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Dr. Stein
12-10-2012, 10:00 PM
*playing Left 4 Dead 2*

"Yeah! Take THAT you undead sons of bitches!"

*See's something pop up on the screen*

"What's thi - HUH!?"

Their is this guy in my school. He is a lot smaller then me but he makes fun of people. His laugh makes me want to punch him in the face. But you see my problem is that he is my French teachers son so I can't touch him unless I want to be expelled or fail French. He got me suspended 2 times already for sticking up for myself. The guy also makes fun of the English all the time. Every time I talk about someone from Britain he pretends to gag. I hate this kid and he has ruined my life. Also on top of that he took the girl that I am in love with by lies. She was with me and he stepped in and told her rumors about me. She left me...
Please say things about him that I can't. One last thing. His name is Victor.

Stupid......French.....FUCK! Screw Dark Carnival! Time to tear some shit up!

[spoiler:1vjedeya]I'm gonna rip this bitches shit in my first Dis Raps for Hire!
His name is Victor and he's about to fly even higher,
cause imma kick his scrawny ass to England and back.
You hide behind your dad cause guts are what you lack!
Your brain is smaller than you, and that's sayin' somthin!
You got Robtop suspended twice even though he didnt do nothin!
He was just stickin up for himself, which is somethin you wouldn't get,
cause you don't got no friends, and you lack respect.
Hatin' on brits? You've sunk to a whole new low!
Gaggin' when he talks about em', what's your problem bro?
You stole his girlfriend through diseption and lies,
makes me wanna shove two rusty nails through your eyes!
BTW, your laugh would wipe the smile off the Joker!
Makes me wanna punch you in the face, make you even more of a loner!
You're a lieing, kaniving, snot-nosed little bitch!
You're uglier than a fucking Shadow Lich!
I'm saying smothin for Robtop, somthin that he can't
Cause i've destroyed and exposed you and now i've finished my rant.
(Take that!)[/spoiler:1vjedeya]
"Alright, good thing I got that off my chest. Now I can, WHA-?"



Dr. Stein
12-11-2012, 08:54 PM
any other dis rap assignments?

Dr. Stein
12-13-2012, 10:21 PM

12-13-2012, 10:28 PM
You should dis rap 2 Chainz for being a shitty rapper.

Dr. Stein
12-14-2012, 12:46 AM
haha ok. I'll do that.