View Full Version : I dis for free

05-17-2012, 05:56 AM
Just provide some info, and I'll dis them for you.

Here's a dis I decided to make for a kid in my school:

Yo Joe, why ya gotta be such a hoe?
Ain't a coincidence your last name rhymes with tomato
Are you a little teapot, short 'n' stout?
I'll turn you into sauce, puke you up, spit you out
This Italian Nazi's just jealous that he sounds gay
Your own voice made you deaf, that's why you need a hearing aid
Plus you're short as my dick, standing barely 5'4"
Said even if mine was boned, it'd be shorter than yours
C'mon man, we all know you're a lying asshole
Even if that was true, how the fuck would you know?
Damn it takes skill to be a douche since the third grade
Maybe 'cause your parents are gay, so we can call you "man-made"
Your mom's ugly enough to be known as a guy
An old, wrinkly, saggy hag who's nearly half blind
Plus there's your brother, you deal with him at home?
He looks like a midget afflicted with down syndrome
You talk a lot of crap, but can't handle a dis rap
Never forget the fact you got lyrically bitch-slapped
I'll take you on a trip to heaven, my courtesy
Have you down on the floor, begging for mercy