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so i recently got all my valve games to work again......and then they crashed :brick: but i have become more fascinated with who the g-man really is. i have heard several theories on him but never have i found one that perfectly makes sense. there are always gaps and we still have no idea what half life episode 3 will contain with him. now this topic is to discuss what we think the g-man is, what he works for and what his motives are and what half life episode 3 will contain for his future. here is what we know for fact (unless valve throws us a curveball :wat: )

-he can put freeman into a stasis multiple times
-he works for his "employers"
-he basically sells Gordan's services for the work he has to do.
-Eli, Odessa, Barney, Freeman, Adrian, Wheatly? (i'll explain later) are all aware of his presence
-he pulled Alyx out of Black Mesa
-Freeman, Adrian, and possibly Alyx are all "workers" for him
-The Nilianth (correct my spelling if needed) knows of g-mans intentions
-he appears before something bad happens
-he doesn't seem to take side of the combine or resistance
-he doesn't seem to fond of Breen
-Breen has acknowledged his existence
-the Vortigaunts seem to have power to prevent him from touching Freeman
- G-man intentionally started the Black Mesa incident
- he has the ability to stop time and remove people from the real world into a staisis.
-he is not human

Some Theories (summarized)
-he is in Freeman's head like a conscience
-his employers are the combine
-he wants to see the destruction of Earth, Xen, and Combine
-he is a third party wanting world domination
-he is Grey Mann (tf2) (Grey MANn
-he is Gordon Freeman (Gordon freeMAN)

if they're are any more theories i'll put them there

Now going to Portal many people have said to have found him in Portal 1 and 2. these all have proven to be false. however he did appear in Portal Prelude which is fan-made however. but i did some reasearch and there was to be a line in portal 2 when you first meet wheatley and he was to say:
"oh ...... a man with a briefcase is here to see you"
unfortunately this was cut from the game. so it might be considered non-canon.

now for the Grey Mann Theory if you see a picture of Grey Mann a lot of people think that Grey Mann is G-man in a Tf2 version. i personally think valve was running out of ideas so they combined G-man with the spy to make Grey Mann.

so post your thoughts on g-man here:

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TL;DR (jk).

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But yeah, this is interesting.

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have you played Hl, Hl2, tf2, portal and portal 2?

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Yes, they are some of my favourite.

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oh good. so you've seen the gman