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04-03-2012, 08:14 PM
The Beat: Very lively, jumpy. Something I would enjoy, even if it wasn't an ERB instrumental, which is always a good thing. Not repetitive, and it changes for each rapper team, which I like.

The Announcers: Nothing to really complain about here. Really, I don't think there is such a thing as a "bad announcer," but it can be not that good. This one, on the other hand, is good. Especially the end, where it is a sextet of announcers at the end.

The Costumes/Interpretations: Let's start with Orville/Link Neal. First of all, if you put the two right next to each other, I wouldn't be able to notice a difference! Spot on. Wilbur/Rhett McLaughlin on the other hand, wasn't as spot on due to his facial hair. But, that can be ignored. Peter and Lloyd looked perfect as Luigi and Mario, and I loved the extra gold chains thrown in for the fun factor!

The Vocals: Seeing as how I don't know how the Wright Bothers talked, I'll take that! The old-timey radio sound effect is a cool little effect too. And here is where the problems begin... The Mario brothers don't sound like the Mario brothers to me. I wish that they sounded just like they did in the video games, with their perky, slightly shouting kind of voice. Luigi nailed the shouting, but not the perky. And Mario sounded somewhat like a New Yorker to me? It's a cool little hint at that shitty movie that was made, but not what I was looking for.

Overall Lyrics: First of all, I found ALL of the Wright/Right puns funny. Lot's of good puns, jokes, and little nods to each other's lives, which should be expected. My only flaw with this rap, concerning the lyrics, is that if feels like it goes by to fast. There is so much material for both of these Brothers, why didn't they just extend this rap like they did with Elvis vs. MJ? But other than that, I like every line, none that I really don't like.

Final Statement: Good, except it's too short and the Mario Bros don't sound like I think they should.

Rematch? I'd be fine with it. Like I mentioned earlier, there is some much material to take out of these characters. I'm thinking about writing one myself...

Grade: B

Who's Next?!?! I'll be reviewing Michael Jackson vs. Elvis, whenever I feel like getting around to it...