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12-03-2012, 12:45 AM
Hey, guys. ^_^ Incinirmatt here.

Name of Group: Dark Angels

Though I may change this to Angels Of Darkness. I don't know yet. Still deciding.

Color in hex code: #000000

Black ftw, guys.

Mission Statement: I am making this group, so that I may obsess over things I find INCREDIBLY awesome--mainly dark angels--and other people can obsess about things including dark angels with me. V_V Because dark angels are badass as fuck.

Requirements to join your group (if any): When you join, you must create a thread and post a picture of a dark angel. D:< And a pic/link/video of something else that you're obsessing over. V_V This is a group where we can discuss how incredibly AWESOME things are. Fantasy concepts, musical artists, etc. If you're gonna join, you might as well post about what you're in to.

The reason you want to make a group: It's been on my mind for a while. I mean, I see all these awesome groups with really cool concepts, most of them revolving around the concept of being the best, and...I don't know. It's not me. I mean, if I want to show off how epic I am, I'll make jokes about it. :pimp: By myself. Because I'm more epic than anything. :pimp: Totally.

But, uh, this group is more "me." I don't care if anyone joins; it's for me and anyone else who wants to tag along for the ride. >.> And because by making my own group, I can ensure that there won't be any intentions of competing with other groups. :/

And, uh, for future note, if my group is made and I find out it's causing problems to some people, I will personally apologize to the people who are the victims of the afore mentioned problems on behalf of my members and see to it that it doesn't happen again.

Why you are qualified to be a group leader: I'm a moderator of the forum on Fanfiction.net with the largest post count. I can handle a group. BI

How old you are: Uh...Yeah, I guess I can understand why this is being asked. I think I can, that is. I'm 17.

Where you're from/live: A bit personal. ^^; USA. Not going to say specifically, solely because I don't do that shit. Not yet, that is.

Do you go to school or have a job or belong to any clubs?: I'm a senior in high school. V_V;; Not sure why this matters. This isn't a job application...Whatever though.

How your group will benefit the forum: Dude, dark angels are soooooo epic! By making this group, everyone would realize just how epic they are! *shot*

Uh, this group will give people a place to fangirl/fanboy over something. V_V I'm hoping it'll bring people together for things other than Epic Rap Battles of History...like dark angels. *shot*

Seriously, they're cool as fuck! DX

List your members:





List the hierarchy of power in your group and who has that power.

Leader and creator: Incinirmatt

Moderators shall be chosen as I see fit. No moderators shall be immediately added though. They'll only be added when I feel like I can't keep up with things in my group.

What will you do if someone doesn't like dark angels?: Fuck you!! DX *insert long rant about why dark angels are amazing, then crawls into an emo corner*

That last thing wasn't to be taken seriously by the way. V_V;;

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. :D

Seriously, though. Dark angels. They are the shit.