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  1. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    You're why that Shaggy for MK11 petition exists.

    I hope Kabal Nomad dash pressures you.
  2. rangernumberx's Avatar
    Can't you ban Rocket instead? He's not even a real mod anymore.
  3. Dion's Avatar
    I support this.
  4. Juiz's Avatar
  5. Moonjik's Avatar
    Ban Ranger instead
  6. Juiz's Avatar
    Not if I ban you first
  7. Moonjik's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dion
    There is a reason you don't have that permission then.
    Savage :0
  8. anonymous123's Avatar
    You can also get colors collection from
    Updated 09-28-2018 at 03:41 PM by anonymous123
  9. Dion's Avatar
    There is a reason you don't have that permission then.
  10. Rocket's Avatar
    id give it to you myself but i dont have the right permissions
  11. LAWLzoR's Avatar

  12. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Ha I get it
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  14. Katz's Avatar
  15. Samos's Avatar
    Needs more Ranger
  16. BobbyBobber's Avatar
    needless to say i love this very much so
  17. Brad's Avatar
    This is plagiarism. I will see you in court.
  18. rangernumberx's Avatar
    I'm sorry, but I'd prefer it if we'd just stay friends.
  19. Klonoa's Avatar
    A masterpiece. 10/10
  20. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SanicAtTheDisco
    Somehow I feel like the Ranger voted UKIP joke is a lot less entertaining now.
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