View Full Version : Diss Rap Time!

01-11-2013, 05:11 PM
So me and this guy are battling it out in a rap competition and i have no rap to come back to this

Count count to three?
I'm not sure I would agree,
because I can say 4,
now leave the numbers be.
You mentioned Justin Bieber,
now thats quite funny,
I bet you have been looking,
i'll even use money.
Class A Rapper?
Nah, thats not true,
because when I mention YOUR name,
people say "who?".
You like your big words,
but I don't see them anywhere,
so if thats the case then,
I don't care to be fair.
Your just a little kid sitting in front of his computer screen,
swearing like you do it everyday, just to attempt to be mean,
well I have got news for you,
I will still beat you, and use lines which are new.

Keep the language clean in the big comeback :D

01-12-2013, 11:22 AM
Great News, He replied to a comeback rap i threw at him. Here's the lyrics now:

Hello british boy,
you just said dummy,
and nappy too, oh my thats funny.
We come from the same place,
oh look we're the same race,
but look theres a difference,
your no ace.
The only Class A you remind me of rhymes with plain,
so shut up with your lies or eventually it'll end in pain,
because thinking you can rap is just so insane,
so end this battle quietly and stay in your lane.
I thought people people like us could rap,
turns out that isn't true,
I must have american in my blood,
because i'm better than you.
I could go on all night,
about how you challenged fozdy and lost that fight,
now you expect to beat me, thats not right.
See with you and me, theres no relation,
why are you even here, no invitation,
better leave now because I headshot you,
like Alex Mason.