View Full Version : For The Record

12-06-2012, 06:59 PM
Godfather and BSB are banned from Havok until further notice, just sayn.

12-06-2012, 07:06 PM
Sorry.. I messed shit up. :facepalm:

12-06-2012, 07:08 PM
Sorry.. I messed shit up. :facepalm:
It's okay, I didn't even know you had the power to manage members, lol.

12-06-2012, 07:11 PM
I dont..

Here's what happened..

I saw Godfather had no group. Not knowing what happened.. I invited him to join Havok. (I always thought he was cool) He said he did apply but Mason didn't reply. I thought it was weird.. but I didn't think anything else.. Nobody was on, so I asked Rob. He put him in Havok. When I made the topic welcoming him.. I thought you guys would be happy that I got another member.. But then I saw weird comments..

Godfather pm'd me about 20 minutes ago asking how come he was banned.. I told him I'd find out.

12-06-2012, 07:56 PM
Well, I didn't reply because I was at school.. Remember, y'all, I'm 14!

It's okay Luke, you didn't know any better. I always thought he was cool until he pulled that.