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04-21-2013, 05:53 PM
Name of Group: The Nation.
Color in hex code: #FF400 Test
Mission Statement: We Are The Nation The Peoples Nation. We bring Happyiness, Battle-ness. and Fun-ness.
Requirements to join your group (if any) None
The reason you want to make a group I Feel the Nation will be a great thing and people will join the nation
Why you are qualified to be a group leader Well my own person, i have two kids n think i would be awesome
How old you are 22'
Where you're from/live New Jersey
Do you go to school or have a job or belong to any clubs? Neptune Courtey Club, "Golf Course' Freelancer "Art Designer Graphic Design'
How your group will benefit the forum people will Love the Nation u could keep saying it
List your members none right now
List the hierarchy of power in your group and who has that power.