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  1. A Doctor Who question...thing

    I just finished the 9th Doctor's episodes and i just wanted to ask if the episode "The Christmas Invasion", "Children In Need Special", or "New Earth" is next. I have no clue so if someone could tell me i'd appreciate it.
  2. My Official Grades (Copying Uprising)

    Weight Lifting - F
    Game Design - D
    US History - F
    English 11 - D
    Geometry - F
    Art of Visual Production - F

    I suck....
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  3. Watching Doctor Who for the first time...

    I was told by a LOT of people to watch Doctor Who. I know a bit because of the Votlaire song and the ERB but...i never watched it. The main reason i never have is because there are a LOT of episodes to go through and i really dont have the time to sit through hundreds (or whatever the number is) of episodes. So....my question to you is...where the fuck do i start watching? Season 1? or should i just start with season 5 or....idk. Just tell me where to start and i will start watching over the Summer. ...
  4. Epic Rap Battles of Forumers Suggestions & an Update

    The Epic Rap Battles of forumers has not happened for a while...and if you noticed...sunkist has not helped since PolarBore Vs Froggy. It's just been me and Clemi for the last few battles (I even wrote WWEFan Vs D3ath on my own and that one was just....meh). The main problem is Clemi lives in a different timezone so when it is 2PM here it is like 3AM there so we aren't on skype at the same time very often. However...we aren't canceling anything at all. We still plan to finish season 1 and do season ...

    Updated 06-02-2013 at 11:28 AM by Umbreon

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