View Full Version : Escaping the Dreamzone

10-16-2012, 09:00 AM
We all have fears. Whether we ant to admit it or not, ever human has a fundamental fear that forms to basis of who they are. However, what appears to be the most fearful thing is ones own dream. It is here that we are at the complete and utter mercy of our subconscious, upon which all manner of material can find its way into our head. And the worst part is that sometimes you can't tell whether you are dreaming, or whether it is real. Eventually a bad enough dream can force its way into your life and drive you insane. But this rarely happens. Most of our dreams are idyllic regurgitation of past events. But some are formed out of the very real and very dangerous fear that we so resolutely refuse to acknowledge. When that happens... it becomes a truly terrible fight for your life.