1. My forumniversary was 3 days ago

    I missed that, damnit.
    Well, it's been 2 years, so hb to me or something
  2. Surprise rappers in fanmade rap battles

    You know what happens too often ? In ma. ny Erboh fanmade, i think "Omg theres a lack of that guy on that rapper". What about a fanmade rap battle about surprise rappers in fanmade rap battles ?
  3. Holy Meyer, why grades

    I'll answer to these precedents articles, what A B- or C means ? I mean is B+ better than A- ? What C means ? Is this good or bad ? Anyways, here's mine. It's way different because it fits with the notation system, like 10/20 or 10/10.

    Spanish - 6.75/20 (So F i suppose)
    French - 13/20 (Take that Voltaire)
    English - Probably around 16/20, yay
    History - 15/20 (Thanks ERB)
    Economic science - 7/20 (Holy Marx)
    Scientific science - 12/20 (And ...
  4. My god, school's boring

    And i mean it.
    I won't like a 13 year old kid who think school is useless and shit, but i really nean it : it's annoying.

    In France, we have probably the worst school education : We work 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, and it's all about the same stuff over and over again. Sometimes the teacher isn't here, so we are allowed to Gtfo sooner.
    But school is still fucking boring.

    One of the worst thing ever is probavly the thing that we call : "The hole-filler". ...
  5. Erboh news with Clemi

    Hai beatches, my name is Clemi, and you're reading Erboh news.

    I'll add some news, because there's nothing right now SO GO AWAY
    Tags: erboh news
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