Goddess Sothis

  1. This Week Today with MajesticSearawr

    What's up internet, my name is MajesticSearawr and let's get right into the news for the last week.

    In the last week I've made quite a bit of a stir, I've rejoined ErBOH, YouTube and Twitch and have been posting on all three platforms quite regularly.

    My plan as of now is to stream daily, upload a couple videos to Youtube per week and POST HERE DAILY!!! Woot Woot.

    I've missed you guys. Check me out on Twitch and Youtube and look for my activity around ...
  2. Reptar's Blog Day One

    Got not much to say except that I am working on new writings and I will be gladly showing stuff like that through my blog here. Cool thing this here blog but alas poor yourik that is the only compliment I have for VBulletin lol.

    Anyways in other news I spent all day working and than I went and sat next to Chibee whilst she slept and I watched all episodes of Season 4 of Psych.

    I guess I will use this blog as a platform for my ADD too and my desire to share my thoughts ...