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I Da Cash Man
04-06-2012, 11:40 PM
Looks like we're having a double feature tonight thanks to the Biman Bangladesh Airlines 5.

The Beat - The tone is very good. A triple tone, if ya will. It mixes the tone of the two rappers, A-Team Mr. T being represented with marches, and Mr. Rogers being represented light xylophone-ish instruments. It also matches the Rap part of ERB, with it's hip-hop tones, and the Battle part of ERB building suspense and having clear distinctions between rounds. The beginning, middle, end format is unclear and weak, which is a hindrance considering it's a Battle. It's like they focused so much on building suspense, they forgot to have a blow-off at the end, or even mark where things should flow up and down aside from separating battles. It's also maybe too repetitive, not enough sound samples are being used here. Overall, an okay beat. Maybe rushed, I dunno. I just know it's not the best that could have been created. 6/10 (Weighted for 25%)

The Announcer - I don't need to repeat the terms, you know this is a good announcer. He does sacrifice volume for punctuality, and that's okay since I view it as he's imitating an army general. Those guys, at least in the common media, ALWAYS talk punctual. To get their point across, ya know? The ending gag is also pretty funny, a good parody of what people expect out of The Announcer. 10/10 (Weighted for 10%)

The Costumes - Mr. T I telljya, that is A LOT of Jewelery. Most of it being fake, of course. You remember how little of a budget they have, right? Bottom of cups? Odd thing is, that is pretty much how much jewelery Mr. T would wear. I know, ridiculous ain't it? Don't know about the rest of the costume, though. Doesn't that look vaguely familiar to the Mario costume? Did they access the wrong wardrobe that day and were like "f*ck it, we'll do it anyways, most of our audience wasn't even conceived when Mr. T was on WrestleMania." As for how DeStorm looks like Mr. T. Well...he would look exactly like him, if he was THREE TIMES BIGGER. Some of the facial features are also kind of off, but not too much. Overall, it is NOT a good costume for Mr. T. Other than the jewelery. 4/10 (Weighted for 5%)

The Costumes - Mr. Rogers - Well, here comes the old cliche again. Say it with me. "Looks just like him, except ten to twenty years younger." 7/10 (Weighted for 5%)

Imitations - Now this is kind of odd. Mr. T doesn't look 10 years younger (though 100 pounds skinnier), yet he SOUNDS 10 years younger. As for Mr. Rogers, he sounds barely like Mr. Rogers. He sounds as much like Mr. Rogers as Mr. MC Napkins sounds like Albert Einstein. Definitely not very good imitations at all. 1.5/10 (Weighted for 10%)

First Round - Clubber Lang - A good start. All threats, which I'm not particularly fond of. But these are very good threats. Threatening to dip people in Gold, or T-Bag them in their death. That's actually some pretty hardcore stuff. And he fits the music very well. 8/10 (Weighted for 12.5%)

Second Round - Your Neighbor - Well, Mr. T was very good with synching with the music. Rogers, on the other hand, is perfect. In this round, Mr. Rogers is essentially saying, "Yeah, you got your threats, but look at you, should I feel threatened?" And he does it in a very bawse manner. He also delivers what I see as the first BOOM line. "I pity your neck, Mr. Gold Chains, you got too many/The only Gold I keep is on the shelf in my Emmys." THAT was a great line. And somehow Peter was able to do some break-dancing in that costume, which earns him brownie points. I don't critique the dancing though, so that doesn't add up to much in this review. My friend who's name I will not and should not reveal, believes that the last line "You call yourself T, 'cuz your too dumb to spell" is also a BOOM! line. And he'd be right. This was an awesome round from Mr. Rogers. 10/10 (Weighted for 12.5%) Funny thing is, if you look up the original intro for his show, he's a HORRIBLE singer.

Third Round - B.A. Baracus - This round was not the matzah. If I could illustrate what I see as Mr. T's mindset here, he was basically thinking "Umm...well ugh, you look like Bill Cosby! Nah Nah! And you're a dirty pedophile!" Kind of a sore loser round, but maybe not as bad as the last round of Hitler vs. Vader 1. Same tempo and synching, obviously. 4/10 (Weighted for 12.5%)

Fourth Round - U.S. Sniper - For the most part this is kind of a crappy round. Like, as soon as he has the opportunity to capitalize on Mr. T's absence of good disses, he makes a bunch of abstract and liquid (as opposed to solid) disses himself. But then the last line. You all know what that line is. That thing is legendary. You know it has to bump it up at least 3 scores. 8/10 (Weighted for 12.5%)

Final Results:

Laurence Turead: 12/20
Fred Rogers: 18/20

Overall Score: 69.5/100

04-06-2012, 11:43 PM
You haven't done Shakespeare vs. Seuss yet, have you?...

I Da Cash Man
04-06-2012, 11:44 PM
You haven't done Shakespeare vs. Seuss yet, have you?...

Nope. I haven't. And I may just turn tonight into a Triple Feature.

04-06-2012, 11:46 PM
[quote="Top-Hattington":qmhshj97]You haven't done Shakespeare vs. Seuss yet, have you?...

Nope. I haven't. And I may just turn tonight into a Triple Feature.[/quote:qmhshj97]

I think that would leave me very satisfied. Love the reviews, Ca$hman!

04-06-2012, 11:56 PM
When you get time do Napoleon vs Napoleon.

I Da Cash Man
04-07-2012, 12:18 AM
[quote="I, Da Ca$hman":36pwe1n2][quote="Top-Hattington":36pwe1n2]You haven't done Shakespeare vs. Seuss yet, have you?...

Nope. I haven't. And I may just turn tonight into a Triple Feature.[/quote:36pwe1n2]

I think that would leave me very satisfied. Love the reviews, Ca$hman![/quote:36pwe1n2]

Thanks so much bro! Just got the D.S. vs. W.S. review up. I am overwhelmed with how much people love my reviews. :)

When you get time do Napoleon vs Napoleon.

...Tomorrow. I'm not even sure I know how to spell Quadrupel.