View Full Version : New SSB Costume Ideas

07-02-2012, 11:02 PM
In the new Super Smash Bros, the costumes may be more detailed, different versions of the character from different games.
My ideas:
Mario: Normal Mario, Tanooki Mario, Paper Mario, Original Super Smash Bros Mario, Dr. Mario
Link: Normal Link, Ocarina Of Time Link, Toon Link, Link's Awakening Link, Dark Link
Pikachu: Normal Pikachu, Shiny Pikachu, Riachu (same powers), Pokemon Rumble Pikachu, Mystery Dungeon
Samus: Normal Samus, Dark Suit, Gravity Suit, PED Suit, Fusion Suit
Kirby: Normal Kirby, Epic Yarn, Dream Land Kirby (Black & White), Red Kirby (from Amazing Mirror), 2D Canvas Curse Kirby (with feet and arms)
Peach: Normal Peach, Daisy Peach, Super Princess Peach (2D), Rosalina, Athletic Peach (Her appearence in the Mario sport games)
MetaKnight: Normal, Dark MetaKnight, Galactica Night, Epic Yarn MetaKnight, Mace-Knight Armor
Bowser: Normal, Dry Bowser, Dark Bowser (Inside Story), Paper Bowser (2D), Tanooki Bowser
Luigi: The same as Mario with Mr. L instead of Dr. Mario
Pit: Normal, Dark Pit, Classic Pit (Kid Pit), Three Sacred Treasure Armor Pit (Uprising), Adult Pit
Ganon: Normal, Ocarina Of Time Ganon (Box art), Wind Waker Ganon, Melee Ganon, Modified Original Ganon (modified because you cant have a giant pig in the game...)