1. The tale of what would happen if we added too many or "trusted" addons.

    This tale could go two ways. A new member making an idea for this forum to go strong or a old member (we are onto you Sambama) trying to hack the system. There are many different ways this could go.

    A: New Member

    Hueheheeueeheueueeuheehuehuheueh, Timmy said as he logged onto his computer. Today, he had an EYEDEA of hacking some forum on the internet. Maybe at least 1000 members. He made an account on this ERBOH Forum. He went into Site Stuff and made a new topic. "Likes
  2. The Truth About Wisconsin.

    Uprising is lying. Obama is lying. Bush is lying. The Obama/Bush Administration is all lying. They are not telling you the truth. It's all a conspiracy.

    The truth is that Wisconsin sucks. You may know that, but not really.

    Wisconsin is full of shit. Like literally. It is horse/cow crap. Manure.

    It is boring. And whatever weather there is it bad, I mean bad.

    Their "football" team is all CGI. Fake.

    Everyone is 911 ...
  3. IAM A ERBoH Forum User. AMA

  4. My Review of Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" Music Video

  5. My Forum "Tumblr"

    Here, I will post all the shiat like you would on tumblr. Text posts, GIFFFSSSSSSSS, images, videos, AMA stuff, and random adda shiat.
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