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05-20-2012, 12:46 PM
1. Gliscor- Watches over Group
2. BCC7- Specializes in FanMadeRapBattles (Helps With Art)
3. SaneButStrange- Specializes in SB DR4H's
4. HipsterSamuel- Specializes in Reviews
5. christopherzero- Specializes in Art

Gliscor the Leader watches over the group, can kick anybody if they do something wrong, and appoint anyone.

BCC7 is the Rap Battler. He makes the rap battles for ShadyBatz and will represent us if we ever have a contest. He also helps make the Art.

SaneButStrange is the Diss Rapper. I will be the come-to gut for a diss-rap, but I will do any collabs for one.

HipsterSamuel is our Reviewer. He makes the reviews for SB.

ChristopherZero is the Artist. He will make icons and banners to represent ShadyBatz..

Everyone is responsible for welcoming new members, commenting on other members work, showing them the forum and rules for SB, and helping anyone of our members. Anytime there is a descion, we will all take a vote on it. Since we have 5 powers, one choice will win.

We choose someone to represent ShadyBatz in a contest..
We choose to appoint a new member or kick one..
We choose what would be the best things for our group.

05-20-2012, 02:57 PM
Mission accomplished, guys! Anyway. The powers also work like Havok. I have the power to make minor changes without anyone's consent. If the change affect our group, then it will be brought upon the top three powers for a decision to be made. If its a huge change that will affect us permanently it shall be brought upon all powers. That is all.