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  1. Hound's Avatar
    Damn wtf was wrong with me
  2. BrineBlade's Avatar
    ok, bye
  3. Samos's Avatar
    If you do honestly feel bullied, please pm me with proof. I guarantee you something will be done if it's serious enough.
  4. Dion's Avatar
    Ignoring him is also a thing.
  5. Facilier's Avatar
    @Dion Its not our fault he is rude, offensive, and stubborn
  6. Dion's Avatar
    Guys, leave him alone. :/
  7. I Created Blazing Pwnage's Avatar
    no one cares
  8. Poles's Avatar
    well then
  9. Moonjik's Avatar
    lol k bye
  10. Facilier's Avatar
    Oh god my eyes

    and also if you are wondering why people are upset, its because you make spammish, often offensive posts that are obnoxious

    telling the it like it is, its not bullying, its an agitated response to your stupidity

    also I'm pretty sure you were a troll account or a young child, so either way you are not ready to be on a forums yet

    sorry your time wasn't enjoyable
  11. sane's Avatar
    Nobody's really "popular" on this forum. There's just the people who have been here for a while who still chat. Smiling Titan hit the nail on the head with the spamming solution. That was good advice. In order to be what you call, "popular", just stick around! Tell us a little about you so we really know what's magical about this dolphin.

  12. Facilier's Avatar
    I would rep you if I could rep blogs
  13. Katz's Avatar

    +500000000 REP FOR SMILING TITAN
  14. Hound's Avatar
    thanks ill beware of that
  15. Katz's Avatar
    Well, you're only seen as spamming when you keep making tiny threads with little to no substance, or that can be added to others.

    To be popular on the forums it is very complex, you must be funny yet serious. You must be inactive yet active. You have to make fresh and original posts for people to recognize you by, and not just shrug you off and skip by your posts.

    No one one the forums that I'm aware of hates you, but it's a strong word. We just get agitated when we go to check our feeds and see that you've made 4 short threads.

    For you personally to become better, I believe that when you are posting threads you need to make them longer so people will stop and read, then they'll feel compelled to reply. However, when replying to a thread you should make sure your posts are not insanely long and mundane, but short and terse.

    If you read all of these, you will with no doubt become a forumer of wonder!