1. Royale Interviews: Villain #1- Hades

    "Okay, and we are on in 5... 4... 3... 2...; never could understand why they don't continue after 2. I mean, what about the 1? Or the 0? Or the -1? Or the -2? Ahh, the list continues." At this point Wheatley was just on camera rambling to himself. Eventually he got a cue telling him that he was on air.

    "Oh, right, hello! I am your host Wheatley Core, and this is the first of many villain interviews to come. Yes, monumental landmark here, this being the first villain ...
  2. Stream of Consciousness Verse 2- Fuck Comic Sans amirite?

    Prepare yourselves for Round 2-

    3... 2... 1... GO!

    I put the pie in the microwave, please don't let it die,
    Cuz if it does then I revoke my right to be a guy!
    Don't take lessons from a duck when it comes to guns,
    Instead put all your training to good use, conduct puns!
    Yeah bitch I just made a pun, whatcha gonna do?
    Nothing! Cuz I rub my lube on you.
    Never gonna stop what I've got started,
    So buckle up cuz this ...
  3. Stream of Consciousness Verse 1- Chloroform n' Frankenfurters

    For the heck of it I'll be posting a verse every day that comes directly from my mind. My rule is, once I type something I can't take it back, (I'll only edit for grammar mistakes and to make consecutive lines rhyme if they don't already.) In addition, my typing must be continuous. I will try not to stop while typing. You'll just have to take my word for it that the verse is completely unaltered. So, without further ado, let's see what madness I create.

    Yo, yo, I like the ocean, I ...
  4. Opinions on Story Idea I Just Had?

    First of all, this is NOT something I plan to write on the forum. However, if I do decide on writing it and finish it on my own time, I may post it here. I literally just came up with the idea a minute ago, but I do believe it's decently original.

    Basically a man, or woman (haven't decided yet) is doomed to die in only months due to several failing organs. However, right before his body is too far gone for recovery, he is rushed to a special hospital where he receives the proper organs ...
  5. Weird Tidbit of the Day 3- "What's Up, Doc?"

    Mel Blanc, voice actor of Bugs Bunny, was extremely injured in a car accident. He was in a comatose state, and wouldn't respond to anyone, even his family.

    One day a doctor asked him how Bugs Bunny was doing. Blanc suddenly spoke in Bugs Bunny voice, "Eh, what's up Doc?"

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