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01-09-2017, 09:42 AM
This is not a sign up thread or anything, I'm just working on the thread, the game itself, and all that shit, on this thread, where nobody else can see it.

Welcome to Pleasant Valley Academy, where your dreams become a reality!

If you would like to enroll, please fill out the following form:

Age: (Can be between 17 and 20)
Gender: (I will only be accepting six males and seven females)
Hobbies: (Must include three things, not including talent-related hobbies/activities)

Also, the following "specialties" are unavailable:
Lucky Student
Video Game Master/Gamer
Race Car Driver
Art Club Member/Artist
Drama Club Star/Actor
Chess Player
Guitar Player
Symphonic Band Member
Creative Writer/Writer
Competitive Eater
Newspaper Writer
Track Star

01-09-2017, 09:55 AM
Everything in this post is a game mechanic spoiler, if you want to go through unspoiled, don't read this.

Happiness (goes up by relaxing, or doing things your character likes)
Intelligence (gained by studying and attending class)
Charisma (gained by talking to other students and making friends).

Happiness will need to remain at a "safe" level, or the player will become inflicted with Apathy Syndrome
Intelligence will be used for investigating and deduction
Charisma will be used for discussion and debating

Apathy Syndrome: When inflicted with AS, a student will become overly apathetic, and gradually get worse as the stages progress:

Stage One: You begin taking everything that people say to you in the wrong way. Your relationships can only get worse, no matter what is said or done during interactions.
Stage Two: You lose the desire to communicate with anyone. You cannot carry out and discussions or share information during investigations
Stage Three: You become increasingly lazy, and don't feel like doing anything. You cannot carry out any investigative actions.
Stage Four: You lose all will to live. Your character will be unable to do anything to raise their happiness at this point.

Students will have relationship stats with each other, to determine how they feel about each other, which will go up and down depending on how they treat another.

Character Relationships can also change just from how you feel about someone. For instance: If X hates Y, and you talk to Y, your relationship with X will go down. Also, if someone has a

(Template for Character Stats and Relationship Tracker)

Name: _____
Talent: _____
Status: Alive
Happiness: _
Intelligence: _
Charisma: _

_____ :
_____ :
_____ :
_____ :
_____ :
_____ :
_____ :
_____ :
_____ :
_____ :
_____ :
_____ :
_____ :