View Full Version : Back with More Dis Raps!

10-02-2012, 07:18 PM
I'm back. Here's the catch:

Get a Dis Rap Request from one of EPICLLOYD'S Dis Raps for Hire.


I reckon that this pretendin' is endin'!
Dear Lloyd, SCRATCH THAT, It's Zoroark holdin' the mic!
You don't deserve that girl who saka says is nice!
What the fuck? Ya think you're so tough?
Noah wants this bully to be FUCKED UP
You punched Tut in the face, didn't really hurt, but you said he sneezed blood
That means that a dick named D-E-smond will be done!
Telling perverted jokes, total asshole, yo!
Bossin' everyone around and acting like goof, FUCK YOU BRO![/spoiler:t65m833z]

etc, etc.

So, where are your real Dis Rap requests?