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    I 'ave voted
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    -> Male
    -> United Kingdom

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    No, no... Help Me Too is fine. You actually got a laugh out of me with that one! X3
  4. YellowNerd's Avatar
    I'm hyped for OCBR, I submitted my 2nd OC "Akira" and hopefully you guys will like her.

    I'm hyped af for the podcast as well!
  5. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    maybe OC Village will make Galvan permanent :P
  6. YellowNerd's Avatar
    I'll answer the calls when I'm not busy babe
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    (Nice Dream)
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  9. YellowNerd's Avatar
    Hell yeah baby
  10. Faker's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Deadpool
    Alright, we have to watch 1 episode together once
    Maybe, but I really don't think it's your thing. XD If you want to watch an episode, watch the Season 4 finale.
  11. Klonoa's Avatar
    I guess when watching these shows it's a hit or miss. I'd say it's more than a meh show, but less than a great show, based on the first two episodes.
  12. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    Alright, we have to watch 1 episode together once
  13. Faker's Avatar
    *not wanting to, sorry XD
  14. Faker's Avatar
    Trust ke, almost everyone sorta didn't like Season 1, but it's important. Season 2 is a lot better (you pretty much get to watch Fluttershy semi-snap a bear's next XD), and by Season 3 there's a full-blown overarching story.

    I didn't really start truly enjoying the show until by the end of Season 1. XD But yeah, as far as S1 is confirmee, expect episode 3 to be girly, and expect a slumber part episode, ugh. Luckily Spike is the voice of reason, now wanting to participate. XD
  15. Turtlesauce's Avatar

    You're gonna like your 3 OCs
  16. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    Whoa, a point system?

    The plot thickens
  17. rangernumberx's Avatar
    Well, if you want to implement different voices, you could use different text colours for different forumers. Besides that, I can't think of a way to really help. I do enjoy the one that's currently going, though.
  18. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    The game is great already. We just want a story we can influence, don't change anything about it.

    I want a Help Me with all your OCs
  19. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Maybe add more to the sign-up process than just saying you want in? Specifically, perhaps you could have people make OCs that get sucked into the Helping aspect somehow, which would encourage people to be more involved than they are now. It would require you establish the present a bit more before you get to the helping part, but it would make for a more engaging plot, I'd say.

    On the issue of the majority rule, you could revamp the system, with the addition of more characters being in the helping role at once, and make it so that the character being helped listens to whatever character in the present has the best advice for the situation. Plus, if people have to formulate arguments for a certain action, it would practically write some of the conversation between the helped and the helpers, and maybe even the helpers amongst themselves.
  20. Klonoa's Avatar
    If anyone has any suggestions to improve the aspects of Help Me, please explain!
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