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04-17-2012, 06:47 PM
This really needed to be its own topic so I decided to create it. Here you can create your own SSB character, and give them their own moveset. Start creating!

04-18-2012, 03:31 PM

-Middle weight

-Stage: Crown City

-B Attack- Shadow Ball (Shoots a dark purple ball like Mewtwo's shadow ball and Lucario's aura ball)
Up B Attack- Night Slash (Jumps up and slashed upwards with a dark, shadowy scratch line, like an uppercut)
Side B Attack- Dark Pulse (When charged, shoots a ray of dark energy at his opponent)
Down B Attack- Night Daze (Dark energy emits from his legs and hits all enemies around him)
Final Smash- Illusion (Transforms into another player for 1 minute. In storymode, he will transform into either player 2 or a bad guy)

-How to Unlock: Get Zoroark to join your party in the Storymode
Play 200 brawls
Beat Cruel Brawl on Multi-Man Brawl

He should replace Lucario.

Straw Hats
04-18-2012, 03:59 PM

Special - Baseball Pitch: For this move Waluigi throws a baseball. The move can be charged to increase power, length, and speed. The baseball travels in a totally horizontal path. It can only hit one enemy then it disappears. Does a good amount of damage if fully charged.

Side Special - Tornado Tennis: Waluigi will dash either left or right and then start spinnig. While he is spinning he causes minor damage. When he is done spinning he will swing his tennis racket causing a fair amount of damage.

Down Special - Soccer Ball: Waluigi will bring out a soccer ball that funtions just like the Soccer Balls item.

Up Special - Swimming Air Dunk: Waluigi's recovery move. At the beginning of this move Waluigi will swim in the direction you choose. Once he swims as far as he can he will throw a basketball straight down. The basketball travels fast and does great damage but has a small hit zone and disappears once it hits the ground. Great recovery move, decent attack move.

Final Smash - Giant Bob-omb: Waluigi jumps to the top of the screen and throws a giant bob-omb onto the stage.


Pokemon Trainer Hoenn (Mudkip, Grovyle, and Blaziken)


Special -Whirlpool: Mudkip quickly surrounds himself with a whirlpool. If an enemy is next to you it will trap them and cause damage. Also, this move reflects projectiles. Mudkip can also move a little bit to the left or right while using this. This wirlpool lasts for about3-4 seconds.

Side Special - Surf: Mudkip creates a wave of water that it shoots out to the left or right to attack enemies. Mudkip can charge this move so that it travels farther and so it does more damage. The height of the wave is around the height of a character. The wave can go through opponents so it can attack multiple people.

Up Special - Waterfall: Mudkip creates a waterfall under it to ride. This move can be used as both an attack and as a recovery move. Hasgood diagonal range and does a fair amount of damage.


Special - Leaf Blade: Grovyle quickly slashes the opponent three times. Move can be charged for more power and quicker attack speed. Doesn't do much damage but can cause a stun to the opponentfor some follow up attacks.

Side Special - Bullet Seed: Grovyle shoots seeds rapidly in the direction it is facing. If it is facing left it shoots the seeds left, if it is facing right it shoots the seeds right. The seeds, individualy,cause very little damage but can trap opponents to cause a bunch of damage.

Up special - Agility: Grovyle quickle rushes in the angle you choose. This move can be used to recover and to cause very little damage. Has pretty good recovery in the direction you choose.


Special - Ember: Blaziken shoots a fire ball in the direction it is facing. If it is facing left it shoots thefire ballleft, if it is facing right it shoots thefire ballright. The move has great range but poor damage. Requires no charge. Causes fire damage.

Side Special - Brick Break: Blaziken does a punch that has the ability to break shields. In order for the move to have a 100% chance of breaking an opponents shield the move must be fully charged. The move can still break a shield if not fully charged, but the chances of this happening are less likely. Also causes a fair amount of damage.

Up Special - Bounce: Blaziken jumps in the air and then kicks the ground. This move can cause damage when Blaziken jumps up into the air, and when Blaziken kicks the ground. When Blaziken kicks the ground it causes fire to surround its leg todeal fire damage. Move also works as recovery with good vertical range and pour horizontal range.

All 3:

Down Special - Pokemon Change: Blaziken changes with Mudkip, Mudkip changes with Grovyle, and Grovyle changes with Blaziken.

Final Smash - Triple Finish: All 3 Pokemon jump on screen, each using a different move (Hydro pump, Solarbeam, and Fire Blast), and fire a "beam" horizonaltily across the whole stage.


Mii's Special Move set + FS and Smash Moves

Special: Baseball Bat - With the baseball bat Mii can reflect projectiles. The longer you charge up the baseball bat the stronger and faster you reflect projectiles. He can also do damage with the bat.

Up Special: Tennis Serve - Mii tosses a tennis ball in the air, shortly after doing so the Mii jumps up to spike the ball. This works as Miis recovery move with great vertical range and poor horizontal range. Anyone who touches the ball or Mii (when jumping to spike ball) get damage.

Side Special: Golf - With this move Mii hits a golf ball to inflict damage. You can charge it up to make the golf ball fly faster, farther, and stronger. You can also be damaged by the golf club when Mii swings it.

Down Special: Bowling Ball & Basketball- In this move Mii will bring out a either a bowling ball or a basketball. The bowling ball does more damage but also makes the Mii move slower, The basketball does less damage but doesnt hinder the Miis speed. If used in the air the Mii will drop the basketball or bowling ball to the ground inflicting damage. Also the bowling ball disappears when it touches the ground, but the Basketball does not and can be picked up by other characters and your Mii.

Final Smash: Dogfight Plane - The Mii jumps in a dogfight plane and starts to fly around shooting projectiles at the other enemies. If an opponent gets hit by the plane or the projectiles they will recieve damage. You can control the plane and when it shoots the projectiles.

Special Abilities/Attributes - The Miis weight class and power class will be determined by how it is made in the Mii Channel. There height will be taken from the channel and there power and wieght class will have to do with how big they are. Fat Miis will be stronger, slower, heavier, and not jump as high. Skinny Miis will be weaker, faster, lighter, and jump higher.

Up Smash: Upper Cut

Side Smash: Sword Swing

Down Smash: Cycling Donut


Paper Mario

Special: Barry - Barry appears and quickly shields Paper Mario for a few seconds. He reflects projectiles and counters physical moves. The shield does damage to anyone who touches it.

Up Special: Carrie - Carrie appears to save Paper Mariofrom falling off stage. She can help Paper Mario recover a great horizontal distance, with good vertical range. Carrie disappears after a while so get back on stage fast.

Side Special: Fleep - Fleep appears with a box Paper Mario can control to attack opponents with. Hold the special button and move the analog stick to aim at opponents. Let go of the special button to unleash the attack. It will either inflict fire, electricity, or explsive damage.

Down Special: Thudley - Thudley appears to help Paper Mario slam into opponents. When used in the air Paper Mario quickly slams to the ground inflicting damage on opponents that touch him. When used on the ground Paper Mario jumps vertically in the air, inflicting damage, then slams down.

Final Smash: Tippi & Dottie - For Paper Mario's F.S. he summons Tippi and Dottie. Tippi hits the last opponent that attacked Paper Mario and kills them (if nobody attacked Paper Mario yet Tippi attackes the person clossest to Paper Mario), while Dottie shrinks the other opponents.

Special Abilites - instead of Paper Mario grabbing someone for a throw he throws Thoreau to catch them.


Tom Nook

Special: Item Maker - Tom Nook will summon an item in front of him that becomes active after 3 seconds. He can summon up to 3 items at a time.

Up Special: Lamp Fling - Tom Nook Flings a lamp up in the air, then he pulls the switch and he gets thrown in the air. If the lamp lands on the stage you can use it as an item. This is Tom Nooks recovery move with good vertical range and decent horizontal range.

Side Special: Furniture - Tom Nook will slide a chair, couch, or t.v. across the platform. A chair is the most common and does the least damage, while a t.v. is the most rare and does the most amount of damage.

Down Special: Coins - Tom Nook will shoot coins out of his hands, like the way the Ice Climbers use Blizzard but with more range. It does damage to anyone that gets hit by the coins and reflects projectiles.

Final Smash: Raining Furniture - Tom Nooks F.S. has furniture falling from the sky. The bigger/widder furniture does more damage then the smaller furniture. Also some furniture stays on the stage that you can use as items.

Special Abilities - Tom Nook will have the ability to jump 5 times once airborn.


04-18-2012, 04:28 PM

-Middle weight

-Stage: Haunted Zone or Oilfield Hideout

-B Attack- Sand Attack (launches hard sand at a semi-good range.)
Up B Attack- Wing Attack (Jumps up and slashes upwards with wings and lets him glide for two seconds. Does medium damage on contact.)
Side B Attack- X-Scissor (Can be charged, when released he flies to either side a few feet and cuts opponents with his claws.)
Down B Attack- Acrobatics (Spins and flips slightly over ground damaging any players on contact.)
Final Smash- Guillotine (Rushes straight to the closest player and instantly KOs them.)

Up Taunt- Spins in air.
Left or Right Taunt- Puts both his claws up in a confident manner.
Down Taunt- Opens and closes his pincers multiple times and says his name.

-How to Unlock: Get Gliscor to join your party in the Storymode
Play 500 brawls
Beat Boss Mode on Very Hard difficulty.

He should either be added or replace Jigglypuff.

04-18-2012, 04:38 PM
sman3579 had a cool Paper Mario moveset, this would be my B moveset.
Paper Mario

Standard B: Mario throws Admiral Bobbery. Will explode automatically but can press B again to explode immediately.
Side B: Mario uses Kooper's shell to hit his enemies. has a medium range.
Up B: Mario turns into an airplane and moves like meta knight's side B but a tad slower.
Down B: Uses Barry to shield him for a couple of seconds. Can reflect projectiles.

Straw Hats
04-18-2012, 05:19 PM
The idea where he turns into a paper airplane for a recovery is awesome! I like that!

03-03-2013, 11:31 AM
Mr. L

Standard B: Pulls out a Shroom Shake. If you press B again you can throw it to inflict damage on others. When it lands its fair game, though. If you press a you can use it to recover a small amount of HP.
Side B: Slides in direction he's facing.
Up B: Uses his Super Jump.
Down B: Spins as if using a Super Guard.
Final Smash: Uses Brobot. Can shoot lasers and fly. The Smash only lasts about twenty seconds, though.

I Da Cash Man
03-03-2013, 12:10 PM
Da Ca$hman:

B-Button Set:
B: (Hold) Launches quarters out of his palm, can aim projectiles
Side-B: Launches $20 like a ninja star
Up-B: Moderate jump with leg being lifted in air followed by meteor kick
Down B: Sumersault kick

A-Buttion Set:
Smash-Side A: Windmill kick
Side A: Open-fist punch
Down A: Knee thrust
Hold Down A: Dropkick
Smash Up A: Wad-of-cash uppercut
Up A: Slaps gold coins into chin of opponent

Final Smash: Quarters, dimes, pennies, cold coins, gold bars, and other decently weighted currency flood of the arena. Ca$hman delivers a giant uppercut into the air on the opponent which sends him flying in the air. Ca$hman jumps into the air to catch him and deliver a DDT into the flood of metal, which sends him flying in the air after a few seconds of delay for dramatic purpose.

He is fairly nerfed (if that's how you spell it) but can deliver some sick combos.

03-03-2013, 02:37 PM
Pokemon Ranger (Oblivia)

Middle weight

Stage:- Sky Fortress

B attack: Stylus attack (launches a capture disk in front of him for light, quick damage. Works like the laser on Star Fox characters)
B side:- Ground assist (mounds of rock come up from the ground and hurt foes for a short distance from the user)
B up:- Flying assist (after charging briefly, a tornado is sent out from a desired direction, that was pressed in the charging period. It sucks all foes towards it, and only affects the user if used in midair)
B down:- Fighting assist (a shockwave appears around the user, damaging all it touches)

Final Smash:- determined by colour of player.
A:- Ukelele Pichu ( comes on stage and rocks out. He releases notes that damage and stun those that they hit, while the Ranger is still able to move across the screen)
B:- Legendary Dogs (Raikou, Entei, and Suicune all come on, after the Ranger jumps off screen. They roar, and leap off screen. Then, in a way that resembles Latios amd Latias from the Pokeballs, they charge in lines across the stage, damaging all they hit with medium knock back)
C:- Latios (comes on stage, and the Ranger jumps on his back. Then he controls Latios, moving him at high speed around the stage for high knock back, but low damage)
D:- Ho-oh (Comes on stage in a whole magestic way, and releases a massive fire blast that travels in 7 straight lines from the center of the stage. Foes are caught in the streams of flame, then are dealt knockback at the end of the attack)

How to unlock:- Story mode
Play 493 brawls
Finish 100 man brawl with Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and PKMN trainer.

03-03-2013, 07:02 PM
Mr. Wellington

Stage: URD Room

Normal A-Moves (Standard combo and tilts)
A-A-A-A Combo: First hit is a fairly-ranged quick punch to start, then the second hit is another punch which hits the opponent off the ground a tad, then the 3rd hit is an uppercut which launches the opponent at a fair launch speed upwards. You can follow the 3rd hit with another A to hit the opponent with a downward-aimed powerful punch that sends the opponent flying at a horizontal angle if it is preferred. The first 2 hits can combo into many other attacks.
Up-A: Wellington quickly swings his tazer over for quick damage. Barely any knock-back or damage.
Forward-A: Wellington quickly lifts one leg, then leans sideways, then kicks. He is sent a little bit in the direction he is kicking. Large range but moderate knock-back.
Crouch Attack: Sweeps his legs under the opponent. Does no damage but always trips the opponent.

Smash Attacks (A+Direction)
Up: Powerful uppercut that is slower than the 3rd hit of his standard combo. Strong vertical knock-back, and moderate range.
Down: Drops a small bomb on the ground quickly, then back-flips out of the explosion range, which is small. Very powerful diagonal knock-back, but long execution time.
Forward: Gets in a stance, then leaps forward and hits the enemy with both fists extended. Very strong horizontal knock-back, excellent range, moderate execution time.

Aerial Attacks(A attacks in midair)
Neutral: Kicks both legs out to both sides of him
Up: Throws a bomb upwards, which explodes for moderate vertical knockback
Down: Takes his gun out and shoots at a diagonal downwards in the direction he is facing. Takes up a round of ammunition, and is just as powerful as Shoot.
Forward: Swings his tazer in front of him
Back: Turns sideways and kicks with both feet backwards.

Special Moves(B Moves)
Neutral: Shoot
Quickly brings out a revolver and shoots one round straight ahead. Range is all the way across the map in a horizontal fashion. Incredibly quick, fair damage, and strong knock-back. Can combo with any hand attacks effectively, as immediately after the hand attack the opponent can be shot as well.
Down: Reload
Reloads his revolver for 3 rounds. Takes a long time and he is vulnerable during this period.
Side: Flip Bomb
On the ground, it makes him flip a fair distance ahead, dropping a bomb on the space he flips over while in the air. When used in the air, he throws a bomb behind him, which explodes and sends Wellington at an upward diagonal away from the bomb. Does a fair bit of damage to Wellington himself, but sends him far.
Up: Drone Summon
He takes out an item which quickly transforms into a drone, which Wellington can have teleport to him anytime to save himself from a fall. However, the drone is easily destroyed. The taking out of the drone takes a long time.

EDIT: Grabs
Pummel(Pressing "A" while grabbing): Quickly tazers the opponent.
Forward: Places enemies directly in front of him gently. Does no damage but an extremely excellent move to set up combos.
Backwards: Throws the opponent behind him, then spins quickly and punches the opponent for high knockback
Up: Throws opponent up slightly in front of him. Another excellent setup for a combo.
Down: Lays the opponent on the ground similar to Snake's, then jams his tazer into their back, doing a whopping amount of damage, then kicks them away from him for moderate horizontal knockback. However, this is easily escaped due to its long execution time.

Final Smash: Shoots both of his revolvers, with ammo that is charged with electricity. (Must have 2 ammo) If at least one round hits the enemy, they will be stunned, which Wellington will use to his advantage, teleporting to their location. Wellington then places a powerful bomb on the first person who was shot, which explodes for tons of knock-back. The second person, if there is one, will only take the same amount of damage from Shoot, but will be slightly shocked.

How to Unlock:
-In Story Mode, find a secret underground facility where Wellington will appear and fight you with the aid of drones. Beat him and the drones, and you unlock him.
-Play for 100 hours, in which he will challenge you to a fight.

Mr. Wellington is all about bombs and his revolver, as well as combos that are difficult to pull off. If you know them, he can be an insane force to be reckoned with.

[That was fun to write. I'm a big SSBB fan, if you can't tell. ;p ]

03-03-2013, 07:29 PM

Stage: Dimension D

Normal A-Moves (Standard combo and tilts)
A-A-A-A Combo: First hit Dimentio summons a spark in his finger, and it zaps if a person is literally right in front of him. If you follow it up, Dimentio delivers a kick, then once you press A again, a quick jab. If you press one more time, Dimentio flips and than kicks the foe into the air.
Up-A: Dimention summons the magic spark on his finger and holds it in the air. If the opponent touches it, it will knock the opponent back into the air. It can be charged.
Forward-A: Summons a clone that sidekicks the person in front of him than disappears.
Crouch Attack: Summons a spark chain that has a short range, but shocks anyone it hits.

Smash Attacks (A+Direction)
Up: Charged version of the normal Up-A.
Down: Summons a clone that will self destruct with a an explosive range similar to a Bob-Omb, but has less power.
Forward: The Chaos Heart spins and executes a mini-tornado that will perform wind damage on the person caught in it.

Aerial Attacks(A attacks in midair)
Neutral: Flips, and hurts anyone caught in it.
Up: Fires a barrage of his magic sparks into the air.
Down: Turns invisible and rams into the ground, catching opponents offguard.
Forward: Summons a spark magic bigger than normal that fires off in the direction faced.
Back: Puts his finger behind him and creates a spark. If you hold the button, you can keep hold of it. If you let go, or land on the ground, it fires off behind you.

Special Moves(B Moves)
Neutral: Fires a magic spark.
You can use it with other move to pull off multiple combos.
Down: Turns you invisble for ten seconds.
Side: Fires a small square that shoots in the direction you commanded. If it hits someone it will expand over them and explode, dealing explosion and fire damage to anyone caught.
Up: Levitates into the air for five seconds and can move around freely and attack.

Final Smash: DImentio merges with Mr. L and the Chaos Heart into Super Dimentio. In this thirty second lasting form you are huge and invincible. You have all the attacks of Dimentio, but modified to fit Dimentio.

How to Unlock:
-Defeat him as a Boss Character in Story Mode.
-Use Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser at least twenty times each, than you must defeat Dimentio in a challenge battle.

Dimentio is mostly based around magic sparks, but has many tricks up his sleeve. He levitates a few inches off the ground, and builds up good speed doing so when running.

Dr. Stein
03-04-2013, 02:40 PM
Name: Naruto (Shippuden)

Stage: Konoha (Hidden Leaf Village)

A-moves (Standard hits and combos):
A-A-A-A combo: First A is a single right hook. Second A is a solid left hook. The third A is a high kick to the jaw, and then the final A is a strong jumping uppercut.
Up-A: He will do a simple flip kick. Nothing too special.
Forward-A: He will summon a shadow clone to help beat the living poo outta everyone. The clone can only take one hit before dissapearing. You can only have two clones out on the field at a time.
Crouch-A: Places a paper bomb taht acts as a land mine.

Smash attacks (A in any direction):
Up: A stronger and higher version of the last part of the A-A-A-A combo.
Down: Uzumaki Naruto Barrage (Must connect with an opponent for this to succesfully follow through.)
Forward: A simple Rasengan

Aerial (A in midair):
Neutral: A downward right hook.
Up: A high kick.
Down: A punch going straight down.
Back: Backflip kick.

B-Moves (Special attacks):
Neutral: Throws a Rasenshuriken
Forward or Backwards: Giant Rasengan
Down: Substitution Jutsu
Up: Throws a kunai connected to a rope that grapples onto whatever it touches, except for opponents.

Ninetails mode (Final Smash):
Turns into three tails version of the nintailed fox. He is invincible and has all the same attacks, except more powerful. This lasts for a good 15 seconds.

Naruto - Win 50 times in the "Konoha" stage.
Konoha - Defeat the five tails version of the nintailed fox in storymode

Naruto is based around physical attacks and Air based Jutsu's. He has the ability to walk on water and can Create shadow clones with ease. He is hot headed and reckless, but can be calm at times. His three tailed version focuses on using the ninetail's energy to it's fullest advantage.