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05-30-2012, 06:08 PM
This is an animated web series I am working on, based on the XBox & Computer games entitled Portal and Portal 2.

The series chronicles Aperture Science's development into what it is in Portal 2. I need voice actors, animators, writers, and special FX people.

The development of Aperture Science will consist of Cave Johnson's testing areas and life during that time, Caroline's control of the facility, Test Subject C's(Chell) adventures against Caroline's computer, called GLaDOS, the survival of Aperture after GLaDOS' death (including the tales of the Ratman), Wheatley's awakening of Chell, and the events of Portal 2, but all of that won't be until later on in the series.

Season 1 is called "Portal Origins: Welcome"

The first five episodes are:
[spoiler:1apo32bt]Maybe Black Mesa: When the scientific company called Black Mesa causes damage to innocent people's lives, a new scientific company, named Aperture Science, starts. Their founder, Cave Johnson, becomes head of the facility and begins hiring test subjects
Yes Sir, Mr. Johnson: Cave Johnson hires a person assistant, named Caroline, and promises her full control of the facility when he dies. Cave begins the testing with his trusted associate Caroline
The Boys at the Lab: Engineers in Aperture must become extra careful when an astronaut dies on one of the testing tracks.
If You Meet Yourself on the Testing Track...: A testing track breaks down and is completely destroyed when a test subject accidentally causes time travel and meets himself on the testing track. Aperture must think of a way subjects can travel to places without disrupting the space/time continuom
The Official Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device: The people at Aperture invent a handheld gun that can shoot portals, affecting the use of transportation drastically. Cave Johnson must study paradoxes in order to start handing out Portal devices.[/spoiler:1apo32bt]

Each episode will be about 8-10 minutes max. Who's in?
(If you have not played Portal or Portal 2, I suggest buying it)

05-30-2012, 06:10 PM
Can I help with it? I love those games.