View Full Version : A Fanmade Picture Song !

01-06-2015, 04:20 AM
Hello, fellow ERB & Nice Peter fans !

We recently made a Mash-up of Youtube creators that we love, including ERB, Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter (each one separatively) : the reason for that is we like doing tributes, but most importantly we decided to take Pete and Lloyd also as individual creators.

They've got ten millions views on every ERB they make, while some of the Dis Raps for Hire don't make it to one million. It's really unfortunate, because Lloyd alone can produce quality content, as well as Nice Peter did some awesome songs on his own. So... The idea with this video is to make you smile on a parody of someone you know, and then you'll hopefully get the curiosity to look to other creators, and discover them as well !

For example, if a ERB enthousiast watch the beginning of the video, maybe he'll stay and discover Dis Raps for Hire or the Picture Songs !


We hope you'll enjoy it, let us know what you think !