school shows of the type there isn't really all that much of a specific plot. It's basically just about a guy who's a complete loner getting forced into a "Volunteer Club" where they basically help random people in the school solve their problems. There he meets a girl that's also pretty much a loner (but for different reasons) and then this other random chick joins the club as well because wynaut. Hijinks ensue.

The Characters

Hachiman Hikigaya


Well, I'm not really sure what I was expecting out of this anime but one thing I will say is that I was not expecting this to have such a good protagonist. This guy has a pretty definitive personality, and is the primary thing setting this show apart from say, literally any other anime of this sort. To me personally, he's probably one of the most relatable protagonists I've seen in a while. But even if you can't relate to the life of a loner or even agree with any of his opinions I'd imagine he'd still be interesting to watch. The guy has multiple internal monologues throughout the show where he basically just tells us about his general philosophy about high school and being a loner and I actually pretty much agree with a good portion of what he's saying. Also, this is one of the very few times where the main character's being dense about the feelings of the other girl characters actually makes sense. Also, we don't learn all that much about his personal past but what we do know really does help us understand why he acts like he does today. So yeah, overall he's a damn good lead character in my book. But I do find it kind of funny that he seems to be pretty much aware that this show is supposed to be a romcom (#4thWall) but still acts kind of clueless as to what that entails. Or maybe he does know and is just holding up his end of the bargain 0_o

Yukino Yukinoshita


Well, I certainly like her character. She and Hachiman are in some ways quite similar but in other ways quite different. At the end of the show (well, there's a season two coming this April so it's not really the end of the show) it did leave me wishing we got to learn more about her, but the character development we did get was good. As far as shipping goes, I think anybody who read enough of my anime reviews could guess that I would favor this chick (It's not like I put stock into shipping for EVERY show or anything like that but seriously, when they make it obvious that romance is going to be a factor in the show, taking sides is part of the fun.) But yeah, it's hard to say that much about her but she's a pretty enjoyable character.

Yui Yuigahama


Ah, the outgoing bubbly type, she's basically like Momoe Okonogi from my last review except not as stupid and comic relief-y and feeling like she actually has a decent chance in the love triangle set up on this show. She's an alright character, but not really anything special. She does actually become a pretty fleshed out character for the most part. Is she a good character, sure, nothing amazing but she has her moments. "She's OK"-IGN

Hayato Hayama


Well when you have a show centrally focused on loners it's simply standard to have a popular guy that pretty much has it all type character. He isn't exactly all that unique of a character, but I like how the show kind of presents his character and lets us be the judges. Basically he's kind but also kind of ignorant, but he does become a more fleshed out character than you might expect.

The Plot

Well, it's kind of hard to comment on the plot since this isn't the kind of show where there's really much of a central plot. It's basically just a show compromised of a good amount of problems, some of which are borderline trivial high school fare (and let me just say that does not necessarily mean they're bad) while we watch the characters and their relations with each other grow and change in whatever ways. Some of the things that happen can be a little cliche (expect to see one of those classic misunderstanding scenes you've seen in like 80% of all animes you've watched. Oh and also a music video. Since when could Yukino play an electric guitar? WHO FUCKING KNOWS?) But yeah, it's hard to really say much about the plot. It's hard to really say much about the ending either. Since there's going to be a second season, it didn't really need much of a conclusive ending tbh. But still, the ending scene probably could've afforded to leave more of a lasting impact.


I don't have anything in particular against romcoms, but I do like it better when the show goes beyond that, and this show certainly did. It certainly had some cliches here and there, Also it does legitimately bother me the way the show sort of gave equal time to both of the characters for the love triangle. Giving equal time is fine, but seriously, he goes on a date of sort with both of them in the series. And it was pretty much the same thing, just "Hachiman is currently on awkward terms with the other girl and he ends up going on a date of sorts with the other one for an episode during that time." yeah whatever as far as the romance part goes... frankly, if there's one thing that really bothers me in shows where love triangles or harems are in the forefront, it's when they don't make the guy actually make a definitive choice. There's still time for that to happen (the Light Novel, manga, and anime are all ongoing so you know) but yeah, I don't really like the idea of Hachiman getting with Yui in the end for multiple reasons, but that ending is still better than just leaving the guy indecisive until the end. But yeah, while the love triangle does play a large role in the show, it's really not what I take away the most from it. The main character himself is really what makes the show stick out from others, and it really does feel like there's more to the show than just the romcom (the show actually seems to favor drama over comedy overall but comedy is still there to be found.) Also, the show's not as fan service-y as you might expect. Yeah it's there, it has a swimsuit scene and all of that good stuff (there are CLEARLY only 3 types of anime chicks. The kind that would wear a bikini, the kind that would wear a one piece, and the kind that you would think would wear something more conservative but still ends up going all out.) But the fanservice doesn't reach a point where it gets in the way.

So for My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU I'll rate it an...
8.5/10 (The show isn't complete, but at the moment I think this set of 12 or so episodes set the stage pretty well. I can only wait and see how this show moves forward from here. The only reason this got rated higher than an 8 or a 7.5 is because the protagonist is really good. My favorite out of all the shows I've reviewed so far even. And I don't say that lightly.)

Coming up next... *shrugs* maybe more fucking anime, maybe a game. Probably one of those two.

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Well, these are my General Reviews so I might as well act on that.

Today we will be reviewing Major General Stanley from the Pirates of Penzance


Ah Major General Stanley, you may have next to no good traits of an actual General but I love you any way ;-; He sings fast like shadowfax, he's well versed in matters vegetable animal and mineral (shhhhh it has a LOT to do with being a Major-General.) He even came up with the genius strategy of lying about being an orphan (which in the context of the story means that the group of pirates always let people go free when they reveal that they are orphans because the pirates being orphans themselves feel bad for them and let them go.)

What is he a General of? *shrugs* Either way it looks like he's pimping out with that many daughters. Too bad they all SPOILERS get married in the end and leave the fucker. He knows slightly more about tactics than a novice in a nunnery after all. Because that's clearly impressive. So his story arc is:

-Lie to pirates about being an orphan
-Feel guilty
-Almost gets murdered by the pirates due to him trying to shoot them down with an ARROW OF LIES

... Yep.

At least he knows enough to talk some sense into the police force

Can most generals sing?

For Major-General Stanley I'll give him a...

coming up next... more fucking anime, probably.

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Ah well, might as well bring this shit back. Will I return to more fucking anime? Yeah probably, but not right now. (Btw I might as well just say that I'll probably go back to my ERB review thread once you know, the new ERBs start coming out again. I'm probably going to clear my review list like Sam as well for that just for the record.)

But I must say, I kind of find bad songs weirdly fascinating. So for no reason other than "Because I feel like it"


So, what's wrong with this song? At first glance there really isn't anything wrong with it. You know, it's just some sentimental music about all of the memories you have and having to move on from them. Everybody has to go through that. I mean, hey, at least it's not yet another "PARTY PARTY! FUCK A BITCH! DO DRUGS! PARTY PARTY!" jam.

Well, I'll just go out and say that it's not really the worst song ever or anything, but as far as songs trying to go for a more deep and emotional approach go... yeah this one kind of misses the mark for the most part =P

The Elephant in the Room

*sigh* Might as well just go out and say it. It's hard to make a song sound deep and sentimental when you sound like erm... that. EVERYTIME I DO IT MAKES ME LAFF! It just doesn't really work that well. Look, not every song I listen to has good vocals. I mean I listen to stuff like Neutral Milk Hotel (not too bad but pretty damn nasally), Modest Mouse, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. and enjoying it (well I don't listen to that much Smashing Pumpkins but still.) The difference here is that while their vocals certainly aren't the most amazing thing ever, they do make it fit the song. Take Weezer's Pinkerton for example. River Cuomo has some almost cringeworthy moments on some of those songs. Still a damn good album, hell, the fact that his voice isn't some clean cut perfect voice actually makes the songs better. Why? Because it makes the songs feel weirdly more sincere. Seriously, could you imagine like, I don't know, One Direction singing those lyrics? It just wouldn't work. But Chad Kroeger didn't even try to make his voice match the sentimentality of the song's subject matter, like, at all. He just went all out with the singing for no god damn reason. Unfortunately, that's not the only thing wrong here. But yeah, this singing is almost too easy to pick on.

The Instrumentation

Might as well talk about the actual "music" part of the music next... even though there isn't that much to talk about here. I personally like it when the music of a song is more you know, interesting, you know, offering something special on its own instead of simply being a backing to the vocals. Not every song has to be like that, but it's still preferable when it does work like that. It is also very true that simpler backing music can help make a song more raw, emotional, sentimental, etc. So yes, the music in this is basically just -insert sentimental sounding chords here- -insert electric guitars doing the same chords for the chorus to make things more intense or whatever- that's basically all there is to it... wait ARE the electric guitars doing the same chords? I honestly can't tell because everything's so god damn fuzzed out. It's very basic, and it does not strike me as something that required any real talent to pull of, but meh it works. I haven't really listened to enough Nickleback songs (nor do I plan to) but from what I've heard a lot of their songs seem to go for that simple formula. But... yeah whatever, it's passable.

The Lyrics

But what about the lyrics themselves? OK maybe Chad Kroeger's singing isn't the best here, but the lyrics are so raw and powerful, with a message that anyone can relate to and yada yada yada. OK, if someone other than Chad Kroeger covered this song it would still probably be mediocre. Because while Chad Kroeger's voice managed to make the lyrics sound really fucking stupid, even if you just read them as text they're just... not that good. I mean, hell, just look at the first damn line. "LUKADIS FOTOGRAF" ... hey, I'm reviewing this song by watching the music video over and over as my aid but... just imagine that I was listening to the song in any way BUT the music video... I can't fucking look at the photograph. It works in the music video because he's quite literally touring us through his memories. However you can't really tour us through those memories like that when I'm listening to you with my headphones and staring at a wall or some shit like that. It's not like the song gives us any poetic imagery so we feel like we're actually there, no, the main problem with the song is that it just doesn't really work without the video. "AND DIS IS WARE I WENT TO SKOOL" if I wasn't watching the music video I wouldn't have any idea what "this" is. But even with the music video you can pretty much just safely assume it's just another generic school. Also no I don't "REMEMBER THE OLD ARCADE" because you know, I wasn't there where you grew up and I don't personally know you. And I know this song is addressed to people who don't personally know him because otherwise he wouldn't need to tell them where he grew up and went to school and shit.

Let's just assume that everything he said in the song is completely true, even the fact that his first girlfriend's name was actually Kim, and he knows that she's had plenty of kids and Chad somehow knows about that in spite of not seeing her in a while- whatever. Let's just say that's all completely true. I do find it nice how Chad deliberately paints himself as an ex-delinquent that probably would've never gotten anywhere in life if he didn't make a rock band. I do not doubt the sincerity of the song at all, this does seem like something that comes straight from him. Good thing the guy's basically the Michael Bay of rock. But really, pretty much anybody could make lyrics like this. Just list off some random high school memories, reflect on them, and then sing about saying goodbye to those memories. These lyrics don't really bring any unique revelations to the table, if anything it just comes up with unique ways to subtly fuck it up. Just think about the chorus a little more. Notice how "IT'S HARD 2 SAY EET, TIME TO SAY EET, GUDBAIIIII, GUDBAIIIII" is in present tense. You know what that makes it sound like right? It's like the dude randomly got sentimental about his high school memories and only NOW decided to move on from them. Only now... This song was released in 2005, through the power of math that means Chad Kroeger was like, 31 or so when he released it. That's just sad. It would've been so simple to fix too, just say "IT WAS HARD 2 SAY EET, HAD TO SAY EET" instead and boom, fixed.


Look, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making a song about memories. There is absolutely nothing wrong with writing a song about some of YOUR specific memories. I'd dare say that it's a nice thing to write a song about. But to make it good you have to bring something new to the table, and everything unique about what they're saying is in the wrong way. I can really only think of one line here that I legitimately like. "WE SAID SOMEDAY WE'LL FIND OUT HOW IT FEELS, TO SING TO MORE THAN A STEERING WHEEL" Which is probably the only half-way clever lyric in this entire song. The song just doesn't work. Hell even Weezer pulled this kind of song off better, with such sentimental lyrics such as "watching all the freaky Dutch kids vomit then have sex." Or the chorus "Memories make me want to go back there, back there. All the memories make me want to go back there, back there. Oh the memories how can we make it back there, back there? I want to be there again." Managed to be deeper than this, hell, pretty much superior in every other way I can think of too. I can understand why this song ended up being such a big hit at the time, like it or not the guy does manage to be pretty catchy and easy to get into... and also make his lyrics sound a lot deeper than they actually are but... yeah this isn't the worst song ever or anything, but yeah...


05-11-2015, 07:03 PM
So, Polar suggested that I actually try reviewing GOOD songs.

... OK.

So now welcome to my new 10-part review series. I think you can guess where this is going...


So basically, I'm just going to do reviews of my top 10 favorite songs, one per post, starting with number 10 obviously. The thing is, it's actually pretty hard to narrow it down to a top 10 list. It's even harder to come up with a good order to the list, but hey, I tried. The music I listen to does change over time. Some songs I used to love now just sound "OK" to me, some songs that used to sound "OK" to me randomly start sounding amazing to me. So really I won't say this list is 100% reliable. But hey, even if some new song comes around to knock some shit off this list, does it really matter? I will still love these songs, and even if they fall down the ranks nothing will ever change that. I have more than 700 songs downloaded on my phone after all, most of which I love (yes there are a few stragglers lying around that I don't delete simply because I want to have the complete album and all of that shit but that's irrelevant.) Also yes, this list is going to have quite a bit of Radiohead in it. I tried to cut down the numbers on the list a bit, but it'll still make up a considerable portion of this list. Fuck, it probably would've been better to make a "Top 10 Favorite Radiohead Songs" and then a "Top 10 Favorite Songs That Aren't by Radiohead" but meh, I'll run with it.

So the list starts...

Fun fact: The first song I ever downloaded was The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. Why is this fact important? Well, it isn't. Because Jimmy Eat World is not on this list. But let's just go right back to the time where I first started getting into music. I will say that as a kid I kind of had tunnel vision with my music tastes. Literally everything I listened to was either from the Alternative Rock station my parents always listened to, or music my parents listened to that I also ended up liking. This basically meant that my whole library was almost nothing but singles. And during that time my favorite band ended up being... Weezer. It's hard to explain why I liked them more than the other bands back then, but I did. My 6th grade self had plenty of arguments with my friend at the time about who was better between them and Green Day and shit. But the thing is, I only listened to their singles.

Cut to a year or so later when I started getting full albums... I saw what I was missing.

Only In Dreams-Weezer


Indeed, Weezer's longest song is and likely always will be their greatest (in my subjective opinion anyway.) Weezer has come up with plenty of songs that are catchier, easier to get into, perhaps even one with better lyrics. However, this song stands out among their work, and for pretty obvious reasons when you listen to it. But either way, damn good album closer, and a damn good song in general.

The Singing

Honestly, of the three categories this one matters the least to me by far. I already cited Weezer when I talked about artists with somewhat bad singing voices that I still love the shit out of. So no, Rivers Cuomo is not going to match up to Freddie Mercury or any of the other all time greats in rock singer history. But... that's not a big deal. Like I said, the fact that he's not the best singer ever is actually part of the charm of his music. Besides, he doesn't even sound bad at all in this song. Cuomo sings in a softer manner in this song, which certainly fits the title. And then there's the backing singers, who certainly put their work in. I mean, the way they sing the line "in the air" and stuff like that might sound a little prissy and stupid, but that's kind of the point. It completely works within the context of this song. There's not really much to complain about here.

The Instrumentation

OK now back to the important stuff. Now this song has a lot going for it in this category. I don't think Weezer ever made any bassline as distinctive and memorable as this any time in their career, not even close. But yeah, the song starts out soft and dream-like (as you would expect) gets a bit harder during the chorus, yeah a lot of songs do that (hell, even Photograph did that.) What makes this song's music truly special is what happens after the singing stops. Guitars ablazing and sounding awesome, and then it gets slow again... Back to the bassline... and then comes one of the best damn buildups to a guitar solo I've ever heard. The build up's seriously like two minutes long, and holy shit is it great. The pay off's great too. Damn good guitar solo, that's all I have to say. I certainly appreciate it when the instrumental actually feels meaningful, even on its own. From the positively dreamy sounding opening chords to the harder electric guitars once we hit the cold hard reality of the chorus, it both partners with the lyrics amazingly and stands on its own just as well.

The Lyrics

Of the songs on this list, this song's meaning is one of the easier to figure out ones... Simply put, it's about some guy being deeply in love with a girl that he has no chance with, thus only being able to be with her in his dreams. This is something I'm sure plenty of us have felt at one point or another. It's a hopeless love, almost an obsessive love, but love nonetheless. The first verse sets the scene, describing the guy's love (well I guess it could probably be a lesbian girl too, and you could probably replace "her" with "him" in your mind and have exactly the same effect but it's safe to assume which one of those it was originally intended to be about.) "You can't avoid her, she's in the air. In between molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide." If there's any better way to describe the obsessive sort of love this song is talking about I have not heard it yet. And even if I do hear it, it's still a great line. Then the reality hammer hits with the chorus. Yet the dream continues, and he ends up getting the balls to ask her out. And it might actually work out... And then comes the best part of well, the first half of the song (the best part overall is the guitar solo with the ridiculously long buildup of course :3) "You say it's a good thing that you float in the air (In the air) that way there's no way I will crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces" also probably the most depressing part. Even in your dreams you're held back by your fear of screwing it up, now that's... 2deep5me.


Well obviously this wouldn't be in my top 10 if I didn't love the song. Weezer may have fallen from grace for the most part in their later years, but especially on their first two albums, they've made some damn good music. Weezer is an interesting band, their awkwardness is in some ways, the main thing that sets these guys apart from other bands and make them so likable. This song might not be the top example of that however. Check out like, almost all of Pinkerton for that. I'm not even really sure what else to say about it... alas, I don't think I will ever give a song a 10/10, because that implies perfection, which is something I do not believe in. But hey, I can still give it a very strong


Just like every other song on this list :3

Tune in for next time, where we do number 9 and shit. Yee. I'll try to release at least one of these a day, but we'll see how it goes.

05-11-2015, 07:04 PM
Oh yay I love this song <3

05-12-2015, 04:43 PM
OK so the list continues... And to be honest I'm starting to think my number 9 should've been number 10 and vice-versa. But meh, I'll roll with it. The actual rankings don't really matter that much anyway.

But yeah... So it continues. Over and onwards. Here's another side note about myself, I do enjoy taking walks. Spring is here, and I don't have any major allergy problems, so instead I get to take in how god damn beautiful everything is around this time. Just pop some headphones in, wander around, and go somewhere. Or just go around aimlessly. It really clears your mind. I only mention this because there's a certain song that I particularly love listening to during these times.


A Simple Answer-Grizzly Bear


This will also be the only song on this list that I can't even find the album version of the song of on youtube =.= ah well, this is a pretty good live performance anyway, so whatever. It captures the gist of the song anyway. Obviously the album version sounds a bit different but whatever.

So yeah, Grizzly Bear. An indie-rock band that I doubt any of you guys even heard of. They're apparently pretty big in the indie scene and they got plenty of critical acclaim. Fuck, Johny Greenwood says they're his favorite band. (You guys... probably don't know who that is. He's the lead guitarist for Radiohead, so yeah that does say something to me.) I'm not sure if all of the album tracks aren't on youtube because nobody gives enough of a shit or if it's just copyright stuff... probably the latter tbh, but yeah... I only found out about them recently, and now I have two of their albums. They're a good band, they sound really boring at first, but if you give their songs enough time some of them really start to grow on you. And somehow in this short time, A Simple Answer made it on my top list. I don't even know why it's called "A Simple Answer" but whatever.

The Singing

Grizzly Bear is also an interesting band because they don't really have a set "lead singer." The two main singers are Ed Droste and Daniel Rossen. They kind of switch roles a lot, so some songs Ed does the singing, sometimes Daniel does the singing. I think Ed's probably the better singer overall, but really both are good to me. Daniel Rossen is the guy who sings most of this one, with Ed mostly just doing "OOOOOOOOOOO" until the end. But hey, it works. Really there's not much to complain about here, the singing's gud. Obviously it's not the most amazing singing in the world or anything, but I don't think it would be quite the same song if fucking Queen covered it xD Not much to say here, I liek.

The Instrumentation

It's a fun beat to walk to, that much is certain. The piano's pretty fun to listen to, and it's not like that's the only thing going for it. When I listen to songs I like to pick out some of the smaller details of the song. With this one there's basically a main piano line (or whatever you'd call it) and then there's just a good collection of more experimental sounding stuff in the background. It certainly does more to spice it up than most songs do anyway. Weirdly enough, my favorite part of this song is the slow part at the end. The way it's sung, the lyrics, the way it's played, everything just comes together and sounds awesome. I only really talk about it here because I have no idea what category I'd put it in.

The Lyrics

since the vid doesn't have them, here'ssssss a link http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/grizzlybear/asimpleanswer.html

Grizzly Bear has sort of weird lyrics overall, mostly because they're generally kind of abstract. Some of the time their lyrics just sound more like a couple of disconnected phrases than one coherent story. I mean, with some songs it's kind of hard to describe the precise meaning of the song. Even if you sort of get what it's going for it's not always easy to put into words. Grizzly Bear is like that 95% of the time. Hell, this song's one of the easier ones to understand and I still have to say that. If I have to give some sort of explanation to it, I think the song's about continuing on with life, even if you don't particularly want to. Just powering on through all the depressing, all the bland, etc. the song does not really give off the vibe that it'll get better soon, which is where things get interesting. To me it sounds like the guy here isn't really enjoying life, just kind of soldiering on through it. I think what this song is really trying to say is that it's only really a trudge because the guy considers it to be one. That's only my interpretation however could be completely off base. But hey, finding your own meanings in a song is valuable sometimes.


The weird thing about this song is that I'm honestly not even sure why I like it so much. I can certainly see why I like it, but not why I ended up liking it enough to put it on this list. But to be honest, it's really just because of the last two minutes of the song. I mean, if those last two minutes weren't there the song would still be enjoyable to listen to, but those last two minutes are just... I don't even know what to say. It just feels like some epic wave crashing over me, a tidal wave called Grizzly Bear. It's slow enough to capture a sort of grandiose feeling to the song but just fast enough to still be engaging. Also I will say that I really do like the lyrics. It's one of those songs where it's hard to explain precisely why I like it, I just kind of do. I'm having second thoughts about putting this above Only In Dreams but either way, they're both damn good songs, I don't even like calling one "better" than the other, I just like both of the songs. So yeah, still don't believe in 10/10's sooooooooo

9.5/10 (surprise surprise)

Up next... well, you'll see tomorrow (probably.) So tune in for #8!

05-12-2015, 05:03 PM
You're making me want to copy you x3
I liked this song :3 I expect to be introduced to even more artists I've never heard of now :P

05-12-2015, 05:20 PM
You're making me want to copy you x3
I liked this song :3 I expect to be introduced to even more artists I've never heard of now :P

Too bad half of the rest of the list is just going to be Radiohead =P =P =P

oh wait that's a spoiler

05-12-2015, 05:23 PM
Too bad half of the rest of the list is just going to be Radiohead =P =P =P

oh wait that's a spoiler

Even then I haven't listened to much of them xP

05-13-2015, 07:00 PM
and so it continues...

You know, it takes a hell of a lot than just being catchy to be considered a good song by me. Otherwise, I'd be listening to plentyyyy of pop. But hey, it's a bonus.


The View-Modest Mouse


Well, my standards for "catchy" are probably a bit different than everyone else, but either way this is probably the "catchiest" song on this list. Good News For People Who Love Bad News was just Modest Mouse's catchiest album (that I've heard anyway) in general. It's easy to dismiss Modest Mouse's later albums as them "selling out" but really, it's still good. It's just a bit more refined sounding for the most part tbh. But yeah, Modest Mouse really is one of my favorite bands not named Radiohead, and they have plenty of good stuff. For whatever reason, I ended up picking out this song from their lineup. Why? *shrugs*

The Singing

Well, yeah Modest Mouse is another obvious choice for the list of bands with not particularly great singing voices but I still love listening to them any way. They don't even sound that bad here anyway. I actually quite like how they sing the chorus. The "background yelling" for a lack of a better term is actually surprisingly fun to listen to as well. I don't really have much to say here really. Like I said, this is probably the catchiest song that made the list, and that's not without reason.

The Instrumentation

This is pretty catchy as well. Nice drum beat, guitar work that's both unique and easy to get into. Really what is there to hate about this? It's not overly repetitive, it's easy to get into, it doesn't sound generic, and it just flat out sounds good. No this might not be the most musically interesting piece they've ever made or anything, but that's not a knock against this song, that's just the band being that good.

The Lyrics

The thing that pops out the most from these lyrics is of course, the chorus. It has a pretty simple, and pretty good message. However there is more to the lyrics than that. Like, what does "We are fixed right where we stand" have anything to do with that? One of the central themes to the song really seems to be more about how "for every good thing that happens, something bad happens and vice-versa." We are "fixed" because those swings basically mean you're just in the same place overall. Also, another thing that's a bit up to interpretation is how much Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse's lead singer) actually believes in the chorus. "If life's not beautiful without the pain, well I'd rather never ever even see beauty again." I always found the wording to be kind of weird, but I think I get why it's worded like that. It gives a more skeptical vibe. "Is the pain worth it?" "Is beauty really worth it if I can only see it after pain?" I can't claim to have completely deciphered the lyrics, but either way there's more than meets the eye to these lyrics. This album is more positive than the other albums I listened to of them... overall anyway. I mean, I wouldn't really call stuff like "Ocean Breathes Salty" the epitome of positive lyrically (still love the song) but still. I think Isaac Brock's a damn good lyricist, certainly one of the better ones I've listened to. This song is no exception, maybe not their absolute best or anything but that just speaks to how good their lyrics are.


Yeah... this is just one of many great MM songs. This is probably one of their poppier sounding songs, but there's also another side to them. For a band that's mostly just known for "Float On" and not much else, I will say that more positive sounding songs is not really the norm. Either way... I'm not really sure what else to say about this particular song. I'm not even completely sure why I decided to go with this one, it's just a great song amongst great songs.


Tune in next time (which I might try posting today actually, but meh, maybe not.) For... well you know, number 7 on this list.

05-13-2015, 07:25 PM
I actually have Good News For People Who Love Bad News on my to-listen list :P somedayyyy

05-13-2015, 07:46 PM
I also have The Moon & Antartica, and The Lonesome Crowded West downloaded :3 I'd say all 3 are very much worth checking out. I couldn't even say which one I like the most overall.

05-13-2015, 09:37 PM
well, looks like we've hit the Lucky 7 now.

Btw did I mention that there's going to be a lot of Radiohead on this list? There's going to be a lot of Radiohead on this list.


Paranoid Android-Radiohead


Hey, OK Computer isn't widely considered one of the best albums of the 90s for nothing. I fucking love the album, but yes Paranoid Android, one of its more well known songs is my favorite on that album. Hell, the name of the song's a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I fucking love that book xD It's easy to compare this song to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody simply due to the long and mood swingy structure to the song. And... yes I love Bohemian Rhapsody, and maybe from an objective standpoint Bohemian Rhapsody is the superior song. But hey, this is my favorite list, which means the songs I get the most personal enjoyment from. Johnny Greenwood may think that it's "too tense and simple to rival Queen's song" but... well, to be completely honest I think the guys in Radiohead certainly do not think nearly as highly of their work as most critics/fans do. But hey, there's nobody more judgmental of yourself than yourself some times. Ah well, either way I might as well talk about why I like it.

The Singing

You know, I'm not even sure about what to say here. Thom Yorke is actually a pretty good singer all things considered. Obviously not the best singer of all time or anything, but he's gud. I also like how he's able to slightly change the tone of his voice to match the mood of the 3 main parts of the song. Also the background singing in the 3rd part sounds great too... honestly there's not much to say here. There's not much to say about this section in general for me unless the singing of a song is exceptionally good or exceptionally bad xD

The Instrumentation

The song can basically be mentally put into four parts. I mean, apparently the guys literally just made three separate songs originally and had the idea to combine them. I see that as a good decision. Because while they would all be pretty good songs on their own to different extents they come together surprisingly well this way. The first part of the song is probably my least favorite part, but it really only gets better from there. The acoustic guitars have a surprising amount of "punch" to them, and then when the electric guitars come in... Holy shit is that guitar solo awesome, hot damn. Then comes the slow part again, which I like. But the singing/lyrics are really what makes that part enjoyable. The music itself is pretty minimalistic for this part, and for good reason. And then we go back to the awesome guitar solos :3

The Lyrics

This song's lyrics aren't exactly the most cohesive and easy to decipher thing out there. It's fair to say the lyrics in the three parts can be described as three different states of mind. It's also worth noting that they weren't really exactly trying to go for anything deep or meaningful in the first place. A quick wikipedia search yields stuff like, "Yorke has said the title 'was chosen as a joke. It was just like, 'Oh, I'm so depressed.' And I just though, that's great. That's how people would like me to be. And that was the end of writing about anything personal in the song. The rest of the song is not personal at all." Also interestingly enough, it also says "Yorke , referring to the line 'With your opinions, which are of no consequence at all', said that 'Again, that's just a joke. It's actually the other way around - it's actually my opinion that is of no consequence at all." But hey, Radiohead when they're not trying still sounds deeper than most bands when they do try xD So yeah, maybe trying to extract some deep overall meaning is kind of pointless... This song is so fucking quotable though. Perhaps it would be better to just enjoy every line here individually, but either way I like the lyrics any way.


Yeah... This is another one of those things where it's hard to describe exactly why I love it so much, I just kind of do. If I were to say why I enjoy it a bit more than Bohemian Rhapsody, I guess it would simply be because the overall over the top presentation of a lot of the song does kind of wear off a bit after a while. Still a damn good song, absolutely nothing but respect for it. But flamboyancy isn't really my thing, which is why I can't really get into Queen all that much overall. This song is just more suited to my personal tastes. Is it actually a better song? *shrugs* there's really no way to objectively judge that. So let's just say they're both damn good songs. K? K. And no, this is not the last you'll be seeing of Radiohead :3 :3 :3 :3


Up next... well, you know. 6 left. That's almost 100.

05-14-2015, 01:07 AM
Review the band : Fleet Foxes

05-14-2015, 06:41 AM
Review the band : Fleet Foxes

Can do actually :3 I'd just need to listen to their first album :P

05-14-2015, 04:46 PM
So I found myself listening to all of OK Computer today, no regrets :P

05-14-2015, 07:07 PM
OK now for number 6 because... why not.

You know, I've never even really touched illegal drugs in my life. I don't drink, I don't smoke, never even touched weed... I'm pretty clean in that respect. But... if people listened to some of the shit in my music library they'd probably think otherwise. This band is probably the absolute best example of that.

Apocalypse Dreams-Tame Impala


Yeah... Tame Impala's a pretty damn good band (actually... Kevin Parker, the lead singer actually does pretty much everything when it comes to the concepts and recordings of the albums apparently. He just gets other band members to help him play live from what I gather.) But yeah, there's plenty of weird sounding music under their belts. But the overall weirdness of it isn't exactly a bad thing. But yeah, "psychadelic" is certainly a good word to describe a lot of their stuff. I generally don't even listen to much of that kind of stuff, but hey, looks like I have some space in my heart for it. So then we have Apocalypse Dreams... see even the title's weird. Btw there aren't going to be any more songs with the word "Dreams" in the title after this, sorry to disappoint.

The Singing

Some people say the guy sounds sort of like John Lennon. Sort of, but either way his voice certainly sounds different from most of the other stuff we see these days. One of the songs they released early on their newest album is called "'Cause I'm a Man" ... I will say I like the song, really the lyrics seem to make fun of the whole "Cause I'm a MAN" thing than actually support it... but I will say that he certainly doesn't have the most manly voice in existence. Doesn't really sound girly either though. It's not like say, The Neighborhood's "Sweater Weather" where it's just liek... the first fucking line of that song is "All I am is a man" and I'm just like, "wait really?" xD (nothing against that song btw. I actually kind of like it, nothing special but it's still a decent listen.) Either way, the singing's pretty good here. I will say that I do enjoy being able to tell what the singer is actually saying, but that's not a necessity. Lyrics sites exist for a reason after all. But yeah... Figuring out what the guy's saying without lyric sites isn't exactly the easiest thing. In this song he kind of just lets his voice be yet another instrument, not really standing out from the instrumentation as most songs do these days. That's not necessarily a bad thing however.

The Instrumentation

Yeah... at first glance this sounds a lot more like a dream than an apocalypse. This song is pretty trippy at parts, but it pulls it off well. The problem with psychadelic sounding stuff is that sometimes it sounds so weird it's like, polarizing. It pushes you out, but this shit really manages to suck me into it. There's plenty going on in this song, and it's all awesome. In some ways, it could actually sound a bit like an apocalypse. It paints it as something more awe-inspiring than HOLYFUCKINGSHITWHEREI'LLGOINGTODIEEEEEEEEEEEEE but hey, whatever. The outro at the end is probably my least favorite part of the song overall, but it's still pretty fun to listen to. Trippy as hell though.

The Lyrics

Oh hey, yet another song with ambiguous and hard to definitively determine lyrics. I mean, I guess I could compare it to Only In Dreams lyrically, because the concept seems somewhat similar. Basically being about a dream so grandiose and triumphant that it kind of overshadows their actual lives (the whole album is called "Lonerism" for a reason.) Apparently Kevin Parker like, legitimately had experiences with a series of apocalyptic dreams (was he on drugs during the time? Yeah probably.) I won't act like I have a complete grasp of the meaning of this song, because there's a lot going on in the lyrics. It does generically seem to be something like that though. Also, "Everything is changing, and there's nothing I can do. My world is turning pages, while I am just sitting here." I fucking love that line. I can somewhat relate to that feeling actually. I also just love the part of the song that starts with "Well... am I getting closer?" It's just so damn intense. The lyrics in that part seem to sort of represent the guy deep in thought. Questions he doesn't have the answer to, that kind of thing. And really it just sounds so gloriously intense during that part. Really, I'm starting to regret dividing my review up into different sections, because how these individual elements come together is what make these songs truly great.


Yeah... If I like this song this much without any drugs whatsoever, I can only imagine how good this song sounds like with drugs. But meh, I don't really want to figure that out any time soon. This song sucks me in and takes me for a ride... but... yeah, honestly, it's a hell of a lot easier to talk about why a song is bad than why a song is good. Still, Tame Impala, say what you want about the name, it's good stuff. So as per usual...


Tune in next time for the FINAL 5! Or whatever.

05-14-2015, 07:35 PM
Gosh that really does sound like Lennon :P

05-15-2015, 08:06 PM
Final 5, yee.

Hey um, did I mention that there was going to be more Radiohead on this list? There's going to be more Radiohead on this list.

There, There-Radiohead


A Radiohead song that isn't depressing? BLASPHEMY! I mean, I guess some people would find this song sad, but really this is more about supporting someone dealing with that sort of thing. The album it's off of, Hail to the Thief, probably ranks 5th out of the 8 albums they've put out overall to me. But just like every album by Radiohead, it certainly still has at least a few songs that I love. And so we come to There, There. Probably one of the more optimistic (for a lack of a better term) songs in their library, hell it even beats out their song called "Optimistic" in that category xD It also has a delightfully weird music video, which you can see here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUzW-fDNEJ0) if you care. But yeah... might as well get right down to it.

The Singing

Since I already covered a Radiohead song in this list so far, there's even less to talk about here (and SPOILERS: this isn't the last you'll see of Radiohead on this list.) Thom Yorke is still a damn good singer, his voice just bleeds passion and sincerity in this track. The back-up singing sounds nice too. But yeah... there's not too much to say here, it's just (y)

The Instrumentation

Them drums tho. That weird "meowmeowmeowmeowmeow" sound the guitar makes in the intro tho. That awesome buildup in intensity tho. Really I don't see what isn't to like here. OK, maybe it might be a bit slow for some people's tastes, but hey, their loss. Everything just sounds fucking awesome. That guitar solo's pretty nice too. I mean, maybe it's not the most amazing guitar solo ever or anything (Paranoid Android has cooler ones even.) But it still sounds good within the song. But yeah... I really do love it when songs slowly build up in intensity and then blast off. Build up, pay off. It's the kind of thing that I doubt I'll ever get tired of, when done right anyway. Side note: I got the "Deluxe Edition" of Hail to the Thief, and one of the extra tracks is the first demo of this song. It still sounds like a nice song, but it really does make me appreciate how much work Radiohead puts into tinkering the sound to make it sound as good as possible. If they went with the first demo I'd still say it would be a neat song, but they really managed to make it sound awesome like that.

The Lyrics

RADIOHEAD LYRICS THAT AREN'T EXTREMELY HARD TO INTERPRET? BLASPHEMY! But yeah... these lyrics are pretty straightforward compared to a lot of their other stuff, and that's certainly not a bad thing. So what is it about? Well, it seems to me that it's about him trying to support somebody who's dealing with depression or anxiety or anything in that vein. Someone who he also seems to be in love with (I don't really know how else I'd interpret lines like "Heaven sent you to me"). However, he's having a hard time getting through to said person, as can be seen with the first few lines. "In pitch dark, I go walking in your landscape. Broken branches, trip me as I speak." To me this seems to be about how he's having a hard time doing it because he could slip up so easily at any time. "Just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there." This seems like advice for someone who might be paranoid, but really it's just good advice in general. These lyrics are on the simple side by Radiohead standards, which is pretty deep and complex by anyone else's. Either way, these lyrics are just beautiful, for a lack of a better term.


Yeah... I'm not even sure what else to say. It's just a great song. I don't think anyone else could take a line like "We are accidents waiting to happen" and really give it such a meaning like they just did. If I wasn't like, physically incapable of crying, this song would probably be able to do it for me. There are very few songs that can pull off being heartfelt and passionate while being bad ass at the same time. But hey, they did it. So you know where this rating goes... =P


Up next... well you know, the number that's one less than 5. See you there xP

05-15-2015, 08:37 PM
probably ranks 5th out of the 8 albums

Mind if I ask what you'd rank all of them? :P

05-15-2015, 09:43 PM
Mind if I ask what you'd rank all of them? :P

Hmm... That's actually not easy to do. But eh, I'll try.

8. Pablo Honey
7. The King of Limbs
6. Amnesiac
5. Hail to the Thief
4. Kid A
3. The Bends
2. In Rainbows
1. OK Computer

... I'm not sure if I'm 100% positive with that ranking though. I basically like 1-4 almost equally as much xD

05-16-2015, 01:30 PM
We're starting to near the end... Final 4 or whatever, yee.

So... Highschool, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times- wait I still have 2 more years of that shit left. Ah well ummm... Thanks Sane.

Rivers and Roads-The Head and the Heart


Yeah... so far after looking at the rest of my list... this song seems quite out of place. But hey, I'll admit it, I do enjoy folksy sounding music sometimes. Acoustic guitars seem like something that's been done to death at this point, but I still don't think I'll get tired of them. What I do find cool is how people still find new ways to make an acoustic song like this sound interesting. Either way, this is probably the most straightforward song on this list. But really it's better this way. This song doesn't need complex metaphors, it doesn't need some psychedelic guitar solo where you can't even tell if you're actually listening to a guitar. With something like this, this is probably the best way to go about it. I have the rest of The Head and the Heart's first album, and I will say that their music just looks out of place in my library in general. "Down In the Valley" "Honey Come Home" "Sounds Like Hallelujah" "Heaven Go Easy On Me" these are not the kind of song titles I normally would expect to be good songs. Actually, scratch that. I don't like "Honey Come Home", the lyrics just seem like a ridiculously naive take on divorce (I would like the song if I could get past the lyrics though.) But really, are these guys the most amazing lyricists of our time? No. Do these guys come up with the most mind blowing musical compositions ever? Yeah probably not. But do they need to?

The Singing

Yeah... not too much to say here, these guys are pretty good singers all things considered. A song like this really needs to have a passionate sounding voice to back it up to truly work (*glares at Green Day*) and these guys pull that off in spades. Never again will "Ohhhhhhhh" sound so good and weirdly meaningful. I especially love the part at the end where the girl starts singing (well, she was singing in other parts, but only as a back-up.) And then the main guy comes in and they play off each other's voices beautifully. I don't even know what else to say, these voices just work great for this song. The singing's good, but they also sound like, average in a way. People like I don't know, Thom Yorke, Isaac Brock, *shivers* Chad Kroeger, have distinctive sounding voices. These guys just kind of sound sort of like a normal person with an above average singing voice. But really, the fact that they're just a group of normal looking people making music is part of what makes this band seem so likable and easier to connect with.

The Instrumentation

Like I said with Photograph, it's probably better to make music more on the simple side when you're making sentimental music. But fortunately, it's not just like these guys just said, "OK guys, we have a sentimental sounding guitar chord progression... done." They do have that, but they build upon it, in a way that really works with the singing amazingly. The guitar and the piano compliment each other especially well in this song. The composition's probably a bit on the simple side compared to the other stuff on this list... but they really make it work.

The Lyrics

These lyrics are quite straightforward and easy to interpret, especially compared to the other stuff on this list. So what is it about? Well, it's basically just about a time in their lives where they have to move on, where everybody is moving on to bigger better things even though it might be at the cost of old friendships. However, in this case it's also about how during this time, there's one person they don't want to let go. I think many people will be able to relate to this sentiment, it's something that probably happens at least once in almost everyone's lives. The most obvious example would be high school graduation, where most people would move on to different colleges or different jobs and all of that shit. But really, it could be anything. This song isn't stuffed with ambiguous lyrics, strange metaphors, or anything like that, and it's all the better for it. You could call the lyrics simple if you wanted to but...


Yeah this is probably one of the best possible choices for a high school graduation song I could think of. Even beating out some of the old favorites. But still, why do I like this song so much? Well it's simple... and simply perfect. About as perfect as you could possibly get for something like this. Really there's not much to say about this song because there's not much that I need to. It speaks for itself. I will admit, I did not get into all of the songs on this list on my first listen. But this song really is a great example of the term, "instant favorite" But still...



yeah there's 3 left.


05-19-2015, 10:57 PM
OK, time for the late edition of number 3... yeah.

So... there comes a time in your life where you must mention more fucking Radiohead. This happens to be one of those times.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place-Radiohead


This was... probably one of the first Radiohead songs I got into. Like, my parents sometimes had In Rainbows playing in the car, and most of the songs bored me at the time. But I could get into this one even then. Cut to today, and it's in my favorites list. Of this list, I think this one is certainly the one I've been listening to the absolute longest overall. But what makes it special enough to be this high on the list?

The Singing

Still, not much to say here. Thom Yorke has a pretty good voice still, I also like how much variety he can get out of his voice. I mean, I listen to bands like Cake sometimes, so monotone isn't a complete turn-off or anything, but having a nice variety to it helps. I will admit that I totally thought those... noises... I don't even know what I'd call those... but either way I totally thought they were done by a girl when I first heard them. But... I'm pretty sure that's not the case :3 Either way, not much to say here other than (y) I really like the singing in the part about 2 minutes in especially. Actually that part's just my favorite part of the song in general.

The Instrumentation

Well, this part is good too. I actually quite like listening to the almost minute long intro this song has, if the composition was boring to me that obviously wouldn't be the case. It starts out sounding dreamy for a lack of a better term, and it just kind of gets more intense and tries different stuff as the song goes on. Great use of synths (wait are those synths? *shrugs*) In that transition to the second "part" of the song too. I have a tendency to like more intense parts of songs. Though I guess intense by this song's standards isn't really the same as what other people would call intense. But this seems like a more interesting way to get more intense to me *shrugs* also, I cannot imagine this song being easy to play on guitar at ALL. Maybe it actually is totally easy and I have no idea what I'm talking about, but still. Still, good stuff. The song's actually pretty easy to get into by Radiohead standards. Like, with many Radiohead songs I need to look at the lyrics for everything to really come together and sound great to me. But just lying back and listening to this sounds great on its own. Not that the lyrics aren't good...

The Lyrics

The lyrics certainly fit the more dreamy atmosphere of the song... because it's basically about having a one night stand with some chick the guy met in the bar. Radiohead really does take subject like this, something that could probably fit into a rap song easily if the story was worded differently, and really just have a completely new sounding take on it. It's really a progression of events more than anything, a 3 part story. The part where he meets her "Just as you take my hand, just as you write my number down." The intoxication starts to take over "The walls are bending shape, you got a Cheshire Cat grin. All blurring into one, this place is on a mission." To the actual sex part "Before the night owl, before the animal noises." But... it doesn't last too long afterwards. Like, almost immediately after that part and the awesome transition the first line is "before you run away from me." It is worth noting that while I obviously do not connect to this song that much, since I've never even really been to a bar. I guess I could draw parallels between this song and my ex story if I forced it, but I don't really need to. Lyrics don't really need to 100% connect to my own life to be good. Even if I don't necessarily agree with what the lyrics are saying, I can still very much appreciate them. Song lyrics aren't meant to represent my world view, it's meant to represent someone else's. Anything less than that is just pandering as far as I'm concerned. Though... from what I gather, the story of this song never actually happened to Thom Yorke either. Apparently it was simply more like a collection of observations from his time spent in a certain bar. Either way, it's hard to say what makes song lyrics good to me. Really, most of the time, if it's saying something in a way that's new and interesting to me, I'd be more apt to like it. Still it's hard to say... Either way it seems the Jigsaw Fell Into the Right Places for this song *shot repeatedly*


Yeah... I'm still having a hard time precisely describing why I like certain songs. Alas, I am not a musician, I do not have a deep understanding of the more in depth workings of these songs. I'm not going to be that guy that's just like, "Oh why, this song's composition is frighteningly similar to some of Bach's earlier work." I do not understand music enough to actually tell when a song is new and innovative instrumentally or otherwise in general. It's easy enough to tell when certain songs AREN'T but really that's different. But either way, I like the song, for whatever reason, it's special and distinct to me. And really that's what matters. Perhaps the best song I will ever hear is the one I haven't heard yet. But either way, I will continue to love songs like this one. There is nothing to explain really.


Up next... #2

which is also a term people use to refer to poo

however I think the song is significantly better than those standards. But yeah xP

05-23-2015, 11:38 PM
It's time for #222222222 I mean 2.

But yeah, this one is actually going to be 2 songs technically... But it's really just a 2 parter of the same song, so screw you guys I'm counting both! :3

Wings For Marie (Part 1)+10,000 Days (Wings Part 2)-Tool


Well, these two actually do work as standalone songs, and with that in mind I'd say the second part is probably the "better" song. But really I have both here just because listening to both in conjunction gives the best experience possible. And yes, it is ridiculously long. I mean, none of the songs on this list so far have been less than 4 minutes, but yes this is taking long to the next level. Together it's more than twice as long as Only In Dreams xD but yeah... It's also worth noting that for a long time I wasn't much of a fan at all of Metal. I like most people generally associate metal with loud, thrashing music. Most of the songs are angry in tone (which I can't say I've ever had that much use for), and generally dark in subject matter (something which I don't mind unless it's taken to ridiculous places.) It just never seemed musically interesting to me either, it just sounded like a bunch of people beating the ever living shit out of their guitars. The first thing that sort of made me realize that's not always the case is Nightwish's "Last Ride of the Day" with its "symphonic metal" which actually sounds a lot better than you'd expect. But Tool is probably the first to really make me realize that there's probably a lot more potential to the genre than I first thought. That it's a genre capable of producing good music like pretty much everything else. (I mean, even if I won't ever listen to some of them, saying "all Pop sucks" and shit like that is a bit unfair.)

But really... this is a song that you really don't need to be a metal fan to enjoy. You probably need to like rock to some extent, but if Metal's not your thing I still think this could be an exception. It's actually really slow and surprisingly quiet overall for a metal song. Yes it gets to more intense/louder parts, but so does a lot of other rock songs. What you REALLY need to be able to enjoy this song is enough patience to listen to 17 minutes of a song and not get bored. Let's take a closer look.

The Singing

Well fortunately, Tool doesn't do much of that screaming stuff... because I will be honest that is one thing that I don't think I'll ever really "like". "Tolerate" maybe, but never like. It just sounds over the top, excessively angry, and actually really hard to take seriously. But this guy's voice is actually a bit better than you'd expect. Actually pretty distinctive sounding too. Maynard James Keenan or MJK as I might as well call him for the rest of this time keeps his voice deeper and quiet for most of this track. And then the part where he goes, "It's time now, my time now, give me my, give me my WINNNNNGGGGSSSSSSSSS" is just awesome. Yeah... the voice might not really sound as passionate as it could have been given the subject matter, but if you listen to their other stuff it's pretty easy to tell that there's something different here.

The Instrumentation

The first part has a bit less going on than the second part. It stays as a pretty quiet song the entire time, which given the subject matter fits, before building up to an awesome guitar part, before going back to quiet again. It's certainly nice to listen to, but it gets better in the second part... which has god damn thunder noises. You know, in almost any other song I would say that thunder noises would sound gimmicky, over the top, stupid, etc. but it works here. Because this shit seriously has the epic-ness to match it. Also that bass line in the second part is surprisingly catchy. For a song this long, there needs to be a good amount of stuff going on in it to hold your attention... it certainly has that. A storm is coming... the storm comes... and then the aftermath... But yeah, good stuff.

The Lyrics

Hurray for metal songs about how great their mother was! ... Yeah not something I really would've expected to exist. But yeah, this song is actually quite personal, and also has some important backstory to it. I'll just quote song facts on this one. "As lead singer Maynard James Keenan explains on commentary on aMOTION, his mother Judith Marie suffered a stroke in 1976 that left her partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. The length of time between her paralysis and her death was 27 years, or approximately 10,000 days." So... the first part seems to take place right at the time when his mother dies and then 10,000 days is afterwards. One of the key things to note is that during those 27 years of suffering, she kept her faith strong regardless. With those in mind, the lyrics should start to make sense. Obviously I can't directly relate to this song, but the deep and personal nature of them really do rub off on me. The lead singer's own religious views are a bit mysterious but the guy definitely seems to be anti-organized religion. But yet we have religious references here, because this song is about her beliefs rather than his own. Another thing I really like about the lyrics here is how the two parts inter-connect with each other at the end. Just the way that they're so similar yet suitably different... it was just a cool way to handle it.


So yeah, good stuff. It may seem weird that a song like this is so high, but really I just really like how the song is able to keep me engaged for so long. A metal song about a guy's mother was not something I expected to exist, but hey, it does. I could even call this song beautiful, something I would not expect to be able to say about any song from this genre. Not to say that all other metal sucks or anything, just not that wording. Me getting into Tool was a pretty recent development so I'm still only just starting to appreciate most of their songs, but yeah... (y)


Coming up next... The grand finale to our countdown :OOOOOOOO

also some honorable mentions because I feel like it.


05-24-2015, 09:32 PM
OK guys, #1 is just around the corner... but first I'd like to give a few honorable mentions...

Elephant-Tame Impala


You know, I would've given the lyric video for this but the only one I could find is so off that I don't even want to use it xD but yeah... I'm on a trip, a trip that never endssssss



Hot damn is Tool good at making tribute songs to dead people. This one is less obvious though. But here's a little hint: Bill Hicks. It's not so much a tribute to him as much as it is inspired by him but... meh, my point still stands.

Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead


If There, There is one of Radiohead's least depressing songs (well, it's slightly sad in its own way but still) this is a good representation of Radiohead at their most depressing. Are there other more depressing Radiohead songs? Possibly, but this is definitely close to the top of that list. Doesn't stop it from being a damn good song.

Money-Pink Floyd


If you haven't noticed... pretty much everything on this list was from 90s-Present. But... I've recently been trying out some older music as well. It has not been disappointing.

Helplessness Blues-Fleet Foxes


Fleet Foxes are (y) btw

Baker Street-Gerry Rafferty


That sax tho

Times Are Tough-Ian R.



and now it's time for NUMBER ONEEEEEE

you know, I had a girlfriend once. It lasted like, three months. I certainly still have some misgivings about the whole ordeal... but there's this one song that she shared with me... that I will ALWAYS hold dear.

Unchained-Blood on the Dance Floor


You know, I've talked shit about BOTDF in the past, I will admit that much is true. But I can't lie, this song is amazing. I tried to hate it, I failed.

The Singing

This flow is 2fast4me OOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHHHH

The Instrumentation

This beat is 2fast4me it could only take a musical genius to come up with something like this.

The Lyrics

"Here's a bag of dicks no one gives a shit"


"I'm so high they can't find a tree for me to hang"


"Shamed for who I am modern slavery"


"I'm having a rebel-ation with your mainstream fabrications"


"I'll force feed you needles whether you hate me or not"


"You can't hold me fucking down!"


"Like Dillinger I'll break out"




Holy shit, this song speaks for itself. Amazing, just... amazing.


... wait, wait.

I kind of forgot something here. Like, wait this song sucks right? *Thinks* huh, it does.


I mean, if it wasn't for the lyrics this would be tolerable but... literally everything about them pisses me off. Don't fucking compare your situation to slavery dip shits, what the actual fuck are you guys even talking about?


Up next... the actual number one :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

06-07-2015, 03:42 PM
OK, after a long while of not posting anything, it's time for number oneeeeeeeeeee

It's totally Darude-Sandstorm

except not really

It's more fucking Radiohead

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi-Radiohead


OK, I'll be honest, I used to think this song was kind of boring. I liked Jigsaw from the beginning, but as far as this album goes this one took a lot longer to grow on me. But one day I listened to the song while looking at the lyrics, and suddenly, everything fell into place. Everything resonated, and holy shit was it an amazing experience. Do you know something I love? Weird Fishes.

Seriously look at this fucker, it's so cool

Maybe if this song was ACTUALLY about weird fish I would have liked it more :c *shrugs*

The Singing

There's very little to say here that I haven't said before. But I must say I fucking love the back-up "Heyyyyyyy" around the middle of the song. It really added a lot to the song, I'm being dead serious. Never has "Hey-eyyyyyy" felt so meaningful. I'm being semi-sarcastic, but still, good stuff, good stuff. The singing's just great as usual here. Some people might be a pit put off by how he says "AND WEIRD FISHES" the first time, but hell I even like that part.

The Instrumentation

This aspect of the song really started to grow on me, even though it seemed a bit boring to me at first. Music can provide imagery on its own sometimes, and it's great when it does. When I listen to this, I can envision some dark part of the ocean, where the only light is some sort of small bioluminescent creature. And a few of them start lighting up in time with every note. OK, even if it isn't likable and it doesn't make me want to dance, it just goes perfectly with everything else in the song. And if it goes well with the rest of the song, that's all it needs to be as good as it possibly could be most of the time. In general, even if something sounds good, if it doesn't really fit the song as a whole that's still points off. If Radiohead put in a guitar solo here, even a REALLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY good one... it would completely ruin the mood and the overall message this song was building up. For example, let's take a look at Postmodern Jukebox's cover of Radiohead's Creep with Haley Reinhart. It's a really neat cover, and Haley Reinhart's a really good singer. But I prefer Radiohead's version for one very specific reason. Haley Reinhart just kind of makes the song lose its meaning. Her singing sounds sincere but just a quick look at her and how talented she is just paints a different picture. Thom Yorke just makes it more convincing, and the more alt-rocky sound fits the lyrics and tone a hell of a lot more /endrant

I went off on a tangent there, but still. The point is, the best type of song to me is the one where it feels like every aspect of the song is working towards the full picture. What makes this instrumental great to me is how well it works with the other aspects of the song.

The Lyrics

The lyrics were what really got me into this song, but why is that? Well, for one, I simply like the imagery. This song uses the ocean as a pretty cool metaphor in my opinion. So what does the ocean really represent here? Well, to my interpretation the ocean represents the narrator's very own mind. Lost inside the deepest recesses of this mind until someone (a girl, probably) catches his attention and makes him leave those recesses. These lyrics are sort of vague in a way, so really it could mean a lot of things. But love actually does seem to be a prevalent theme throughout the album, so let's just try interpreting it that way. So, instead of continuing to be lost within his own mind he sees this person as a suitable escape from it. "I'd be crazy not to follow" indeed. Then it starts taking a bit of a darker turn, "Turn me on to phantoms (HEYYYYYYYYYYY) I follow to the edge, (HEYYYYYYY) of the earth, (HEYYYYYYYY) and fall off." Now this could be interpreted in multiple ways, but I think the edge of the earth line is important. I believe it represents how the narrator's being so caught up with this person and focused that it makes him lose his own sense of reality. Which could totally mean that this song is about God :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

"Yeah everybody leaves, (HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY) if they get the chance (HEYYYYYYYYY) and this (HEYYYYYYYYYY) is my chance" ... yep. This part is really powerful to me, and I'm not even sure why. And then he gets "eaten by the worms" which could mean he's dead, or it could mean something else. Either way, not the happiest thing. "I hit the bottom and escape" isn't really the happiest sounding thing either. But I fucking love that quote, so much that I even got a t-shirt for it. Even though absolutely no one but me and like, my mom so far really seems to know where the quote is from. Overall, these lyrics are somewhat vague, and if you really wanted to you could interpret it as multiple things. Some people even think it's about a guy who lost his lover and wants to rejoin her the only way he knows how (in that case that "bottom" would probably be the sidewalk.) So what is it about? I'd say in the most basic terms, it's about feeling trapped and unsatisfied with your current life, and taking an opportunity to pursue someone or something to escape it. However, that "escape" can be just as dangerous. It's something that I personally feel like I can relate to in a way. But either way, these lyrics are just really powerful in general.


So is this song the best song ever? No, it'd be pretty cocky for me to call it anything like that. What it does do is take me on an emotional journey, every single time I sit down and really listen to it. It's hard to describe what this song evokes for me, but something about it makes it special to me. It's a great song amongst great songs on this list, and also yay fishies =D

9.5/10 :P

Coming up next: SOMETHING ELSE =D I COULD make a worst song I've ever heard list, but it would mostly just be BOTDF, BrokeNCYDE, and shitty pop songs. Might be something else music related though.

06-07-2015, 03:52 PM
Yay it was a song I like : DDDDDDD

06-18-2015, 12:21 AM
OK, we're back in business, and this time I'm doing something different...

We're reviewing a whole fucking band. So before I get into that, I'd like to clarify some things about this sort of review assuming I ever do it again. It's OK to ask me to review a band, but the more albums or whatever they've put out, the less likely that I will accept it. I'm not going to waste my time listening to 4 full albums of a band I barely even like. And if you're really dead set on me reviewing a band with a large music catalogue, just ask me to review your favorite album of theirs or something *shrugs* But yeah... with all of that in mind, the following band is almost perfect for this kind of review. Their music catalogue is relatively small, and I already had one of their albums and liked them before I was even asked to... So with that in mind here's my first ever full-band review of...


Also no, when I'm doing a band review stuff like how hot the members are and irrelevant shit like that are not taken into account. Basically I'll be taking a look at their music catalogue exclusively for the overall judgement of the band. Other aspects such as their music videos may be discussed but will not hold nearly as much weight on the final verdict. Also, when I say full catalogue, this does not include the 2006 EP that they never had an official release for nor any other miscellaneous stuff like that. No, in this case we'll be focusing simply on what the band has up on iTunes (key phrase: in this case.) So that means we'll be looking at...

Sun Giant (EP)
As opposed to what? Red dwarf stars? Whatever *shot*

Fleet Foxes (Debut Studio Album)
Oh geez, they name their debut album after themselves. How unoriginal and full of yourself do you have to be to pull some stupid bullshit like that- *shot*

Helplessness Blues (Second Studio Album)
Oh geez, what kind of album title is that? Oh look at me I'm depressed, yeah whatever *shot*

So yeah, Fleet Foxes. I don't really feel like going over their whole origin story, but they were formed in... Seattle. Seriously, there are so many good bands coming out from Seattle and the surrounding area, and I still don't really get why. But hey, I'm not complaining. But either way, even if they came from an urban place their music sure as hell doesn't sound like it. Yes, these guys can safely be called "Indie-Folk" a genre that I quite enjoy generally. Their musical influences are less grounded in stuff like the Seattle grunge scene and more with artists such as Bob Dylan. I enjoy folk, but I will say one of the biggest problems with that particular genre is making music that sounds distinct. Yes, pretty much every genre has those problems, but folk is one of the best examples of it. After all, there's only so much you can do with an acoustic guitar. And yet it never gets old to me. Either way, these guys definitely sound different from some of the other folk I've heard, not that I can claim to be a complete folk expert or anything. Oh well, let's dive right in.

The Singing

Note that I'm only commenting on these categories in vague terms, I'll be getting more in-depth on the categories once I get to the individual albums. That aside, yeah, the singing. The singing is really the first thing that stands out about this band. I mean, the singing is the first thing to stand out quite a bit of the time but these guys are prime examples of that. I imagine that for many people (myself included) White Winter Hymnal would be the first Fleet Foxes song they'll hear. The vocal harmony in that song in particular is really what makes that song stand out on first listen. Which is also a reason why the song was such a perfect fit for a group like Pentatonix to cover it (you know, that video where the black guy did barely anything? Ah well, here's the link if you care: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o10drRI3VQ0 it's a nice listen really.) Pretty much all of their songs have these striking vocal harmonies, and sometimes they almost sound like borderline gospel. Except not religious, which is nice. I mean, there are a lot of nice sounding songs out there that I'm probably missing out on because I don't like listening to religious lyrics, so having stuff like this is actually a bit refreshing in a way. Pretty much the only song I've heard where they don't have that is that one fucking instrumental. But yeah, it's definitely part of what makes their sound so distinctive and enjoyable to listen to, so I wouldn't have it any other way. The lead singer's pretty good even without the back-up vocals though. But yeah, good stuff.

The Instrumentation

OK, so they're a folk band. Which basically means that they're going to be very acoustic heavy. That's not to say they never use electric guitars at all, they do sometimes, but they use it in a way that actually makes it seem very much in line with their general sound. It's not like they're doing some happy folk jingle and then BOOM METALLLLLLLLL or anything, they make it work out nicely. One would think that a band with such a distinctive voice would treat instruments as secondary, something meant to enhance the singing instead of standing on its own, but that's not always the case. I mean, with songs like the aforementioned White Winter Hymnal it may seem that way, but the instrumentation is actually really good on a lot of their songs. A lot of them stand out very well on their own as well. Especially on songs like The Shrine/An Argument. Also as another note: I took a look at the "digital booklet" that came with their Helplessness Blues album, and I stumbled upon this:


Holy shit, what the fuck even are half of these instruments? What's a moog, what's a harpsichord, what's a hammer dulcimer, what's a tremoloa, what's a Prophet, what even is ANY of this? I especially love how Casey Wescott didn't even get a full list, it ended with etc. Either way, the takeaway is that these guys actually use a wide variety of instruments, including relatively obscure ones. And it's not like they just sound like they're tacked onto the songs to make them sound weird and unique, they actually sound quite good. Fleet Foxes turned these instruments, some of which would otherwise just be novelties, into a worthwhile part of their sound. But yeah, for a folk band Fleet Foxes seem to actually do some rather innovative sounding stuff sometimes. Then again, my music knowledge is not vast enough to tell if these guys are actually being innovative. Either way, good stuff.

The Lyrics

So yeah, they're a rather folksy and rural sounding group in spite of their mostly urban origins. This also carries over to their lyrics, which definitely refer a lot to nature. According to SongFacts: Robin Pecknold told The Daily Mail February 20, 2009 that the references to nature are simply a useful means of expression: He explained: "The music was already sounding very rural, so it didn't make sense to start adding lyrics about receiving emails and watching TV."

Which makes sense really, even though it definitely gives off a different impression about how these guys live their lives. I mean, hell, with that long hair and scraggly beards most of them have they might as well be hippies. I'll probably talk about their lyrics more in-depth when I talk about the individual albums, because the lyrics do noticeably take a somewhat different direction in their second studio album. But even if a lot of the songs have more nature-based sounding lyrics, there's a lot more to them. I mean, not always (more on that later) but many of them do. I'll talk more in-depth about the lyrics later on though. It's hard to speak about the lyrics generically like this. So let's look at their music catalogue a bit closer.

Sun Giant


Well, we might as well do this chronologically, even though this was apparently recorded after their first album... but it was released first. Oh well. To get some background, I might as well quote wikipedia on this one: "The band stated that the EP was pressed so that they had something to sell on tour, and clarified that the music was not indicative of their ambitions. Sun Giant was in fact originally intended to be a tour only release, but demand from fans led to its official release." Even if this EP was absolutely terrible, I wouldn't really hold it against them much with all of that considered. Even though this EP won't have much weight in the overall score I might as well talk about it.

Fortunately, it's not terrible. I actually quite like this EP. Just 5 nice songs, none of them REALLY stand out as their all time best or anything, but they're all good in their own right. The song that stands out the most on this one would probably be Mykonos, which also happens to be the only single off this EP. Though Innocent Son is also quite the haunting song as well, and I mean that in a good way.

Really there isn't really as much of a congruent theme to this EP as the other albums seem to have, it just kind of feels like 5 random songs by the same band for the most part. But it's 5 good songs, so it works.

Fleet Foxes


This album cover is actually pretty interesting when you take a closer look at it. Plenty of weird stuff going on when you take a closer look actually, but if you want to know more about the origins of this you can look it up yourself bitches. Ah well, now for the actual music.

So, this is their debut album. For some artists, the debut album is actually among their best work, representing the artist(s) at his/her/their purest and when he/she/they were swimming with creativity. For other artists, it's among their worst work, as they started to grow creatively over time. It's hard to say with Fleet Foxes because they literally only have two full length albums. I'll just go out and say right now that I think their second one is better overall, but this album is certainly good in its own right. Let's take a closer look.

The song that most people would know off this album more than anything else would be White Winter Hymnal, which is a nice little song. It's catchiness is obvious, even if the somewhat vague lyrics tell a bit of a darker story. The lyrics on this album aren't all as vague as that song's, but it's safe to say that they never 100% spell out the meaning. Which isn't a bad thing. White Winter Hymnal isn't even the best song off this album, certainly not. But either way, let's talk about the lyrics. The general tone of this album is a bit hard to pin down exactly. Some of the songs contain some slightly darker themes, but I wouldn't really call it particularly dark overall. Apparently quite a few of these songs were written about his brother and some about other close friends. Which isn't a bad thing really. I mean, in general writing songs about specific personal experiences it will make the song less "relatable." Durrr I don't have any siblings, therefore Blue Ridge Mountains is a horrible song, OBVIOUSLY. But really, I think it's nice that they're able to write about stuff like that. This makes the meaning of some of the lyrics a bit hard to decipher as a consequence, but that's not too big of a deal.

This is definitely a good album, it is a bit shorter than most of the other ones I have, but that's alright. If this album was all I had to go off of, I'd say they're a good band that make some pretty good songs, but not too much beyond that... but...

Helplessness Blues


Oh gee, the album with the depressing sounding title is Loh's favorite? WHAT A SHOCK said nobody. But really, in spite of that the title of the album might be a bit misleading. Hell, it's misleading of the specific song it's named after too. To quote the song, "What good is it to sing helplessness blues why should I wait for anyone else?" But really, this album's gr8 m8. This is still identifiably a Fleet Foxes album, but they really expanded on their general sound. There's more variety to the music overall, and everything just feels more ambitious. Something as long as The Shrine/An Argument would feel pretty out of place on their first album for example, the length of it plays a role in that though. I'm also pretty sure they didn't use nearly as many of those weird instruments in their earlier work. Again, what the actual fuck is a moog? Their first album was good, but I like this one better in almost every way, it's that gud.

Other than taking their general sound in a somewhat different direction (a direction that I really like mind you) the lyrics are also notably different. I mean, other than The Cascades, but that's because it's an instrumental xP Yes the nature metaphors are still there, but the overall theme seems a bit different. If you look at the original Fleet Foxes albums, some of the songs (key word: SOME) could very well be interpreted in a rather dark way, and actually I wouldn't exactly call this one darker necessarily. One of the main themes in this album seems to be about figuring out the role and meaning of our own lives. Which is probably the real reason this album was named after Helplessness Blues, because that song is one of the ones that really brings that to the forefront. As some others might point out, the bulk of this album seems to be posing the questions rather than providing answers. However, to me this is why Grown Oceans was chosen as the closing song. It serves as his own personal answer for what he strives for in life. I could just be making this shit up, but that's my own interpretation. But really just listen to the album, it has some great break-up songs too :3

But really, if I had to recommend their best album, this is it. Even if they ever start putting out music again, it's going to take a significant amount of effort to top this. If you're just starting to get into this sort of music, this would probably be one of the first albums I'd recommend. If you already like this sort of genre, shame on you for missing this one. I'm not going to go too in-depth on the album, but seriously, this is some good stuff. I mean, it's sort of weird at times, like, some of the songs end a bit abruptly, but that doesn't really get in the way of my overall enjoyment of it at all.

anddddddddd because of the god damn character limit, tune in for the next part of the review which will be posted right after this =D

06-18-2015, 12:21 AM
Fleet Foxes Review Continued...

Stand Out Songs

So if you're reading this, and you've never listened to the band before and/or don't know if you want to commit yourself to listening to one of their full albums, here are some songs that I'd recommend checking out. This list is a combination of both the most well known songs as well as my personal favorites. I will admit those two overlap at times. What can I say? They make great choices for their singles.

White Winter Hymnal


It's also worth noting that Fleet Foxes have some... interesting music videos. I like them though. I've mentioned this particular song multiple times, so I might as well list them here. This song was the first one I heard by them, but it wasn't the song that convinced me that I should try out some of their other music. After listening to that full album, this song probably ranks somewhere towards the middle of that album honestly. But either way, you might as well check it out, it's only like 2 minutes long anyway.

Helplessness Blues


Oh hey, the song that made it on the honorable mentions of my top 10 favorite songs ever list. Again, that list is ever-changing, there's actually another song competing for my favorite spot now. But either way, THIS was the song that made me realize that it might be worth checking out one of their full albums. Great lyrics, and the first half of the song (OK, first 3/5ths) is really easy to get into. The first few lines are a bit interesting though. "I was raised up believing I was somehow unique/Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes unique in each way you can see/And now after some thinking I'd say that I'd rather be/A functioning cog in some great machinery serving something beyond me" dude you're basically an artist, I can't really say that's accurate of you. But really, even if I can't 100% relate to every single line in this song, I still very much enjoy it. It's a song about figuring out your own role in the world, or the uncertainty of finding your own role to be more precise. I'd say it's one of their quintessential songs.



This video isn't an official one btw, but hey, I like it so I'll roll with it.

This song is definitely slower and less easy to get into than the ones I listed before it, but this one's on here because it's a beautiful song. There's quite a bit to take away from these lyrics, but really, I'll just let this one speak for itself. Not all of Fleet Foxes's(...?) music is as fast paced as that first part of Helplessness Blues, and it doesn't need to be.



Let's not leave Sun Giant out of the fun guys =P and once again, Fleet Foxes with the weird music videos. This is one of those songs that was probably about the lead singer's brother. Oh hey, it was directed and animated by his brother too :3

Your Protector


I only downloaded their debut album in preparation for this review, so I did not get as much time to really analyze all of the songs as I did Helplessness Blues. This is my current favorite song off the album, I'm just saying that may be subject to change. Either way, this song is gr8 m8

The Shrine/An Argument


This one's Helplessness Blue's competition. It's basically just a break-up song, but it's a really good one. It's kind of like stuff like Bohemian Rhapsody or Paranoid Android with its tone changes and all, and quite honestly I think it's good enough to stand up with both of those. It basically can be cut down to 4 parts, all signifying different moods and stages of a break-up. Even though some people might get turned off by the last part, but I think it's great in its own weird way. It's one of those things where music alone can convey something in a way that's even more effective than lyrics could. It's not the easiest thing to listen to, but that's sort of the point. Kind of reminds me of Radiohead's National Anthem in that respect. I don't expect most of you to have heard that song, but if you have you'd know what I'm talking about (that's kind of stating the obvious but WHATEVER.) Also again, weird but good music video xP

At Their Worst

Well, if I talk about Fleet Foxes at their best, it would be a bit one sided to not at least discuss Fleet Foxes at their worst. To be completely honest, that isn't easy to decide on. The interesting thing is, I don't think Fleet Foxes have ever officially released a "bad" song. No, at their absolute worst, Fleet Foxes make decent songs, albeit maybe a bit bland, and maybe a bit boring. But if their worst is just being slightly boring, that's actually better than what most bands can claim. Alas, Fleet Foxes haven't really made enough music to really fuck it up. So... what would I even say for their worst songs? Honestly, I'm not sure. I could like, pick on The Cascades for being an instrumental, but I actually kind of like that one. Not amazing or anything but it's there. Again, since I only started listening to some of these songs fairly recently, it's hard to say if I've come to fully appreciate some of them yet. However, if I was forced to pick a worst song, I'd probably pick Heard Them Stirring. It's basically just an OK instrumental backing the guys singing nothing but "WOOAAAAAHHHHHHH" for three minutes. It's a cop-out answer, but I'll use it.


So we finally get to the verdict. OK, if you can't tell, I like these guys, I really do. I also sincerely hope that they end up putting out a new album some time in the future, but for now that's a bit uncertain. Are these guys the greatest lyricists of all time? Probably not, but they're still good. Are these guys the most innovative artists of our time? Probably not, in spite of the weird instruments they adopt, they never seem to stray TOO far out of their comfort zone, but when they've only put out 2 full albums do they need to? Are these guys the greatest singers of all time? *shrugs* well their vocal harmonies are nice, but it'd be pretty cocky to call them the best singers ever or anything. But they're not bad by any means. They're a good band making good music, they put out two full length albums. One was good and the other was great. In the grand scheme of things, they may just end up being just another Indie-Folk band. A band where a god damn cover of there song got 2 million more views than the original one. From what I gathered, these guys are fine with not getting more publication. However, in an ideal world where recognition was based off of talent... well, you know where this is going. (Btw I'm not jabbing at Pentatonix, just speaking in general)

More accurately somewhere between 8.5 and 9 but meh, whatever

06-24-2015, 11:42 PM
Music is the new anime :3 OK, I'll try reviewing something different again after this but for now... Upon Polrag's request we have my first ever full album review :3 and this time it's none other than one that is widely regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time... This'll be fun.

Abbey Road-The Beatles


Even if you haven't heard this album, you'd probably recognize the cover. One of the most iconic album covers ever. Though to be honest I doubt people would give nearly as much of a shit about it if some lesser known band was the one who made it. Still a good cover, and I do appreciate the symbolism in it thanks to the good ole' internet. Either way, the album cover isn't really the focus here =P

Might as well rip off Umbreon and give the track listings I'll be using because wynaut

Track Listing
1. Come Together
2. Something
3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4. Oh! Darling
5. Octopus's Garden
6. I Want You (She's So Heavy)
7. Here Comes the Sun
8. Because
9. You Never Give Me Your Money
10. Sun King
11. Mean Mr. Mustard
12. Polythene Pam
13. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
14. Golden Slumbers
15. Carry That Weight
16. The End
17. Her Majesty

So this is The Beatles' second to last album, even though they recorded most of it after their last- whatever. So as such some Beatles fans consider this their last album and Let It Be to be their 2nd to last but hey, technicalities. So let's talk about The Beatles in general. If you don't know, the vast majority of what I listen to is from the 90s-Present. There's a Simon & Garfunkel album here, and a Pink Floyd album there and all of that shit, but I will admit I'm not tapping into the older stuff as much as I probably should. So here's a small little step towards that, even though the only reason I picked it up was because Polar wanted me to. Because if you didn't know, Polar is to those guys as I am to Radiohead =P and it's his favorite album ever... SO LET'S SHIT ON IT! But yeah, when I was younger The Beatles seemed kind of meh to me. I watched Yellow Submarine... I have no idea what the fuck I watched actually, like seriously, what the actual fuck was that. Who cares about the music, WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? But none of their songs really struck me as that great, decent maybe but nothing too special. But then again it's pretty much a given that younger kids have shit taste in music. I thought Radiohead was pretty boring at first mind you. So now I think I'm more open minded about my musical tastes. When I ask the resident Beatles fan (well, Polar) what he likes about them, "they're relaxing" comes up. In my case, "relaxing" is not really one of the qualities I'm really looking for in music. Not that all relaxing music is shit or anything, but one man's relaxing could possibly be my version of "dull." This is not to say anything about The Beatles in particular, this is generally speaking. But really, there's not much to say about The Beatles. They're the fucking Beatles, that's all you need to know. Unfortunately not named after the class of insect, but those guys are cool too imo =P

So I guess I'll just try to get to the point, well, I like it. I'm not sure if I buy into the "one of the best albums of all timeeeeeeeee" thing but hey, whatever. How do you even measure that anyway? I do not personally think The Beatles are the greatest band ever, but if "greatest" is measured by factors such as cultural impact and influence on future generations of music then yeah, they are probably one of the best. But how innovative it was at the time or whatever else is not really what matters to me, what matters is if I actually enjoy it. This album definitely has a different sound than I'm used to, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I do like some variety in my music library after all, that's not to say I'm going to start listening to Reggae and shit but still. The downside to older music is that it sometimes lack the "clarity" of newer music so to speak, so it could sound a bit muddy at times. I can't really say that's an issue here though, these guys really seemed to have made the absolute most of what they had. Also from what I gathered they upgraded their recording equipment for this album, which probably helped. I haven't listened to any of their other albums in full, so I don't really know how it compares. Either way, the audio quality isn't really a problem, I actually quite like the audio. Especially stuff like that "shoot" thing they do at the beginning of Come Together and plenty of other stuff. Either way, I'll try to do albums a bit differently, and just look at things song by song.

Come Together

ERMAGURD PRODUCT PLACEMENT WORST SONG EVER! What the fuck is a walrus gumboot anyway? Either way, in spite of all these "what the fuck does that even mean" lines in the song, I actually kind of like these lyrics, the nonsensical lyrics actually sort of work for this one. And as I stated earlier I quite like the "shoot" thing they have going on in the song. Seems like the song's mocking the guy the idea of the song originally came from more than its supporting him, but hey, whatever. This is one of those songs where I actually like listening to the verses more than the chorus, but hey, both are gud.


Oh right George does stuff too sometimes. So this is one of those brilliant George songs that supposedly brought him up to the same mind blowing song writing level as John and George...? OK. I find it a bit funny in a way, just looking at the lyrics anyway. Not to say that it's bad or anything, I actually quite like listening to it, but that's more due to the singing and composition than the lyrics. I mean, there have definitely been worse love songs, vaguer love songs, but still, it's called fucking "Something." Here's the lyrics in a nutshell "I LOVE YOU AND I DON'T KNOW WHY" not bad, but not brilliant. The grandiosity of the way he sings "I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T KNOW" is funny in a way, but hey, I like it =P

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Oh hey, it's the song that all of the Beatles except for John hates apparently. This was the most instantly likable song on the album honestly =P Also they used the best instrument ever: an anvil. What isn't there to love about a happy sounding ditty about a college kid murdering everyone. Who the fuck let him keep his hammer in the courtroom anyway? There is very little to say about this song, it speaks for itself, but this is actually one of my favorites on the album anyway.

Oh! Darling

Well, OK. So this is our resident "break-up/he's-about-to-get-his-ass-dumped-but-wants-to-prevent-it" song. This is a good example of where "worse" vocals actually adds to the song actually. Pretty fun to listen to anyway, not really blown away by the depth of the lyrics or anything though =P

Octopus's Garden

Oh right, Ringo also exists. It's K. Moving on.

I Want You (She's So Heavy)

This strangely reminds me of Radiohead's Wolf At The Door. OBVIOUSLY The Beatles time travelled to the future to listen to the song and then head back to the past to rip them off before they made it. John Lennon really IS an asshole :OOOOOO Lohy's Radiohead high horse losing a few inches aside, ummm... OK. Wait, how the fuck is "She's so heavy" a good thing? Either way, I like how intense it gets at the end. It gets the point across, and I can give the limited vocabulary of this track a pass =P

Here Comes the Sun

Too happy, 0/10 try again next time. OK but really, ummm... well, "Here Comes the Sun (doo doo doo doo)" isn't too bad. I mean, I like songs like Mr. Blue Sky so it's not like the lyrics completely turn me off or anything. I generally don't really get into optimistic tracks like this as easily, but... OK I'll be honest this doesn't do that much for me. OK yeah, it's quite the relaxing song, but I don't really place as much value on that sort of trait, so, to quote the song, it's alriiigggghhtttttt OK maybe better than alright. OK, maybe alright in the optimistic tone the Beatles used.


... Wat.

Okay but really ummm... well it's hypocritical to dismiss a song for being weird so I won't. Motherfucking PUNS! Completely ignoring the use of the good ole' Moog (apparently this was one of the first uses of the Moog... wait what's a Moog?) But yeah, there are certainly weird songs that I enjoy, and then some weird songs where I just go, "OK that's a thing." I mean, the vocal harmonies are nice I suppose, and I actually enjoy the weirdness of the soundtrack I guess. But I don't really know how to feel about the lyrics.

You Never Give Me Your Money

And so starts the medley. I could just review the medley as one big song but meh, let's just look at all these individual parts as well because fak u. This is one of the songs in the medley that seems to stand alone as its own song pretty well. This is probably one of my favorite songs on the album actually for whatever reason. Because memes, that's a valid reason right?

Sun King

Here comes the sun- King. Oh :C Actually I like Here Comes the Sun moreeeee but it's not really a fair comparison. Still this is probably one of the lesser parts of the medley to me. Hurray for cod-Spanish.

Mean Mr. Mustard

They totally should've said ass instead :c ignoring that, this one's pretty catchy, I like it.

Polythene Pam

This one's also a pretty fun listen as well, I also like this one =P

She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

So she did.

Golden Slumbers

I like how he kind of belts out GOLDEN SLUMBERRRRRRSSSSSSS I thought you wanted me to sleep yeesh

Carry That Weight

They totally just ripped themselves off in the same album. Worst band ever 0/10 =P

The End

The end of the album is called The End? WHOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA

also Ringo actually does something. But yeah this song's a really fun listen.

Her Majesty


Favorite Song

I'd say this one's mostly between Maxwell's Silver Hammer and You Never Give Me Your Money. Maxwell's just such a fun listen, while the latter actually feels like it has more to say lyrically. Hmmmmm... fine YNGMYM you win. Sorry Max =P Fun fact: I did in fact give you guys my money, even though half of you are dead :c

Worst Song

Ummmmmmmm... Yeah I'll have to go with the song that goes right after that one. Sorry Sun King, you're not terrible, but you're just a culmination of most of the weaker aspects of the album to me. You could call it relaxing, and that would be true, but I'd also say it's ever so slightlyyyyyyy bland. Also it has the nonsensical lyrics in spades, and the 2happy5me stuff too.


I mean, I guess I can see where people are coming from when they praise it, but either way I can't say it's entirely for me. I still like it, but I don't love it. None of the songs are bad, at worst they're decent, and I think the compositions on some of these songs are pretty damn good. Probably amazing and even ground-breaking at the time. Maybe. Honestly I wouldn't know =P But yeah, I like the melodies and all of that, but the lyrics feel like a bit of a weak point in comparison. The lyrics are not terrible by any means, but hardly any of them feel particularly deep either. It's not like every song has to have complex and intricate lyrics to be good, but... I normally like a bit more than this. But that's not a big deal. Song lyrics at their absolute worst? Stupid shit justifying the awfulest shit. There's a whole spectrum of awful, and then somewhat above legitimately awful is generic. Above generic is unique but meaningless. The lyrics here are in this tier or higher. OK, so the lyrics don't do much for me, but this is still a pretty fun album to listen to, and it is musically interesting in plenty of aspects. But either way, this rating is based off of personal enjoyment. I'd say it's good, but still a bit short of great.


Next time, ummm... I don't know. I'll try to do something other than music, so maybe anime again? :3 we'll seeeeeeeee

08-04-2015, 02:35 AM
Oh, well holy crap it's been a while. So wynaut stop with all this music review and review a...


... musical anime. Yeppppppp

Plot Synopsis

Welcome to the mystical land of... wherever the fuck, Japan. In this land is a socially awkward kid who played the piano. Key word: played. After the death of his mother he kind of broke down and is now unable to hear the sound of his own piano playing due to some bizarre mental block. Now he's just depressed. But then he meets a beautifullllll dreaaaaammmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy girlllllllllllllll an encounter that will changeeeeee his worlllllldddddddddddddd

This sounds really fucking stupid tbh

... kek.

The Characters

Kousei Arima


So here's our protagonist, a great piano player with a healthy dose of PTSD. He doesn't really start out that interesting, I mean, I can always relate to the awkward ones but anime does have a pretty good collection of awkward somewhat depressed guys already. One of the tropes that we see early on in the show is the "gray world vs colorful world" thing. Gee, where have I seen that before? *cough* Hyouka *cough* though honestly I think both shows handled it rather well. Fortunately, he actually does have his fair share of stuff that makes him stand out. It was nice to watch him grow through those 22 episodes, with every bump (ok, that's a massive understatement) along the way to make him reach that point. I'm not really sure how accurate their portrayal of his PTSD (well, it's never directly stated to be that but I have no idea what else it could be) actually was but... even if they did take some artistic liberties it was still... affecting? I don't know, some word like that. He's also about as dense as a 14 year old kid like that would be. But yeah, I like him.

Kaori Miyazono


Oh look, our resident excessively cheerful love interest. Yeah whatever >.>

... Well, I'm normally not a huge fan of characters like these I absolutely love this one for some reason. It'd be pretty spoiler-y to expand on that thought unfortunately but... for anyone who hasn't seen it and actually will try it out (I'd be lucky if even one of you did that) you'll seeeeeeeee. But you know she like, plays violin OMG THEY'RE BOTH MUSICIANS IT'S MEANT TO BEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. But yeah, I won't go too in-depth, but I really do like this character as well.

Tsubaki Sawabe


Oh hey if it isn't our resident childhood friend character =D You ALWAYS need to have one of those! And... well, I definitely wasn't as invested in her character as the other 2 but she still had her moments. Not much else to say there, she's the childhood friend, and as such is involved in a significant portion of the flashbacks in this show, which there are a lot of. This is not the spot to talk about the use of flashbacks tho

Ryota Watari


The childhood friend that isn't a girl and coincidentally is not gay either. There have been plenty of best friend characters as well and... well, he's likable, he's funny, even he occasionally has his moments but it's mostly just support for the MC and... that's mostly it. Even though the romance situation revolves around the assumption that Kaori likes Watari he doesn't really feel like that much of a focus in the show. But he's definitely there.

Takeshi Aiza


Well CLEARLY any show that has any type of competition whatsoever needs shonen style rivals xP His obsession with our good ole' MC seemed pretty weird at first, though it got better once that got expanded upon. We don't really get to learn much about him other than his piano playing, his admiration for the good ole' MC, and a bit of his sister relationship so honestly there's not much else to say about him.

Emi Igawa


Yes this auditorium has sunlight and autumn leaves and shit, they thought an open roof was a good idea. Problem? =P But yeah, she's the second PIANO PLAYING RIVAL CHAAAAAAA in this series. And like the other guy her obsession with the MC seems pretty weird at first but seems better after it's expanded upon. Side note: mother of god... it's been a while since I've liked the blonde character more than the black haired one (or like, purple or whatever in some cases xP) mind=BLOWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

but yeah, there's not too much to talk about here for the same reason as piano-Cloud, I think she was a reasonably satisfying character with the amount of screen time she had.


and yes there were more characters than these, some of which also play a considerable role in the plot at one point or another but... A: they come a bit later in the game making them a bit spoiler-y to mention B: a lot of them are mostly just there to support the main cast and/or C: they're just not notable enough to mention here. None of them are bad or anything, they all have their place and all. However if I was reviewing like, Mushishi or something I wouldn't mention literally every person the MC helps out. So yeah

The Story

This is another one of those character-driven animes that I watch a lot of, and as such the story mostly focuses on their personal struggles, relationships, growth as people etc. I know I made a point about all of the characters tropes earlier in the review but really, I don't really hold it against them. After all, in this story there is very little that can accurately be taken at surface value (well, initial surface value anyway. It's not like "Kousei may SEEM to be a great piano player but he's ACTUALLY a schizophrenic delusional fool in a mental hospital that does nothing but make weird piano hand motions all day." So spoilers: that's not what happens. Would've been interesting though.) There are plenty of surprises and plot twists throughout this show to keep it interesting. Also... without really spoiling anything, that ending was beautiful. It definitely passes my personal good ending checklist anyway. Let's see here... it's not stupid, check. It doesn't end abruptly, check. It doesn't end with a cliff hanger (especially if there isn't hope for another season) check. It's not ridiculously open-ended (open-ended endings aren't inherently bad but it has to be done right.) Hmmm... there's a lot more but I don't need to clog up this review with the list. Point is, it's a well done ending. It's hard to talk about the story without getting too spoilery so I won't but I'd say it's a good story.

The Art and Music

They sing twinkle twinkle little star multiple times 10/10 :dancecat: but yeah, considering the music genre tag you'd expect a lot of music in it and well, there is. Other than you know, the theme song, it's mostly classical music, and even if you don't like classical they definitely do a good job of making it not-boring. There's kind of a limit to how interesting a scene where someone plays the piano without any lyrics or anything can be but... they managed it. One of the themes of the show is the use of music to express yourseeeeelllllllllllllfffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffff and I think they made a good case for it. The use of visuals to express the tone and general imagery of the song was a very good touch. And you know, it's an A-1 pictures show. It's not like every show they ever made was amazing or anything but even if the lesser shows still had good visuals. This show is a great example of this. One thing I really liked about the art was how it conveyed the emotions of a scene not just through facial expressions but the background as well. Plenty of animes do this, but I think this one is one of the best examples of that.


Ahh yes, this show. A show where the cat population is absolutely nothing but black cats, a show with beautiful starry skies even though they're in the middle of a fucking city (light pollution is a thing you know.) A show where a piano competition is basically portrayed like a shonen fight scene (for my next move I'm going to summon my "play piano to display my frustration" trap card AHAHAHAHAHAHA) etc. and... well, I loved it. If you're turned off by the music tag, don't be. This show is kind of like Steins;Gate in a way. Steins;Gate was the kind of show where it was not only a great show for fans of science fiction and time travel but was something that pretty much ANYONE could take something away from. Basically, you don't need to like music shows to enjoy this. The show's melodramatic at times, some times the characters can feel frustratingly dense, but speaking from experience of being a 14 year old... yeah I think it's not too unrealistic. The main two characters are definitely new favorites for me, and I think that ending was honestly the closest I've ever gotten to actually crying. Considering some of the animes I've watched that's really saying something. The ending wasn't necessarily a complete shock or anything, after all there was a good amount of foreshadowing but... it was one of those things where I saw it coming but was denying it. But even if you do see it coming it doesn't mean it's not affecting. There was one mindblowing thing that happened in the ending though (again, spoiler tag means you know, spoilers) HOLY SHIT THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND ACTUALLY (kind of) FUCKING WON! THAT PRETTY MUCH NEVER HAPPENS http://media1.giphy.com/media/gLRDi5KnA3Fte/giphy.gif THE APOCALYPSE IS NOW HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN! WHAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT


... it's a bittersweet victory though :c

But yeah, this show's a new favorite for me. The comedy aspect might seem out of place at times (was never a major problem for me but other might be bothered by it. Still, the comedy isn't too special, might get a few laughs here and there though.) But really, it's hard for me to think of any major flaws with the show. Sure there's minor stuff here and there that could be better, but honestly, isn't there always? And as far as feelsy animes go, this one actually beats Clannad for me (After Story's ending still bothers me) so... yeah.


tune in next time where I review... whatever I review.

08-04-2015, 04:56 AM
Y'know, as much as I dislike anime, you presented this so well, I might watch it.

Great review, lol'd a lot while reading it.

08-04-2015, 05:06 AM
Y'know, as much as I dislike anime, you presented this so well, I might watch it.

Great review, lol'd a lot while reading it.
Dont you mean...you loh-l'd?

HAHAHAHAHA im not funny

10-09-2015, 10:32 PM
Well, upon ranger's suggestion I ended up picking a semi-random album to review so... here's a random ass album review :3

Our album of choice today will be...

Sounds Like You-Kirby Krackle


The album cover is... interesting to say the least. Sets the tone well, I can say that much. The title of the album is a bit generic, but that's not too important in the grand scheme of things. Oh well, let's get to the track listing... Hoo boy this track listing...

Track Listing
1. Parachute
2. Set Your Phasers to Sexy
3. Cozy Pants O'Clock
4. 140 Characters
5. One More Episode
6. Grandma's House
7. Take You Out Tonight
8. Cosplay Queen
9. Taco Night
10. The Same Thing
11. Web-Slinger/Hope Bringer
12. Moisture Farm
13. North of the Wall

... yep. If you haven't guessed, this band has a rather specific kind of audience, and they're fine with that. So this is what the kids at home call "Nerd Rock." ... Yep. So what even is this elusive "Nerd Rock?" Well, if this album is anything to go off of, it's basically just Indie Rock with nerdy lyrics. I mean, SOMEONE had to write a song about Taco Night. So why not these guys? Either way, it's not really that much of a surprise that they're not all that well known. It's not that they're bad or anything, but to most people songs like these are little more than a novelty. To be honest, they're not entirely wrong. This album was released in 2013, currently making it the second to last album they've released. CLEARLY that makes it just like Abbey Road... yeah no. But if there's one thing this album definitely does better than that one... it's the titles :dancecat:

Overall, I sort of like the album. It's nothing too special musically but it's nice to hear something different lyrically like this. I don't have anything in particular against more comedic songs by principal, but I generally don't listen to them on a regular basis. Why? Because after a while, it stops being as funny. And if being funny is the only thing it has going for it, then it simply just doesn't reward repeated listens. Either way, let's take a deeper look at these songs.


The weird thing about this being the first song of the album is that this song is... actually a completely normal song all things considered. Nothing nerdy about it, it's just a good indie rock song. If I have to be critical of something, I'd say I'm honestly not a huge fan of the synth use here. The lyrics are actually not half bad either. It has some good lines actually. It's also pretty catchy, so yeah, I'll take it.

Set Your Phasers to Sexy

So after that actually normal song it transitions to well, this. I think the title speaks for itself. "I like the way you don't talk to me" 10/10 best line ever. Such a happy sounding song for such a depressing sounding line to sneak in. Guess I shouldn't be too hyper critical of the lyrics to a song like this but I still have no idea what the fuck "It's the way you read your books that affects me" is supposed to mean. Yay forced rhymes :3 But yeah... This one's pretty catchy too, so there's that. Also there's a short guitar solo, and it's alright.

Cozy Pants O'Clock

This song title also speaks for itself. And once again, it is certainly catchy. I don't have cozy pants, therefore I can't relate to this song, therefore it sucks ;n; but yeah, fun little song, can't say much beyond that. This one's slightly different because it has a bit of a piano part in the background, which is K.

140 Characters

It just isn't enough :c I like how somewhere out there, someone is actually experiencing this kind of problem. "But those animal memes can get you laughing so hard you almost start peeing" ... how romantic. I'll take it.

One More Episode

Now THIS is something I'm sure almost everybody can relate to. Now THIS song is romantic. Most commentary from earlier apply here as well. And yes, the title pretty much speaks for itself.

Grandma's House

They never explicitly established in the lyrics that they were referring to two separate Grandmas, so it could be construed that said Grandma gave birth to both his mom and his dad... which is fucked up. You gotta be careful with that mang. The fun thing about this one is that it's likable and DOES make me want to dance :OOOOOOOOOOOOO "Honey you're weird but I love you" basically this album in a nutshell.

Take You Out Tonight

Another one of those few songs here that's actually pretty normal. Fortunately, when they right straight songs they still don't sound too generic. Like, there's still the distinct charm of these guys there.

Cosplay Queen

... again, the title speaks for itself. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that can relate to this. A very specific audience of course, but someone had to make a song about it. So wynaut these guys. This one's a bit more repetitive than the others but whatever.

Taco Night

Again, it speaks for itself xP I'm pretty sure "jalapeŮos" and "quesadillas" aren't pronounced like that but WHATEVER. Gotta make sure this band is as white as possible. "Cause life is better when it's served with chips" <--Inspirational shit right there. There's also a decent guitar solo here, nothing too mind blowing tho.

The Same Thing

One of the other regular songs lyrically. The message here is one I can get behind too. Also it's nice and catchy like almost every song on here but yeah.


Because Spiderman needs a new theme song apparently. It's a pretty good portrayal honestly. Not much else to say here.

Moisture Farm

Yay Star Wars song because wynaut. Not much else to say here that can't be said about most of the others. The guitar sounds a lot more grunge-y here, so that's something I guess. It sounds a bit too similar to Taco Night musically, at least the opening anyway.

North of the Wall

I don't really watch Game of Thrones so I can't really say I get much personal value from this. Seems like a weird choice for an album closer. The instrumentation and everything just makes this song sound a lot more epic than the other ones though, so I guess I can understand why they chose this for a closer.

Favorite Song

Hoo boy, this is hard. Honestly, no specific song really stands above the rest much. They're all on about the same level. But if I HAVE to pick out a stand out... ummm... I guess I'll have to pick "The Same Thing" like most of the other songs, it's certainly catchy. But I just think the message helps edge it out over the other ones in my opinion. It's not an easy choice but hey, I'll run with it.

Worst Song

Ummm... for the same reason as above, this is also hard to decide on... I'm just going to cop out and say Taco Night. Why? Because of that cringe worthy pronunciation of "quesadilla" and sounding a bit too similar to Moisture Farm. That's about it really.


If this was judged off of song titles alone, this would be a 10/10 album but... unfortunately, it is not. The singer isn't bad at all, he sounds happy no matter what he's singing here. That's fine. Nothing too special but it's serviceable. As for the instrumentation, there's actually a decent amount of musical variety here. However, musically it's not really breaking any ground or anything. There's enough stuff going on to keep it from sounding generic fortunately, but if I'm looking for some really innovative playing... yeah I'll look elsewhere. This band has a rather specific audience, and for that audience, it serves its purpose. I like it, but again, with songs like this they tend to not have all that much lasting appeal. Again, after a while, it just stops being as funny. When you take that out, what do you have? Decent indie rock and some decent themes and messages but... that's about it. Without the "Nerd Rock" niche these guys probably wouldn't stand out all that much, even if they do have some good songs. If you want to listen to some dorky songs, all power to you. The regular songs on here are alright as well, but there are only like, 3 of them I think. Either way, in the grand scheme of things I'd rate it as a


I'll probably review another random album next. Or maybe I won't. IDK mang we'll see.

11-08-2015, 10:23 AM
OK... upon a request I guess I'm reviewing this now

Hotline Bling-Drake


OK so this song is presently number 3 on our Hot 100 charts, losing out to Justin Bieber at number 2 (bleh) and Adele (yay.) And this is apparently basically just a remix of "Cha Cha" by some random dude called D.R.A.M and... well, whatever I'll just ignore that. I'm not impressed at all by that song either but whatever. Either way, it seems Drake can shit out pretty much anything and have it chart, so here we are. And now he kind of looks like my uncle. But hey, at least his dance moves are amazing mang. Yeah whatever let's do this.

The Singing

Ummm... yes, such beautiful singing as he yelps out HOTLINE BLING like a coyote that just got castrated. 10/10 but whatever, it's Drake. He didn't become so successful for having the most beautiful voice in the world, especially considering how most of this is autotune but whatever. Either way, looking at the lyrics I assume this is supposed to sound somewhat emotional but I'm certainly not hearing that like, at all. But whatever. It's catchy enough so who cars

Da Beat

As previously established, it's not even a particularly original "composition" but even if NO ONE HAS EVER MADE ANYTHING REMOTELY SIMILAR TO THIS... holy shit this is bland. Even when it tries to get more "intense" it still just sounds kind of lame. I assume anyone reading this would guess that I wasn't a huge fan of this kind of music to begin with. However, looking from an objective standpoint it seems pretty obvious to me that he could do a hell of a lot better than that. This just does absolutely nothing for me. I don't even blame Drake for those dance moves. That's just the kind of half-assed and uninterested kind of dance that this beat asks for.

The Lyrics

Well, my first question would be "what the fuck is a hotline bling?" From what I gather it's basically just a super deep and meaningful term for his cellphone ring... OK, I can see what he's going for there, that's not really the problem. Well what is this song about? A lover from his past lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, that he has since become distanced from as she went down the wrong path OH NO. How awful she "hangs out with girls he's never seen before" because making new friends is the worst thing ever right? RIGHT? Yeah ikr. Admittedly, "wearing less and going out more" is actually a pretty good way of phrasing it, so I have to give the dude some credit. This song is basically just one of those tragic tales of: "I loved you, but then you went down the wrong path :c" but this one puts a unique spin on it... By barely making sense. I mean, it doesn't really sound like Drake had the most genuine loving relationship with her to begin with, she mostly just called him for sex and pretty much nothing but sex. And now that he's gone she's *GASP* having sex with people that aren't him! It doesn't seem like she went down the wrong path, it sounds a lot more like she just kind of sunk deeper into the hole she was already in. I just don't really get the point of this song at all.


Yeah I'm not sure what to say, it's bland and it's kind of pointless. I don't even really get why this is so popular in the pop charts other than "OMG IT'S DRAKE" name recognition. Beyond that, it's just kind of... dull? I mean, it's safe to assume that most people that like this would call the kind of stuff I listen to boring but still. It doesn't go out of it's way to be awful, but it does absolutely nothing to be particularly good either.


11-08-2015, 11:15 AM
That was beautiful

02-05-2016, 07:56 PM
So... it's been a while. You know, this thread has been pretty much nothing but music and anime reviews so far... and...

It will continue to be like that for now xP

The Beatles (White Album)-The Beatles


The most amazing album cover and title in existence amirite? Well, whatever, that's not what we're judging here. Let's get down to businesssssss

Track Listing (hoo boy)
1. Back in the U.S.S.R
2. Dear Prudence
3. Glass Onion
4. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
5. Wild Honey Pie
6. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
8. Happiness Is a Warm Gun
9. Martha My Dear
10. I'm So Tired
11. Blackbird
12. Piggies
13. Rock Raccoon
14. Don't Pass Me By
15. Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
16. I Will
17. Julia
18. Birthday
19. Yer Blues
20. Mother Nature's Son
21. Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey
22. Sexy Sadie
23. Helter Skelter
24. Long, Long, Long
25. Revolution 1
26. Honey Pie
27. Savoy Truffle
28. Cry Baby Cry
29. Revolution 9
30. Good Night

So right off the bat, I'll just get this out of the way, I take back my score for Abbey Road. I think it's more 9/10 material for me now. But yeah, the White Album. The idea of reviewing this was brought up to me a whileeeee ago, but now that I actually bought it and listened to it a good number of times, I think I can safely review it now. PERHAPS I might end up liking some of these songs more or less later down the road mind you, that happened with Abbey Road, but for now... Yeah, I can safely say I like The Beatles (bold claim, I know). Last Christmas, my mom got me a 160 GB iPod Classic, and a good amount of iTunes money. Also, all of The Beatles' stuff was conveniently on sale at the time. Thus, I got this album, plus a few others I didn't have. I basically bought all the albums Poles thought I would like. So basically now I have all the major studio albums Rubber Soul to Abbey Road. They've grown on me, I won't lie. I'm not going to end up liking them more than Radiohead anytime soon, but you know, speaking as a guy who rarely listens to "happy" music at all it is a bit of a surprise.

If you can't tell, this is their longest album I've listened to. Actually, that should be kind of obvious. I'm pretty sure it's their longest studio album but yeah. I've only listened to two other albums with a comparable amount of songs (that aren't stuff like deluxe albums with b-sides and live recordings or whatever any way). That would be Smashing Pumpkin's Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and Pink Floyd's The Wall. I'm pretty sure Mellon Collie was inspired by White Album (hell, it's last song is called "Farewell and Goodnight") and I will just go out and say I like White Album more. Mellon Collie is honestly kind of hit and miss for me, (it does have some really good songs on it though don't get me wrong). As for The Wall... I only got a chance to listen to it in full twice so I honestly can't say just yet. Something tells me I'll probably end up liking it more than White Album in the long run, but still, they're honestly not that comparable. White Album is a collection of relatively random songs, The Wall is far more cohesive. The Wall outclasses White Album lyrically, I can say that right now, but yeah. As for the album I'm actually SUPPOSED to review, let's do this shit.

Back in the U.S.S.R.

Apparently this song triggered some conservative 'Muricans, oh wait, that's obvious. Oh well, either way, it's just a fun song now. It doesn’t blow me away or anything, but it’s still just a really fun song to listen to. You see, it’s funny because Georgia is also a state in the US. ERMAGERD POOL YOU’RE SO CLEVER!

Dear Prudence

Well, the guitar’s pretty interesting here. While this is about a specific girl in a specific situation, I feel like this could apply to someone like me as well. “The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you” might as well just be “it’s 94 degrees, Sam is a jew, it’s really hot, and so are you” for all I care though… nah that line’s fine.

Glass Onion

I won’t lie, I do appreciate how this song is basically trolling before trolling existed. Hurray for name dropping a bunch of random songs : D but what the fuck is a glass onion any way? It may not be as catchy as Back in the USSR or as interesting musically as Dear Prudence, but still it’s not bad.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

You see, this song is actually really deep. “Molly stays at home and does her pretty face,
And in the evening she still sings it with the band” see, this line shows that she does not have to give up on her dreams for love, so her life goes on in that sense too. Way to go Beatles for combating gender roles or whatever! Either way, in most cases I tend to hate “overly happy” songs that sound ridiculously happy just because they can. This song probably falls under that category, but I can’t hate it. *shrugs*

Wild Honey Pie

I know I probably wouldn’t be breaking any hearts if I said I wasn’t a huge fan of this one. But honestly, I really do like this song. It’s weird, but it’s an enjoyable kind of weird. HONEY PIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

I am so triggered by this song ermagerd guys. Tigers are an endangered species yo and here these assholes are singing about some guy shooting one like he isn’t the worst thing since Hitler ;n; well, this song isn’t necessarily glorifying the act, so I can’t really hate it for that. Apparently John Lennon hated Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da but then went on to make this… well, OK. Honestly, I like this song more.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Oh hey, a George song : D don’t see those much. This guitar doesn’t sound THAT sad George c’mon. If you want a REAL sad sounding guitar listen to Fake Plastic Trees or something. OK the guitar work here’s fine, probably not my favorite off the album or anything but still. The lyrics here are pretty good though, so good job on that George (I know you’re not reading this :c)

Happiness Is a Warm Gun

Oh hey, the song that partially inspired Paranoid Android =D even if I didn’t like this song I’d have to give it credit there. But spoiler: I do. The lyrics are… interesting. Just imagine if all the gunshot sounds in a movie like Rambo or Die Hard or some shit like that were replaced with “BANG BANG SHOOT SHOOT” now THAT would be glorious. The real reason I like it has more to do with the music though. I don’t enjoy it as much as Paranoid Android or anything, but that’s a ridiculously high bar to set for it from my perspective.

Martha My Dear

Paul condones bestiality confirmed :OOOOOOOOOOOO but really, I don’t have a dog so I technically can’t relate, and I probably don’t love my cat enough to make a song like this about her. Because she’s fat and she doesn’t do anything ;n; I like how Paul sings “thick of it” here for whatever reason. Also the arrangement here’s actually quite good.

I’m So Tired

Probably the most relatable song on the album. Poor Sir Walter Raleigh though, what did he ever do to John? But yeah, good song. It’s a song about being tired and it sounds like it, don’t really need much more than that.


You see, this song about a black”bird” is really about a black woman. Genius metaphor I know. But really, I can appreciate this song. He wrote it at a time when the issue was more divisive than it was now (not to say that it isn’t divisive now but still). It’s a relatively simple song especially in a musical sense, but is that really a bad thing? Not necessarily, I think it’s better that way here. However, I don’t think those bird sounds were really necessary, but that’s just nitpicking.


You see, this song is actually a deep metaphor about how capitalism destroys society- *checks Beatles Bible* oh shit it actually kind of is. I actually quite like this song musically, and since I’m a Bernie supporter and therefore a dedicated commie I can’t help but appreciate this.

Rocky Raccoon

Who said brits couldn’t make a good country song? This song kicks Florida-Georgia’s ass by a wide margin. But then again, almost everything does. What the fuck kind of name is “Gideon” though, now THAT’S the big mystery about this song.

Don’t Pass Me By

So apparently this is the first time Ringo got a composition of his own put on the album. Poor guy :c his grand debut isn’t really all that special outside of that fact, but the music’s weirdly interesting.

Why Don’t We Do It In the Road?

You can always count on Paul to give us the HARD HITTING QUESTIONS. Yes, why DON’T we do it in the road? Society’s keeping us down man, it’s preventing us from expressing ourselves. Really, the only thing better than this song is its AMAZING origin story. Fun fact: this was the first song off this album that I bought. The rest of the songs came later xP

I Will

Little baby’s eyesssss eyes eyes eyesssssss oh wait wrong I Will. This song doesn’t really do all that much for me honestly, but I guess the melody’s nice.


John wants to fuck his dead mom confirmed :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well, if I just view this song as John telling his mother about Yoko it sounds less weird so I’ll just say that’s what it is. Comparing this solo performance to Blackbird and I’d honestly say Blackbird is better but this is still a nice song for similar reasons.


Hurray for songs that I can only relate to once a year. Well, if I listen to this song, I can feel like it’s my birthday everyday =D or whatever. I mean, it’s probably the best song about birthdays I’ve listened to, but that’s not exactly a high bar.

Yer Blues

This is TOTALLY my theme song. This song doesn’t really SOUND sad at all, but I’ll assume that disconnect between sound and words is purposeful. It’s a good listen either way though.

Mother Nature’s Son

Now this definitely has quite the contrast with the song above. I like this one too however, it has a soothing nature to it hue hue hue. It conveys what it wants to convey splendidly, not really sure what else to say about it.

Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me and My Monkey

Geez, how many different words for taking heroin ARE there? I can appreciate the sentiment of this song though, and it’s a pretty fun listen.

Sexy Sadie

This song certainly has an interesting backstory, admittedly, plenty of Beatles songs do. So this is the song that Radiohead kind of sort of ripped off with Karma Police huh? I probably enjoy Karma Police more overall but still.

Helter Skelter

Apparently this is what happens when The Beatles go as hard as they possibly can. I’ve definitely heard harder, but that’s probably just because of the technical limitations of the time. It really would be interesting to see what this band could do with more modern music technology. Blisters on my fingers indeed.

Long, Long, Long

Ew God, gross. Though honestly, I like pretty much everything about this song other than that.

Revolution 1

I’m not sure how popular this viewpoint is, but I honestly like this version more than the hard rock-y version. I quite like the lyrics of this song (which is obviously the same as the other version) but I think this version just kind of fits the lyrics better. That version sounds like an actual revolution… while singing about not participating in said revolution. This one’s more like the hippy “it’s gonna be alright” that the lyrics indicate it’s supposed to be about. The other version isn’t horrible or anything though but yeah.

Honey Pie

CLEARLY the inferior version of Honey Pie, CLEARLY. It’s like a happier old timey version of Across the Sea and I got no problem with it. Probably not the best song on the album or anything but still.

Savoy Truffle

Well, I’ll go ahead and say that I like the George songs on the first disc more than the two on the second. The Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da reference is kind of random here. Really, do we all know Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da? Bitch these two songs came out at the same time. That’s just intense nitpicking though, really there’s not all that much wrong with this song.

Cry Baby Cry

Is it just me or is the singing here kind of creepy? Actually, the weird creepiness is probably one of my favorite parts of this song. Obviously the lyrics don’t do much for me but

Revolution 9

Andddddd then there’s this. So apparently this is the longest Beatles song ever officially released… yep. Do you know what this song sounds like? It sounds like one of those songs where you listen to it once and everybody who listens to it kills themselves 5 days later because of the hidden subliminal messages or something. It’s an interesting “song” certainly.

Good Night

The Beatles always seem to have the most creative titles for album closers ever. Well, it does what it sets out to do.

Favorite Song

Hmmm… so many choices mang. In the end, it’s between Happiness Is a Warm Gun and Revolution 1. Happiness Is a Warm Gun is the one I like more musically, and Revolution 1 is the one I like more lyrically. In the end, I feel like I’ll have to give it to Revolution 1. I feel like Happiness Is a Warm Gun could have benefited from being longer, and if it were it probably would’ve taken this spot. But yeah, I’ll give it to Revolution 1.

Worst Song

Well, for most people the obvious one would probably be Revolution 9 or Wild Honey Pie. But… honestly, I can’t say that. They’re both barely songs, but at least they’re trying something different. Instead, I think the award should instead go to the most unremarkable song. And for me, that’s I Will. It’s not bad by any means, it’s just… the absolute epitome of nothing special on this album.


This album has 30 songs and I wouldn’t call any of them “bad.” That’s certainly impressive. Indeed, I actually quite like the majority of the songs on this album. It keeps a consistently good quality overall, it doesn’t lag for long stretches or anything, it can keep me engaged from start to finish. That’s nothing to be discounted, actually, that fact alone makes it a great album. The only thing holding me back is that there aren’t that many songs off the album that I think are “amazing.” Of the albums I’ve listened to so far, the only album that competes with this for the spot of my personal favorite Beatles album is Sgt. Pepper. In the end, I think I like Sgt. Pepper more. So overall, I’d put this song somewhere between a 9 and a 9.5 for me personally, but I guess I’ll lean more towards a…


02-05-2016, 08:19 PM
Review literally every recent REWF of mine without you in it. (Count the East vs West one. :p)

02-05-2016, 08:20 PM
Review literally every recent REWF of mine without you in it. (Count the East vs West one. :p)

Hey mang I have a separate thread for ERB/FMERB reviews request it there xP

02-05-2016, 10:05 PM
Hey mang I have a separate thread for ERB/FMERB reviews request it there xP

Forgot it on account of lack of posts bitch :p

02-08-2016, 02:23 PM
Oh hey, I heard they made a second version of White Album : D letís look at that-


Ö oh. So here I am, reviewing yet another anime with a musical element to it. For the record, the musical element isnít really AS important here as it is in say, the last anime I reviewed, but itís certainly there. Oh well, letís just get down to it.

Plot Synopsis: Log Edition

Before I start I might as well explain the real reason this anime is called ďWhite Album 2.Ē Unfortunately, it has pretty much nothing to do with the Beatles. This show is an adaptation of a visual novel of the same name, and said visual novel is a sequel to another visual novel (that also got an anime adaptation) known as well, White Album. Theyíre not direct sequels, they have different characters and Iím pretty sure this show is set at least a decade after the first one. But apparently there are references to the first one throughout, but yeah. The general consensus seems to be that this show is the superior one of the two. But hey, I canít comment on thatÖ yet ;;;;;;;;;;;;

oh well, now to the actual plot synopsis.

OK, so weíre in like, Japan right? OK, you following me, because thatís a very important detail. Only like, 95% of all anime takes place there. OK so we have a random ass highschool kid, and heís in the Light Music Club and the clubís basically falling apart. Now all they have left is the founder of the club and this guy who kind of sucks at guitar. Occasionally, he practices his guitar with the SUPER MYSTERIOUS piano player next door. Conveniently, when he was just about to give up on the club, he hears some BEAUTIFUL SINGING from a SUPER MYSTERIOUS SOURCE! And thenÖ well, shit happens.

The Characters

Haruki Kitahara


Huh, maybe this does have something to do with the Beatles. This guy could totally pass as an impersonator in a Beatles cover band xP Itís very common (particularly in romance anime) for the main character to be portrayed as a ďnormal person.Ē There are multiple reasons why this is done. When it comes to visual novels, making the MC ďnormalĒ makes it easier for a wider audience to self-insert themselves into said MCís shoes. In other cases, it might just be because all of the other characters are so weird that you kind of NEED to have a normal person there (the Haruhi series is a good example of this). If you couldnít tell, this guy kind of falls under that category. Also, like any good protagonist in a harem anime/an anime with a love triangle (oops spoilers sorry ;n; ) he has the pretty much necessary trait known as... being dense and indecisive. Normally when characters conform to those tropes, thereís a very high risk of them being rather bland. And while this guyís probably not the most interesting animoo dude ever created (not by a long shot) he at least manages to make his character significantly better than he could have been.

ďYouíre not that great, are you?Ē
ďNow that I take a good look at you, youíre not that great. Normal. Okay. Not much better than anyone else. Not good, but not bad.Ē
ďDidnít you know that from the start?Ē
ďItís nice that you care about people, but it also feels like you donít really care about anyone in particular.Ē
ď... Huh?Ē
ďAnd you get points for always being so serious and working so hard, but youíre so serious that some people canít keep up with you.Ē

Thanks for this somewhat out of context quote Setsuna, it really saves me the trouble of trying to explain him myself =P Ö though I feel like that might have been the most Iíve written about a single character in any of my animoo reviews so far. Oh well.

Setsuna Ogiso


(You see, the reason I didnít use a gif for the first guy was because all the halfway decent ones were kind of spoiler-y and I didnít feel like making my own =P) So this is our SUPER MYSTERIOUS SINGER. She likes to singuh, about the moonuh and the Junuh and the springuh, she likes to singuh *shot* OK so basically, sheís this girl whoís kind of idolized at the school even when barely anybody knew about the singing thing. Hell, apparently the school basically had a ďcutest girl competitionĒ (not what itís actually called but it might as well be) and she won two years in a row. So whatís important about that is that almost all but the overly jealous girls at the school like her. This is not to say that everything is going perfect for her. Because while pretty much everyone likes her, she doesnít really have any actual close frieeeennnnnnnnnddddddddsssssssssssssssssssssssss. Until she meets Haruki and chick Iíll write about under her any way. Going more in-depth about her character might get a bit spoilery, but I will say thisÖ Iíll admit that I donít like her as much as the girl Iíll be writing about after this. But sheís probably the most complex character in this show.

Kazusa Touma


Well, she has dark hair and acts cold at first before gradually warming up to the MC, never seen that before. Nope. Honestly, Iím pretty much a sucker for this kind of character in general. This is Kazusa Touma, who spent most of the past two or so years eating junk food, but still somehow has a practically perfect figure. I guess all that fat just went into the best places possible =P SPOILERS sheís the MYSTERIOUS PIANO PLAYEEEERRRRRRRRRRR (the spoiler thatís surprising to the MC and literally nobody else =P). She doesnít really try at all in school unlike the other two characters, meaning that her piano skillz are pretty much the only thing giving her a chance at a decent future. Her momís apparently a world renowned piano player, so sheís rich but still has some major issues with her family (sounds similar to a certain other black haired girl from a previous show Iíve reviewedÖ hmmmÖ) Once again, going more in-depth about her character would probably get spoiler-y so yeah letís leave it at that.

This Guy


Oh hey, thereís also this guy, teh founder of the Light Music Club and has a rather minor role in the story. But heís there.

This Chick


Also thereís this chick, who also plays a rather minor role in the story but still. OK cut the crap, this show is about the relationships of the first 3 and the others arenít particularly worth giving a shit about =P

The Story

If you couldnít tell by now, this is a very character-driven story. There IS the plot point about how they all have to work to prepare a show at the school festival or whatever but honestly the main purpose of that is to serve as what brought the characters together. If I want to sum up the story as simply as possible, Iíd just say ďlove triangle.Ē Has that been done before? Well, obviously. It is worth noting that this love triangle includes love in both the romantic sense and well, the platonic sense. While both girls NOT PARTICULARLY HARD TO GUESS SPOILER like Haruki, they also deeply care about the friendship between each other. They have this great friendship going but then things get complicated because ofÖ love, god fucking damnit love youíre such a fucking asshole! Love: ruining friendships since the beginning of time. The main thing that makes this story unique from all the other animoos Iíve watched featuring a love triangle is the brutally realistic result of it. In the end, the friendshipís torn apart, everybodyís #stillsingle, nobodyís happy, and they all just move on in their life. Some people might see this ending and say, ďwell, what was the point of it.Ē Indeed the first conclusion you could probably draw from this is the fact that life sucks sometimes. Inspirational message I know. To find a more concrete message, you have to look at what went wrong. Can you pin the blame on only one person? Well, itíd be easy to pin it all on Haruki because of his indecisiveness, but thatís not looking at the full picture. Could you blame it on Setsuna for being manipulative? Somewhat, but thatís not the full picture. Could you blame it on Kazusa for keeping her own feelings under wraps for too long? Perhaps, but thatís not the full picture. In one way or another, none of them were really ďhonestĒ with each other. They likely all did this in attempts to ďpreserveĒ the friendship while also trying to get what they want the most, but in the end everything fell apart. Itís probably one of the most depressing animoo endings IíVE EVER SEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNN but I donít feel like itís just being depressing for the sake of being depressing. One thing thatís kind of interesting about this story is the way they omit certain scenes until later to either mislead the viewer, save them later as an important plot point or give said scene more impact (the ending is a prime example of this). I think this method works in the showís favor in this specific case.

The Art and Music

Well, I feel like this deserves mention in its own category because music is a considerable part of the story, not to the same extent as Your Lie In April though. Actually Your Lie In April probably beats this show in both respects. The art is pretty good at parts, and they REAAAALLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY like scenes where the sun is conveniently setting. As for the music, again, it doesnít really play AS integral of a part. Occasionally it serves as FORESHADOWING :OOOOOOOO other times it helps to convey certain ideas. However, thereís not so much blatant LET MY MUSIC CONVEY MY FEELINGS TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU stuff like Your Lie In April had well, it kind of does that with the recital scene but still. Also, while I normally donít bother to listen to EDs, I actually did this time for the sake of the review. Theyíre actually pretty good. So yeah, Iíd say the musicís above average here overall.


This anime does have a musical element, but if you donít give a shit at all about music I donít think that alone should stop you from watching it. The love triangle aspect is the most important part of the show, and if you donít really like watching something heavily focused on that kind of stuff in it at all then I would not recommend this show. Is the concept of the story something weíve never seen before? Hell no. So what makes this show worth watching then? In my opinion, it does what it sets out to do very well, and doesnít try to be anything more than that. While you could probably nitpick certain scenes, overall Iíd say this is probably one of the most realistic anime Iíve ever watched. There arenít any ridiculously over the top scenes or over the top expressions, the characters feel like they could be real people and the stuff that happens to them feel like they could actually happen. The result of the more realistic portrayal is the ability to make certain scenes well, hit harder. Also I might as well say that there definitely is some fanservice in this show but itís not really prevalent enough to meaningfully hurt the show honestly. Itís not like thereís any super emotional scene and then BOOM convenient panty shot or any stupid shit like that. But there IS probably the most depressing animoo sex scene (donít worry they donít make it too graphic) IíVE EVER SEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

Iíll also say this, pretty much every other anime review Iíve done so far was a first impression review. Iíve seen this show three times (or maybe itís four, but Iím pretty sure itís three) and the same scenes still give me the feels even when I know theyíre coming. So I think I can rate this show with more confidence than the other shows Iíve watched. Fun fact: this anime doesnít adapt all of the visual novelís story. From what I gather, it basically just adapts the prologue game. It seems unlikely that theyíll adapt the rest of it because it would have to be longer and probably a bit harder to pull off (also what the hell would they call it? White Album 2 2?) This might be a turnoff to some people, as that basically just implies that this show is an advertisement for the visual novel. ButÖ letís say I didnít know that fact, and watched the whole show. Would the story feel complete? Ö Yep. Iím sure perhaps they might have rushed certain scenes from the VN, but since Iíll probably never play the VN (I canít read Japanese bro) it doesnít hurt the show much except for perhaps a few scenes here and there. Overall, I give White Album 2 aÖ


02-08-2016, 02:26 PM
Not Beatles related enough, 1/10

Nice review tho

02-08-2016, 02:31 PM
Not Beatles related enough, 1/10

Nice review tho

Hey, it has music, it's about love. Close enough probably.

Epic Doctor X
02-10-2016, 04:13 PM
Could you review some of my beats? I'm curious to see how you'd go about that, and what your opinions about them are ^^


02-10-2016, 06:19 PM
Could you review some of my beats? I'm curious to see how you'd go about that, and what your opinions about them are ^^


I guess I'll listen to them and decide if I actually have enough thoughts about them to make a decent review. No guarantee though.

Epic Doctor X
02-11-2016, 02:09 AM
Haha no worries, don't feel pressured to do it man ^^

01-06-2017, 08:55 PM
Wow, it’s been almost a fucking year since I’ve done one of these. Well, I have something I feel like talking about so I guess I’ll revive this right now. These reviews are still just going to show up whenever I feel like it, but I’ll try not to have a fucking 11-month long break again kek.

So yeah, like in my ERB review thread I kind of want to change the way I score things so I actually make good use of the full 1-10 scale. So here’s about what a 1-10 corresponds to. To give you a sense of how that changes the scores, I rated Danganronpa the Animation a 7 on this thread, but under this scoring system I’d be feeling more of a 5 or a 5.5.

10-Damn near perfect, complete lack of major flaws, any flaws that do exist are mostly just found by nitpicking
9-Gr8, may have some noticeable flaws but did not impact my enjoyment of it in any major way
8-Very gud, flaws are existent and may impact quality of it but it’s still very good overall.
7-Gud, generally something that I enjoyed but noticed too many flaws to give it a higher score, or something that lacked obvious flaws but failed to keep me entirely invested for whatever reason
6-Fine, the good in it outweighs the bad, but by a considerably slimmer margin than the above scores
5-Meh, a 5.5 is a perfect average in this system, so a 5 is when the bad slightly outweighs the good. Generally for something dull that doesn’t really do anything egregious enough for a lower score, or something somewhat entertaining that just has way too many problems with it
4-Bad, the bad outweighs the good, but there’s probably at least something to enjoy about it in spite of that.
3-Very Bad, not much if anything to enjoy about this, but isn’t as in your face awful as the scores below.
2-Really fucking bad, very few redeeming qualities if any, but not quite the worst thing ever.
1-Reserved for the absolute worst pieces of shit I have the pleasure or displeasure of reviewing.

So with that out of the way, what I’m about to review today is an animoo that I certainly have mixed feelings about. But where do those mixed feelings ultimately lead to? Well, time to find out :3


Plot Synopsis: Log Edition

OK, so you have this 18-year-old guy and he’s like a complete fucking failure who didn’t get into college. But he got connections so he got hooked up with this sweet ass job he knows nothing about. In this job he meets a cute animoo girl, but she happens to be an ANDROID :OOOOOOOOOOOOO and in this universe androids are basically exactly like humans except with synthetic souls and they can only live for like, 9 years and 4 months thereabouts before they lose their personalities and memories and shit and basically die. His job is now to retrieve other androids with this cute animoo girl’s help before shit goes down when they lose their memories. Looking at this synopsis, can you guess where this is going? Well, to be honest revealing how it ends would barely be a spoiler because it’s probably exactly what you’re thinking.

The Characters

So we have like, 2 main characters and a sizable supporting cast that isn’t worth giving a shit about. Oh well, let’s see how many of them I cover before giving up.

Tsukasa Mizugaki


Oh hey, it’s male lead with almost no personality whatsoever passed off as normal #4905. As the number of anime I have watched has increased I’ve grown increasingly tired of this type of character. To be fair, he’s not the worst offender out there by any means. He’s not as dense as this kind of lead usually is in a romance, but I don’t really know what else to say about him. Ummm… he likes going by the book… ummm… he’s a nice guy… he’s easily influenced by others… ummm… he has a lot weighing down on his heart but he still manages to put up a front and smile… OK, I’ll give credit for that last point but he’s still just not a compelling or interesting character overall. His really bland character design doesn’t help matters.



Well, I’ll just be blunt here. This girl pretty much single-handedly saves this show from being complete garbage. I’ve seen people call this girl a Kanade clone and shit like that, and… well, yeah, I can see where they’re coming from. A short and relatively flat chested girl with long white/silver hair that could be described as a kuudere. But, unlike most other characters in this show I wouldn’t go so far as to describe her as a cardboard cut-out of this archtype. For starters, even at the start when a usual kuudere acts completely unemotional all the time that’s not exactlyyyyyy accurate. She was closed off, sure, but she was definitely more expressive than your average kuudere even at the start. Like she’s trying to maintain composure 24/7 but just kind of fails sometimes, which is pretty cute to be completely honest. Perhaps not the most unique character ever but she’s certainly likable. And she does have some actual character development even if it goes in an obvious direction.

Michiru Kinushima


This is a tsundere, her character traits include being a tsundere and having a tragic backstory while also being a tsundere. I will wholeheartedly admit that I can enjoy a good tsundere from time to time, but the difference between a character like Rin Tohsaka and this chick is that Rin Tohsaka actually has personality traits beyond that. All this chick has outside of being a tsundere is ummm… she likes asserting her seniority at her job even though Tsukasa is a year older than her? That’s kind of funny right? She’s actually really into romantic stuff even though she hides it? IDK I’m trying but it’s legitimately challenging to come up with something.



Well, here’s Michiru’s partner. He’s pretty much just your resident likable little shit for this show. He’s an enjoyable character even if he’s mostly just spending his time being comedic relief but… he’s just kind of there.

Kazuki Kuwanomi


Oh hey, the boss is a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMANNNNNNNNNN who apparently gets drunk after like, three glasses of wine. She’s protective of Isla and she’s kind of rowdy and ummm… well, there’s nothing particularly bad about her character but I’d need more actual development for me to actually care all that much about her.

Meh, I could go down the list of the rest of the supporting cast but to be completely honest there’s just less and less to say about these guys as you go down. There’s no real actively bad character here, but the vast majority basically just have a main personality trait and stick with it.

The Story

Well, I think my plot synopsis pretty much summed up all you need to know about the story. It starts out kind of episodic with the main characters just trying to do their job and getting to know each other better in the process until it shifts to the relationship between the two. There are a few bumps in the road but the end point is beyond obvious. You just find yourself wondering “wait, how much time does Isla have left?” immediately and they give you that answer in like, fucking episode 2. Of course, knowing where the show is headed is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, it’s about the journey not the destinationnnnnnnnnn. But point is, there’s nothing exceptional about this story. It has a moderately interesting premise, but it doesn’t do anything particularly groundbreaking with it.

Art and Animation

Well, if you couldn’t tell by these images the art style isn’t bad. Obviously not particularly unique, but it’s clean and competent. There aren’t all that many interesting visuals to be found in spite of the sci-fi setting but there aren’t any actively bad aspects of it either. The animation quality seems pretty consistent which is nice, no ridiculous dips in animation quality like Orange had. Could be better, could be much worse, there’s not much to say about it.


I like a good drama, I won’t lie. Having something be emotionally affecting is always a pretty reliable way to raise my immersion in a show. I like a good romance, I can hardly explain why I’m a sucker for a romance but… well, I am. That’s just kind of how it turned out I guess. I also like a good sci-fi with interesting concepts. However, having these genres does not automatically guarantee I will like the show overall. What makes this show kind of frustrating to me is that it totally had potential for me to adore it but the execution just falls short. This show is one massive mixed bag, it has some of the elements I love most about a drama/romance show but also has elements of the worst things that can be found in those genres. I’ll do something a bit different here and break down this show by its approach to each genre to give you a better idea of what I mean.

Romance: hey, do you know what this show has that I absolutely love seeing in a romance anime? ROMANCE THAT ACTUALLY GOES SOMEWHERE! :OOOOOOOOOO Now if only I could get this level of progression with characters I actually care about… *cough* where da volume 12 Watari (http://i.imgur.com/PGjdcqP.jpg) *cough* There are definitely some nice moments here, and honestly the way they handled the romance was probably one of the stronger parts of the show. I was slightly annoyed by how they handled the tsundere girl in this regard though. They imply that she likes the MC but they never make it actually go anywhere like, at all. What’s the fucking point of having it in there then? But really, the main problem with the romance here is me not caring enough about the ones involved. The other problems kind of overlap with the drama aspect of this show.

Drama: well, I did have an emotional reaction to some parts of this show. Yes, it did have some legitimately touching moments. However, as far as “feelsy” shows go it could’ve been much stronger. One of the main problems is that I feel like they jump into emotional scenes too early. Literally the first damn scene of the show has the main girl crying in it. Emotional scenes aren’t all that effective when I barely know anything about the people involved in them. Also the tone is pretty fucking inconsistent, it’s fine to have comedy in a drama but I feel like the shifts from lighthearted comedy to feelsy drama should’ve been done in a way to make them less jarring. “Oh we’re happy now and we have mediocre comedy yay- oh hey it’s getting sad again.” Also, some of the conflicts, particularly the one leading up to the actual romantic progression feels a littleeeeee forced. Having conflict is fine, but there’s a difference between natural conflicts and conflicts for the sake of conflicts. Also, emotional scenes are perhaps somewhat less impactful when you see them coming from a mile away. Just saying.

Sci-Fi: OK this show has an interesting enough premise, we have androids with artificial souls and they go berserk after 9 years if you don’t retrieve them in time. Beyond that, there’s barely anything sci-fi about this show. The sci-fi premise basically just feels like a convenient setting for the story they wanted to go for. If the story was about a guy falling in love with a girl with cancer and only a few months left to live the story could’ve been written in almost exactly the same way. That just shows how inconsequential the sci-fi aspect actually was tbh.

So yeah, overall, this show isn’t bad. I’m beating on this show a lot but the main reason for that is because it could’ve been so much more. If they had a better cast of characters that I could actually give a shit about and a more engaging/predictable story line then maybe I would’ve loved it. It’s an affecting miss, but it’s still a miss all the same. I’ve enjoyed shows almost exclusively because of one character in the past. For instance, there is no way in hell Tasogare Otome x Amnesia would’ve gotten an 8 from me if I didn’t like Yuuko’s character so much. But… Isla isn’t as good of a character as Yuuko imo and the “everything” else about this show is weaker too. So yeah, I think the following score would be appropriate with all of that in mind.


01-06-2017, 08:59 PM
I love your review style, I'd like to suggest Swiss Army Man if you haven't seen it. Its my favorite film from 2016, and can be found online.

01-06-2017, 09:01 PM
I love your review style, I'd like to suggest Swiss Army Man if you haven't seen it. Its my favorite film from 2016, and can be found online.

Oh yeah, I wanted to watch that but never got around to it. Consider it considered :3

01-06-2017, 09:08 PM
Oh yeah, I wanted to watch that but never got around to it. Consider it considered :3

If you do decide to watch it, I'd love to maybe discuss it with you for a review. If that's something you may be interested in.

01-06-2017, 09:10 PM
If you do decide to watch it, I'd love to maybe discuss it with you for a review. If that's something you may be interested in.

If I ever get around to watching it I'll tell you probably :3

02-21-2017, 05:48 PM
Well, here's a bit of a change of pace except not really, but hey, it's technically a review of a medium I've never done before.

So here's my review of Pandora Hearts, the manga, not the anime (which I haven't watched yet but probably will eventually).


Plot Synopsis: Log Edition

OK so there's this prissy little rich kid named Oz and he turned 15 or whatever so that means he's an adult now or some shit. So he gets a cool little ceremony where they're like "yay you're an adult now" except everything changed when some emo kids in hooded cloaks attacked. They're all like "your sin is existing" and then Oz was cast into the motherfucking abyss where he met a cute animoo girl. That cute animoo girl is like "hey bitch wanna form a contract with me" because she's like, not a human or some shit and he's like "sure" and then they escape out of the dark LSD trip and try to figure out why the fuck that happened in the first place. And that's just like, the first few chapters kek. Basically it's edgy Alice in Wonderland except with a different plot.

The Characters

Unlike last time, we have a sizable supporting cast but the story is long enough that we are given enough time to give a shit about them so let's do this shitttttttttttt. Also, I'll be using anime pictures for them even though I'm not reviewing the anime so yeah...

Oz Vessalius


So here's our main protagonist, his character design is not particularly unique in any way. At the beginning he just screamed "I'M GENERIC CHEERFUL BUT IGNORANT SHONEN PROTAGONIST YOU'VE SEEN LIKE ALMOST 100 TIMES BEFORE!" But... yeah no, he's not. In fact, he's probably my favorite character in this series and I was 100% not expecting him to be at the start rip. He's actually pretty smart and mostly just acts like he's happy at the start of the story. As you could expect from a shonen protagonist he does put his life on the line to save others, but here it's less because he's some noble hero and more because he lacks any sense of self-worth. I could say a lot more about him but I don't feel like having this review be too spoiler-heavy but either way, seeing this guy develop and change as a character was certainly one of the highlights of this manga.



And then here's our lead female character Alice who's on a quest to find her lost memoriesssss. She's pretty much a tomboy, she's arrogant, impulsive, but pretty much always open about her feelings. She also really likes meat which makes her the worst character ever because I'm totally triggered by a 2D girl eating 2D meat :c While her design's much more interesting than Oz's she's not as interesting as a character. She doesn't really change THAT much as a character by the end of the series but then again that's mostly because there wasn't much about her or her outlook that needed to change in the first place. However, she's definitely likable and her interactions with other characters can be pretty fucking cute a lot of the time. Especially with Oz prob, but this is one of those stories where the author kind of heavily implies some romantic feelings between them but never actually does anything with it. That's a bit of a pet peeve of mine to be honest. If you're going to imply that something's there, actually do something with it. Otherwise why the fuck is it there at all?

Gilbert Nightray


And then there's Gilbert, Oz's servant who has edgelord written all over his design but he's actually pretty kind and gentle most of the time. He's been through some shit and certainly has his own problems he needs to work out but he still never gives up on protecting his master/friend. He's a pretty cool character who undergoes some very nice development throughout the series.

Xerxes Break


Here's one of our primary resident badasses of the series, and his chain (which are basically just supernatural beast servant things a lot of these characters have) is the Mad Hatter. Gee, I wonder why they made that choice. He acts carefree but he can also be rather unsettling and creepy in some cases. He can also be that stoic badass that has a bad tendency to try to take on everything himself. Well, either way point is he's a pretty complex character who undergoes some pretty fucking good character development. To be honest that applies to a very good portion of this cast.

Sharon Rainsworth


While this girl's presented as one of the main characters of the series it must be noted that her role is kind of minor in comparison to the other ones up here. Still she's not a bad character by any means. While she's a noble she's not particularly arrogant or unwilling to get her hands dirty. In fact, it oftentimes comes up that she feels like she's not strong enough and wants to be able to help more. However, she's still probably one of my least favorites of the characters with a significant role in the story. Weird how a female mangaka manages to make the male cast more interesting than the female cast overall rip.

Jack Vessalius


Oz's ancestor who was believed to be a noble hero that fought against a certain major event that took place 100 years before the story started. While he's like, ded his spirit still lives within Oz... and actually he has cemented himself as one of my new favorite villains in anime/manga. I like it when villains that aren't just evil for the sake of being evil but this guy has a pretty interesting backstory and motivations. Definitely did a good job playing with my expectations and not really hating him at all in spite of him being a complete bastard.

Well, I could write about more of the cast easily but point is, this is one of those cases where we have a very large cast but the supporting cast doesn't just feel like a bunch of cardboard cut-out characters. Almost all of the ones worth giving a damn about receive some sort of development and as such characterization is probably this story's strongest point, surprisingly enough.

The Story

The story of Pandora Hearts is honestly kind of hard to explain. Everything just sounds so complicated to the point of being convoluted if I tried to explain literally everything that happens, but even if some of the major plot twists in this story sound completely stupid when said out loud without much context such as OZ WAS THE SOUL OF A STUFFED BUNNY RABBIT ALL ALONG :OOOOOOOOOO it's presented in a way where you can take it seriously when you actually read it. The story is complicated, and it does get convoluted and hard to follow at parts, but most of the time it's not. It's a mystery that leaves a sufficient amount of hints for the audience to figure things out but not to the point where it's too obvious. Plot convenience isn't exactly non-existent but it's not as prevalent as I would have expected. One of the major things I like the most about the writing here is how it reveals the mysteries. Oftentimes they'll reveal some major piece of information in such a way that it looks like the audience mostly has the full picture now. However, it's almost always missing key details, and these omissions COMPLETELY change the impression you get from them. This is especially true when it comes to knowing which characters are good and which ones are evil. By revealing only a small portion of the big picture the story becomes a lot more interesting and hard to predict. You never really know when there's more to the story or not. Point is, overall this story is not flawless in its execution but it's certainly unique and pretty damn well executed considering its ambitiousness.

The Art

Well, some character designs are more interesting than others but overall the art here is very good. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the designs of the chains, I mean just look at this badass fucking thing.

OK, sometimes the action's a bit hard to follow but I imagine that's a problem that isn't exactly exclusive to this manga.


Pandora Hearts in some ways is close to the absolute ideal of what a manga should be. I personally care more about interesting characters than an interesting story, but it's even better when it delivers on both fronts. I kind of expected this to just have a really great story and OK characters but the characters ended up being the best part. That's not to say the story's bad, because it's not in the slightest. This manga's about reasonably long at about 100 chapters, and the author makes good use of this time to expand on the characters she created while moving the story along at a consistent pace. The pacing's almost perfect, it neither feels rushed or dragged the vast majority of the time. However, it must be noted that I found the story's build up to the ending considerably more interesting than the ending itself. For me the ending was like "OK, shit's going down, shit's exploding, people are dying, and I'm not exactly sure what's going on a lot of the time." I'm sure plenty of people could argue that it's an epic and climatic way to end and epic manga, and I can appreciate that but it was also probably the part of the manga that was the most difficult to follow. But I'll be honest, I've never been that huge on that kind of ending in the first place but perhaps that's just me. Not saying that it's a bad ending, in fact when I compare it to anime endings it's really fucking good and conclusive. But a good, conclusive ending seems to be more common in manga from my relatively limited experience so I'm not going to act like that makes it the best ending ever. I'm just saying that within the context of this manga it was one of the weaker parts, which isn't saying much. So yeah, overall this manga is not flawless. The story does get a bit convoluted at points, the writing sometimes gets a little overdramatic, sounding more like edgy poetry than the writing for a manga, and while the writing tries to develop all of these characters and make even the supporting cast interesting it doesn't ALWAYS succeed. In spite of those few notable flaws it's still a strong work overall, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So I have little hesitation giving it a solid...


02-21-2017, 07:02 PM
I know like zip-zop about most Manga, but this was an awesome review! You clearly put in both a lot of hard and smart work. Nice dude!

03-01-2017, 06:38 PM
Today Iím reviewing a completely new topic quite unlike anything Iíve ever reviewed before.

So what am I reviewing you ask? This STAPLES neoprene pencil pouch. Why? IDK mang.


The Color

Mine is black, just black. Black is a very good color, reflects well upon my emotional state a lot of the time and doesnít look overly tacky. Itís not trying to be anything itís not. Itís not supposed to be happy, itís a fucking synthetic rubber pencil case. Why the fuck would that need to be bright and happy? Itís just an emotionless thing that you use to store pencils and stuff in. I really donít get why people want this kind of stuff to be colorful. Oh youíre such colorful people because you use colorful items! But all that makes you look is fake, fake like this freaking synthetic rubber ass pencil case. Itís black, which matches the color of its zipper, it may not be the most exciting color but it does its job. And to me, thatís good enough.


Itís basically tube shaped, and it looks like a thing you could put pencils in. Works for me.

The Material

This thing is made of neoprene apparently. Itís a synthetic rubber polymer thingamajig that some people are apparently allergic to. Iím not allergic to it though, so Iím cool with that. Itís elastic, so it allows you to stuff more pencils into it than you would normally think just by looking at it which is sweet. Nice and durable too, as most synthetic things are. I mean, sure you can dump them in the environment and theyíll be screwing the ecosystem until the end of time but itís been like 5 years and my pencil case still looks the same and works the same.


My mom bought it like, 5 years ago so idk how much it costs. Probably not that bad tho.


As I am typing this, I am using it to bring a shit load of colored pencils to school so I can like, draw with them. I counted like, 36 pencils in there, which is like, a lot. Also, I could certainly fit in at least a little more if I tried. You could probably find a pencil case with superior storage capacity, but not in something as easy to carry around.

Alternative Uses

IDK, maybe if you stuffed it in with enough stuff you could use it as an alternate dildo I guessÖ? IDK, that doesnít sound very comfortable, but hey, Iím trying here.


Itís a pencil case, you can like, put pencils in it. Itís not trying to be anything it is not, you look at it and think ďthis is a thing I can put pencils into.Ē And thatís exactly what a pencil case fucking should be, I donít even know if they still even make this fucking model any more but it works for me. This might not make it an exemplary product, but it is quite close to my ideal. Sure Iím not always able to fit in all of the colored pencils I want but I assume Iím not the usual kind of person. And also due to how its built it might not be particularly good for just using a few regular pencils. It just feels so unsatisfying when you just have a few pencils in there, like itís meant to be filled to the brim. But whatever, it works for me.


03-01-2017, 07:05 PM
Did you get paid for this

03-01-2017, 07:18 PM
Did you get paid for this

I wish kek

03-01-2017, 07:20 PM
you shoulda been because I want one of these now

03-02-2017, 12:26 AM
Review your backpack next.

03-13-2017, 07:00 PM
Welp, today it’s time for another top 10 because why the fuck not. Except this time it’s not my list of favorite songs overall, and I’m not going to dedicate separate posts to each song because I don’t actually have all that much to say about them. Instead here’s a top 10 instrumental tracks. OK, first of all I don’t listen to dedicated instrumental albums like, at all. I literally have one of those, and it’ll probably be included on this list. So the songs on here are all ones off of albums that happen to be instrumental with like, one exception. Also note I won’t be including video game soundtracks or anything like that, because that would be too easy probably. Theme songs are fine though, because those are things that are normally expected to have lyrics probably. Also I’ll keep it limited to one per artist to keep it interesting because why the fuck not. Well, with that out of the way here’s my top 10 instrumentals coming from a guy who doesn’t listen to all that many instrumentals rip.

OK we’re counting down guys.


Propeller 9-The Notwist


Let’s start out with one of my weirder picks because why the fuck not. This is electronic I guess…? It starts out with some weird bassline thing and then there’s this “plop” sounding thing and then it just gradually gets weirder. Or as I would prefer to say, more interesting. The bassline is at least kind of catchy so it helps wrap you into the song. And once you’re in, you start paying attention to all of the other interesting sounds that pop up. I’m not quite sure why three instrumental tracks are tacked onto the end of this album after the closer. They don’t really add much to the album as a whole, they’re just kind of there. However, this specific track holds up just fine on its own so whatever. What does this song have to do with propellers, why the fuck is this the 9th one? The world may never know sadly. I might not know what the fuck this is supposed to be, but I like it any way.



No God Only Religion-Spiritualized


This one’s similar to Propeller 9 in the sense that it has a main hook and then everything just goes crazy in the background. I just find this one a little bit easier to get into to be honest. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt for this song to be a bit shorter, but I guess it still works this way. Still, the title doesn’t seem to have all that much to do with the song… or does it…? OK, so you have this booming main hook that’s kind of catchy to some extent but it’s repetitive and doesn’t really change much at all as the song progresses. The song itself is chaos, but there’s always this main hook to hold it together. But is it really holding it together? Perhaps it’s the driving force of the chaos and conflict in this song to begin with. And if it does hold everything together, is that necessarily a good thing? On its own merits this main hook is just as abrasive if not more so as any other individual component of this instrumental. I could compare that to organized religion, but I’ll just not so subtly imply that I’m making a comparison without ever explicitly stating it :3 It’s also a nice blast of energy after Broken Heart in the context of the album. Either way, it’s an enjoyable instrumental.



The Cascades-Fleet Foxes


In contrast to the last two, I like this one just because it’s pleasant and listen to, plain and simple. I kind of wish I saw more folksy instrumentals like this, I’m sure there are more out there. It’s a nice natural and rich sound, and it takes you on a nice little journey for those whole two minutes. There’s really not all that much to say about it, it’s just a beautiful piece that probably takes at least a decent amount of technical skill to pull off. Not a huge amount going on in contrast to the previous two entries, but I can enjoy what it does offer. So I guess I’ll stop repeating the same thing with different wording and just give it a score.



The Black Hawk War, or, How to Demolish an Entire Civilization and Still Feel Good About Yourself in the Morning, or, We Apologize for the Inconvenience but You're Going to Have to Leave Now, or, 'I Have Fought the Big Knives and Will Continue to Fight Them Until They Are Off Our Lands!’-Sufjan Stevens


If this was a best song title ever list this one would be under heavy consideration. But unfortunately, this is an instrumental review, so y’know. There’s actually some singing/use of voices here but they’re not actually saying anything so I’ll call it safe. This is quite the pump-up song by Sufjan Steven’s standards, but I will admit that standard is very low. Repetition is something that becomes especially noticeable in instrumental tracks, but I don’t really mind in this case. The drums and trumpets or whatever the fuck those are working together just make for one pretty epic sound. Sufjan Stevens doing somewhat over the top orchestration is just fun to listen to in general to be honest. And this time we have a nice over the top name to go right along with it. And people thought Panic! At the Disco was bad kek.



Arco Arena-Cake


Ahhh Cake, the main thing I normally like about them is their interesting lyrics. Turns out they can be fun to listen to even without those. Enter Arco Arena, a song about… idk ARCO Arena probably. Has a nice mix of electric guitars, some weird sounding acoustic guitar (idk could be a banjo for all I know I don’t music rip), and a couple of other random ass instruments because why not. And best of all it has John McCrea saying “HO!” and “HUHHHHHHH” and “YAHHHHHHHHH!” and “WATCH IT! WATCH IT!” Meh, close enough to an instrumental. It sounds bad ass and it’s quite fun to listen to for whatever reason. Transitions into Comfort Eagle pretty well too, which is nice. Almost feels a bit too short honestly.





So, this song is on a metal album. Yep. Truly the best metal song to ever grace this planet. Because whenever I listen to metal, I think “damn I wish we had some barbershop style shit up in here.” It’s funny because of how amazingly out of place it is in Tool’s discography, but I legitimately enjoy it for some reason. In fact, it’s easily the instrumental I’ve listened to the most out of any of these. Granted, that’s mostly because I play a 10 minute loop of it on Watch2Gether or rabb.it whenever we’re waiting on something for the lulz. But you know what? I’m still not tired of this song. Frankly, that has to be some testament to how enjoyable this is in its own dumb way.



The Futurescope Trilogy: III. Return to Ithaka-Weezer


And here we have Weezer trying prog rock for some reason… Meh, I’ll take it. Yes, it’s mostly just the same riff for the entire song, but it’s a good sounding riff. And it’s not like they’re playing it the same way the entire time. They start off with this one riff and just start building up on it over the course of the song quite well. It’s rare to see Weezer try to do this kind of stuff with their music, so when it does happen it is certainly a treat. Sometimes I like listening to electric guitars play some badass sounding shit. I can be a simple man sometimes, and while this does probably excite the most basic aspects of my taste, I won’t act like I don’t enjoy it. It’s a very fun song to listen to, and that’s the beginning and end of it. For an album called Everything Will Be Alright in the End the closer was more than just alright in the end… OK I’ll go ahead and jump off a cliff or some shit now.



Le Voyage de Pťnťlope-Air


Speaking of closers… well, idk here’s another closer I guess. While this song does have a main hook it only really shows up during the second half of the song so I guess it’s like, half a hook idk. Air makes some nice instrumentals, I might have included a second one here if I didn’t have a “one per artist” restriction rip. Moon Safari is a nice relaxing album to listen to, and it’s still interesting in its own way. I probably like Talkie Walkie more than Moon Safari, but hey, they’re both nice. Turns out one of the standout songs off of this album is an instrumental, that’s rarely the case for me tbh. It’s hard to say what precisely I like about this song, it just gives me good vibes manggggggggggg or whatever. I love the horn sounding thing that may or may not be coming from an actual instrument, I love the general feel of the song, I think the more experimental aspects of this song work pretty well, it’s just an enjoyable piece for me.



Guns & Roses (Baccano! OP)-Paradise Lunch


Is this the best anime opening ever?????? Mm, probably not. I could easily put Tank! from Cowboy Bebop in this spot for pretty much the same reason, but I haven’t actually watched that show yet while I have watched Baccano! so you knowwwwwwwwwww. It’s a mafia show, except it has some immortality shit going on and an interesting approach to storytelling idk mang. Either way, just jazzing out for the opening fit very well for the show, and it definitely goes down as one of the best animoo openings I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. It just has this way of immediately hooking you in that few OPs I’ve seen have quite matched. After starting this song the thought “this will be a fun ride” applies to both the show and the song. Baccano itself wasn’t the most amazing show ever, but I liked it. I’d probably give it an 8 or an 8.5 but I digresssssss. I don’t actively seek out jazz music, I’m sure there are plenty of high energy jazz songs just like this out there. Perhaps this one isn’t particularly unique at all, but meh who cares? It’s still a blast to listen to.



There Are Some Remedies Worse Than the Disease-This Will Destroy You


Wow, the top instrumental song I’ve heard is off of a dedicated instrumental album. Go figure, maybe I should listen to those more often kek. Honestly, I just get the sense that a lot of thought and time went into making this song, more so than any other on this list any way. This song takes you on a journey through a bunch of different moods, from a desolate sounding beginning to an angrier conclusion and everything in between. And it sounds beautiful the entire way through. You can visualize whatever you want with this, but it certainly evokes something. This one also has the benefit of never feeling too repetitive, which a lot of the other ones on this list admittedly suffer from a bit. In contrast, this one doesn’t stay in the same place. There’s a lot of variety in this song alone, but it all feels connected. Post-rock is a good genre; I should listen to it more often.


03-13-2017, 07:03 PM
Cool list mang I'll be sure to listen to the ones I haven't already listened to