1. I Won't Stop

    So I am making it clear.
    I am not going to stop being who I am. I will speak my mind.

    I will be an asshole to people who piss me off. I will speak out even when management does not like it.

    even if my attitude prevents me from being a mod again or gets me banned. I'll come back and I'll still be who I am and I'll still be hated by those hate unrestrained thought. or just plane me for being honest with them. I am not sorry. its who I am and I am sick and tired ...
  2. What a Rant Should Be

    I want to explain to all of you what a rant should be and is.

    A rant, should be a release of anger of something that affects you or someone close to you. like public transportation, long lines for the restroom, asshole neighbors. Things like that. They are things that anger us, hurt us, or shame us. for example...

    Yesterday at work the management decided to change the way we do things. instead of the way that's been working since I first joined. the old process was ...