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07-11-2015, 03:43 PM
Credit to Facilier for originally making this, and to everyone else who has recently done this (Loh, Brine, and Turtle). Basically, what’s going to happen is you guys are going to pick a character from a video game, then I put them in a death match with a bunch of other game characters. Good? Good.

1) One fighter per forumer. You don’t have to do anything with them after selection, so even if you couldn’t care less for this game, you can fill in the form below and forget about this thread, I wouldn’t mind.
2) They must be from a video game. It doesn’t matter if it’s Simon Cowell from The X Factor game or Twilight Sparkle from some MLP fan game, as long as I can see proof that they’re in a video game and I have a way to gauge their skills and abilities, they’re allowed.
3) If a character is deemed too powerful they shall be nerfed, and if a character is too weak (AKA a joke character) they will be boosted in power. However, unlike the others, I will not make too much of an allowance for joke characters getting far if they have no realistic abilities (even just plain being strong counts as a realistic ability. Characters like QWOP have no realistic abilities). TL;DR: Choose joke characters at your own risk.
4) No characters who have appeared in previous VGBRs.
5) You must fill out the form below. Characters can only be changed within 24 hours of being chosen, unless you have permission directly from me (I will be doing an analysis on everyone before the writing, and this is just to make it easier on me).
6) Sign ups will close when the first episode is posted, in about 2 weeks. No late arrivals will be admitted (as 2 weeks is a pretty long time to pick a character).

Video game they come from:
Stage of choice (Can be any definite location):

Sissel (Kubby) - Ghost Trick
Kamen Rider Gaim (YellowNerd) - Kamen Rider: BattRide War II
Arno Dorian (Gunnut) - Assassin's Creed: Unity
Mecha-Hitler (Polar) - Wolfenstien 3D
The Joker (Turtlesauce) - Arkham series
Harley Quinn (Hana) - Arkham series
Wander (Top Hattington) - Shadow of the Colossus
Friendly Ghost Playing Piano (Lohuydahutt) - Mother 3
Ratchet (Umbreon) - Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
Paul Gallen (Rocket) - Rugby League Live
Fizz (Adonis) - League of Legends
The Great Sacred Treasure (BrineBlade) - Kid Icarus: Uprising
Kenny (Clemi) - The Walking Dead
Cory Baxter (King in the North) - Cory in the House game
Gemini Sparks (Brinstark) - Mega Man Star Force
Frank West (Sane) - Dead Rising

An old warehouse full of random stuff
Helheim Forest
French Revolution Paris
Wrestlemania arena
Arkham Asylum
Crime Alley
14th Colossus lair
Osohe Castle
Planet Q9: Annihilation Nation
Minesweeper stage
Super Smash Bros. Battlefield
Coliseum (First KI: U stage)
Hershel's Farm
The White House
Labyrinthine of Deceit
Willamette Mall

16. Cory Baxter (0 kills)
15. Paul Gallen (0 kills)
14. Arno Dorian (1 kill)
13. Gemini Sparks (0 kills)
12. Kenny (0 kills)
11. Kamen Rider Gaim (0 kills)
10/9. Sissel (1 kill) & Friendly Ghost Playing Piano (0 kills)
8. Harley Quinn (2 kills)
7. The Great Sacred Treasure (2 kills)
6. Mecha-Hitler (2 kills)
5. Fizz (3 kills)
4. The Joker (5 kills)
3. Wander (3 kills)
2. Frank West (4 kills)
1. Ratchet (4 kills)

07-11-2015, 03:46 PM
Name: Sissel
Video Game: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Stage: an old warehouse full of random shit.

07-11-2015, 03:46 PM
Name: Kamen Rider Gaim (http://kamenrider.wikia.com/wiki/Kouta_Kazuraba) (Pre-Fruit Jesus)
Video game they come from: Kamen Rider : BattRide War II (http://kamenrider.wikia.com/wiki/Kamen_Rider:_Battride_War_II)
Stage of choice (Can be any definite location): Zawame City

07-11-2015, 03:46 PM
Name: Ezio Auditore (I don't think he's been in one before.)
Video game they come from: Assassin's Creed II-Revelations
Stage of choice: Renaissance Florence, Italy

(If he's been in one already and I missed it):

Arno Dorian
Assassin's Creed Unity
French Revolution Paris

07-11-2015, 04:05 PM
Name: Pyro
Game: Team Fortress 2
Stage: 2Fort

*Muffled maniacal screams*

07-11-2015, 04:07 PM
Name: Mecha Hitler
Video game they come from: Wolfenstein 3D
Stage of choice (Can be any definite location): WRESTLEMANIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

07-11-2015, 04:18 PM
Harley Quinn
The Arkham series.
Arkham Asylum

07-11-2015, 04:36 PM
The Joker
Arkham Series
Crime Alley

07-11-2015, 05:12 PM
Friendly Ghost Playing Piano
Mother 3
Osohe Castle

07-11-2015, 06:12 PM
Name: Wander
Game: Shadow of the Colossus
Location: Lair of the 14th Colossus

07-12-2015, 03:04 AM
Name - Ratchet
Game - Ratchet and Clank - Up Your Arsenal
Location - Planet Q9: Annihilation Nation

07-12-2015, 04:07 AM
Name - Ratchet
Game - Ratchet and Clank - Up Your Arsenal
Location - Planet Q9: Annihilation Nation

OMG SO MUCH YES. I screamed like a little girl when I saw Ratchet, then screamed even louder when I saw Annihilation Nation.

Let's hope Ranger uses Annihilation Nation to it's fullest.

07-12-2015, 05:40 AM
Character: Paul Gallen
Game Series: Rugby League/Rugby League Live
Arena/Stage/Whatever: Minesweeper, basically a room full of tiles that can blow up when you step on them, or whatever the description that ranger/top had was

07-12-2015, 07:10 AM
Rift Scuttler
League of Legends
SSB Battlefield

07-12-2015, 01:55 PM
Name: The Great Sacred Treasure
Video game they come from: Kid Icarus: Uprising
Stage of choice: That First Town's Coliseum (Where Twinbellows is fought)

07-12-2015, 02:19 PM
Name: Kenny
Video game they come from: The Walking Dead, The Telltale's game
Stage of choice (Can be any definite location): Hershel's farm surrounded by zombies

07-12-2015, 02:23 PM
Name: Kenny
Video game they come from: The Walking Dead, The Telltale's game
Stage of choice (Can be any definite location): Hershel's farm surrounded by zombies


God, this brings back feels :(

07-19-2015, 03:28 PM
One more week to enter, or to change your choices if you have my permission!

07-19-2015, 03:35 PM
One more week to enter, or to change your choices if you have my permission!

One week? Bloody 'ell

07-19-2015, 03:46 PM
Name: Cory Baxter
Game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cory_in_the_House_(video_game)
Stage: The White House

07-19-2015, 05:19 PM
Name: Cory Baxter
Game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cory_in_the_House_(video_game)
Stage: The White House

Best Anime ever.

07-20-2015, 04:11 PM
Character: Pat Sprigs/Gemini Sparks (Mega Man Star Force)
Stage: Labyrinth of Deceit (Kid Icarus Uprising)

07-25-2015, 01:43 PM
Final chance to enter!

07-25-2015, 02:41 PM
Frank West - Dead Rising
Willamette Mall

07-25-2015, 02:43 PM
can you change my character from rift scuttler to Fizz from league

07-25-2015, 03:00 PM
can you change my character from rift scuttler to Fizz from league

GG WP didn't ban Fizz

07-28-2015, 05:28 PM
Prologue: The Fighters

The crowd could be heard cheering from no discernible direction as the show started to be broadcasted across numerous universes and dimensions, each one either rooting for their representative to win or just watching for the carnage. The announcer for this series spoke out over the broadcast.

“Ladies, Gentlemen, and those of other identifications, welcome to this edition of Video Game Battle Royale!” Naturally, the crowd cheered even harder at this, and the narrator (who this time had an English accent) waited for it to die down before continuing. “Do we have a treat for you, as this is looking to be one of the biggest yet! This time, we’re trying something different with the stages. Unlike previously, where we’ve had one mish-mashed arena or switching between them one at a time (or, you know, just had one stage), we’re having parts of all of them going at the same time, connected through certain entrances and exits. These fighters are going to have to take care, because they may need to react to the new area to be able to win. You all know the rest of the rules, so let’s go and meet the contestants!”

The cameras shifted to a traditional street, looking like a set piece from one of the Les Miserables movies. In the middle of the street was a hooded figure, with a blue coat which billowed out behind him like a cape. “First up is the French assassin, Arno Dorian! Arno works for the Assassins in revolutionary Paris, possesses numerous skills such as Eagle Vision, and enjoys long walks on the beach. Anything you want to say?” The assassin just glared while looking up, trying to locate who was talking to him. “Thought not.”

The camera changed to the standard Battlefield stage from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, floating inexplicably in the air, with a few doors in the background (the camera was viewing it as it normally does while battling on the Battlefield stage). On the top platform was a blue being wielding a trident, which some Hyrulians mistook momentarily for a Zora, and caused all League of Legend players watching to sigh deeply from annoyance. “Coming from Bilgewater, it’s the Tidal Trickster, Fizz!” The naturally aquatic being smiled widely, and waved with both arms high in the air, turning around so everyone could see (or so he thought).

The camera changed again, heading to an urban city, towered over by a…well, a tower, with a wide, circular dome on top of it, encircled with four distinctive, smaller red domes. As the author realised at this point he couldn’t describe for s**t, he just resorted to inserting an image http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-BLWsZUVz-Jo/UsogjPKsgqI/AAAAAAADG9c/64AcVXz3z3E/s1600/1388876876653.jpg. A humanoid stood in the area in front of the tower, looking like a Power Ranger, wearing a mostly blue suit with golden additions on his legs and arms, bumped orange shoulder pads and chest plate, and a helmet incorporating all three of those colours, alongside a golden, sword-like curve above his visor. He was noticeably wielding a sword that looked like an orange segment. “This person over here, viewers, hails from the land of Japan, and is sometimes known as Fruit Jesus. Call him what you want, but it’s Kamen Rider Gaim!”
“This is my stage now!” Yelled the aforementioned fighter.
“Well, it’s a good thing this guy is in here, because look what else we have!”

Another camera change, and we see an old colosseum, similar to the traditional Roman style, with two opposing gates. In the centre was, of course, a giant mech. “It may usually be piloted by someone else, but it has a functioning AI that we’re going to put to its limits today. Hailing from the Kid Icarus universe, forged by Dyntos, and capable of defeating the God of Death, it’s the Great Sacred Treasure!” The machine stood stock still in the centre of the arena, making no sound at all. “Looks like we’re not going to get much from him either.”

“Our next contestant-“ The viewpoint had switched once again to a camera looking over a giant warehouse, with a winding path running through it. The contestant in question was wearing a red suit and had blond hair in a hairstyle that must have taken an entire bottle of hairspray. He also had his face on the ground, his ass in the air, and wasn’t moving. At all. The announcer gave a small, awkward laugh. “Heh heh, trust me, he was like that when we found him. Erm…anything you want to say?” The body just stayed being dead in the middle of the path. “Right. Moving on!”

Up next was another location from Kid Icarus Uprising, a weird location filled with blocky objects, all coloured shades of blue or orange. Those who utilised the extra camera function (used so all viewers could focus on the fighter they wanted to, or to just examine the different arenas) could see numerous trippy events which made them quickly switch back to the main show. The main camera was focused on, for some reason, two figures, one with a white body and the other with a black one. They both had a golden arm (right for the black one, left for the white one), green faces, orange hair, and a golden horn. “That’s right, these guys are controlled by the same mind.” A small voice could be heard in the background, reminding the announcer they couldn’t actually confirm that. “Shut up! Anyway, prepare for trouble and make it double, because it’s Gemini Spark!” The screen switched viewpoints quickly, so to avoid any questions or concerns about letting a duo fight (A statement released later said that “Video Game Battle Royale© stands by its decision that Gemini Spark was controlled by a single mind, and therefore qualified as one fighter.” This did not change the amount of backlash they got).

The next area looked more like a stereotypical deserted castle than anything else. It was made entirely of grey bricks, with cobwebs, moth eaten red rugs, and crumbling pieces of debris from the walls as far as the eye can see. In this stage, which one would usually think to be deadly silent, was a faint piano tune. The camera switched again from the entrance hall to the main hall, where a piano appeared to be playing itself. Zooming in, a lone ghost was revealed, happily playing and dispelling the previous illusion. “This guy is one you’ll want to keep your eye on, well, unless you want to lose him completely. An Osohe Ghost, known by most as the Friendly Ghost Playing Piano!” The tune he was playing shifted into the first 9 notes of the Final Fantasy victory music, before instantly switching back to his previous composition. “Well, he must be confident.” Nobody else knew the exact meaning of him using music played at the end of a won battle, so they just used that explanation. “Anyway, good luck to you!” The ghost waved, before returning yet again to his piece.

As soon as the next fighter was shown, the majority of the crowd began to boo. And who could blame them? In the middle of a huge arena, with tiered seats on all sides and exits in the centre of each wall, in the middle of the wrestling arena, was a mech. A mech with two chain guns on each arm. A mech with a clear dome on the top of it, revealing a certain man’s face. “Ladies and gentlemen,” A yell crying discrimination was heard in the background. “*sigh* And those of others identifications, a man that needs no introduction. Adolf Hitler.”
“Guten Tag.” Hitler said, among the boos.
“Well, let’s move on quickly.”

A non-descript alley was next, with a name plate on the side calling it “Crime Alley”. It was dark, with torn advertisements and graffiti on the walls, a large metal ventilation shaft running alongside one of the buildings above head height and (for some reason) rain was lightly falling in this one area. A woman was standing in the middle of the alley, leaning on a baseball bat. She wore red and black corset, blond hair tied in two pigtails (one highlighted black near the bottom, the other one highlighted red in the same location), and a face turned white with makeup, with the exception of the eyes and the lips, which follow the rest of the body’s motif of red and black. “The first half of the anarchic duo I’m about to announce, give it up for Harley Quinn!” The crowd did, indeed, cheer, with some wolf whistles mixed in. Intense annoyance of those could be seen on her face, even in the darkness.

“The second half is right here!” The announcer said as the audience was treated to a view inside of the adjoining building, Arkham Asylum. The character in question was sitting on a chair sideways, so his legs cam over the armrest.
“Yes, hello audience!” The figure leaped up, announcing everyone watching. “I’ll be your victor for the evening! The yin to the Bat’s yang, the clown prince of crime, the one you’ve all been waiting for, THE JOKER!” Despite being as horrible, or even possibly worse than Hitler, the Joker managed to bring one of the greatest cheers from the audience, due to his pure charisma and just plain being well known.
“He said himself, folks.” The narrator wrestled audience control back from the Joker. “Now, we must move on.”
“Oh, don’t go! I haven’t even started yet…” The Joker tried to get the Announcer to stay with him, but it didn’t work.

The next arena was a unique one. A large, grey, square room, with a tiled floor and a large door in the centre of each wall. Some of the tiles had a number painted on them in a darker shade of grey, and just in front of one of the doors was a man with a light blue t-shirt, a very short haircut, a gum shield, and holding a rugby ball, absentmindedly tossing it up and down. “This figure in front of you now, everyone, is the professional rugby player Paul Gallen! However, the true marvel of this part is the stage. Just look at it!” Silence could be heard all around, as no one knew what to make of such a plain looking room, Paul included. “Oh, you’ll see. You’ll see.”

We meet our next contestant on an average looking American farm, complete with the red barn and the white, old fashioned house. Sitting on the front porch, with a pistol, hammer, and crowbar lying beside him, was our next contestant, wearing a red and white cap, a big beard and a glorious handlebar moustache. “Seeing that the game this guy’s from has less confirmed alive characters at its end than A Song of Ice and Fire, it goes without saying that this guy’s a survivor. But how well will he do? We’ll find out soon enough. It’s Kenny!” The zombie survivor didn’t pay any attention to the announcer. He was focusing right in front of him. He remembered this location, but he didn’t remember the great big castle just out of the front gate.

Another camera change, another arena. This time, a round arena is seen, with an A insignia plastered on opposite sides of the wall. The stalls were protected behind resistant glass, although they were empty. It all was, with the exception of a single being in the centre, looking like a humanoid cat. “A favourite for this season, the Captain, the Dread Pirate, the Butcher of Bogon, I expect you’ll be seeing a lot of him, it’s Ratchet!” Ratchet, who up until now had been waving at the unseeable audience, stopped, and talked to his silver backpack, who seemed to have a head.
“Hey, why didn’t he mention you?”
“Well, my programming seems to have been altered in such a way rendering me almost completely immobile, meaning I won’t be able to help.” Clank replied.
“Great.” Ratchet said, as the public’s attention shifted elsewhere.

The grass and old stone monuments in the next arena posed a contrast to the dark metal of the last. “Here’s another one of our odd beaters!” The announcer was talking about the boy wearing sandals which came up to just under his knees, a rather long hair style (although it nothing compared with, say, Sissel), and traditional looking garments, over which he wore a black poncho with a white design on it. On his back was a sheathed sword. Like the Great Sacred Treasure and Kenny before him, he didn’t say anything. He was instead nervously eyeing the Colossi, who was just wandering around the area, sniffing the ground, indifferent to the human who was on his territory. “It’s Wander, the slayer of all of the Colossi!” The crowd cheered, neither beings payed attention to such, and the announcer moved on.
The next stage was the entrance plaza of Willamette Mall, with stores lining the walls. However, unlike it was when the fighter was first in this location, the front doors are no longer locked and barricaded. “Time for someone who can literally use anything as a weapon,” The camera focused on a man sitting on a bench, shotgun besides him while he flicked through functions on his camera. “He’s covered wars, you know. Frank West!” The crowd cheered, Frank waved, and thousands of bets were made as to what his first kill would be made with.

The final room was rather ornate. Well, that may be the wrong choice of words, but it was obvious that the owner of the house had a lot of money. “Ladies and gentlemen, our final fighter for tonight, last but not least, the one, the only, CORY BAXTEEEEEEER!” Somehow, the cheer that erupted upon the mention of this character was far greater than that of Joker’s. The black kid in question just seemed to eat all of the attention up. “Well, that’s the fighters, everybody! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy as s**t starts to go down!” An air horn was heard, signalling for all of the fighters to start, as the crowd cheered loudly once again.

07-28-2015, 05:51 PM
“Heh heh, trust me, he was like that when we found him. Erm…anything you want to say?”

*clap clap* That is awesome.

07-28-2015, 06:05 PM
Prologue? I could've fit 10 deaths in there!


Your research seems to have payed off, looking forward to this

07-28-2015, 06:07 PM
"Gum shield"

you mean mouthguard

07-28-2015, 09:19 PM

07-29-2015, 02:54 AM
"Gum shield"

you mean mouthguard
Nope, I mean gum shield. That's what we've called them over here.

07-30-2015, 02:57 AM
Nope, I mean gum shield. That's what we've called them over here.


07-30-2015, 09:52 AM
Chapter One: Death of a Legend

The air horn sounded, and the Joker leapt up from his seat. He put his arms behind him and stretched, before strutting towards the only door in the room. He pushed it open with great force, posing with his arm held forward as the door banged against the wall and into the rainy alley. “Harley!” The woman, who had been heading towards the building anyway, responded with delight.
“Mistah J!” She rushed up to the clown in the doorway, who shrugged her off without even paying proper attention.
“Now, how about we get down to business?” They walked together down the alley, with the rain somehow not even making the slightest smear on their makeup. As they reached the end of the alleyway, they heard an explosion just before being able to see into the next zone: The hyped up yet visually boring Minesweeper stage, with one noticeably smoking tile.

The air horn sounded, but it still took Kenny a few seconds to collect his thoughts enough to be able to stand up. But stand up he did, putting the hammer and pistol into his trousers for holding while keeping the crowbar on hand in case of emergency. He knew he had two options. He could stay put and wait for someone to come by, possibly create some defences, salvage something that can be used as a weapon and hold out that way. He might even discover a passage in one of the doorways in the house or barn, and be able to quickly dip in there if he saw something of particular interest. And yet, despite how much that seemed to be common sense, there was some sort of allure that the castle had that called him to come in and explore. He stood there, frozen again while his feelings were torn, before ultimately deciding to head into the castle. If there was anything terrible, he could just head straight back. Inside, he was greeted by visuals that would have made him think ‘haunted house’ if not for the exterior, and if not for the unfitting background music. Something played on a piano, that sounded…jazzy? Seeing a bigger room in front of him with a piano just visible around the door frame, he headed in, ready to strike with the crowbar at a moment’s notice. Entering the room, he slowly approached the piano, waiting and expecting to see some sort of kid playing it, based on how he couldn’t yet see anyone. All of a sudden, the Osohe Ghost appeared from thin air and he leapt back in fright, exiting the visibility radius and rendering the ghost invisible. He approached again, slower this time, and reached the piano before the ghost seemed to even notice him. Even then, it just seemed to be a passing glance before going back to his song.
“Hey,” The cogs were already drawing the conclusion in Kenny’s mind. From his experience surviving the apocalypse, he knew that teamwork paid off greatly, at least in the short term. Long term, things could get difficult, but that didn’t appear to be a problem, seeing that one of them would have to die anyway. He took the hammer out of his trousers and offered it to the ghost. “I know that survival is easier with someone else, and you don’t seem homicidal. Want to pair up?” The ghost happily took the hammer, and nodded in agreement to the formation of the team. In the background, an explosion could faintly be heard.

The air horn sounded, prompting Paul to drop to the floor to examine the tiles around him. If the announcer brought special attention to the room, there must be something particularly special about it. The problem was, besides from some tiles having numbers on them, there was nothing notable about the area at all. He stood up, and hesitantly took a step forward. The new tile sank slightly under his foot, but otherwise nothing else happened. He stopped. Stepped back. Thought. Then, he drop kicked the ball across the room to see what happened. On the first bounce nothing out of the ordinary occurred, but on the second a loud explosion to happen just where the ball landed, causing Paul to look away and for his ears to ring briefly. Looking back, there was nothing left of the ball at all. But enough of that, his first opponents appear: A thin clown and a similar looking woman, coming out of the entrance to his right.

The air horn sounded, and MechaHitler started to walk forward. Very, very slowly. On the bright side, he didn’t even have to stop or try to jump over the ropes. Instead, he just ploughed through, the ropes breaking and snapping back without even breaking his stride. However, the sheer size of the area didn’t compliment his speed at all, and he was barely off the main stage when he saw his first opponent, somewhere in the distance. He wound up his chainguns and fired, while storming forward. Very, very slowly.

The air horn sounded, and Fizz hopped down onto the platform to his left, and then down onto the ground. He put his fist to his chin, and turned from side to side to constantly look between the three doors which were now in front of him, deciding which one to go through. Ultimately, he chose on the door on the right. Heading through it, he entered a vast room, with a metal monster right in front of him. Grinning, Fizz tightened his grip on his trident and ran to the side, avoiding the stream of bullets that MechaHitler had just hurled at him.

The airhorn sounded, and Ratchet immediately set down to take note of his inventory. He had the Shock Blaster, the N60 Storm, the Suck Cannon, his trusty wrench, and…
“Really? A Tyhrraguise? What am I supposed to do with this when everyone’s out for my blood?”
“I do not know, but I’m sure you’ll find some use for it.”
“Yeah.” Ratchet put his Swingshot…wherever all of the items came from in the first place. “Is there anything you’re still able to do?” In response, Clank stuck two propellers out of his arms and one from the top of his head. “Got it.” With everything now being in its place, Ratchet set out to find his first opponent. But, upon his first step, a section of the floor sank down. It set off a chain of devices, all of which caused panels to turn over in sections of the walls, revealing lots of levers.
“I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much of a bad idea it would be to pull one of those.”
“I know, I know.” Ratchet was using his Suck Cannon to take in the few small crates around the arena. Satisfied with the new ammo, he quickly walked through the nearest open gate, to see a blue being and a metal monster about to start fighting, AKA the two enemies right up his alley. He ran forward, Suck Cannon ready to fire.

The air horn sounded, and Gaim headed forward to a bigger juxtaposition than the castle on Hershel’s farm: What looked almost like an old, ruined temple amidst grassy fields, right up against the modern buildings of Zawame City, separated clearly by a line, on which the grey concrete instantly transformed into dirt and grass. In this area, the first thing he saw was a single figure, climbing a pillar. The second thing he saw was the pillar shake, and the figure struggling to hold on but succeed. Whatever spell the Colossi was under was removed upon hearing the air horn, causing it to become it’s usual, aggressive self. Having failed to knock it down on the first strike, it backed off, shaking his head, and spied Gaim. It roared, and charged straight at him. Although with his numerous over the top stats he could probably wrestle the thing to the ground, he decided to take the chicken’s way out and decided to use his jumping ability to easily scale another nearby pillar. He did so, causing the Colossi to completely miss him. Both he and watcher looked up, and looked the other in the eye. Well, probably, it was hard to tell through the orange visor. Before Gaim could say anything, Wander had raised his bow. Looks like there wasn’t a partnership to be formed here.

The air horn sounded, and the first thing Arno did was scale the side of the building to reach a good vantage point, and to stay out of sight. To the left was a pale blue wall, with a large, angular hole in it. To the right, another wall, this one made of ancient orange brick. As he was looking in this direction, he saw a large mechanical being slowly hovering down the street. It was so large, it was just a little bit shorter than the area he was standing on, causing him to hide behind a chimney to avoid being detected. After it passed and headed into the Labyrinth of Deceit, Arno crouched walked behind it, waiting to find a particular weak spot to take it out quickly.

The air horn sounded a minute ago, but Gemini Spark had not managed to get anywhere, due to doors being on the ceiling, walls painted to look like a continuation of the corridor, and even corridors that had the white Spark running at full pelt to get to the door while not getting any closer, while the black Spark just managed to walk and progress normally. However, they did manage to both reach the end eventually, and heading through the door showed them the same sight that was seen by three other contestants: A large room with seats lining the walls, a wrestling arena, and an anti-Semitic mech, an Aquatic Na’Vi, and a humanoid cat with a robo-backpack starting to duke it out.

The air horn sounded. Sissel’s body continued to do nothing.

The air horn sounded, and Frank decided to do what any normal person would do under the circumstance: Go shopping. He walked up the entrance plaza, deciding to head into John Wayne’s Sporting Goods, browsing their inventory for something to add to his arsenal. Of course, the first thing he went to was every classic zombie movie’s favourite weapon, the traditional baseball bat. As soon as he picked it up, he heard an unrhythemed tapping sound, causing Frank to dive behind the counter in wait for the being making the sound. As it turned out, it was a black kid, tapping his drum sticks together to form what he somehow believed to be a tune. Of course, this was a dangerous opponent, so Frank took the most sensible option of grabbing the cash register and throwing it at Cory. It hit him right in his side, making him drop his drumsticks. Cory clutched at where the register hit, while bringing out some sort of pen in retaliation. Frank charged, baseball bat raised high, as Cory fired some sort of yellow gas from the pen, hitting Frank square in the face and just causing him to stand there, stunned. But only for a second, as Cory could barely take out another pen before Frank was getting ready to knock his head for a home run. It almost seemed like time was up for Cory, before the reporter tripped, causing all of the annoyance of the same act in a game of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The oil slick had been created by the second pen Cory had pulled out, which he threw at Frank before walking away, obviously thinking that his display of self-defence would suggest that he should not be attacked. The hole that appeared in the middle of his chest a moment later proved him wrong, as he fell to reveal the smoking barrel of Frank’s shotgun.
First Death: Cory Baxter
“Well, the pen may be mightier than the sword, or baseball bat in this case, but shotgun beats all!” The announcer added. Well, that’s what people think he added, but all they really heard was the tearing of numerous betting slips all over the multiverse stating that Cory would win. Frank walked up to the downed kid, raided his pockets to see if he had any more of the pens he just used, and then walked off to the south, towards the main entrance.

07-30-2015, 09:55 AM

Good episode, Looks like he's outta the house

07-30-2015, 10:02 AM
The air horn sounded. Sissel’s body continued to do nothing.


Can you share the map sketch with us?

07-30-2015, 10:09 AM
Awesome episode xD

P.S. RIP Paul

P.P.S. #TeamKennyGhost

07-30-2015, 10:39 AM
I've covered anime's you know

07-30-2015, 11:34 AM
RIP the best character.

Also how can the ghost olay hinting songs now ;-; he's tone deaf without his piano

07-30-2015, 11:55 AM

Can you share the map sketch with us?Hey, Sissel's BODY. His spirit, on the other hand, is doing stuff we'll see next episode.

The map? I literally scribbled it down in a couple of minutes as I made sure that there were the right number of doors connecting, but here it is. I'll include the actual areas included and where the doors to different areas are.

Asylum (top left): The first room you meet Zsasz in, with the one door being the main entrance/exit to the room in the game.

Crime Alley: The alley in which Bruce Wayne's parents were killed, with Arkham Asylum to it's north and the Minesweeper room to it's south.

Minesweeper: 4 exits in the center of each wall.

Osohe Castle: Takes place on the ground/first floor. The staircases on the east and the west connect to the Minesweeper room on the south and to the west, respectively. The main entrance leads to Hershel's Farm. The way to the cellar is not used.

Hershel's Farm: The farm you go to in episode 1 in season 1 of the Walking Dead. The barn and house are fully accessible, and the main road that heads into the farm is blocked off by the exterior of Osohe castle.

Battlefield: The battlefield from Super Smash Brothers (I imagine it being stylized as the SSB4 one, but it makes no difference really). It has three doors near the back edge of the stage (like in the Subspace Emissary). As the camera faces it, the one to the left is the eastern entrance to the Minesweeper stage, the central one goes to the Annihilation Nation arena, and the one on the right goes to the Wrestlemania arena.

Planet Q9: Annihilation Nation is shown in the form of an arena, with three exits. One goes to the central Battlefield door, another goes to the northern Wrestlemania entrance, and the other goes to the Kid Icarus Uprising Colosseum.

Wrestlemania: Like the Minesweeper stage, a large room with four doors in the center of each wall. The northern door leads to Planet Q9, the eastern door goes to the Labyrinth of Deceit, the southern exit heads straight to a staircase up to the arena of the 14th Colossi, and the eastern exit is where the Battlefield is.

14th Colossi: The lair of the aforementioned, it's a green field covered in old ruins. It leads straight onto Zawame City, or heading down the staircase (in game, it's where the Colossi can't follow), goes to the Wrestlemania stage.

Zawame City: Right outside of Yggdrasil tower, it's a paved courtyard surrounded by urban city buildings (and, you know, the giant tower of death). It leads straight onto the lair of the 14th Colossi.

Colosseum: Think of a stereotypical old Colosseum, give it two large gates opposite each other, and you've got this place. One exit leads to Planet Q9, the other to the Revolutionary Paris street.

Revolutionary Paris: A stereotypical street of the era, but no particular image to show the way I see it. To the north is the Colosseum, to the south is the Labyrinth of Deceit.

Labyrinth of Deceit: An ever changing mind f**k which is the home to the goddess of calamity, Pandora. Due to it's nature, there is no particular image, except it is always created with blue and orange angular blocks of varying shades. It has four possible exits: One to the Revolutionary Paris street, one to the western Wrestlemania exit, one to the warehouse, and one to Willamette Mall.

Warehouse: A warehouse filled with random crap from all over the place, with a single winding path through all of it. It has an exit at both ends of the path: One into the Labyrinth of Deceit, and another to Willamette Mall.

Willamette mall: The entrance plaza of the location to the first Dead Rising, both floors are available but only the three exits on the ground floor are accessable. The main doorway heads into the warehouse, the door to the Paradise Plaza heads into the White House, and the door to the Al Fresca Plaza heads into the Labyrinth of Deceit.

07-30-2015, 11:57 AM
Wow.. that's really a lot of work for a VGBR.

This is awesome as hell.

07-30-2015, 12:01 PM
Nice, really put in there some effort

07-31-2015, 07:02 AM
I really want to see Paul use the squirrel grip at some point. He has done it before.

08-11-2015, 05:31 PM
Soon new posts will be considered necrobumps


08-12-2015, 06:50 AM
Chapter Two: Ratchet and Hitler and Fizz and Gemini: All 4 One

We had a standoff on our hands: By one exit, there was the crime duo of Gotham, Joker and Harley. By another, rugby player Paul Gallen. Between them, a tiled floor, with mines placed at random intervals, with only the slightest of hints as to their locations. Everyone who was watching had the same question in their minds: How would any of them be able to cross the floor without blowing themselves up? For Paul, the answer was that he couldn’t. For the other two, it was a different story. Joker took out a pair of comic glasses with swirls on the lenses. While they outwardly didn’t look like anything special, when viewed through they painted enemies and objects of interest (in this case, Gallen and the mines) in a bright, red glow. Harley did…something, but it resulted in her seeing the same thing as the Joker (experts later identified this as her ‘Psychosis Mode’). So, while Joker took in the locations of all of the mines due to not being able to move with the glasses on, Harley opted for a more proactive course of action, jumping and flipping over the floor, avoiding every mine in her way and approaching Gallen with great speed. He swung his arm in a wide arc at her, but she used her momentum to slide under the attack. When getting up she kicked the small of Gallen’s back, causing him to fall over in pain right in front of Joker, who had taken the glasses off and had just strolled across the room. Paul tried to punch straight up, straight into Joker’s crotch, but he simply sidestepped out of the way. “Oh! This one has some fight in him!” The red mist had fallen on the rugby player, and he tried to swing out and catch Joker’s feet to make him fall over. The Joker jumped over this attempt, and proceeded to stomp on his forearm. Paul hissed in pain, momentarily forgetting about everything except the pain in his arm. “Oh dear, it looks like I’ve broken it! Oh well.” He raised his foot and used it to kick Paul in the face, causing him to roll over to in front of Harley, baseball bat raised. It only took three strikes for Gallen to be killed, but she continued until he was nothing but a mess of blood, tissue, and bone fragments.
Second death: Paul Gallen
“Take note, everyone: When you’re in the arena, do not go against the biggest psychopath in the multiverse and his second in command. Erm…is anyone going to tell them he’s already dead?”

“No. No way is that going to happen.” The Osohe Ghost had persuaded Kenny to bring his piano, something about him being tone deaf without it. As it had wheels, making the journey easier. But, having checked the barn in Hershal’s farm to find no gateway to another arena, found that the door to the basement was locked with no way of opening it, and there was no other gateway on the ground floor, the only way they could go was up one of the sets of stairs. And this was where the problem came in: Kenny was the one doing all the pushing, and while he was strong, he wasn’t ready to try and push a whole piano up a steep set of stairs. The ghost thought, and then signalled for Kenny to stand at the other end of the paino. Then, he started pushing with all his might. It made sense, when Kenny looked back on it: They both tried to bring it upstairs, with the ghost pushing it where it would fall, as he wouldn’t be hurt if it did. And, he silently told himself, if that happened they wouldn’t need to push it around anymore because it would most likely break. But, against all odds people would’ve bet on (and most likely due to bad writing), they made it all the way up. To their right were two people, who seemed to be very interested in hitting a red mound on the floor with a baseball bat. Without a word, they both hid behind the piano. The Friendly Ghost thought this was because they would discuss a plan of action, with the piano blocking any incoming projectiles if they were noticed before they finished planning. Kenny, however, planned to use the piano as a method of surprise attack, and pushed the piano hard, sending it flying towards the two clowns. It only went halfway before one of the wheels caught a mined tile, which triggered the mine next to it, causing the entire piano to be destroyed in a swift explosion. The FGPP was understandably pissed, and turned to Kenny with the intention of giving him a piece of his mind…
“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” If it wasn’t for that voice reminding him of their being a bigger enemy at the moment.

The Wrestlemania arena has seen some interesting fights in its time, but none of them truly compare to the skirmish that was currently happening with a Führer in a mech suit with four chain guns, a humanoid cat with a sentient robot back pack, and an Aquatic Na’Vi, with two androids with a yin-yang colour scheme about to join in. Hitler was still firing at Fizz, who was continually running out of the way of the streams of bullets, not a difficult feat seeing how slow the mech suit was. Hitler felt several bumps on his suit, and turned around just in time for the fifth and final shot from the suck cannon to explode against his head dome. He tried to fire at Ratchet, but was distracted after the white Gemini Spark teleported right in front of him to slash in his face with an electric blade. Hitler still fired, causing the white Gemini Spark to be riddled with bullets. The aforementioned android just teleported away like nothing happened as Fizz hopped on his trident, and was sent flying towards Ratchet. Ratchet shot two shots of the Shock Blaster at him, before realising that it wasn’t stopping him and jumped out of the way. Ratchet pulled out his wrench and swung it at Fizz, only to be deflected by well-placed trident. They stared into each other’s eyes, straining to overpower the other’s melee weapon, and both came to the realisation of the best course of action.

Wander let the arrow fly, straight towards Gaim’s face. If it wasn’t for his extra quick reflexes, it would’ve stuck true, but his orange blade managed to impede it’s path, causing the arrow to instead fall to the ground. But that wasn’t it, Wander was firing off a whole volley of arrows at Gaim, forcing him to leap from pillar to pillar in order to avoid them. He followed the path the columns had made for him, until reaching the one just beside Wander. He reached behind for another arrow, but just felt an empty quiver. He drew his sword as Gaim smiled beneath his helmet, and leaped. Just before he left the platform he was thrown off balance as the Colossi, who had been aggravated by the constant falling of arrows, charged into and shook the pillar Gaim was on. This resulted in Gaim slamming his face into the pillar, and falling to the floor as the previous pillar fell down as well. He stood up, shaking his head to regain his senses, as the Colossi charged towards him. Wander wisely took a greater grip on the column, as it ploughed into Gaim and then the column, transferring enough force to cause it to fall.

It was infuriating to Arno for two reasons. For one, the Great Sacred Treasure never stopped to allow him to get close, or even had anything to indicate a weak spot. Second of all, this place was simply a pain to the eyes. Odd shapes and platforms with no clear purpose, fake walls and doors, you name it. However, somehow, the mech seemed to know where to go, so the best course of action would be to follow it. Arno thought to pick up the pace slightly, and risked moving faster, so to close the gap between the two. He did so, and just after the Treasure moved through another door he struck, sticking his hidden blade into a joint and then hiding behind the door frame. The GST turned around quickly, and headed back into the Labyrinth of Deceit. The hunt was on.

Sissel’s body still did nothing.

Frank West walked through the mall’s main entrance, and found himself in a large warehouse. To many people, it would look like a load of junk, but to Frank West, it was better than the mall he was just in. We wandered the one, winding pathway, investigating the mounds of chairs, baskets, fishing rods, animatronic heads, snooker balls, night vision goggles, Duff six packs, and so on. He eventually settled on a blue arm cannon he vaguely recognised from the mall, and he put a spanner down the back of his trousers, just in case. He then froze as he came across a body in a particularly narrow section of the warehouse, posed in an…unfortunate position, face turned away from him. Frank adopted a more stealthy approach, sneaking up to the downed man. He took out his shotgun, and not so stealthily blew half of his head off.

Sissel was annoyed intensely at how the man treated his body, but he guessed it couldn’t be helped. Maybe he didn’t know he was a spirit, thought he was unconscious, and decided to easily dispatch another enemy. In fact, his spirit had been moving constantly since the air horn sounded, moving from object to object, finally resting in the spanner that the reporter had picked up. Until he had the chance to kill or revive someone, staying with this man seemed to be the best option. They travelled through the rest of the warehouse (Frank made numerous noises indicating that a certain object had peaked his interest, but continued, thinking he had enough weapons. The moved into the next location, and both contestants groaned. The Labyrinth of Deceit had gained two more fighters.

08-12-2015, 07:07 AM
What do you mean I have to spread my reputation around? Ugh.

Well, te episode is great, Sissel sprung into action, the body will probably continue to do nothing, a mech hunting a French assassin and the assassin hiding cowardly like he's well, French, Hitler incompetent as always... So great.

Third death: Piano

08-12-2015, 07:44 AM
Great episode brudda!

but where's Deadpool

inb4 Kenny gets a double on Joker and Harley

08-15-2015, 04:39 PM
Chapter Three: Episode Related Pun

The Labyrinth of Deceit was an ever changing area, Arno noted. He had successfully managed to lose the Great Sacred Treasure, however he had also managed to get himself similarly lost. He climbed the wall, and put himself on a midair platform. All of his equipment was in order, so the best option could think of was to activate his Eagle vision, and see if he could locate the other fighters. However, he swiftly heard numerous shots and explosions, and just a second later the one and only Frank West rushed through the door, taking a sharp turn to his left. The GST followed swiftly after, obviously in pursuit of the reporter. Arno took advantage of the distraction, and used his phantom blade to fire the two shots at the mech (reasoning it was a much bigger danger than Frank was), one in an arm joint and the other in the facial area. Both shots merely ricocheted off and slammed into the wall, bringing the AI’s attention onto the Assassin. A volley of fireballs was fired, making Arno jump off the platform and onto the floor. He fled the room as two blue blades seemed to hone in on him, but a sharp change in direction ensured that they missed their mark. The door automatically closed behind him, blocking any further attacks. He leaned against the wall and listened, as the gears literally turned in the Great Sacred Treasure’s head, decided that one of the two would most likely end the other, wasting their resources and making it’s job easier in the long run. Arno stood back from the wall, and turned around to see Frank rushing at him with his baseball bat drawn. As Frank swung, he ducked under it, and punched him square in the chest. Frank staggered back as Arno drew a flintlock pistol, but regained himself enough to swing the bat at the gun, causing a shot to fire at the ceiling and the gun to fall out of the Frenchman’s hand. Frank aimed for a crotch shot, but Arno jumped on and off the wall to get behind him, activating his hidden blade and stabbing it into Frank’s neck, severing the spinal cord. The reporter slumped to the ground.
Third Death: Frank West
“He actually wrote his own obituary. Here, let me read you it...on second thoughts, you already know what it says. Five words.” Oblivious to the announcer’s words, he retracted his hidden blade, and went off in search of another opponent.

Gaim got to his feet, still unsteady, head still reeling. The colossi did so as well, the stone growths that once protected it’s head now gone, broken off from plowing the Asian Power Ranger into a column. Wander climbed up a pillar still standing, having already learnt the right technique for dismounting the stone monuments when they were collapsing. This lead to the two powerful beings looking each other in the eye, before the 14th Colossi roared and charged at Gaim. The latter took his orange slice sword and tried to cut it as it passed, but it seemed to not even pierce the hide. As it turned around and charged again, he lept up, only using a fraction of his jumping power but still managing to land on it as if it was a horse, albeit facing the wrong way. He tried to plunge the sword down with all of his might as the Colossi tried to shake him off, but it merely glanced off, causing his weight to awkwardly shift and the Kamen Rider to drop and roll off of it. It turned and charged yet again, but Gaim stood fast. He simply raised his sword, with the aim to pierce the Colossi’s eye as it hit him. Instead, he was met with as much success as the other two attempts, possibly less so as it resulted on him being trampled on by a multi-ton being. All of a sudden, without any warning except for the use of the rule of three, the Colossi roared again in pain as Wander fell onto him, sword plunging into the space between the shoulder blades, or perhaps the neck. Either way, it was actually proving effective, as it was intensely painful for the beast, constantly rocking and ramming in an attempt to get Wander off of it’s back. Wander didn’t let go, though, and ultimately the Colossi let loose one final, dying yell, and slumped down, deceased. Black lines suddenly emerged from it, turning sharply midair and homing in on Wander, hitting him and being absorbed into him. This caused the man to fall down in pain, before they stopped and he hesitantly stood up again. Gaim couldn’t do anything but watch in awe.

Mecha-Hitler was struck simultaneously by a wrench and a trident, as the two anthropomorphic favorites had teamed up temporarily to take down the biggest threat. He tried to shoot them, but both were fast enough to stay behind the suit, all while beating at it constantly. This left two more targets to shoot at: The Gemini Spark twins, who just happened to enter his line of sight, side by side. They raised their arms as he wound his chainguns, and they simultaneously let loose a powerful blast: Gemini’s was a bolt of electricity, Hitler’s was a wave of bullets. They both hit their target, with numerous bullets hitting both androids, albeit not fatally. It appeared not to be the same the other way around, as Mecha-Hitler exploded, leaving a black cloud and a shockwave that blew back Fizz and Ratchet. Everything turned silent for a moment, with the black Gemini teleporting in front of the smoke cloud to get a better look. He heard...something. Was that...mechanical whirring? A stream of bullets plowed into the black Gemini Sparks, causing him (and his white counterpart) to turn into a white silhouette of itself, mini explosions occuring all over it’s body, before disappearing completely.
Fourth Death: Gemini Sparks
“Looks like someone deleted their vital functions files.” Loud boos could be heard, yet again. “Oh come on, you try to think of something! Oh, right, him.” The displeased sounds were not meant for the announcer, as the smoke had now cleared, revealing that Hitler had given himself a second wind. He stood, suitless, in a green suit and with a chaingun on each hand. He turned, with much higher speed than before, to face Ratchet and Fizz, both of whom gripped their weapons tightly. Hitler laughed, which transformed into a full, evil belly laugh, before winding up his chain guns to be able to attack again.

“Now, look what the cat dragged in.” Joker leered, putting an open hand in front of Harley. She took out her knife and gave it to him. “Now, why are you two looking so sad? Oh, this?” He kicked some of Gallen’s remains away. “That was nothing, don’t you worry. Now, let’s put a smile on that face!” He started to slowly approach Kenny and Osohe Ghost, seemingly having memorised the locations of all of the mines. The ghost made a exclamative noise, and signalled for Kenny to take his hands. When he didn’t, instead hitting his crowbar against his free hand menacingly, the usually Friendly Ghost grabbed the free hand and started heaving, trying to bring Kenny up in the air. It was slow going, and it caused Joker to stop and marvel at the sight, but the ghost was still bringing the survivor up and out of harms way. “Oh, how touching!” The Joker said, “But I’m afraid I’m going to have to bring an end to this.” He brought out his revolver, and shot once. It passed straight through the Ghost’s hand but hit Kenny’s, causing him to yell and to relenquish the grip he had formed on the Friendly Ghost’s hand, falling to the ground. He landed badly, hurting his left leg and collapsing, luckily not activating any mines. The Joker approached again, knife back in his hand and the revolver away, when Kenny sat up, pointing his pistol at Joker.

"Hello?" Sissel had moved his soul into the dead body of Frank West, and was now trying to speak with his spirit. Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case, the reporter's ghost was unconscious, and had taken the image of a blue flame. "Still asleep, huh? Well, better get to work..."

08-15-2015, 04:57 PM
Yum, Colossus soul tendrils. My favorite.

RIP #14 :(

08-15-2015, 05:02 PM
Yum, Colossus soul tendrils. My favorite.

RIP #14 :(
To be fair, you did choose one of the only naturally aggressive Colossi in the game, he wasn't going to get out unscathed against a selection platter of some of gaming's greatest warriors.

But hey, he could only be hurt by Wander's sword! That's true to source material, right?

08-15-2015, 05:05 PM
To be fair, you did choose one of the only naturally aggressive Colossi in the game, he wasn't going to get out unscathed against a selection platter of some of gaming's greatest warriors.

But hey, he could only be hurt by Wander's sword! That's true to source material, right?

Mhm, you're doing a great job with research, ranger. You're doing a great job with everything, actually.

08-15-2015, 05:20 PM
I covered wars you know

08-15-2015, 05:21 PM
Arno got a kill yea

08-15-2015, 05:23 PM
can Frank become a zombie who kills the announcer and covers this war

08-15-2015, 05:24 PM
Well... seeing Sissel is now within his body...he can still be saved.

08-15-2015, 07:58 PM
OH NOOOOOOOOOOO how's Kenny going to get out of this one? :c

08-16-2015, 09:52 AM
Hella great episode.

I think I got new ideas on who's winning :P

08-16-2015, 09:53 AM
Hella great episode.

I think I got new ideas on who's winning :P
Which are? Just out of curiosity.

08-16-2015, 09:54 AM
Which are? Just out of curiosity.

Rhymes with Pisser

08-16-2015, 01:21 PM
Chapter Four: One Fighter Barely Appears

Sissel looked around the area, which was now completely empty. As there was no corpse of Frank West five minutes prior to his death, he was in the same location, but inhabiting some sort of ghostly silhouette, not visible to the average eye. Frank’s ghost had come along as well, but there was no telling when he would wake up. So, Sissel waited. After a while, he heard numerous shots, and Frank rushed through the door, panting heavily. Arno came through a few moments later, prompting the door to slide closed. Sissel found West’s baseball bat to be within range, so moved his soul to it as the doomed reporter crept up to the assassin. Arno turned around, seeing the incoming baseball bat assault, prompting Frank to rush up and swing the bat, missing as Arno ducked. Moving into the Ghost World, Sissel could see the cores of numerous objects in the room: The ghostly corpse, the baseball bat he was currently in, and among others, one that seemed to be in the assassin’s wrist. Moving to there, he realised that there were actually two, very close together, and it was some sort of device on Dorian’s wrist. Back in the land of the living, he tried the trigger he was currently possessing. A small shot flew out and ricocheted off the door frame, missing and going unnoticed by both fighters. And so did the second, as Sissel pulled it two more times to find out it was only loaded with two shots. Now Arno had pulled out his pistol, only to get it knocked away some distance. Realising what it must do, Sissel held off until Arno was behind Frank. The assassin pushed the trigger Sissel was in, causing the blade to stick out. Sissel immediately activated it again, retracting the blade and causing Frank to just be hit on the back of the head with an open palm. He elbowed behind him, catching Arno by surprise and stepping back. He raised his wrist again and activated the Phantom Blade, being confused when no dart came out. This gave Frank ample time to take out the discarded Mega Man arm cannon, and fire it at Arno. He hissed in pain, the shots burning his skin, before throwing down a smoke bomb, using it to disappear. Frank took out his shotgun, and slowly moved around the room, looking for his opponent. A punch to the back of the head caused him to stumble and drop the firearm, with the assassin having suddenly appeared behind him. He grabbed the baseball bat, but Arno promptly disarmed him of that as well, throwing it to the side, causing it to land near the pistol. Frank tried to defend himself, but Dorian was dealing a unrestrained beatdown of him, up until a loud shot was heard and Arno felt a searing pain in his ankle. He dropped to the floor, and Sissel, who had transferred his soul from the hidden blade to the baseball bat and then the flintlock pistol, saw he had another opening. He fired again, this bullet embedding itself into Arno’s side. As the assassin roared in pain, Frank rushed to the shotgun, picked it up, and fired three shots at the Assassin, putting him out of his misery.
Third Death: Arno Dorian
“Looks like the Assassin has been assassinated.” The announcer quipped, as time changed and the silhouette where Frank’s corpse once was (and now never will be) faded away, leaving Sissel in the pistol. Frank stood up, took a few deep breaths, and investigated the two items he was interested in. The hidden blade wasn’t worthwhile, as it required the sacrifice of the ring finger to be used and the phantom blade had no ammo left. After picking up the baseball bat (Sissel moved into this, and then into the wrench again for accessibility), Frank looked at the flintlock. It was double barreled, and both rounds had been fired, so there was just as little need to take this. Frank put it down, and left the room, allowing the Frenchman to requiescat in pace.

The Joker, staring down the barrel of Kenny’s gun, dropped the knife and flung his arms up over-dramatically. “Oho! You’ve got be officer! Take me to jail! When do I get my free phone call?” Kenny stood up, leg still weak.
“What?” He managed to get out, being baffled by the madness of the non-powered super villain.
“Wait! Let me speak with my attorney. Harley, should I use my right to remain silent?” Kenny looked to Harley, who had leveled her firework pistol at Kenny.
“I say we sue, let this cop burn!” She fired her unique weapon, causing the projectile to explode on Kenny’s shoulder. He yelled, dropping the gun and to his knees.
“I agree, Harley. There’s no use for bad cops unless they’re on my payroll.” He pulled out his revolver, pointed it at Kenny’s face, and promptly dropped it again as the Osohe Ghost hit him on the back of the head with the hammer he had been given. His vision was blurry, but he lashed out with his fist, only succeeding in going through him. He floated out of reach again. “Now that’s not fair!” He picked up his revolver and shot at him once, twice, three times, but only succeeded in going through him. The ghost swooped low and tried to hit Joker with the hammer again, but this time got it wrestled out of it’s hand. “Now that’s over,” He turned to Kenny, who had only just regained himself enough to scramble for the gun, “Let’s shoot what we can actually hit.” The revolver discharged for the fifth time, straight into Kenny’s forehead.
Fifth Death: Kenny
“The obvious statement would be to call Joker a b*****d, but we know he’s already one, so...yeah.” The announcer trailed off.
“Well, Ghostie, why don’t you come down here and fight like a man!” Joker dropped the gun (accidentally causing it to fire it’s final round in no paticular direction) and raise his fists, hopping from foot to foot and moving his fists in a circle, in an extremely cartoon-y manner. The Osohe Ghost was half seething at the death of his partner, and part fearful of what the two clowns could do, so refused to come down from up high.

Wander rushed forward with his sword raised, causing Gaim, still a bit dizzy, to raise his in retaliation. Their blades collided, enchanted steel against segmented orange. The two proceeded to have a hugely dramatic sword fight around the ancient ruins and dead Colossi, each one countering the other’s blows, with Gaim being still just not quite ‘there’ enough to be at his quickest speed. Soon, they found themselves at a test of strength, with their blades locked and each one straining to become victorious. Wander groaned, a bead of sweat appearing on his forehead, and took this moment to give a brief, close up once over of Gaim. He saw something interesting, and leapt back. The sudden change in resistance caused the Kamen Rider to lose balance, as Wander fell to the ground and picked up two arrows, which had fallen in his previous duel with Gaim. Now, before we continue, I feel like I should bring forward three pieces of my analysis to allow you to fully understand why what is going to happen will happen. First, Wander is exceedingly strong, having been shown to hold his own body weight for extended periods of time, and can hold on when giant Colossi are trying to shake him off. Secondly, he is extremely accurate with the bow, being able to hit a relatively small target while his horse is running parallel to it at full pelt. Third, Gaim and his items have been nerfed. The cocked arrow was sent flying, and hit the lockseed on his belt. The lockseed, already having been weakened through the numerous assaults Gaim himself had taken, completely broke under the direct, piercing damage, causing Gaim to swiftly transform back into a standard japanese human. Kouta smiled nervously, and laughed a bit, while slowly reaching for his Pine lockseed. He jerked his hand in front of himself, but it was no use against the second arrow that was hurtled towards him, and pierced his chest. He collapsed to his knees, in great pain yet in silence, and then he collapsed completely, sprawled on the floor.
Sixth Death: Kamen Rider Gaim
“Gaim may have hit incredibly hard, but the nerf hammer hit harder.” Wander was now all alone, giving him time to walk around the arena, collecting all of the still usable arrows, including the one sheathed in his late foe.

The change in attributes did not affect Fizz much, being notoriously fast. However, Hitler’s recent speed boost hit Ratchet a lot harder, only just managing to avoid the streams of bullets. He shot numerous times at him with the Shock Blaster, but it seemed to be no use. “Come on! Shouldn’t he be weaker without that suit on?” Ratchet questioned.
“Maybe he just used the suit to accentuate his firepower, or as an extra layer of protection that he didn’t completely need?” Clank responded, sticking out his propellers to slow their decent as Hitler shot straight on, through Ratchet and an oncoming Fizz, who slid underneath the bullets instead. He hopped on his trident and sped towards Hitler, only to hurtle forwards without his weapon as it hit the chaingun, causing it to lose all momentum instantly. Ratchet pulled out the N60 Storm, and showed Hitler with shots.
“Well, he can feel free to stop fighting at any point now.”

The Great Sacred Treasure continued moving around the Labyrinth of Deceit, until reaching the same door it was about to move through before being interrupted by Arno. It moved through it, and ten seconds later, Frank followed it through.

08-16-2015, 01:38 PM
Rip Kenny :(

Awesum eppy

08-16-2015, 02:02 PM
Requiescat in pace

Damn you ranger

08-16-2015, 02:04 PM
Fate Averted.

Hell yeah.

08-16-2015, 02:36 PM
wait did Frank West come back

08-16-2015, 02:38 PM
wait did Frank West come back

Yes, thanks to Sissel

08-16-2015, 02:39 PM
wait did Frank West come back

Sissel has the ability to enter the body of someone who has died within 24 hours, go back 5 minutes, and use his Ghost Tricks to change how events turn out. That's how he changed the course of the battle after it happened, and had Arno take his place on the death table.

08-16-2015, 02:40 PM
Sissel has the ability to enter the body of someone who has died within 24 hours, go back 5 minutes, and use his Ghost Tricks to change how events turn out. That's how he changed the course of the battle after it happened, and had Arno take his place on the death table.

Holy fucking shit thank you Sissel

so Frank West is still in the game woohoo

08-16-2015, 03:19 PM
Ahh incredible episode.

I guess you could say that Wander... beat the Gaim.

I'm sorry.

08-16-2015, 03:22 PM
Ahh incredible episode.

I guess you could say that Wander... beat the Gaim.

I'm sorry.

Kamen to this thread, I Wander'd if you'd make a pun

08-16-2015, 03:27 PM
Ahh incredible episode.

I guess you could say that Wander... beat the Gaim.

I'm sorry.

Kamen to this thread, I Wander'd if you'd make a pun
Joker and Wander die next. Sorry, but those terrible puns require punishment.

08-16-2015, 03:35 PM
Joker and Wander die next. Sorry, but those terrible puns require punishment.

You must be Joking, you wouldn't Wander so far from the initial plan just to punish us.

08-16-2015, 03:39 PM
At least I apologized for mine, Turtle has no shame

08-17-2015, 01:34 PM
Chapter Five: Death of the Unkillables

Given that it was at the centre of all of the different areas that made the total arena, had four entrances/exits and a highly resistant, slow moving fighter starting it, some would say that it was inevitable that it would become the main arena for the fighting to take place. And so it did, as while Fizz and Ratchet had temporarily teamed up to fight not-so-Mecha-anymore Hitler, Wander entered from the southern entrance and the Great Sacred Treasure came in from the east most passage. The entrance of the giant, white monstrous being caused Ratchet to stop and stare open mouthed, which in turn made Hitler curious and had him turn around, allowing Fizz to quickly nip in to take his trident back before looking back and appearing similarly stunned. Wander, with his game being a boss rush of giant bosses, was probably more stunned by the fact that it was a brilliant white instead of some shade of grey. However, all he did was increase his grip on his sword, and walk forward.

The Great Sacred Treasure launched a volley of fireballs, spreading them across the room. However, due to the size of it, they were rather spread out, meaning everyone dodged them rather easily. It was assaulted on two fronts, the first being right in front of it, with Not-Mecha Hitler’s chain guns. It charged briefly, and then sent three tall tornadoes forward, the center one focused on Hitler. He strafed to the side, but was caught by one of the outer tornadoes and was tossed around. Frank West, who had been the second front, had finally made his way around the GST and fired his shotgun once more, only to find it was out of ammo. He flung it aside, and then picked up the first thing he had and flung it at the Treasure, hoping for an oil spill to mess with the electronics, or for an accidentally well placed shot from the mega buster firing upon collision. The spanner simply made an audible donk as it rebounded off of the area where it’s head would be. While it appeared to work, as it didn’t do anything immediately after, it was instead running through different actions.
Current enemies: 6
Chance of defeat as current: 64.8%
Use of ultimate weapon: Yes
Estimated chance of hitting all enemies with ultimate weapon: 0.46464646…
Employing grouping maneuver…
The Great Sacred Treasure launched a ball of energy near the centre of the room, to the left of the stage from it’s position. This caused Hitler, Fizz, Ratchet, Frank, the up-until-then slowly approaching Wander, the shotgun and the spanner containing Sissel to be dragged against their will towards it. They all (minus Sissel) prepared to fight when they were close enough together, if it wasn’t for the voice from Ratchet’s back speaking up.
“I don’t mean to interrupt the carnage that is about to happen, but I don’t think that the appearance of that giant robot nor the current state of the floor is a good sign.” Half of them looked to the Treasure, and the other half to where they stood. The Great Sacred Treasure was visibly charging, and the amount of time it was taking showed that it was going to be a big hit. The floor was flashing a red colour, which increased in intensity as time quickly passed.They looked at the other thing that was pointed out to them, and realised with dread that Clank was right. The energy ball disapperated while all those who were animate were still a few meters away, and everyone scarpered to the left or right, anywhere as long as it was the quickest way out of the highlighted area. All except for Sissel, who due to his light weight, had been drawn forward quicker and had reached the ball before it disappeared. Right in the middle of the highlighted area.
“Crap…” He said, before the giant laser was fired.

“I swear, I’m going to kill you if it’s the last thing I do!” Joker yelled. Since he realised that nothing they could do could hurt him, the Osohe ghost had decided to taunt them within arms reach instead. He had taken the hammer a while ago, so they were both staying out of reach, but it was just another way he could taunt them. He mimed yawning, tossing the hammer up and down. “Why you...hang on a minute.” All three looked down, and saw the flashing floor, creating almost a corridor from the door. They looked at each other as it increased in speed, and then the Gotham duo covered their eyes as a bright beam suddenly appeared, suddenly engulfing the Osohe Ghost.

When the beam disappeared, there was no shotgun, no spanner, no 3/4ths of the wrestling arena, and most importantly no spirit of Sissel.

When the beam disappeared, there was nothing to indicate that the Osohe ghost had been there at all, not even the ashes of the hammer.
Seventh/Eighth Death: Sissel & Friendly Ghost Playing Piano
“And a double kill for the Great Sacred Treasure!” The announcer yelled. “Dyntos, we’re forwarding you the damage costs.” The Joker and Harley were both lost for words. For a short time. This is Joker, remember.
“Ohohoho! I told him I would get him! Now, come Harley, let’s find some others.”

The five remaining fighters in the Wrestlemania stadium braced themselves. Although no one said anything, they all knew that this thing had to go down (mainly because they didn’t know that laser was a one time only deal, but nobody tell them).

08-17-2015, 01:37 PM
And then there were 8..

08-18-2015, 04:40 PM
Chapter Six: Teams...Teams Everywhere

Success: 20%
Activate combat procedure Icarus
Restraints: No
Biggest threat: Undetermined.
Focus fire on: None
The Great Sacred Treasure let loose two blades into the ground today, which homed in on Hitler and Fizz. They both easily got out of the way, but then had to shift around again as a blanket of blue fireballs was sprayed at them. The Treasure turned around and fired two fireballs directly at Wander, who had been firing arrows at it until now. Ratchet was firing at it with his N60 storm and Hitler with his chain guns, prompting the mech to fire another gravitating orb, and then three whirlwinds again. This time, they were used to this tactic, and managed to avoid all of the whirlwinds by just running directly away from the orb, which merely slowed them down. Fizz and Frank had used the others as a distraction to make their way around the back, and were now hitting it with their trident and baseball bat, respectively. They weren’t doing anything dangerously damaging, or even really minorly damaging, so the Treasure continued to fight the others, taking a second to charge and firing a smaller laser beam right at Ratchet.

Joker and Harley walked through the nearest doorway, which lead to the Super Smash Brothers battlefield, which had all of it’s doors burned off from the Great Sacred Treasure’s laser, just leaving the location they headed to visible (“Hang on, how does that work? How could the laser burn off all three of the doors, when it should’ve just headed out and into the distance?” Nobody answered, or knew the answer to, the announcer’s question). They headed into the first doorway, and into the Planet Q9 arena. While Harely just headed straight through, going to the other exit, Joker’s attention was caught elsewhere: The lovely, tempting levers lining the walls. He walked up to one, wiggled his fingers, and pulled it down. Harley gave a scream, as the effect of the lever was revealed to be taking away half of the arena’s floor, at an alarming rate. She lept, but could only just catch the ledge. Joker walked up to her. “Now what are you doing down there?”
“Mistah J! Help me!”
“Oh, I would looove to, but unfortunately…” He leaned in, and voice grew even more menacing. “There can only be one winner, can’t there?” Harley’s face showed intense surprise and horror, as she saw what was now inevitable. Joker stood up, and took on his mad, almost playful demeanor again. “These little piggies went to the market,” Joker stomped on Harley’s left hand, causing her to yell in pain. “These little piggies went home!” He stomped on her right hand, now having both of his feet planted firmly on Harley’s hands, keeping them connected to the ground. “And all these little piggies went wee wee wee all the way home!” He lept up and back, letting Harley fall, screaming into the abyss. He bent over, gave a small wave down the hole, then stood up to straighten his bow tie.
Ninth Death: Harley Quinn
“Wow, just...wow. I can’t really say anything, that was just sadistic.” The announcer said, after being lost for words for a few seconds. “But I guess that’s Joker for you.”

The N60 Storm clicked repeatedly, telling it’s wielder that it was out of ammo. Ratchet threw the gun aside, opting for the Shock Blaster instead. Hitler tried to move out of the way in time, but a charged fireball hit one of his chainguns, knocking him over and possibly denting one of the barrels. Wander realised that his arrows were doing nothing, ages after the Treasure did so, so stopped firing them. Fizz and Frank were tiring out, their attacks still seemingly doing nothing. It seemed obvious to all: Despite the odds and numbers, the Treasure seemed to be winning.

Will the ragtag team defeat the Great Sacred Treasure?
How soon will it be before they’re at each other’s throats again?
Will Joker ever feel any remourse?
Find out on tomorrow’s episode of VIDEO GAME BATTLE ROYAAAALE!

08-18-2015, 05:30 PM
Congrats, you found a bullshit way to kill ghosts *claps* xP

08-18-2015, 05:32 PM
That he did actually. If Sissel, and/or FGPP get in, I'll be sure to kill'em off in less bullshitty manner.

08-18-2015, 05:55 PM
Hey, I needed some way to do it. Sissel would've been removed from play anyway, as his spirit requires an anchor (remove the thing he's in, remove him from play). FGPP...yeah, I'm sorry.

08-19-2015, 01:45 AM
Now THIS is the Joker I know and love!

Also Fizz could totally take on the Treasure by himself I mean that damage is ridiculuous, but I guess he got nurfd

08-19-2015, 02:17 PM
Chapter Seven: The Force Awakens. Wait, wrong series…
A ton of energy arrows were released from the Great Sacred Treasure, which filed themselves into Hitler and knocked him across the room. He then pressed Z or R twice and did a barrel roll, avoiding all of the shots Ratchet was shooting at him and sending Frank West and Fizz flying. It raised its arm to fire two fireballs directly at Ratchet, who only just managed to get out of the way. He then fired another energy ball at Frank and Fizz, but this one was different, heading directly towards the two. Frank stood up, poised, and struck it for a home run when it was near enough. By whatever cartoon logic the creators of VGBR was using in the series’ creation, it worked and the ball rebounded towards the Great Sacred Treasure, hitting it straight in the torso area. This caused the Great Sacred Treasure the be noticeably knocked back, signifying that it could actually be damaged. Not that it mattered, because everyone else was still too busy avoiding a constant assault of holy energy weapons. Wander was the closest to the place he was knocked to, and found that his innate instincts took over. He leapt, managing to find a hand hold on it. Somehow, the Great Sacred Treasure could notice that he was on it, and conducted another barrel roll. Wander’s strength managed to keep him holding on (just), and started climbing up the being. He took out his sword, and stabbed it into a joint, quickly retracting it.
Warning! Left thruster fuel cable damaged!
Change Form...ERROR: Alternate forms not found
Best option...As before.
Biggest Threat: Wander
Focus Fire On: Wander
The Great Sacred Treasure sped around, trying out his high speed to get Wander off. However, again, Wander was able to keep hold, and all the Treasure succeeded on was almost running over Ratchet and successfully knocking over Hitler. He climbed up again, just when the Treasure did another barrel roll, causing him to just be hanging on by one hand. He would’ve been knocked off, if it wasn’t for Hitler, bitter of being the punching bag recently, shooting the Great Sacred Treasure and the target deciding to shoot a stream of fireballs at him to stop any disruptions. This pause allowed Wander to regain his grip, and managed to start climbing up again. Despite all of it’s continual attempts to shake Wander off, the Colossi killer managed to successfully make his way to the top of the Treasure, and plunged his sword down.
Warning! Systems Critical!
The Great Sacred Treasure teleported to the other side of the room, and immediately followed that with a barrel roll. This combination finally did the trick and had Wander hurtling off, but the damage had been done. The sword was still firmly implanted, with the movements of the mech constantly causing the sword to slightly shift and cut further wires, all the while being fixed in a place to cut off a major fuel cable.
Power Level: 9% and falling
Warning! Weapons systems offline!
Warning! Power Core critical! Further use will potentially cause power core to explode!
Warning! P
The glowing lights on the Great Sacred Treasure faded out, as the mech fell to the ground.
Tenth Death: Great Sacred Treasure
“Well, about as dead as it’s going to get.” The announcer added as a side note.

The object they had all grouped together to take down had now been vanquished. Now, silence took over the area as most of them were trying to figure out what would happen now. Wander walked up to the down machine and pulled out his sword, returning it to his arsenal. Frank West ran over, to try and scavenge anything off of it (he couldn’t). Fizz caught a glance of a figure in a doorway to the north of the arena, so headed up to check it out. Ratchet just sat down, exhausted. Then, without warning, the sound of whirring chain guns could be heard from Hitler’s direction. Looks like the peace wasn’t lasting at all.

08-19-2015, 03:55 PM
Yes yes yes yes, Wander vs. big things can only end one way. Such a cool spotlight moment. Such a cool series in general

08-19-2015, 04:54 PM
Yes yes yes yes, Wander vs. big things can only end one way.


Such a cool spotlight moment.


Such a cool series in general

Agreed :^)

08-25-2015, 09:36 AM
Never mentioned this before but I'm fairly certain Arno's pistol is wheel-lock.

08-25-2015, 09:50 AM
Chapter Eight: The Joker Actually Appears in This One

Of course, if there was going to be one fighter to destroy the truce among the fighters, it would be the most evil man in recent history and part time verbal sparrer with Darth Vader, Adolf Hitler. However, what it did mean was that it opened up the gates for a free for all with the remaining fighters. Hitler shot at Wander, who just stayed still, aiming his arrow. Due to the placement of the chain guns, the bullets whistled past both sides of Wander, but none actually hit him. This allowed him to release the arrow, sending it flying into the center of the chain gun, damaging it and bending the barrels inwards enough to render it unusable (numerous universes which had physical embodiments of Logic and Physics sent angry messages along of them being completely ignored in that action). Ratchet was exchanging shots with Frank West, the former using his Shock Blaster and the latter with the Mega Buster wrapped under his arm, firing at a steady pace in three shot bursts. One of the shots struck Frank in the abdomen, the resulting in him seizing up as the electricity coursed through his body, dropping the blue coloured weapon. Ratchet went in for the kill, pulling out his wrench. Frank groaned, reaching into his pockets for what could potentially be one final effort, akin to what he did against the Great Sacred Treasure. This time it payed off, as the lid flew off the pen upon its collision with the ground, releasing an ink oil slick on the floor. Ratchet skidded and tripped, wrench falling on the floor, which Frank picked up off of the ground.
“Might I suggest something?” Clank’s calm tone vastly contradicted the feeling of the battle. What was said following that was lost to almost everyone, as Ratchet tackled Frank back to the floor to try and retrieve his Omniwrench, just avoiding an arrow which ricocheted off of Hitler’s non-functioning chaingun, which he had started to use as a defence mechanism. The Führer, knocked sideways slightly from the power of the shot, saw the two wrestling fighters on the floor. He ran towards them, winding his gun up and raising the non-functioning weapon to melee with them if he got close enough. He never got the chance, as he turned his back to one of the most powerful marksmen to grace VGBR. The arrow firmly implanted in Hitler’s back, which decreased his HP just enough to cause him to melt into blood and bone.
Eleventh Death: Mecha-Hitler
“Well, that’s him dead. Again, I don’t have anything to say, that guy was just a dick. He’s Hitler, for Christ’s sake!”

Fizz slowly walked into the arena, trident at the ready. He was a third into the room when he heard a voice behind him, having not checked around the door frame. “Welcome to the madhouse!” The Joker was standing there. “Do you know what this does? Let’s find out!” He pulled down a lever, causing claxons to scream. Fizz should’ve attacked now, but he was braced in anticipation as, behind him, a small circular section lowered and raised to reveal...a chicken. “Oh, is that it? Well, let’s make things more interesting.” Joker said, disappointed at first and then pulling out the knife Harley gave him earlier. Fizz lept forward, going for the jugular with his glorified pitchfork. Joker sidestepped and slashed at him, being parried by the trident. Joker released some of his Joker gas, the bright green prompting Fizz to back away speedily before inhaling any of it. Joker pulled out the King of Hearts, as Fizz hopped on his trident, aimed perpendicular to his attacker’s location. “BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!” The clown yelled, as his shots fired rapidly. All of the shots failed to strike Fizz, given his speed and the lack of aiming on Joker’s part. However, one of the incendiary bullets lodged itself inside the chicken. An entire timeline of one universe winced in unison, as tons more Cuccos started flooded in from chutes that appeared in the walls, hurtling themselves around indiscriminately.

08-25-2015, 10:00 AM
How, stop being so racist towards Hitlers.

Also I'm pretty sure who will win between Fizz and Joker. Rip :(

08-25-2015, 10:18 AM
So...this is the Origins Troy Baker Joker?

I'm not complaining, he did alright for what he had to live up to, but still.

08-25-2015, 10:24 AM
So...this is the Origins Troy Baker Joker?

I'm not complaining, he did alright for what he had to live up to, but still.

I read it as the Hamill Joker

08-25-2015, 10:27 AM
I read it as the Hamill Joker

I did too but the King of Hearts is an Origins MP thing only afaik.

08-26-2015, 10:25 AM
Chapter Nine: When Cuccos Attack

Cuccos were indeed attacking, to the extent of Fizz frantically deflecting them with his trident and Joker just plain punching them away, causing more Cuccos to come and attack in a vicious cycle. Joker pulled out a pair of comic chattering teeth, sending them in Fizz’s direction. The champion was too busy dealing with the fowl threat, and so didn’t notice it walking up to him. He noticed it’s explosion, however, which sent him back into the wall, down onto the floor and onto another pressure plate. This lowered a large blade from the ceiling, which started swinging to and fro, effectively bisecting the arena (for an idea of how powerful this blade is, it managed to cut an unaware Cucco in half. That’s right, it killed something that the Master Sword only angers), with Fizz on one side and Joker on the other. The two stared at each other, as the second twist that came with this environmental hazard was revealed: The blade’s swing started to rotate relatively, meaning that Fizz and Joker would have to constantly move to be safely clear from the pendulum. It became a standoff, the two glaring at each other while walking sideways at a speed matching that of the twisting pendulum.
“Boo!” Joker shouted and took a step forward, causing Fizz to step back in shock, losing balance and holding up his trident defensively. The Joker laughed at this reaction, which angered Fizz, almost making him rush forward to strike. The pendulum took that particular moment to swing across the middle of the stage, halting Fizz’s planned assault and reverting them both back to circling, stalking, daring the other to make the first move and risk being bisected by the slowly turning blade of death. Sure, they could just leave by one of the exits, but neither of them were willing at that point to retreat: This would be a fight to the death. Joker silently, and still without removing his eyes from Fizz, took out an item when Fizz made his move. He used Urchin Strike, clearing the pendulum’s arc while it was at its peak, and would’ve successfully impaled Joker if it wasn’t for his chattering teeth getting in the way. This caused the teeth to explode, sending both fighters flying in opposite directions, Joker landing against the wall besides some more levers, Fizz landing on the floor as the pendulum swung again. It skimmed the top of his head, and cut off the tip of one of the dreadlock-like lengths on his head. Fizz leaped up, unaware of how close he was to death just then, and charged again with another Urchin Strike. Joker was still stunned, and it was merely Fizz’s haste and the anger clouding his mind that stopped him from being completely impaled: Instead, the wall behind him dented, trident firmly implanted with two of its prongs now containing a lever base between them, and Joker’s purple coat being fixed between the trident and wall. Fizz tried to pull the trident out, but was struggling due to it being stuck on the lever.
“Need a hand?” Joker sneered, before clasping his hand onto the trident, activating his deadly joke buzzer and filling the metal trident, along with the still clutching Fizz, with a voltage that would be deadly to a normal person. The tidal trickster seized up, violently shaking, unable to let go of the weapon that was connecting him to the source of the pain. Joker kicked him with the flat of his foot, providing the final piece of leverage needed to remove the trident from the wall. Fizz was finally able to let go of the trident, falling backwards and still in great pain. He struggled to his feet, visibly smoking slightly, and slowly pulled out his final option: A single, dead fish. Joker was having none of it, walking up to him and jabbing him with the blunt end, sending him backwards after dropping the fish. The pendulum wasn’t even slowed as it cut through the already almost dead champion lengthways.
Twelfth Death: Fizz
“I guess you could say that his life force,” The announcer took off his glasses and replaced them with some orange tinted sunglasses, “Fizzled out.” As someone in the background ‘YEEEEEAAAAAHH’ed, Joker dropped the trident and picked up the fish. The pendulum took another swing, before halting in midair, returning to above the ceiling, having claimed a life.
“Really? A fish? What did he hope this thing would do?”

Wander strafed along the wall of the Wrestlemania arena, firing another arrow which Ratchet jumped above, using Clank as a propellent before dropping straight to the floor. Frank was camping behind the remainder of the main stage, not in any major state to face either of the other two.
The laugh was so quiet that only Ratchet, having greater hearing than any normal human, could register it. He didn’t heed it any mind, but then,
It was louder this time, allowing Wander to hear it as he cocked another arrow, not yet completely turning his attention away from Ratchet.
“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” The shrill, mad laughter brought the attention of everyone in the room to it’s owner. This was most evident with Wander, as the laugh was almost right by his ear. He spun around, now facing one of the exits and fired. It was a rare case in which Wander missed. The living nightmare stood before him, the disheveled Joker, with only a profusely bleeding nub for a right arm. Fizz’s final strike by Chumming the Waters was an effective one, the Joker not realising what the fish was doing before the shark had already appeared, costing him his right arm. The arrow had sailed through the stream of blood, contributing to Wander’s miss, as the dying clown continued to maniacally laugh. Wander pulled out another arrow, as Joker raised his left arm, spraying a green has that Wander couldn’t help but inhale. He started to cough heavily, dropping the uncocked arrow and bow, before too starting to laugh. The two fighters ended up laughing heavily, wide eyed, before the noise slowly died away with them collapsing, grins slashed across both of their faces.
Thirteenth Death: Joker
Fourteenth Death: Wander
“Looks like we’ve got ourselves a double of post-mortem kills, people. But more than that! We’ve got our final two contestants!” All of the cameras that people were watching on cut to the two fighters, each taking up half of the screen. They were both staring with horror at the deaths of Joker and Wander. The announcer didn’t let that bother him. “Alright, you two, listen up! No more holds are being barred, we’re giving you all of your ammo back, some extra stuff, and we’re completely reworking the layout of stages! Alright, Ratchet, Frank, it’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!”

08-26-2015, 11:11 AM
I'll be rooting for Frank xP

08-26-2015, 11:17 AM

08-26-2015, 11:34 AM

08-26-2015, 11:44 AM

08-26-2015, 11:50 AM

Wait, I'm writing this, never mind, ignore me.

08-26-2015, 11:54 AM
If SBS wins this he'll cream his pants

08-26-2015, 03:48 PM
Let me be frank: don't start beef the the Frank
who hangs with B. Franks, giving ladies beef franks!

08-26-2015, 06:23 PM
Alas, I am killed. But I won't complain with 3rd place. I had some pretty badass moments.

I'm definitely staying tuned for the finale

08-26-2015, 07:27 PM
yay ratchet

08-27-2015, 09:57 AM

Chapter Ten: Clash of the Titans

Both Ratchet and Frank could feel their loads get heavier, as all of their weapons were restocked with ammo, Frank regained his shotgun, and both gained new weapons of all sorts. They took a moment to check their inventory, make sure they knew where everything was. Ratchet defalted to his Omniwrench, Frank to his shotgun. They both looked at each other, some ten meters apart, waiting. Ratchet nodded. This signified the start of the final fight, with Frank promptly unloading several shotgun blasts at the Lombax. Ratchet leaped to the side, pulling out his shock blaster and firing several Matrix/Max Payne style shots. One clipped his leg, providing just enough of a shock to cause him to involuntarily twinge and drop the shotgun. Frank dived behind the remaining Wrestlemania stage for cover, avoiding the further shock blaster shots. Ratchet stood still, blaster trained on the area where he had just been. A loud ‘BANG’ rang out, and a bullet singed off some of Ratchet’s fur. Frank was on the other end of the destroyed arena, with the Broken Butterfly magnum trained on him. Ratchet fled towards the nearest exit, with several more shots being fired but none hitting their mark. Ratchet had left the arena when the revolver started clicking, prompting Frank to throw it aside, pick up his shotgun again and rush after Ratchet.

It wasn’t the Annihilation Nation arena as the door gave way to previously, instead the exit had given way to Crime Alley, with a bright white wall on either side, ensuring that nobody knows what the next arena will be. Not that Frank had time to appreciate this, as he had to throw himself down, just falling under the plasma whip aimed at him. West returned his shotgun to wherever he keeps his weapons, and pulled out a laser sword, He was no trained swordsman, but the length of the plasma whip provided just enough warning for him to barely defend himself each time. However, one lucky shot managed to wrap the whip around the sword, leading to Ratchet yanking it out of the reporter’s hand, bashing it against the close walls and shorting it out. Ratchet returned his whip to his inventory, and looked up to see Frank running towards him, brandishing a katana. Ratchet brought out his Omniwrench again and the two melee weapons collided, with Ratchet being forced back and through the doorway behind him due to Frank’s momentum.

They both appeared through the left hand door on the Super Smash Brothers Battlefield, the only arena to have a different appearance since the announcement of the randomized rooms (the centre door had disappeared, leaving only the ones on the sides). They struck their weapons together again, causing the top half of the katana’s blade to break off. Frank threw the remainder of the sword at Ratchet (it bounced off his Omniwrench) and pulled out the first thing he grabbed again. Ratchet jumped up, and Clank activated his propellers to boost them onto the top suspended platform, just clearing it as several nails dug themselves into it. Ratchet took out another gun, and fired it onto one of the lower platforms. This brought Frank’s attention, and bought him valuable seconds to react as the mini turret set itself up, and started to fire. The nail gun didn’t do anything much, running out of ammo before he could destroy the turret, so pulled out the familiar blue arm cannon out again. However, it was not the true mega buster, and instead only fired baseballs at the turret. This, while disappointing, proved to be enough, knocking over the turret as a second one set itself up behind him. He turned around, knocking that one over, as Ratchet jumped down, Omniwrench in front of him, aimed at Frank. He slightly undershot, but strongly hit the toy mega buster, busting it beyond use. Frank was then hit with the flat side of the wrench, knocking the already destabilized reporter onto the floor. He tried to strike down, but the busted mega buster got in the way, leading the two to a battle of strength, each one trying to out push the other. Ratchet was rapidly winning, but Frank reached back for his ace in the hole: His trusty camera. He brought it up and took a photo, the flash activating straight in Ratchet’s eye, stunning and temporarily blinding him. As the Lombax was left reeling, West raised his leg and kicked him off, throwing the toy mega buster at him for good measure. It bounced off his head, falling off the stage. Ratchet stood up, rubbing his head, and staggered towards the other exit.

While it did buy Ratchet several seconds to regain focus, the move to the warehouse, in the long run, put the odds against Ratchet. Frank stormed in wielding a chainsaw as Ratchet sucked up five small items into his suck cannon. The Lombax fired, hitting Frank in the chest and sending him into one of the many piles of interdimensional junk that lined the single pathway. Ratchet tried to reload, but ended up being distracted as a wrench, two torches, a bag of die, a computer monitor, and countless other pieces of rubbish got hurtled at him from Frank’s direction, forcing him to dodge all projectiles after the suck cannon’s magazine had been filled. He ran back, turning a corner just as a Net Ball went sailing past his ear. He stopped, taking several deep breaths, when he heard everything seemingly stop. Hesitantly, he turned the corner, and saw Frank, right there, chainsaw at the ready. Now, while Ratchet is usually rather fearless, having a chainsaw turned on right in front of your face is going to strike fear into the heart of almost everyone, Ratchet included. Adrenaline flooded his bloodstream as he turned and fled, only just avoiding getting a haircut from the chainsaw. Frank kept chasing Ratchet, looking like what Leatherface would’ve looked like if he took up reporting, until the Lombax managed to outstrip him by a distance. But by then, Ratchet was too worried to stop running, until reaching the light at the end of the warehouse.

The castle outside Hershel’s Farm was still there, with only the entrance being filled in with the white glow. It was also apparent to everyone watching that this was likely to be the ending point: Unless they were going to backtrack through the previous arenas. Ratchet stopped in the middle of the field, still a distance away from the house or the barn, and turned around as Frank walked in, wielding the chainsaw which was humming menacingly. Ratchet quickly drew his Shock Blaster and fired, striking the chainsaw, causing it to short circuit. As the mechanical drone halted, Frank (again) tossed it to the side to bring out his next weapon: The real mega buster. He fired off three shots, which Ratchet sidestepped while putting a glove on his hand. Frank fired thrice again, but Ratchet was prepared: The holo shield glove sent all three shots back to sender, straight down the barrel of the mega buster. Whether this broke or not is up for debate, as Frank discarded it anyway due to it being obvious that it wouldn’t work as a method of attack again. He ran forward, pulling out a silver and green object. He activated it, and Frank as we all know him promptly disappeared, leaving something else in his place.

“Might I suggest something?” Clank’s calm tone vastly contradicted the feeling of the battle. Many thought that what was said was lost thanks to Ratchet tackling Frank to the ground in an attempt to retrieve his Omniwrench, but in fact Clank just changed to a pitch too high for Frank’s ears, but was able to be picked up by Ratchet easily. “From my observations, this opponent seems to be a scavanger in terms of his weaponry, picking anything he finds up and making a use for it. Might I suggest placing the Tyhrraguise on him, as given his actions he is likely to activate it as soon as he realises he has it, and therefore buying us the few seconds we need to finish him.”

“Looks like you were right, Clank.” Ratchet said back in the present, as Frank stopped in his tracks, realising what he looked like and that he couldn’t access any of his weapons. “Now let’s do this!” Frank was pounding at the device, trying to get himself to turn back, and looked up just in time to see Ratchet’s Omniwrench spinning towards his face. It collided heavily, knocking Frank over and almost out, as it returned to Ratchet’s hands. He used Clank’s heli pack to jump over to Frank, once again to jump above Frank, and then retracted the propellors to allow him to fall full force to the ground, Omniwrench perfectly above Frank’s head, as the Tyhrraguise gave out, revealing a reporter near unconsciousness.
Fifteenth Death: Frank West
“He actually wrote his own obituary. Here, let me read you it...on second thoughts, you already know what it says. Five words. But who cares? Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner!”

Ratchet grinned, as Hershel’s Farm seemed to melt away, leaving a black and green nexus around him. This gave way to an open stage, this time with all the cameras visible, and the cheers of all of the watchers across the multiverse audible. He waved to one of the cameras as the announcer, voice booming more than ever, spoke again. “And, to give the reward, the survivors of the last Video Game Battle Royale (and the only ones we could find), Professor Hershel Layton and Meta Dion!” The din grew even louder as those who were still bitter over Frank’s defeat started cheering alongside the rest as Layton and Dion, the much loved Team Friendship, walked on stage, Layton holding a large trophy and Dion carrying a large box, wrapped up like a present. “Let’s hear it again for Ratchet, the new true winner of VGBR!” They reached the victor simultaneously, dropping their loads to shake his hand. There was no noise as the three shots were fired, and no sound at all when they hit their targets, with the exceptions of the thumps as the corpses of Layton, Dion, and Ratchet fell to the floor.

Half a mile away, three figures lay behind three long range sniper rifles, each of them one bullet away from a full magazine. The one on the right took his eye away from the scope, and sat up in the Škoda he arrived in. Having forgot his stand, he had opted instead to wind down the passenger window and use that to balance his gun. “Are you finally ready to rest now?” He asked the central one. He spoke with a Polish accent.
“I told them this was how it had to be. But did they listen? No…” The middle shooter, a Romanian, complained. “But you can’t fight fate. I think we just proved that.” The one on the left was still looking through his scope, at the swarm of security flooding the stage far too late, looking for a sign of the assassins.
“So...the true winner of VGBR, huh?”
“Yeah.” The central shooter picked up his weapon, slung it across his back, and started to walk away from his cohorts. “We’ll see about that.”


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boooooooooooooooo ratchet sucks
good writing though

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DISCLAIMER: The winner would’ve won, regardless of the situation due to the introduction of new weapons and replenishing of ammo.

For those who's just finding this, the final episode is on the last page.

And now, some not-included ideas.
The original idea was to have Ratchet kill Osohe Ghost (or have someone else kill him while making it look like Ratchet did it), get Kenny angry and have him chase Ratchet, with no ammo or time to change weapon. He would turn a corner, activate the Tyhrraguise, and stand there. Kenny would say he had no business with him, disguised Ratchet would point him in the direction he claimed Ratchet went, and then kill Kenny while his back was turned.

Kamen Rider Gaim had his Pine arm, which he was going to use after his usual arm was destroyed. After I realised that he was just too powerful to destroy like that, and promptly nerfed him, he had to die.

Arno Dorian was meant to do more, but then...well, Sissel happened.

A thought near the start was to go back on my word, and have Cory inexplicably go throughout the game, managing to kill others without meaning it and such. Obviously, that idea didn’t get very far.

As the game went on, I thought more and more about having Frank, and not Ratchet, win VGBR. This was because he was amassing a larger and larger arsenal of weapons that weren’t from his universe, which would just add to all of the stuff he would get for the final battle. However, I rationalised it that Ratchet’s superior physical capabilities and firepower made it a one sided battle.

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Great finale Ranger!

Clank is the real winner here, tho :P

Fucking 2v1

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This has been a fun ride. I loved the teaser

Wonderful writing and effort all around, it really paid off!

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Yay ratch