View Full Version : An Adonis Review- Babe Ruth vs Lance Armstrong

I Created Blazing Pwnage
03-27-2013, 04:22 PM
Hello Everyone, my names Adonis, and this is my review on the newest ERB, Babe Ruth, vs Lance Armstrong

Costumes and Voicing:

Armstrong: This isnt the best voicing, it sounds like 100% Nice Peter, nothing like Lance Armstrong, And for appearance, same thing, but The Biking outfit is great. Give it a 2/5

Ruth: Lloyd pulled off the Ruth voice so well, and he looks just like him, I love it, although at sometimes he loses the voice. 4/5

Total: 6/10

Round 1:

Armstrong: I Love the flow of the first line, and the emphasis on certain syllables "Before i let Loose
on this Ruthless agression" Genius. The Cancer line, good, I like the Swing Batter batter line as well.

Ruth: Babe Ruth comes in strong with the foundation and olsen line The Ride to tight in the crotch line was reall good also, but not as good as Armstrongs First verse

Round 2:

Armstrong: Love this verse, the Black man line, and the Training line, plus i love the flow of The Pinnacle of Physical line. And the foul tippin line.



Oh. My. God (Becky, look at her butt) Really though, this verse is amazing, I love how he starts off basically talking, and then it speeds up and he starts rapping again, The called shot reference, The Sultan of Swat line, The Baby Ruth line, Every line is amazing, and then "Just One ball" Was the deal Sealer. First perfect Verse score from me. This one verse clutches the Battle for Babe. 10/10


Armstrong 16/20
Ruth 17/20

Battle Total: