View Full Version : New Group Application Form and Requirements

05-12-2012, 07:50 PM
To start a group, you need to start a thread in this section with the following information filled out:
Name of Group:[/*:m:11pa0yin]
Color in hex code:[/*:m:11pa0yin]
Mission Statement:[/*:m:11pa0yin]
Requirements to join your group (if any)[/*:m:11pa0yin]
The reason you want to make a group[/*:m:11pa0yin]
Why you are qualified to be a group leader[/*:m:11pa0yin]
How old you are[/*:m:11pa0yin]
Where you're from/live[/*:m:11pa0yin]
Do you go to school or have a job or belong to any clubs?[/*:m:11pa0yin]
How your group will benefit the forum[/*:m:11pa0yin]
List your members[/*:m:11pa0yin]
List the hierarchy of power in your group and who has that power.

Rules for groups:
[list:11pa0yin] Do not spam people asking them to join your group[/*:m:11pa0yin]
Do not PM or email people asking them to join your group[/*:m:11pa0yin]
You may only advertise your group in your signature.[/*:m:11pa0yin][/*:m:11pa0yin][/list:u:11pa0yin]
Anyone found spamming, especially in the introduction section, will not be allowed to create or join any groups.
Groups require approval from me to be created. To be approved, you need to show me that your group is something that is going to make the forum better for members. The form above will help you a little, but it is just a guideline and it is recommended that you say as much about your group and you as you can.