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  1. I Never Miss These Quotes: A Quote Blog

    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig (Regarding me, Mom jokes, and Sane's sister) View Post
    Scenarios in which depict a properly timed and formulated epigram sure to have the forumers spanking at their knees:

    A) Gunnut and the sister of Sane share a common mother, suggesting either a pure relationship, or more likely that Sane's mother partook in promiscuous acts.

    B) Gunnut was such a smooth seducer in infancy that he managed to procreate with Sane's mother within enough time to produce Sane's sister!

    Mt sides are in quite the pickle just imagining
  2. Chat Fed: Blog Edition

    The orange thing was here forever it needed to fucking die.

    So how y'all doin

    Might do Mortal Kombat X FE after injustixe 2 instead of just a prequel to IJ2FE

  3. Guess who's back

    Back again
    Doulgas's back
    Tell a frand
  4. Be Honest...

    IF I did a cover of Les Friction's World on Fire:

    Would anyone listen to it?
  5. Shooting The Breeze #2: Heckler and Koch GmbH (Germany, 1948-Present)

    For a decent starting point and primary resource to research yourselves:

    HK has many milestones in its history, being 69 years old aside, for you fans of phallic humor such as myself on ERBoH.

    The first and most prominent is that, despite popular belief, they pioneered the polymer handgun before Glock did with its G17 pistol. The HK VP70 (In German, roughly "Volkspistol 70" or "People's Handgun, ...
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