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11-22-2012, 06:51 PM
*Zoroark is reading a book*

Zoroark: Wait...w-why...why'm I readin' this? W-wh-what'm I ev'n readin'?

*Zoroark looks at the cover of the book*

Zoroark: HUH?!

Here's a topic for you:

At my school, there's this skinny guy named Connor. He constantly makes fun of me for being autistic, bisexual, a brony, and pretty much anything else he can think of. He loves playing Magic the Gathering, constantly makes jokes about his or other peoples' dicks, and takes every opportunity to lower my (already low) self-esteem as much as possible. He blames stuff he did on me and gets his friends to back him up so I get in trouble while he gets away scot-free. He pisses me off on a daily basis, but I know if I fight back he'll just keep going. Help me out?

Zoroark: Grrr....stupid...arrogant...BULLY!! GRAARRGGHH!


[spoiler:388oxjjj]Here's a topic for you, topic to do
A topic of a guy for me to dis rap for you
He calls himself Connor, doesn't like to be bothered
Imma show this mothafucka WHO'S HIS FATHER!!
Pop Filter, please! Give it to me!
The Dis Rap request that'll last one century!
Because it's nine, you see? Hear that, RLYoshi?
Now to spit disses at this prick, lower HIS self-esteem
What's your problem, dude? You beat Yoshi black and blue!
Just leave my bro alone! Go back to working on school
So what if dudes like girly shows, like My Little Pony
You don't have to make fun of him all because he's a brony!
And being autistic, that shit's a disease
Looks like Connor hit all the branches while falling off of the stupid tree!
And Connor's a pretty cool name, isn't that dude, like, an assassin?
Well anyways, this prick is gonna lose his ass, man!
You get your friends to pick on Yoshi with you
But in reality dude, you're kinda a nerd too!
You play Magic the Gathering, and I'm not trying to judge ya
I'm pretty sure that game is also played by Nicepeter!
You're so skinny and anorexic, it's not a joke!
It's like you went overboard when snorting coke!
So Yoshi likes girls and boys, bisexuality's a gene!
And we all know that you did that shit
But when you confess it, it makes Yoshi have a fit!
And I'm not complaining, or saying, just spraying these rhymes!
I'll dis rap you nine times, cost you your nine lives!
I spit disses to as much shit as I can think of
Joking 'bout dicks? Yours is small as fuck!
You take all of the world's opportunities, but you take scrutiny!
A daily basis is too much, you Con! Just lay off of Yoshi!
He asked me to help him out and I delivered this message
So now I'm obligated to bring out wreckage
He alreay has a low self-esteem, and you get the dude in trouble
So instead of fighting back, Yoshi asked me to bury you in lyrical rubble!
So that's that. Fair's fair. You hear that, Connor-boy?
Because my dis raps, AND my bitch slaps, they bring bitches down like a toy!

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Thanks man. :D

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Nice rap.