View Full Version : Strategies and Logical Thinking

02-10-2012, 08:42 AM
Listen up 'ere team!

We need to rev up our game, ya know?

Alright, In this thread, we talk about our strengths and our weaknesses, Our Enemies weaknesses and their strengths,

Let's start of with our strengths and weaknesses.

My strengths are :

- I love video games.
- I watch tokusatsu
- I like to watch anime (not so much though)
- I have 8 fucking friends to back me up whenever.
- I am loyal to B.S.B.
- I want to make a "I <3 BSB" Sweater.

My weaknesses are:

- If they attack my emotional side
- I cry A LOT.
- I hate fighting (it's illogical)

How 'bout yours?