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05-15-2013, 09:26 PM
Because of personal depressing reasons this review is late and i apologize. (I'm just reviewing these to stall until season 2 of my battles anyway)


The Beat:
I like it. Its dubstep-ish-ness fits Master Chief and the Epic-ish-ness part fits Leonidas It is decently catch but nothing that i'll be humming in my head anytime soon. It just has an EPIC feel to it and that is definatly a good thing.
16 / 20

The Impressions:
Leonidas is a SCREAMING PERSON which fits his character. He is done decently well and sounds enough like he does in the movies. Master Chief...i dont know. i dont play none of this new aged thing the kids call "Halo" so i have never heard Master Chief. When i try to go to youtube for answers i cant find a clip of him talking so...i will ask someone i know if master chief was accurate or not. *calls friend* apparently not even close. I was told he sounds like Master Chief if he was a teenager so.....apparently not a good impression. would be a 15 or 16 if chief was done better
13 / 20

The Costumes:
Let's face it...ANYONE can do a Leonidas costume. just be naked except for a thong. the beard is well done and so is the costume but...again...it is very easy to do. As for Master Chief....he looks pretty fucking spot on. His costume is near perfect. It looks like the wrong shade of green but....meh. What i dont get is that apparently Master Chief can move perfectly. But in the video they treated him as a robot who could barely move.....you get it? eh...still a near perfect costume.
16 / 20

Round 1
Pretty damn good. The opening lines are well done, the frag grenade line was ok, the semi-fast-ish-ness butnotreally rapping part in the middle is decently good, the fat nerds on computers line is decent, the THIS IS SPARTA line is predictable but it had to be done (i think thats a running theme in these reviews)
7 / 10

Round 2
The lyrics up your ass line is pretty good, the soldier they need you to be line is ok (Yes i get the reference thanks to Rapgenius), the MC line is...eh...it's decent but not THAT good, The plasma cannon line is ok, the ending line is only decent.
6 / 10

Round 3
Short but sweet. the opening line is good, the rocking these guns line is so freaking cliche'd but so freaking awesome at the same time, the ending lines are pretty good.
8 / 10

Round 4
The opening line is...eh...ok i guess. The hunchback with down syndrome line is ok, the ending lines are ok.
6 / 10

Leonidas - 15
Master Chief - 12
Overall - 70 / 100

Why the fuck is this review so damn short? Oh well....idk wut to do next so suggest something i guess.