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02-15-2012, 12:00 AM
Well, I Didnt Know Where To put This :P

People Are Sayin Loves In The Air?
Well, Hell I Dont Care, its Not Fair!
Guys Out There Need To Grow A Pair,
Give Life A Good Tear!
I Look At My Crush, She Just Glares!
I Hate V-Day, So Take A Chair!

Hey SR C'mon Lightn Up, Todays A Day For Love And Joy!
Not Deep Ass Depression With The Toy! They Call Me Mr.Cleany
And Hell You Might Even Get Sydney! The Love IS In The Air,
Just Look At Me And Dalilah, She My Lover My Girl Friend,
Dude Nothings Gunna Make Us End!

Wanna talk about girlfriends? Well just look at my situation.
I'm about 12 hours away from mine, it's a complication.
Yeah, I'm in love with her and she's in love with me,
But it's hard to maintain a relationship with a boundary.
Love may be in the air, but there's also physical connect.
Heck, some people are getting it on without protection!
So you want my opinion on St. Valley's Day?
I think I'd prefer it if it would stay away.

C'mon Guys! Todays A Great Day! No Need For They Shit, HEY!
I've Got An Idea, Its About Time That We Can Say! Hey Baby Girl I Love You!
HOORAY! 12 Hours That A Long Way To Go Im So Sorry To Say So, But C'mon Todays A Day Of Love
Thats What Should Be Put All Of Above! I See All Of Us Think Differently But You Gotta See Me! Im Happy
With A huge Smile On My Face, The Day Of Love Needs And Has No Disgrace!

You're right, we're not seeing eye-to-eye,
But the difference is a girl that's close to your side.
Why do we need a day to remind us to love?
We can do it every other day, no need to shove
It in our faces, damn Hallmark holiday schemers.
Making profit by dividing the realists from the dreamers.
A wise man would show his love every chance he has,
Only a scapegoat would use one day with pizazz.

SF, Im Deep in The Friend Zone,
Im Surfacing, But Ive A Long Way To Go!
I Feel Pissed On After Today!
Your Always On Sydney, But I Cant Make You Pay!
Its So Easy For You To Say!
You've Got A Girl On Your Side,
Ive Got Time To Bide!
V-Day Is Too Much Of A Ride!
I Also Learned That A Very Nasty Girl Crushes On Me?
You Think Thats Supposed To Leave Me In Glee?
Ive Got Too Many Reasons For You To Counteract!
The Way I Feel About V-Day Is Darker Than A Blood Pact!

I'm All Over Sydney Yes Very True, I Only Do It For Fun Can't You See That Boo?
Eye To Eye We May Not See But Today No Matter What Is A Day For Much Glee!
I Do Love My Baby Girl Every Chance I Get. Your My True Blue Friends,
No Matter To What Ends. And I'll Stop With Sydney I Didn't Know!
And I'll Be Sure To Smack Heather That Hoe >: |

Have A Nice Valentines Day, From Havok!