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03-11-2016, 04:43 PM
here's where I'm storing my reviews, idk if it'll just be the one or not.

03-11-2016, 05:00 PM
Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wYtG7aQTHA) by ERB

Visuals get a 9.9/10 definitely, this is possibly epicLLOYD's closest role to how they actually look and pretty much all ERBs after S1 have great costume design.

Steven Spielberg: 7.7/10. some good wordplay and the listing part was clever at first. The only problem I had was that the listing part stopped making sense, but no flaws doesn't mean 10/10. On a side note, I think this is the only time someone's shown an explicit part of their body to another rapper.

Alfred Hitchcock: 7.9/10. Probably beat Spielberg, he had some clever wording and imagery. I loved epicLLOYD's voice too.

Quentin Tarantino: 8.2/10. I have trouble getting this segment out of my head. The first line's implication that he was directing was really clever, and the Sam Jackson joke was great. Somehow the pauses weren't that bad.

Stanley Kubrick: 7/10. he displayed his personality well and had the best anti-Bay line, but "beat Spielberg the Colour Purple"? what? why are you turning an adjective into a... never mind. That probably makes sense. He still had few good lines compared to how great everyone else is

Michael Bay: 9/10. Not that he won (though he did), but the wordplay was really clever, his twisted morality is a lot of fun to see, Nice Peter's acting was one of his best IMO (and is brilliant), and the rhyme-scheme section of MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY is funny too.

Bonus point for everyone mentioning Michael Bay before his appearance

Total: 50.3/60, or (better universal score) 83.8/100

EDIT: oops, I added the point to the /60 rather than the /100, fixed


Think of this: each filmmaker has their own theme. Spielberg has made a range of films but is also a founding member of DreamWorks - a kid's entertainment company. Hitchcock is known for darker films which manage to be pretty simple at the same time. Tarantino makes films with heavy doses of violence, Samuel Jackson and weird abstract stuff open to interpretation. Kubrick is known for making out-of-the-box films, Michael Bay has the unique style of EXPLOSIONS! BOOBS! RACISM! MORE EXPLOSIONS!

in the battle: Spielberg started slow and cheerful, mentioning butts at worst. Hitchcock was more forlorn and used more threatening analogies "but there won't be a pretty ending this time" while keeping it simple, Quentin Tarantino was fast and broke the mold by taking a break from filmography. Then he went on to cut away to some weird open-to-interpretation stuff at the end of his verse. Kubrick started with some strange foreshadowing and began his verse with a strangely held-back line "Genius is a powerful word", Michael Bay's verse was WHOOOOOOAAAA EXPLOSIONS MONEY SEX JOKES MONEY EXPLOOSIIIOOOONS DID I MENTION MONEY?

take another 10 points: 93.8/100

03-30-2016, 04:46 AM
Mario Brothers vs Wright Brothers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_hKLfTKU5Y)

Visuals: 8.8/10 much better than I (or a lot of other people) could achieve, but still weak compared to the later ones. Why does Luigi have B. A. Baracus jewellery? and why does Mario's area look like some sort of pre-school solitary confinement?

Mario Bros: 6.4/10 ok, this really annoys me. Their lines were fine (mostly), but their voices are wrong. epicLLOYD just sounds like epicLLOYD. Nice Peter does a much more audible Italian accent, but that is wrong too! Mario has a strong Italian accent, Luigi has a more reserved accent which sounds much more like epicLLOYD's Mario. I know they were the right dimensions (Luigi/Nice Peter being thinner and taller) but I feel audio should have come first. I didn't notice any great lines (although based on Rap Genius the Hawk/Kitty reference was cool) and there was one bad one "look at these two, their lives must have been horrible". the Mario Bros have more potential than this.

Wright Bros: 8.3/10 much better. The "holding down the B button" line was a clever reference, the "shoulda-woulda-coulda"-"dududududu" section is impossible to remove from your head, but their first line was kind of weak (which seems to be a running theme with Rhett & Link). They did a good job of giving the duo different personalities: Link was energetic and aggressive (e.g. "your princess is in OUR castle now!") whereas Rhett was much more pessimistic and restrained (e.g. "yeah, she's gone...") even if the description doesn't list which brother was which.

Beat: 8.8/10 I can't really analyse beats in depth, but it was quite catchy.

docking .5 of a point for the subtitles calling Bob-Ombs "Ba-Bombs"

Total: 32.1/40, or 80.3/100 (rounded to 1 dp)