1. So You Know-a 'bout Klonoa - Post #16

    I want to clear some things up for the next Help Me first. For that reason, I will be making some Strawpolls here.

    First Question: What gender do you want the voice in the locket to be?

    Second Question: What foreign country would you want Cryonic to visit?

    Third Question: What is this new Help Me going to be called?

    Also please leave comments for any other ideas you might have! Thanks!
  2. So You Know-a 'bout Klonoa - Post #15

    After Help Me first ended, within the next few weeks a ton of people actually came to me asking whether or not I had another Help Me game planned.

    And you you know what I told them? I said I had no intention of making another one. I mean, I was convinced that I couldn't top the first one. Plus, sequels tended to be more bland or not as good as the first one.

    And a little bit later, I dwelled on other potential Help Me games, like for David or Skye or for a whole new OC. ...