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02-11-2017, 08:05 AM
This is a reboot to OCBR, and I'll try to write in a different way for it. It will be really detailed, and deaths will be scarce.

I hope all of you join. Here's a loose sign-up form, but you can go nuts with this. Please, no joke characters. I want this to be an actual story.

Personality: (Most important, please, try to say as much as you can here, since it will say how I write for your character)
Backstory: (Don't go too long with this)

1. Ho Lee Fuk (Kubby)
2. Marvello (Moon)

02-11-2017, 08:05 AM

02-14-2017, 09:49 AM
If no one wants in, I'll just make it a whole forum-wide thing

02-14-2017, 11:11 AM
I definitely want in but I'm trying to come up with a new OC

02-14-2017, 02:14 PM
Name: Ho Lee Fuk
Skills: Ho is a martial artist, incredibly quick and agile, knowing a wide variety of punches and kicks from various martial arts. He's also equipped with a sword, and is a great swordsman, he only uses the sword when the opponent is armed in some way, though.
Has enough strength to send dudes flying across a room
He also knows several seemingly impossible tricks - he can leap through the air, do flying kicks, helicopter kicks, deflect arrows and shurikens. Note however that when he defies gravity, he's suddenly suspended by some wires (these can be targeted, if you can resist his other ability)
Ho also is surrounded by an aura that compulses his opponents to fight him one at a time and not use any ranged weapon with projectiles faster than an arrow or with explosive element to them (If the ranged weapon in question has a melee function - for example, a rifle with a bayonet - they will use that function instead.) If Ho loses his sword, this aura gets stronger and causes opponents to discard any weapon they might be holding. This same aura weakens his enemies whenever there is more than one enemy attacking him. It also prevents the wires suspending Ho from being targeted. The aura can be overcome by a particularly strongwilled opponent or one that has a particularly strong fourth wall awareness.
Ho can also speak without using his lips. While he learned to move his lips to the words to blend in with the society, his lip syncing is not good enough yet.
Appearance: Asian bareshirted dude.
He's the stereotypical martial arts movie guy. Always about self-discipline and about kung fu code of honor. Never fights dirty. Always on a quest to avenge someone, or to fight injustice. For example, the organiser of the OCBR has killed his sister, and he's gonna win to kick the shit out of them.
Underneath all that is a guy who desperatedly wants to be a hero after he was kidnapped as a kid and no authority helped. You know, he wants to make sure no one is hurt like he was. Likely to overdo all the saviour stuff to the point of exhaustion. It has happened before.
Backstory: He fucked up Chuck Norris. Also avenged his sensei, kicked the shit out of the opposing clan full of evil dudes.

02-14-2017, 04:28 PM
Name: Marvello the Not-So-Great (Marvello/Marv for short)
Skills: Marvello is a magician...in the loosest sense of the term. Marvello may just be the worst magician in the world. His tricks never go right for him - whether his white smokes blows up in his face causing him coughing fits, the false bottom of his top hat falling onto his toes, his doves shitting on his jacket, tripping over his silk scarves, dropping cards all over the place, getting stuck in his props, or sawing his sister in half and sending her to the hospital. Marv is a bit pathetic really yet he sticks to trying and failing to do magic. However, the world works in curious ways and whenever Marv is in severely dire need he manages to pull off amazing feet of magic - he can successfully disappear into a cloud of smoke or pull objects out of his hat. He has no idea how he does it though and it only seems to work when he's in grave danger.
Appearance: Short and skinny with messy brown hair. He wears a top hat, a cape, a shirt, jacket and a bow tie. His magician's suit is several sizes too big for him. Marv also carries a magician's wand.
Personality: Marv isn't the bravest or most confrontational. He's a bit of a push-over and prefers to back down rather than fight it out. While not exactly cowardly, Marv has a strong tendency towards self-preservation and likes to keep his options for escape open. When Marv is frightened he often pisses himself to great embarrassment. This is one of the reasons he is such a poor magician - he gets stage fright. When practising all alone Marv manages to pull off his tricks but in front of an audience, he fails miserably. Marv is very clumsy but isn't too self-conscious about it and acts confident around people to impress them. This ploy doesn't work particularly well.
Backstory: Marv was always considered a bit of a weirdo and an outsider at school. He was picked on but usually took in good stride as just banter. Marv's parents are worried about his social skills and send him to a therapist twice a month. He ends up trying to guess which card the therapist picked to no avail.