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  1. The Wumbo Life: The Black Widow and Mofuggin' Batman.

    Sup brogres, 'tis I.

    As usual, I'm back from training.

    Today, I worked with an instructor by the name of Chris. Chris, by the way, has a nickname; "The Black Widow".

    If you hadn't worked it out yet, Chris is black. He also has arms the size of tractor trailers (I got competition!) and he benches over 450lbs. Anywhore, when I worked with him, we worked on something called a Sled Tred. A Sled Tred looks like this: ...
  2. The Wumbo Life: Fat Bodies & Butts Out

    'Ello all. I'm back from the trainer, and I figure it'd be an appropriate time for an update.

    So, as I said, I came back from the trainer about 20 minutes ago. It's odd, because most of the other guys there are linemen, or as we refer to them "Fat Bodies." My foot is better, but theres some nice bruising along the side of it, which makes me think it's a deep tissue bruise. Now today, we did strength stuff, along with our usual speed and agility stuff. We did a lot of squats, ...
  3. Life and Times of some guy with gigantic biceps

    So, I guess I'll update this whenever something noteworthy happens(??).

    So, I'll focus on my football training.

    So, I go to a trainer (which I won't name because it is VERY local. This training facility has produced NFL and Lacrosse athletes, so it's pretty hardcore.

    I've been working on Speed and Agility, and starting in about two weeks, strength. I've been getting better, I'm pretty agile, and I can run a 4.9 40. I can improve still, but I'm happy ...
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