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  1. Mike Hat's Avatar
    I'm one of those people who prefers the early gen music over everything else. Really like this.
  2. Lohuydahutt's Avatar
    That is an impeccable blog name mang
  3. Lancer's Avatar
    we already had confirmation that there would be no Zelda U or NX before E3 started though so

    also smartphone games suck

    also the Isabelle amiibo is the single best thing in existence because Isabelle is best girl

    personally, I wasn't disappointed at all. New Star Fox, new Metroid (despite spin-off), two new Zeldas (holla I loved four swords), two new animal crossings (despite spin-offs), new Pokemon (despite spin-offs), new Mario RPG...

    we literally had an amazing year no one really realizes it though

    it was just overshadowed by sony b/c FF7
  4. Baldy Jr's Avatar
    tf2 is already for kids ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
  5. Katz's Avatar
    Mor liek Super Whorio Phallicsea, right?
  6. Katz's Avatar
    Neat. I'll be sure to give it a watch.
  7. BrineBlade's Avatar
    Forgot to mention that the series will be on my regular channel (BrineBlade) and not on my alternate channel (OnlineVocalComics)
  8. Rocket's Avatar
    10/10 would read again
  9. YellowNerd's Avatar
    Usually this dreams happen if you go to sleep after you just ate without letting the food settle first
  10. Spars's Avatar
    "Part 3 is where it gets really odd..."

    I thought it already was.
  11. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    That was... more than weird. And creepy