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02-13-2012, 11:49 PM
Well... We'll Be Posting Dis Raps We Want To Post Here... Me And Spanish Fyre!

02-14-2012, 12:26 AM
Our First Target Is A Guy Named Cameron. He Is A Short, Fat Blonde, Jerk. Here is The Rap:

You Autistic Fucking Bitch!
Your Moms My Whore, She Makes Me Rich!
Im Gonna Kick Your Ass Next Time I See You!
Ill Burn You Like Your A Fucking Jew!
You Ass Kissing Motherfucker!
Whenever Your Around Andrew, you Dont Need To Pucker!
Go Lick Paige's Penis Or Something!
Shaniqua Wont Take Shit From A Cunt Who Thinks Hes King!
Let These Words Be Like A Switchblade To Your Rib Cage!
Next Time, You Shouldnt Catch me On Such A Rage!

In The Darkness Is where You'll Find Me, Im Your Shadow, Nothing Can Stop Me!
You Wanna Try To Harm Me? Then Bring A Goddamn Army!
You'll Need It, Im Like God! Now Go Suck Karyna's Huge Rod!
I'm Tired Of You Being A Kiss Ass, A Brown Nose! Your Just Jealous Of All My Damn Hoes! C'mon Bro Everybody Knows!
Im Like The Raven King, I Control The Crows! Crows Mean Death, I'll Let You Take Your Last Breathe! Tonight You'll Wish I Was Dead, Your Seeing Me In Your Head!
Im The King Of The Green Grass, But Gladly Your Not Gunna Pass! So f**k You And Everything You Do!
I'm Gunna Show You Your End, Im Gunna Let You Bend...Over For Andrew!
Your Army Is Weak Cuz You And Your Filthy Tweak!
Im Trained In The Art Of Murder, I'll Show You True Fear!
But First Hand Me That Damn Beer!
Your A Little Prick WIth A Small Dick![/spoiler:2mmmikrd]

02-14-2012, 10:44 PM
If Y'all Want Any Requests Then PM Me And/Or SR And We'll Get The Sh** Done Except We'll Need A Discripion And What They Do :P