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  1. Praise be unto ERB for a well-timed update video

  2. My Open Letter to Juiz

  3. Star's Situation/Ongoings

    I have no idea how to start this off, so let's start like this: I love ponies!

    There, now we can get into the crux of this blog post...

    I've been dealing with some feelings and emotions for the past couple of days, and I'd rather not get into them. Just know that's the main part of the reason for the events of a couple days ago. I apologize to anyone I may have given a small fright to by me logging off suddenly, but I know there aren't many of you who gave it a second ...
  4. Wassup?

    Well, today was a good day. :D

    I got the game I ordered on Ebay early.
    My classes today were really enjoyable.
    I'll be auditioning for a play directed by my directing professor.
    I had a really good Subway sandwich.
    And I found out Lena Hall will be at Ponycon!


  5. Glike's Vocaroo Diaries #1

    I don't know what I was thinking when I recorded this. XP

    I just wanted to use a really weird/accent voice. I sound like I've been smoking for fifty years of my life..

    I may do this every now and then.

    The only real reason I could think of as why I did this at the moment... I was bored, and I felt like sharing my (sort of) voice again. X3

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