View Full Version : Zoroark's Dis Raps for Hire--Ep. 1: CAJ

10-28-2012, 11:07 AM
*Zoroark is reading a book*

Zoroark: This is a very good book. I can't wait to see what happens in the interesting plotline when I turn the page!

*Zoroark turns the page and sees a comment on DRFH 8*

Zoroark: HUH?!

"Lloyd, my used to be "best friend" moved about a half a year ago his name is Caj. I just found out recently found out by my friend Oscar that when i was absent he would call my mother a b*tch, my lil bro with autism messy and gross, and my dad a "player". Then after he got a phone he? brags how hes popular at his new school and calls me everyday to talk it gets SO annoying. PLEASE DESTROY for talking behind my back. PS: It would be an honer for me to be ur 10th DIS RAPS. evan out..

evan1998100 15 hours ago"

Zoroark: Grrrrr....annoying...backstabbing....PUNKS!!!

[spoiler:1a71kexh](Zoroark returning to beat this dick down
So EpicLloyd can take a rest, to let Caj sit down)
The name's Z, RESPECT! I spit sweet dis raps!
To make cash by cash, to diss back to back!
I was asked very nicely to destroy this little punk!
Who backstabs his friend, talkin' with funk!
Caj, may I call you "dickbag"? This shit ain't fun!
This ain't Dis Raps 10, this is Dis Raps 1!
Evan's tired of your shit, it's time to meet your fate!
So I'll blast Caj's ass back to 1998!
Give Oscar an Oscar, he deserves it, man
For telling you the truth about your used-to-be BEST FRIEND!
Good thing Caj moved about half a year ago
Because he talks about himself, that's pretty annoying bro!
What the f**k is your deal? Can't ask a fella 'bout his day
Instead of talkin' about how you suck dick cuz you're so gay?!
Don't talk behind Ev, he ain't even with ya!
So that's mainly the reason why you're getting dissed up!
Evan's the playa, not his dad, he's sewed onto swag like a stitch!
You're one to call another person's mother a bitch
His lil' bro autism, messy, and gross, you've got no shit to boast!
You'll be fried up, Caj, when I cook up a lyrical roast!
You ain't cool! No one on YouTube think you're chique!
But you can blame everything on yourself when Evan calls the police!
[Sorry sir, we're redirecting your call to your ass!]
That's what you get, homie, when you act like a f**king Caj!
So stop calling! Stop bragging! Stop being such a fag with doubt!
P.S: Go fuck yourself! ZORO OUT![/spoiler:1a71kexh]

10-28-2012, 11:14 AM
Sweet! I got one.

Deer Zoroark. There's this guy named Rusty. He sits next to me on the bus to trade school every day.
He always grabs my nipples and and won't let go until I am practically begging. He always slaps people's neck and yell's "NECK" really loudly. He took a picture of my sister when she was asleep! WTF!? He listen's to Justin Beiber and brags about it, (I'm not lying, I thought he did it for fun but he is a serious JB fan.) He likes the ERB's.. that's probably the only good thing about him. I stopped going to my friend's church because he would be there and pinch my nipples during church! He got bored and shaved his entire head bald. He says he loves kids at his church and said they threw blue paint on his head. The dude came to school with blue spot's on his head and laughed about it! It looks like he was raped by a smurf! Please diss this prick. He's actually my friend sometimes, but a prick the other times. HELP!