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    Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye! Coolio. Fun fact: that's the battle that got me to start watching ERB, so I might have to rethink my opinion on it
    Updated 05-21-2019 at 04:53 AM by OttoGant
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    You ATE your NAME!?!?!?!
  7. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    I will say despite this probably narrowly being my least favorite Hitler vs Vader it did have by far the best Holocaust joke.

    ...Such a weird thing to say without context.
  8. Samos's Avatar
    I like the Napoleon Dick line

    But you make some interesting points about this battle I haven't heard many people make
  9. Poles's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SanicAtTheDisco*
    Oh yeah it was definitely sarcastic. But it doesn't really serve any point and I hate it.
    Flow and arrogance is the point mang, like a lot of his verse
  10. Mike Hat's Avatar
    Oh yeah it was definitely sarcastic. But it doesn't really serve any point and I hate it.
  11. Poles's Avatar
    I thought it was pretty clear "Hey fella, swell diss" was sarcastic
  12. Samos's Avatar
    Yeah I also tended to think this one was slightly overrated (although I haven't analyzed it in a while)
  13. Poles's Avatar
    But I like it tho.
  14. Mike Hat's Avatar
    well thats why its called an opinion
  15. Poles's Avatar
    But I like this battle tho
  16. Mike Hat's Avatar
    Oh I meant to put something on that line. I must've accidentally deleted it, whoops. Something like "I think they could've gone further with that kind of point" or something idk

  17. Faker's Avatar
    Alright, makes sense.

    I guess my main confusion was with why "You gotta translate what you say on the opposite page" didn't get reviewed. It didn't seem like filler to me, and I personally thought it was a decent line. But I respect your opinion.

    Again, great review! :3
  18. Mike Hat's Avatar
    Usually I ignore lines if I feel they're just filler-y. This battle probably had a lot more lines I just didn't feel like contributed anything to the battle than anything else I've reviewed. You're right though, I probably should've talked more about WHY the lines in this battle felt so filler-y. I kind of just reserved that for my rant at the end up Shakeverse 2, I'll try to elaborate more in future reviews.
  19. Faker's Avatar
    Good review, although it got a bit confusing at times. Why are there some times where you won't add a comment or score for large chunks at a time? I mean, sometimes you wait 4 whole lines before putting your two cents in. I would think if you had reviewed lines by their own merit the score would have jumped up at least once or twice.
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    this one's top 5 for me
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