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  1. Klonoa's Avatar
    It's almost as if someone was interrogating you. These could be potential interrogation questions...
  2. Samos's Avatar
    Yay performing arts

    also the guy asking the questions in this is a prick
  3. Dion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lyra Heartstrings
    Dion, you're frightening me. XD
    How so?
  4. Faker's Avatar
    Dion, you're frightening me. XD
  5. Umbreon's Avatar
    That was beautiful
  6. Faker's Avatar
    Your version is better.
  7. Dion's Avatar
    Did a little research and my memory was jogged. Turns out I wrote a parody of a song:

  8. Moonjik's Avatar
    The dangers of alcohol right here, folks.
  9. Baldy Jr's Avatar
    gib me moar homohyperior
  10. YellowNerd's Avatar
    Don't do drugs dion
  11. Faker's Avatar
    So kids what did we learn today? Not to step on Dion's grapes.
  12. Poles's Avatar
    That was amazing.