View Full Version : What Makes the Slenderman Scary?

11-04-2012, 05:21 PM
So here is an essay were I break down the Slenderman piece by piece

So the Slenderman seems to be a popular topic I know a days. I know many people will argue with me that heís always been on the internet but my rebuttal to that is simply his popularity over the last few months. I started to wonder though of what makes him or it so scary in our culture. Well I have found a few reasons to why we are so terrified of him. Was it his face or lack of? Was it his long skinning body and tentacles? Was it his ability to abduct children and scar people mentally? Or was it another reason? What has made the Slenderman scary?

First off letís start with his apparel. His suit. A black suit with a white undershirt and black tie. Why this? Why would the creator of the Slenderman have him wear such formal clothing? The answer is short and simple. He wants him to blend in with our society. Formal apparel shows higher intelligence or high social status. Could it be this fictional creature believes it is our superior so it dresses as such? Even the photoshopped medieval carving: ďDer RitterĒ Shows him wearing more extravagant clothing for that time. The answer to the clothing is simple to show us we are lesser to them. Just a supply ofÖÖ.something.

Now his face or lack of. The Slenderman has a tan skin color with no face. Simply no face. Some shading can be found were the eyes would appear to be but other than that there is no face. Why is this scary? It is scary because we canít read its emotions. When your parents show no emotion on their face it scares a child because then the thoughts or actions cannot be predicted by the child. They become fearful because the actions that they once could see are no longer visible which makes their future unpredictable. So when people see this creature without a face it is scary. Is it angry? Sad? Happy? Scared? Joyful? Lonely? In Pain? There is no way of telling. The lack of face is scary to us because it makes their actions no longer preventable making us no longer in control.

Now his body including the tentacles. His slender body shape makes him thin and able to blend well with trees as it seems thatís were he is most found. Nothing really to discuss hear but just the fact that he can easily be hid from our eyes.

Lastly the legend. The Slenderman has become and arch-type now replacing the Boogeyman. Iím sure that if he is still popular in a few years I will tell my child to be good or the Slenderman will get them. Of course I liked Robin Williams arch-type idea better (the Dick Chenyman) but thatís beside the point. Now the Slenderman is the new age Bigfoot. Our younger generation is going out with cameras in hopes that they catch a picture of a fictional being.

Now his actions of abducting a child. Whatís scary about this? Well for one we donít know what he does with them. Does he kill them? Eat them? Observe them? Turn them into Slenderman? Raise them? Who knows? The audience just needs a beginning and end their minds will fill in the middle. So when we see the Slenderman in a playground then read a police report of missing children our minds fill in the middle with our imagination. Making it scary because we imagine the worst possible fate for the children scaring ourselves.

In conclusion I say that the Slenderman causes ourselves to scare ourselves. Itís all a trick of the mind. Him himself isnít scary itís what we fill in with our imagination that makes him scary. We scare ourselves. We create the Horror of the Slenderman.